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Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered

What can I do if my Facebook message is sent but not delivered?

What could be the reason?

What is the best way to overcome this issue? Thanks in advance!

You hardly require any introduction to the Facebook application. This social media platform has billions of users across the globe.

Although it usually performs smoother, some errors tend to occur at least once in a while.

Messenger sent but not delivered” is one of those common issues that occurred on Facebook.

Since this issue is pretty common, this article explains how to overcome it.

Part 1. What Makes Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered?

The phrase “message sent” denotes that the message was sent directly from your computer.

Once the message has been sent out, it’s considered to be delivered. If your message hasn’t been delivered yet, the fault is with the recipient, not with you.

Something as simple as an internet connection issue or even a server issue might be to blame. 

If your messages don’t show up on Messenger, there are a few things you may do.

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Reasons Why Your Facebook Messenger Sent But Not Delivered:

  • A fault in Facebook’s system may prevent your message from reaching its intended recipient. Otherwise, the recipient may have received it but did not open it.
  • If the recipient isn’t connected to Messenger, this error can trigger.
  • Also, this error can appear if the recipient isn’t a friend of yours on Facebook. The messages sent from strangers will be filtered unless the recipient accepts them in their inbox.
  • Your message is purposely ignored by the recipient.
  • The recipient was able to read the message either from the status bar or the notifications bar.
  • The respective recipient hasn’t logged into Messenger, and she or he uses Facebook very rarely.
  • Your chats are pending approval.
  • There is trouble in your network.  

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Messenger Sent But Not Delivered Because of Server-Related Issues

Unlike Facebook, Messenger is executing on a separate server that may not be accessible to the social network. Messages sent using Messenger are sent to the recipient’s Messenger server if you send them quickly.

Assume that a Messenger chat is reported as sent even while the receiver is shown as active. However, it is probable that he or she has ignored your message on Messenger, based on our experience.

In other words, you’ve been given the responsibility of keeping an eye on the so-called Message Request list. He or she may be utilizing Facebook light, which is why they aren’t posting anything.

Also, here, we will share some quick fixes for the most common issues that cause the ‘Facebook Reels not showing‘ issue. So, let’s dive into it.

Due To Messenger Servers and Locations

Locations are used to map server resources. Your message would be marked as transmitted by the respective recipient’s server if it is up and running normally.

However, if there’s a problem with the receiving server, your message will be held up. As a result, it indicates that the respective message was not received.

Your server tells you that your messages have not been sent. It happens because the respective recipient’s server hasn’t responded to your request for delivery information.

Due to Message Status

Message Status

Conversation requests/Message requests can also be pending on Messenger. Incoming messages that aren’t already on a friend’s Friend list are added via Message Requests. If the receiver has not approved or rejected the conversation, it will remain in their inbox.

You will see a notification called “accepted your request” after a conversation is approved. When you’ve sent your message, you should mark it as delivered. Non-Facebook friends can make use of this feature. It remains in the system until rejected or destroyed.

In order to get messages, people must either log into Facebook Messenger or install it. The message would be delivered to them as soon as they signed into Messenger.

Messenger Was Log Out


When they are using a smartphone and have signed out, this happens. When the user signs in to Messenger, your message is delivered and deemed read by the recipient.

Assume that your message was received but has yet to be viewed. In that case, it is possible that your receiver has marked it as unread or simply ignored it. Or, they might have deleted it or even flagged it as spam.

Messenger video and voice calls might be the fastest ways to get someone to initiate a chat. This method works if you know that the recipient was online when you sent the message.

Video Calls or Video Calls Are Effective

When it comes to voice calls and video calls, the recipients are supposed to either terminate or accept them. In many cases, there’s a delay in sending messages.

You may even see a notification saying the “Chat is unavailable“. Whenever you see such a message, that means the Messenger service doesn’t operate as of this moment.

In this case, the best thing is to leave the app as it is. Then, you can try using it after one hour or so. Until the server of the recipient is ready to receive your conversations, the message is recorded as undelivered.

The developers will fix the issue after some time, and your messages will be shared.

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Part 2. Solutions to Try if Your Facebook Messenger is Sent But Not Delivered

Now, let’s learn the solutions to try if your Facebook Messenger is sent but not delivered.  

  • First, you should log into your Facebook app using a computer.
  • Then, send a message to many friends.
  • If the message isn’t delivered to a specific friend, there’s something wrong at his end. Perhaps, he must have ignored your message.
  • You can try sending more messages to more recipients and see if the issue persists.

Eventually, she will reply.

And that’s all about Messenger sent but not delivered issue. In the following section, more information will be discussed.

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions

To give a better idea about this issue to our readers, here’s a FAQ section.

Q: How to Tell if Your Friends Are on Facebook or Messenger?

You can tell if a user is currently online on Facebook Messenger by clicking on the “Active” icon. This button is located at the top of the screen.

  • This specific list shows the users who are currently active and online.
  • The ones that are online will be displayed with a tiny green-color circle on them.
  • The ones that do have green circles are offline currently.

Q: Will Ignored Messages Be Displayed As Delivered?

It depends. In fact, there are two different options if you want to see if the messages are delivered.

  • The message will be ignored if it is sent to a user who isn’t on your contact list.
  • Or, the recipient can purposely ignore the message even if he/she is a friend of yours.

Q: When Will My Profile Be Shown “Active” on Messenger?

Well, you will be displayed as “active” for other Facebook and Messenger contacts if you go online.

Q: How to Check if Someone Deliberately Ignores the Messages That Are Being Sent?

If you see a specific user “active” and doesn’t respond to your messages, he or she ignores you. In this case, you can see your messages are being delivered.

If you face such an issue several times, the best thing is to stop messaging them. Otherwise, that becomes an irritation.

Q: Has My Friend Gone “Offline”?

It’s not that difficult to check if someone is offline or not. You can do that by following the steps mentioned below.

  • First, go to the chat window that took place between you and your friend.
  • Then, send him or her a message.
  • After that, you may see the status of the message saying “seen…… am or pm)
  • If you see the status in a couple of seconds, the recipient is online. If you don’t see such a status, he or she is offline.

Q: What is the White Circle That Appears with a Checkmark on Messages Sent Through Messenger?

The white circle that is outlined in blue color and has a checkmark represents a sent message. That message is yet to be seen, however.

Q: I See a Grey-color Tick on a Message Sent Through Messenger; What is It?

If you see a single grey-color tick, that means the message is yet to be delivered.

There can be several reasons for an undelivered message. For instance, it can be due to a glitch or simply because the respective user is offline.


Facebook has the ability to publish status updates, photos, and connections to other sites on the internet.

In addition to that, Facebook also serves the form of an impressive social media platform. Live chat and shorter videos are also available. Shared information can be made open and available to the public.

If not, it might be restricted to a small circle of friends and family members or a single individual. That said, the above article explains what to do if Messenger is sent but not delivered.

If you have any other issues related to this matter, please let us know.


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