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20 Best Family Games Apps for Android and iOS


Written by Jack Lin

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With today’s technological advancement, the best way to stay in touch with your family is through a family games app.

These applications let you and your family engage in activities together using smart devices. To promote fun among families, various interactive games have been developed.

So, it’s time to rev up your family time using some of the best fun-filled family games.

What Are Good Family Games?

Here, we have mentioned the best family games for Android and iOS devices.

Out of these incredible games, find the most intriguing one to enjoy hours and hours of joy with your loved ones.

These family games make sure people of every age could be a part of and relish gaming.

With a fascinating storyline and gameplay, they succeed in keeping the frenzy alive for a longer time.

Now, let’s discover your smart device’s hand-picked family game applications without further ado!

Part 1: Top 10 Family Games Apps for Android

So, if you wonder what games you can play on your Android phone in a group? Here are the best family game applications to play with your lovely family.

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1. Monopoly

Family Games Apps - Monopoly

Monopoly is an amazing family games app, which will be super fun to play with your family.

This classic game has been developed for smartphones. It is very popular for offering excitement and insights into the investment in players.

Earlier, this game used to be played on the board, but now you can play it on your tablets and smartphones too. It is really fun to be played with all the family members.

When you roll a dice and move pointers, you earn Monopoly money. This amazing game can be downloaded on Android devices at a price of $1.99.

2. Draw Something

Family Games Apps - Draw Something

It is another great family game app for Android devices based on a classic. This game enables all players to challenge one another on drawing elements based on the description.

It is very simple to understand and also, to play. Using its internet-sharing portal, you can share all the fun with people all over the world.

Draw Something needs each member should take turns while drawing. Then, they can relish tallying up the scored points for finding out the game’s winner. One can download this game free of cost.

3. Worms 3

Family Games Apps - Worms 3

Worms 3 offers fun to all the family members, as its highly descriptive title suggests. This family games app is based on a classic game sharing the same title.

It has entertained generations and generations of children. Thus, it is perfect for some family fun now. Like other board games, each member has to wait for their turn and also has to earn points.

The best feature of this game is its TV streaming feature. For this, you need to make a Chromecast connection.

So, enjoy this game on your Android device for just $0.99.

4. Family Feud 8, Friends

Family Games Apps - Family Feud 8, Friends

It is an interactive and interesting gaming option to enjoy some family time.

On this digital platform, all the members of the family have to answer a range of questions literally about everything.

The Family Feud 8, Friends game features interactive animations, beautiful theme songs, and predictive inputs.

This family game app poses questions via vivid descriptions to all. Thus, you and your family get hours of entertainment. One can play this family games app on over 105 devices.

5. Catan

Family Games Apps - Catan

This popular family games app works on a civilization-based concept. Here, all members have to take their turns to make their own successful and budding community.

This game comprises an open-plan, far-reaching virtual world. It enables players to create communities, forage, mine, and also cultivate their areas for their people.

Moreover, Catan involves wars that give you resources like gold, points, and others if you win.

So, your main goal is to make a prosperous population and ideal for your loved ones to play. It is accessible on Android smartphones.

6. Hidden Objects

Family Games Apps - Hidden Objects

Hidden Objects brings out a detective in each player. This game enables the family members to play their turns to look for clues and other special items allotted in a virtual crime setting.

This works like a treasure hunt having a twist on police cases. Here, gamers need to find hidden objects to collect evidence and then solve the case successfully.

Furthermore, this family games app lets you share your gaming experience with others through social media applications. It works over various operating systems.

7. Bejeweled

Family Games Apps - Bejeweled

Bejeweled seems a bit like Tetris. This family games app allows players to swap their animated gems for points.

It is considered to be the best puzzle game due to its highly entertaining aura. It even allows the members to take their turns while swapping up.

Additionally, all the family members could play against one another or the clock.

This puzzle game features bonus points, gifts, animations, theme music, and a lot more to provide you with a fun time.

8. Quiz Up

Family Games Apps - Quiz Up

Being designed as a tremendously amusing trivia game, Quiz Up could keep your family entertained and occupied for long hours.

This family games app even allows you and other members to put up and answer questions over varied topics.

Quiz Up is way more entertaining due to its theme music, descriptions, images, and animations.

This game has impressed lots of people and will definitely impress you. It is available to download on Android smartphones.

9. Scrabble

Family Games Apps - Scrabble

This family games app is also based on a classic. Its digital rendering entertains and educates at one time. Here, all the family members have to create a word in their turn.

The main goal is to get points and come out as the best. You can play this highly interactive game on Android smartphones and tablets.

Also, kids start to love this game as their interest in words builds up.

10. Uno

Family Games Apps - Uno

It is another interactive and entertaining board-based game to play with your family. It is designed to involve everyone. Gamers earn points when they make strategic moves.

Using its long storyline, this game keeps everyone enthused at all times. This family games app works on Android-based smartphones.

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Part 2: Top 10 Family Games Apps for iOS

If you wonder what games can you play on your iPhone in a group? Here are some impressive gaming options to play with your family on iOS devices.

1. Heads Up

Heads Up

It has become a favorite game for people all over the world. Here, you just have to guess the word on a card.

One can play this family games app with your family members or friends. Heads Up feature over 40-themed decks, such as Characters, accents, Movies, Animals, Celebrities, and others.

You can draw the card by tilting it. The best part is that you can save the gameplay videos and watch these videos later. It’s available for $0.99.

2. Home Street

Home Street

Home Street lets you build your dream house in your desired location, where all people truly admire you.

This family games app provides you with enough options for designing your character incredibly.

For instance, players can change their eye color, face shapes, body shapes, hairstyles, fashion styles, etc. for making their character look good.

Plus, you become friends with gamers from across the globe. Download it for free!

3. Virtual Families 2 Dream House

Virtual Families 2 Dream House

People who admire life simulation could not miss this family games app. Here, you need to adopt a child and begin an admiring family.

To develop your kid into a good person, shower enough love and care. Along with that, you need to guide your family generations. Restore your home and fix rooms.

Plus, you have to decorate your house to make it look attractive. Get your hands on this app for free.

4. Psych!


Warner Bros has created this amazing family games app, which has also developed Heads Up. This tricky game will test the player’s ability to guess nearly right or the correct answer.

Here, players need to choose a likely-to-be-true and reasonable answer. Psych! Turns out to be perfect for fooling your friends who brag about their quick-wittedness and intelligence.

5. Carcassonne


Carcassonne is a popular board game. Most people admire this family games app. Here, you will love painting the medieval landscape and then showcasing the same to other players.

You need to score points to move up in the game. It features nine AI payers like Count, Maid, Hans, Juggler, etc.

At one time, you could play with up to five players or else go solo. It’s available at a $9.99 price.

6. Triple Agent

Triple Agent

This family game is a perfect game to be played by five players or more.

The family games app is about deception, espionage, bluffing, and delusion. Every gamer is assigned the role of the secret or VIRUS agent.

It is an amazing game that you can play with your friends and family. The most amazing thing about this game is that it’s available free of cost with several in-app purchases.

7. King of Opera

King of Opera

King of Opera is a multiplayer game that makes it a perfect family games app.

The game rules are pretty simple, where you need to decimate other tenors and avoid a bull tenor for becoming a pro.

At a time, four players can be a part of it. This game comes with five gaming modes for keeping you entertained.

With its attractive UI and eye-catching graphics, this game seems good at $2.99!

8. Dance Party

Dance Party

Dance Party is a perfect family game app for people who like to shake their legs. You can watch dancers performing and then try following them.

Using AirPlay, players could beam the content on their Apple TV and Mac for further enjoyment. You can even challenge others to join the dance battle.

So, this dance application helps you to burn calories and stay fit. Also, you can keep track of all the burned calories due to its integrated Health application. Now, enjoy all the fun for free.

9. Who Lurks

Who Lurks

Most gamers admire this family games app. There is no scope for boredom as the element of deception makes it interesting to play.

In this game, you need to protect your crew members from alien saboteurs who want to destroy humanity.

The game features the colorblind mode for protecting your eyes from any strain. So, you can play it tirelessly for hours and hours!

10. Party Doodles

Party Doodles

Party Doodles is a guessing and intriguing drawing game. Here, you have to form different teams having ten players on each side.

It features three playing levels, which include hard, medium, and easy. One can stream the content on TV through AirPlay to enjoy it a bit more.

Also, players can share their masterpieces on social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. Available for free for iPads Only!


  1. Are family game apps suitable for all age groups? Family game apps cater to various age groups, from young children to adults. There are games specifically designed for different age ranges, ensuring that everyone can find something enjoyable and appropriate.
  2. Can I play family game apps without an internet connection? Yes, many family game apps can be played offline. Offline games are ideal for situations where an internet connection is not available or when you want to conserve data.
  3. Are there any family game apps that promote learning? Absolutely! There are numerous family game apps that incorporate educational elements, helping children learn while having fun. Look for apps that focus on subjects like math, language learning, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
  4. Which family game apps are best for multiplayer gaming? Games like “Among Us,” “Minecraft,” and “Roblox” offer excellent multiplayer experiences where you can connect and play with friends and family. These games encourage teamwork, communication, and cooperation.
  5. Can I find family game apps on both Android and iOS platforms? Yes, family game apps are available on both Android and iOS platforms. Many popular games are released for both operating systems, ensuring that you can find suitable games regardless of your device preference.


Nowadays, families can enjoy time together while playing interesting digital games.

The family game applications mentioned above are perfect for mutual interaction and bonding.

Choose the best family games app for your Android or iOS smartphone.


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