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Monster Taming Games on PC

It is true that Monster Taming Games on PC have become so popular among many players across the globe. Arguably, Pokemon is the most popular title when it comes to monster-taming games.

With that said, Pokemon is not the only game of its kind. There are plenty of games that fall under the same genre. The purpose of this article is to list them out for the reference of diehard gamers.

List of Best Monster Taming Games on PC

In general, many individuals prefer playing monster taming games because of their interesting characteristics. For instance, the design of the character, the way they combat, different play styles, etc., makes it so memorable. Besides, for some individuals, it brings great nostalgia. Regardless of the reason, mentioned below are some of the best Monster Taming Games on PC.

01. Dragon Quest V: Hand of Heavenly Bride

monster taming games pc - Dragon Quest V

According to Metacritic, this game comes with a user score of 8.8 and an overall score of 90. These figures are definitely impressive and say a lot about the game. However, those ratings are for the iOS version of the game. When it comes to the Nintendo DS version, the scores are somewhat low; user score 8.6 and Metascore 84. On the other hand, Dragon Quest VI and VIII have scores of 86 and 89.  

In fact, this RPG is released as the second edition of the Zenithian Trilogy. It was released originally back in 1992. It is true that it features a basic JRPG setup. However, the gameplay comprises a wagon of various different monsters as well to make it a unique experience. Players have the ability to enjoy combat based on classic turns. In addition to that, it comes with an orchestrated soundtrack and graphics with the 16-bit version.

02. Monster Hunter: World

monster taming games pc - Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter is another amazing game title that also has a movie under the same name. The movie was released in 2020. It is amazing that this game has received a very impressive score of 90 from Metacritic.

Monster Hunter Stories is another game in this series, and it has a Metascore of 79. Also, it features a user score of 8.3, and those stats show how impressive the game is. In this game, users can collect eggs and hatch them. As a result, you can create teams, perform chain combo attacks, and have a ride on your pets. Moreover, the game has a classic combat system based on the “rock – paper – scissors” concept.

The fans of classic and new versions of Monster Taming Games on PC will love this game series.

03. Pokémon Y (And Series) – 88

monster taming games pc - Pokémon Y

If you prepare a list of Monster Taming Games on PC based on the highest score, Pokemon is definitely there. In fact, Pokemon would be able to reserve the topmost positions of every list on that basis. Well, there’re plenty of games under that title, and 20 of them have received more than 80 on Metacritic. And Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire is one of those games.

Each generation of this Pokemon series comes with exciting new characters. Trainers can catch each of those characters and make bonds.

However, the latest entries, such as Pokemon Shield & Sword, have received a Metacritic rank of 80. On the other hand, Pokemon Y had received a rank of 88, and that’s the highest for the Pokemon title.

Besides, here is the best games like World of Warcraft for your reference.

04. Monster Rancher 1

Monster Rancher 1

Monster Rancher is a pretty interesting game that includes excellent tech features in a pretty unique manner. As per the gameplay of Monster Rancher, every CD of it comes with a monster. In addition to that, this game is called Monster Farm in Japan. This game franchise has plenty of games as well as an anime TV series. However, the original Monster Rancher game was introduced for PS1 consoles back in 1997.

This exciting game combines the digital and real worlds using a unique manner. The designs of the monsters are exceptionally unique and compelling. Also, the players have the ability to breed them as well. Players are capable of raising their captured monsters and preparing them for the tournament. However, the players are required to offer their support to the characters so they can perform well.

The very first game in this series comes with a pretty impressive Metascore of 86. However, the remainder of the Monster Rancher franchise doesn’t exceed the Metascore of the 80s. That’s a clear indication of the differences between these two titles.

05. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of The White Witch Remastered

Ni No Kuni

This game was developed by Level-5, and it was designed for the PS3 game console. It was initially released in 2011 (that was in Japan, as you can guess). The version for Western regions was released back in 2013. The same game’s remastered version for Nintendo Switch, Windows PCs, and PS4 was not released until 2019. According to many individuals, this remastered version is a better gaming experience compared to the previous one.

According to Metacritic, this game has received a user score of 8.1. This is particularly due to the beautiful animation styles with nostalgic characteristics. Compared to many AAA games that are found today, this is a pretty decent plot. This game doesn’t include characteristics such as combat, a darker storyline, etc.

In addition to that, the Ni No Kuni game series offers an exceptionally relaxing and conventional-style RPG experience. All those characteristics together can make you happy and bring a nice smile to your face. This is common for both new and experienced players.

06. Viva Piñata

Viva Piñata

Well, if truth be told, Fortnite cannot be considered as the only video game linked with piñatas. Viva Piñata is one of the unique games that come with such innate characteristics. This special game is a combination of monster taming and resource management. Also, it adds sim game characteristics as well to make the game a fun-filled, exciting gaming experience. Although it was released in 2006 (they released it for Xbox 360), it has a Metascore of 84. Also, when it comes to user scores, it features a figure of 8.0. That explains the popularity of this game despite its age.

Even though it was released in 2006, it is a pretty advanced game compared to other games. That is particularly because of the excellent customizable elements that are found in hundreds. Players are required to foster a garden ecosystem as well, and that should be done in real-time. That is how you are supposed to attract pinata characters. In fact, the whole game includes over 60 species. And, there is no shortage of options for players to attract pinatas by designing their gardens in different ways.

07. Yo-Kai Watch

Yo-Kai Watch

This is another game created by Level-5 developers. In fact, this game features yōkai, which is also known as spirits from Japanese folklore. It is true that this game was released as an iOS title. However, Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble has received an excellent score of 83 in Metascore. In a way, we can consider it as more of a puzzle game, and it has characteristics of Candy Crush as well. It is somewhat different compared to the original Yo-Kai game.

Those who are looking for Monster Taming Games on PC, therefore, should consider playing Yo-Kai Watch 3. When it comes to the original game series, it focuses on actions such as battling, helping Yo-Kai, and befriending.

08. World of Final Fantasy Maxima

World of Final Fantasy Maxima

The World of Final Fantasy Maxima game can be placed somewhere between some of the famous titles. For instance, it matches titles such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Pokemon as well. This is a pretty new game title that was released in 2016. However, it became available for all the major platforms in 2018. It is compatible with PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC. As per the gameplay, there are Champions who are supposed to tame monsters (who are known as Mirages).

The game has floating islands that come with settings that belong to a pastime. In addition to that, it comes with various characters that were found in previous games like FFIII, FFVI, and FFIX.

It goes without saying that this is a wonderful experience for all the players, including new and experts. Also, it helps you to go down your memory lane and live with nostalgia.

09. Slime Rancher

monster taming games pc - Slime Rancher

This is an excellent game that allows players to play the game as Beatrix LeBeau. He is a young rancher who is on a journey to the Far Range. Her intention is to wrangle the slimes and earn some money. Her region spans across thousand light years.

This game was developed by Monomi Part, and he supported this indie title with plenty of free updates too. With this game, players are supposed to discover plenty of new slimes and use Slime Science. With that, players can create new gadgets within the game. Also, they can explore different regions of the Far, Far Range.

10. Nexomon: Extinction

monster taming games pc - Nexomon

Here is another awesome game that received a Metacritic score of 80. As per the game, you are supposed to collect over 300 monsters (Nexomon). The tyrant Nexomon is looking for dominion. As a result, a guild of tamers is supposed to travel and regain the balance the world has lost. This, in fact, is a game that comprises actions like taming, capturing, and training the monsters.

This game became available on all the major platforms. And, it comprises the characteristics of the best Monster Taming Games on PC. The monsters of this game are unique and cute. Also, it can be considered a highly addictive game.

Regardless of having a pretty low Metascore, we consider it as one of the best Monster Taming Games on PC.


1. Are monster taming games only for kids? Monster taming games have a broad appeal and cater to players of all ages. While they may initially seem geared towards a younger audience, the strategic depth and complex mechanics make them enjoyable for gamers of all backgrounds.

2. Can I play monster taming games offline? Many monster taming games offer offline gameplay, allowing players to enjoy the adventure and capture monsters without an internet connection. However, certain features like online multiplayer may require an internet connection.

3. Can I transfer my monsters between different games in the same series? In some cases, developers allow players to transfer their monsters between different games within the same series. This feature provides continuity and allows players to continue their monster taming journey with their favorite creatures.

4. Are there any free-to-play monster taming games available? Yes, there are several free-to-play monster taming games available, offering players the opportunity to explore the genre without any financial commitment. These games often include optional in-game purchases for cosmetic items or additional content.

5. Can I play monster taming games on consoles or mobile devices? While the focus of this article is on monster taming games for PC, many titles in the genre are available on consoles and mobile devices as well. This allows players to enjoy these games on their preferred platforms and take their monster taming adventures on the go.


Monster taming games have captured the imaginations of players worldwide, offering an enchanting blend of creature collection, strategic battles, and immersive storytelling. The genre’s evolution from its humble beginnings to its current popularity is a testament to its enduring appeal.

With a diverse range of titles available on PC, players have the opportunity to embark on thrilling adventures, form deep connections with their favorite creatures, and engage in competitive play. The future holds even greater possibilities for this beloved genre, ensuring that the magic of monster taming games will continue to captivate players for years to come.


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