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How to Hack Words with Friends: 11 Easy Methods to Cheat the Game


Written by Janice

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hack words with friends

If you are a huge word game fan, you must be aware of Words with Friends.

And some people might have played this game already.

Words with Friends is a very well-known PC game that is quite similar to Scrabble.

Can You Hack Words With Friends?

Games like Scrabble are popular for tablets and phones, but they have a bunch of rules and regulations.

Therefore, many people prefer to hack or cheat the game. If you wish to hack Words with Friends, this game is easy to target.

There are multiple hacks and different ways to cheat at Words with Friends. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

How Do You Cheat In Words With Friends?

Here is a list of 11 easy and best methods to hack Words with Friends.

Also, here are the top family game apps for your information.

1. Word Builders or Finders

hack Words with Friends Using Word Builders or Finders

This method is the most effective method to cheat the game.

With the help of services for word-finding, you can type the letters that you currently possess and then find out what possible words can be created from them.

This includes the points for every word and further choices.

Here’s a Guide on How to Hack ‘Words with Friends’.

  • Select the ‘Words with Friends’ cheat site. You will find a bunch of sites, but the best choice among them is ‘Scrabble Word Finder.’
  • You have to fill in the letters that you have on the board of ‘Words with Friends.’ In case you get a blank block, then type a question mark
  • Multiple websites offer extra features, such as suffixes and prefix
  • Tap on ‘Search words’ or a related kind of button. It depends on the website you are using
  • As soon as you click on that option, you will see a listing of words that you can enter

Also, here is everything about Cool Clan names for CoD and CoC for your reference.

2. Dictionary

There is a constant debate as to whether the dictionary is considered a cheating tool or not.

If you play Words with Friends on a tablet, you are lucky because there is an in-built dictionary on your tablet. You can find the word in the application to check whether it’s correct or not.

3. Word Strength Meter

Word Strength Meter is a very good Words with Friends hack. It can tell you about your gameplay and check if you’re creating convincing words.

hack Words with Friends Using Word Strength Meter

If you notice a green lightning bolt, it is an indication that you have made a valid word.

But tapping the lightning bolt will display how strong the word is in front of other possible words on the board.

Players often miss this; they do not check the possibility of a word with a higher value.

However, if you receive a red exclamation mark, it means that the word is not valid.

To get more detailed information about the word, click on the exclamation mark, and you will notice if you have suitable words.

4. Power-Ups

Many methods to cheat in this game are in-built into the application. For a few players, this option seems fair, as every player has access to this option for cheating.

Let us explore a few different options.

How to Obtain Power-Ups on the Game

hack Words with Friends Using Power-Ups

You can obtain power-ups by finishing daily and seasonal missions or challenges. Another way to get power-ups is by swapping coins for a few collections of power-ups.

Now, go to in-application purchases to purchase power-ups and coins. To purchase more coins, click on the ‘Coins’ icon, and you will get various choices.

Now, you know how to obtain power-ups; here’s what power-ups can do.

Swap Plus

It is a common feature in the game to swap the tiles and miss a turn. However, Swap plus permits you to exchange the tiles without losing a turn.

  • Click on ‘Swap Plus.’ The icon of Swap Plus is represented with a plus symbol and purple color
  • Now, pull the tiles that you wish to switch into the exchange area
  • Verify the second step
  • You can take a chance with new tiles without losing any points


As soon as you play a word, if you possess any Hindsight power-ups and notice that there is a word that would have got you more points, you can utilize Hindsight to view the highest-scoring word.

If you wish to use Hindsight, use it after you play the word. The icon of Hindsight is a blur with glasses.

Word Radar

Word Radar

This is one of the most effective and useful Words with Friends Hack solutions. Word radar displays where you can be capable of possibly placing words.

  • Click on the Word Radar icon; it’s green
  • A light green will highlight the words that a user can play
  • Once you activate ‘Word Radar,’ it will work until you finish your chance
  • You can deactivate it by tapping on the ‘Word Radar’ icon

5. Strategy game

Look for Random Letter Combinations

This trick won’t help you win, but it will assist you if you are stuck in the game. A few people consider this as a strategy in the gameplay.

  • Search for an open place on the board to build a word. Try to add more than one tile in unique combinations. Tap on the ‘Play’ option if you think you have found a word. If you didn’t find a word, the game would inform you to try again. The other player will not know about all this. If you wish for extra points, find letters that create a word overlapping any bonus tiles.
  • Open a program or word browser that has a spellchecker. Try entering multiple combinations in unique orders until the program suggests something.

Check a Thesaurus or Dictionary

Another ‘Words with Friends Hack’ is to use a dictionary. A few people don’t consider this cheating; others believe using any external reference goes against the game’s values and spirit.

Going through a thesaurus is more efficient than going through a dictionary. Entries in a thesaurus are short compared to a dictionary.

Search for Two Letter Words

A bunch of short words is used by words known by the dictionary. Most of the users have a list of short words online for free. This tactic can save you time when you’re stuck.

Common instances that Word players should remember: xu, gi, zo, oi, xi, and qi

6. Learn to Win

You can use your own brain and knowledge to win the game. Apart from looking for the ‘Words with Friends’ hack, you can work on the following aspects.


You can improve your vocabulary in various ways. Here are a few tips to help you increase your vocabulary.

  • Use a few vocabulary-building software and tools. Many tools are available online to assist students in enhancing their vocabulary.
  • Read as much as you can. Reading helps to improve the vocabulary of a person. Whenever you notice a word you don’t know, find its meaning and remember it.
  • Play the game more frequently. The more you play the game, the more words you will learn. This will help you in future games to win.

Stop Your Enemy from Using the Bonus Tiles

As you already know, bonus points lead to a high score.

If you can’t find a word to make using the bonus tile, try to make a word below or nearby. This will prevent your opponent from earning extra points.

Make Words on Bonus Tiles

The blocks labeled TL (Triple Letter), DW (Double Word), TW (Triple Word), and DL (Double Letter) are the bonus tiles. Creating words around these tiles makes or breaks the entire game for a player.

Do not forget the effects of the bonus tiles, so try creating a word on these tiles to increase your score. Even a short word can score more points if you place it on the bonus tiles.

7. Cheat to Win

Take Help from Cheating Sites

Multiple websites display all the possible words from the letters you have. You can find sites that are particularly for ‘Words with Friends.’

These sites will inform you about the highest-scoring word from the letters you have on your board.

Every website has a different format. Most of the sites ask you to type the letters that you have. You need to enter the letters and tap on ‘Enter.’ The website will display the results accordingly.

Use Wolfram Alpha

All you have to do is type ‘scrabble YOURTILES‘ in the box and tap on the ‘=’ option. This will give you a listing of appropriate words in the order of their score from high to low.

These scores are usually for Scrabble but work well with ‘Words with Friends.’ Using the feature of Wolfram Alpha will give you quick results and no advertisements.

Install Cheating Apps

A lot of programs are available which will tell you where to put the letters to get the highest score. These types of applications have similar functioning as cheating sites.

However, applications are much more efficient as you can access the application mid-way through your game to hack words with friends.

  • A few applications permit you to take screenshots of the board. You will not have to type the tiles in the app; just take a screenshot. Some examples of these apps are, Words with free EZ Cheat, Cheat Master 5000, and Free Cheats with Words.
  • Check all the reviews and functions before downloading an application. Do not give any contact or personal information to the application.

Terminal on Operating System (OS) X

If you’re using MAC, there is a built-in app to hack Words with Friends. It is advisable to use this specific method if you know the terminal application.

  • Write the letters in the command line to find a word that begins with a particular series of letters. For instance, the letter series is ‘ABC‘ and ‘yourtiles‘ in your hand; the command will be ‘grep -x “^abc[yourtiles]*” /usr/share/dict/words.’
  • In a similar pattern, you can find a word that ends with specific letters.

A Few Tips to Remember in ‘Words with Friends’

  • Develop a few strategies to play the game. Sincerely before implementing cheating methods.
  • If you don’t wish your opponent to suspect that you are utilizing any cheating methods, wait for some time before placing a word. If you score high frequently, your opponent will know that you are cheating.

So, these are a few tips and methods to hack Words with Friends. Use these methods only if you run out of options to make any word.

We hope that you find this information helpful. If you have doubts about hacking words with friends, drop them in the comment box.

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With the strategies, tips, and tricks outlined in this article, you’re now equipped to elevate your Words with Friends gameplay. Develop a strong vocabulary, strategically place your tiles, and stay vigilant against your opponent’s moves.

Remember, the game is not only about winning but also about having fun and improving your word skills. So, gather your tiles, challenge your friends, and let the wordsmith in you shine!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I use cheat tools or word generators to win at Words with Friends?

Using cheat tools or word generators is against fair play principles. It’s best to rely on your own knowledge, skills, and the strategies provided in this article to enhance your gameplay.

Q2. How can I improve my vocabulary for Words with Friends?

To enhance your vocabulary, consider reading books, playing word games, and studying word lists. Additionally, using vocabulary-building apps or participating in word quizzes can help expand your word knowledge.

Q3. Is it better to play long words or short words in Words with Friends?

Both long and short words have their advantages. Long words can yield higher scores, but they require more strategic placement. Short words are useful for utilizing openings and creating scoring opportunities. Finding a balance between the two is key to success.

Q4. Are there any legal two-letter words I can use in Words with Friends?

Yes, there are many legal two-letter words that can be used in Words with Friends. Some examples include “aa,” “qi,” and “za.” Familiarize yourself with these words to improve your scoring potential.

Q5. Can I improve my Words with Friends skills by playing against the computer?

While playing against the computer can help you practice and refine your gameplay, playing against real opponents adds an extra level of challenge and unpredictability. Engaging with real players can enhance your strategic thinking and adaptability.


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