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Shein Size Guide

Are you tired of ordering clothes online only to be disappointed by the fit when they arrive? With the rapid growth of Shein, an online e-commerce platform known for its fast-fashion model, it’s essential to have a strategy for consistently finding your perfect size.

That’s where Shein Size Charts for women come in handy. In this guide, we’ll explore the comprehensive sizing options and fitting guides provided by Shein, helping you avoid any unpleasant surprises when shopping on their platform.

How to Choose the Right Clothing Size on Shein

Are you wondering how to select the perfect clothing size on Shein? We’re here to assist you! When it comes to Shein’s sizing, it’s important to note that their sizes tend to run slightly smaller than standard universal sizes. To ensure a proper fit, we recommend choosing a size larger than what you typically wear.

Fortunately, Shein provides its own size chart, enabling you to accurately measure your sizes. Additionally, you can check the precise measurements of each garment to make a point-by-point comparison with your own measurements.

Besides, let’s learn more about SHEIN’s operations in the USA. Find out where is SHEIN located in the USA, their shipping process, and where the brand originates from.

Here’s an Extra Tip:

It’s always beneficial to read through the comments left by other users. They often provide valuable insights regarding the item’s fit and any potential sizing complications. Moreover, Shein allows users to upload images, which can give you a better visual understanding of the product.

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Exploring Shein Women’s Size Charts: A Comprehensive Guide

Shein Women's Size Charts

To ensure you find the perfect fit, Shein offers a wide range of size charts for women’s apparel and accessories available on their eCommerce platform.
These size charts cover multiple countries, ensuring that no matter where you are, you can easily determine your ideal size.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key size charts provided by Shein.

In addition, let’s discover the true meaning of ‘in transit’ on Shein. Gain valuable insights into tracking your Shein order, understanding delivery timelines, and effortlessly enhance your shopping experience.

1. Shein Women’s Dress Size Chart (in Inches/CM)

When it comes to dresses, Shein provides a detailed size chart that includes measurements for length, bust, waist size, and hip size. By referring to this chart, you can confidently select the right dress size for yourself.

SizeUSBRITUK / AUEU / DEShoulderLengthSleeve LengthBust
XS2PP3663413 / 3348.4 / 12310.4 / 26.532.7 / 83
S4P4083613.4 / 3449.2 / 12510.6 / 2734.3 / 87
M4M42103813.8 / 3550 / 12710.8 / 27.535.8 / 91
L8 / 10G44 / 4612 / 1440 / 4214.4 / 36.550.8 / 12911 / 2838.2 / 97

2. Shein Women’s Bodycon Size Chart (in Inches/CM)

If you’re a fan of bodycon dresses, Shein has got you covered. Their bodycon size chart provides measurements that will help you find the perfect fit and achieve the desired body-hugging look.

SizeLengthBustWaist SizeHip Size
XS30.7 / 7826 / 6622 / 5629.1 / 74
S31.5 / 8027.6 / 7023.6 / 6030.7 / 78
M32.3 / 8229.1 / 7425.2 / 6432.3 / 82
L33.1 / 8431.5 / 8027.6 / 7034.6 / 88

3. Shein Women’s Trouser Size Chart (in Inches/CM)

For those in search of the ideal trouser fit, Shein offers a dedicated size chart specifically for trousers. This chart provides measurements to ensure a comfortable and flattering fit for your lower body.

SizeLengthWaist SizeHip Size
S44.1 / 11225.2-29.9 / 64-7633.1 / 84
M44.5 / 11326.8-31.5 / 68-8034.6 / 88
L44.9 / 11429.1-33.9 / 74-8637 / 94
XL45.3 / 11531.5-36.2 / 80-9239.4 / 100

4. Shein Women’s Plus Size Chart

Shein understands the importance of inclusivity and offers a range of plus-size options. Their plus-size chart covers sizes from 44 to 54, catering to a wide range of body types.

0XL101-107 cm39.8-42.1 inches81-87 cm31.9-34.3 inches111-117 cm43.7-46 inches
1XL107-113 cm42.1-44.5 inches87-93 cm34.3-36.6 inches117-123 cm46-48.4 inches
2XL113-119 cm44.5-46.9 inches93-99 cm36.6-39 inches123-129 cm48.4-50.8 inches
3XL119-124 cm46.9-48.8 inches99-105 cm39-41.3 inches129-135 cm50.8-53.1 inches
4XL125-131 cm49.2-51.6 inches105-111 cm41.3-43.7 inches135-141 cm53.1-55.5 inches
5XL131-137 cm51.6-53.9 inches111-117 cm43.7-46 inches141-147 cm55.5-57.9 inches

5. Shein Women’s Bikini Size Chart (in Inches/CM)

Planning a beach vacation? Shein has you covered with their bikini size chart. By referring to this chart, you can confidently select the right size for your bikini top and bottom, ensuring a comfortable and stylish beach experience.

SizeUSBRITUK / AUEU / DETop LengthBust
S4P408366.9 / 4.1 (17 / 10.5)34.6 / 88
M6M4210387.3 / 4.5 (18.5 / 11.5)36.2 / 92
L8 / 10G44 / 4612 / 1440 / 427.7 / 4.9 (19.5 / 12.5)38.2 / 97

6. Shein Women’s Heels Size Chart (in Inches/CM)

Discovering the ideal pair of heels can pose a challenge, particularly when shopping through online platforms. Shein’s heels size chart provides measurements to help you select the right size, ensuring a comfortable fit and stylish look for any occasion.

SizeUSBRMXUKDEBall GirthFoot LengthHeel Height
EUR36634233.58.38.3 / 21.159 / 22.834.6 / 11.6
EUR376.53523. / 21.69.3 / 23.54.6 / 11.6
EUR387.53624. / 22.059.5 / 24.174.6 / 11.6
EUR3983725.568.98.9 / 22.59.8 / 24.844.6 / 11.6
EUR4093826799 / 22.9510 / 25.514.6 / 11.6
EUR4110392789.29.2 / 23.410.3 / 26.184.6 / 11.6

7. Shein Women’s Shoe Size Chart

Euro SizeUS SizeOutsole HeightBall GirthFoot Length

8. Shein Women’s Shirt Size Chart (in Inches/CM)

Whether you’re in search of a casual shirt or a formal blouse, Shein’s comprehensive shirt size chart has you covered. By utilizing this chart, you can effortlessly identify your perfect size, ensuring a flawless fit and eliminating any concerns about fitting issues.

SizeUSBRUK / AUEU / DEShoulderLenghtSleeve LengthBust
XS2PP63422.8 / 5828 / 718.7 / 2244.7 / 113.5
S4P83623.6 / 6028.3 / 728.9 / 22.546.3 / 117.5
M6M103824.4 / 6228.7 / 739.1 / 2347.8 / 121.5
L8 / 10G12 / 1440 / 4225.6 / 6529.3 / 73.59.3 / 23.550.2 / 127.5

By the way, let’s decode the process on how to change the email on Shein. Follow the series of steps for account deactivation and re-establishment to effectively revise your email contact.

Choosing the Right Size: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you’re familiar with Shein’s size charts. Let’s explore some steps you can take to ensure you choose the right size when shopping on their platform.

1. Take Your Measurements

To determine your ideal size, it’s crucial to take accurate measurements of your body. Enlist the help of a friend or family member for the most precise results. Here are the key measurements you should take:

  • Shoulder: Measure from one end of your shoulder to the other or use a dress that fits you well as a reference.
  • Bust: Envelop the tape measure around the fullest section of your bust, keeping it parallel to the floor for accurate measurement.
  • Underbust: Measure the circumference below your bust, as this is important for determining your bikini or bra band size. Wear a well-fitting bra for more accurate measurements.
  • Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of your waist, or use a dress you own by laying it flat and measuring the waist length.
  • Hips: Gently wrap the tape measure around the fullest area of your hips, making sure it’s comfortably snug without being too tight.
  • Length: For dresses, measure from your shoulder to your desired length, whether it’s your knee or below your hip.
  • Trouser Length: Measure from your hip to your ankle or stop at any preferred length in between.
  • Sleeves: Measure from your shoulder down to the cuff, ensuring you follow the arm’s natural curve.

2. Utilize Shein’s Size Charts

Once you have your measurements, refer to Shein’s size charts to find the corresponding sizes for the specific clothing items you’re interested in. Match your measurements with the chart to determine the best size option for you.

Remember to consider the specific measurements provided by Shein for each garment, as they may vary slightly.

By the way, here, you will unearth the method on how to get a refund on SHEIN without returning the item. Comprehend SHEIN’s distinct policy designed for maximising customer gratification and financial efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shein Women’s Sizing

To address common concerns, let’s answer some frequently asked questions related to Shein’s sizing:

Shein’s size chart provides relatively accurate measurements, though slight variations of 1-2 inches may occur. Keep in mind that everyone’s body dimensions can differ, leading to some degree of inaccuracy in sizing.

Yes, Shein strives to cater to all body types and offers a wide range of sizes in their collections. They aim to ensure that everyone can find their ideal fit.

Yes, the sizes featured in Shein’s size chart reflect the actual measurements of the garments. If you take your own measurements accurately, you should obtain similar results when comparing them to Shein’s size chart.

Shein has recently expanded its collection to include plus sizes, offering a full Plus and Curve range. This expansion ensures that plus-sized women can find fashionable clothing options on the platform.

Conclusion: Finding Your Perfect Fit on Shein

By utilizing Shein’s women’s size charts and following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently choose the right size when shopping for clothes and shoes on Shein’s platform.

Remember to take accurate measurements, refer to the size charts provided, and consider any specific instructions for each garment. If you still have questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out for support.

Happy shopping, and share this guide with your friends to help them find their perfect Shein outfits too!


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