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Error 0x8007045d – How to Fix It Effortlessly


Written by Jack Lin

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Error 0x8007045d

Error 0x8007045d is related to your I/O devices. According to our experience, this error appears when you transfer files between two storage devices.

Also, it can emerge when you burn a disk or open a storage device. Well, there can be several reasons behind this issue. Let’s find out how to solve it.

If truth to be told, the error 0x8007045d occurs when there is damage to the disk drive. Despite all the other possible causes, the chances for disk damage are very high, with an error of 0x8007045d.

In addition to that, it may also happen due to a malfunctioning drive controller. If disk damage is the issue, replacing the faulty disk is the only way to solve it.

What Can Cause Error 0x8007045d?

An 0x8007045d error code occurs when a PC has difficulty accessing or reading the required files during a process.

This can be caused by a corrupt system or program file, a corrupt Windows registry, an incomplete file download, faulty memory modules, or a damaged storage device such as an external hard drive, USB drive, DVD, or CD.

Error 0x8007045d

How to Fix Error 0x8007045d?

Now that we have an understanding of error 0x8007045d. Let’s learn how to fix the issues. We list the solutions, but you don’t have to try all of them.

Instead, try the first fix; if it doesn’t work, go to the next option. If that also doesn’t work, move to the third. Likewise, try the options one after the other and stop once the problem is fixed.

PS: if you are experiencing issues like you need permission to perform this action on Windows, here are the top solutions for you.

Fix 1: Restart Your PC

Although this is a basic fix, it can fix many random computer errors. So, it is worth trying anytime you encounter tech troubles. Many users have succeeded with this fix.

Fix 2: Restart the PC in Safe Mode

Restart your PC in safe mode and utilize a replica operation if the previous method doesn’t work. Then, check if it is possible to complete it without any errors. To boot your PC into Safe Mode, just follow these steps.

On Windows 8, 10 and 11

  • Launch the System Configuration tool. Do it by pressing the Windows + R on your keyboard simultaneously. Then, enter the text “msconfig” and hit the Enter key.
  • Now, choose the tab labeled “Boot” under Boot Options. Then, select the Safe Boot option and then click OK.
  • Now, you’ll be prompted to either Restart or Exit without restarting. Choosing the latter will let you restart the PC later on once you have done the fix.
  • When in “Safe Mode,” copy your files to see if you can finish them successfully. If the files are copied successfully, a third-party software or startup item is causing the error. In that case, putting the PC in clean boot helps identify any 3rd party applications causing the error. You can move further and disable or uninstall the faulty software. Follow the steps below to put the device in a clean boot state easily.
  • Launch the System Configuration tool. Do it by pressing the Windows + R on your keyboard, typing MSConfig, and hitting the Enter key.
  • On the tab labeled “General,” select “Selective Startup.” Then, uncheck the option called “Load startup items.”
  • Go to the Services tab & check the box labeled “Hide all Microsoft services.” Then, you should click “Disable all.”
  • Now, click “OK” and select the “Restart” option.
  • Once the system reboots to a clean state, you can copy the files again. If this trick works, you should look for and uninstall the faulty application(s) immediately.
  • Repeat this process to get your PC out of the clean boot mode. Then, you should enable the options that are previously disabled.

Fix 3: Perform a Disk Check

In certain cases, files downloaded by P2P applications can have some corrupt clusters on them. To rectify this issue, you should consider running disk check scans on the files on your disk drive. Then, you can try to repair those files.

Mentioned below are the steps to do it.

  • Enter the CMD utility. To do this, press the Start button & enter the text CMD. Then, you should right-click on the Command Prompt icon. Then select the option “Run as Administrator.” When it comes to Windows 8 and newer, Press Windows Key and “X.” and then select the Command Prompt (Admin) option. Hit the Accept button once it appears on the screen.
  • Once the command prompt is opened, please enter the command “chkdsk e: /F /R /X /B” and then hit “Enter.”
  • After the scan, restart the PC. Then, check if the issue persists.

Please note that this method may take several hours to scan.

Fix 4: Get the Device Drivers Updated

If the previous methods don’t work, try to update the drivers related to the storage. Please follow the below steps to do it.

  • Launch the Windows Device Manager. To do this, press the Windows + R on your keyboard, and enter the text “msc.” Then, hit the Enter key.
  • Go to the problematic device. Then, you should right-click on the same. In most cases, this would be the IDE ATA/ATAPI controller, DVD/CD-ROM Drives, or even Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
  • Click on the option called “Driver Software.” Then, you should follow the prompts to update your driver. Please note that you may have to connect to the web if your system doesn’t have the required drivers.

Fix 5: Disconnect and Reconnect the Faulty Drive

Are you experiencing this error when accessing the files on a USB flash or a DVD? If so, disconnect it from the Windows computer, and plug it in again. Then, attempt the task again.

Fix 6: Clean the Faulty CDs or DVDs

You should know that stains caused due to fingerprints can cause the error 0x8007045d. When the disks are dirty, the disk drive of the computer fill finds it difficult to read.

So, clean the disk correctly and see if the issue is gone.

Fix 7: Repair the Cracked or Scratched CDs and DVDs

Cleaning cannot make the CDs or DVDs readable again if the CDs or DVDs are cracked or scratched. So, the next option is to repair them. There are several methods to do it.

Get a disk repair kit if you do not want to repair a disk as a DIY. These are relatively affordable and typically get the work done.

Are you sure that the error was caused by a damaged disk and that you cannot repair it? If so, the next solution could be to order a replacement disk from the supplier.

Fix 8: Use a Different USB Port

The next solution is to try a different USB port. This should be done because the error 0x8007045d can occur due to damaged USB ports. If there is another USB port on your Windows device, try that one.

Fix 9: Get the Files Transferred to Your PC

Do you get the error 0x8007045d when trying to install an app or an update? If so, copy the respective files to your computer and run the installation or update from there.

Fix 10: Download the Respective Files Again

The files you’re accessing can already be corrupted during the initial download. So, delete the files, then download the files again.

Fix 11: Get the Files Transferred via the Cloud

The disc drive could also be damaged if you cannot access the files through a disk. As a result, cleaning will not be able to fix the issue. To work this out, send the files to your computer with the help of a cloud service.

For instance, you can use a service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

Fix 12: Run the Troubleshooter

Windows features a suite of built-in programs called troubleshooters. These programs scan for specific tech issues and fix those problems. In this case, the one you should work on is the “Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter.”

To do it, follow the steps mentioned below.

Go to Settings and select Update & Security. Then, go to Troubleshoot and select Run the troubleshooter under its title.

Run the troubleshooter

You may also want to run the Shared Folders Troubleshooter using the same screen. If you experience the 0x8007045d error during a Windows update, run the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

If none of the above options worked for you, disable the antivirus program temporarily. Well, your Antivirus programs can indeed interfere with updates and installations in some cases.

So, you should disable the antivirus programs running in the background. Then, you should try the update once again. Be sure to turn the antivirus protection back on when the process is completed.


Error 0x8007045d can be a frustrating issue during data transfers or system operations. By understanding its causes and applying the appropriate troubleshooting methods, you can resolve this error effortlessly.

Ensure your hardware connections are secure, update device drivers, run disk checks, and consider advanced solutions if needed. By following these steps, you can overcome error 0x8007045d and continue using your computer without interruptions.


Q1: Can error 0x8007045d occur on both internal and external storage devices?

A: Yes, error 0x8007045d can occur on both internal and external storage devices, such as hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), or USB flash drives.

Q2: Can antivirus software cause error 0x8007045d?

A: Yes, overly strict antivirus software or security programs can interfere with data transfers and trigger error 0x8007045d. Temporarily disabling the software can help identify if it’s the cause.

Q3: How long does a disk check (chkdsk) take to complete?

A: The time taken for a disk check to complete depends on various factors, including the size and condition of the storage device. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

Q4: Are there any risks involved in resetting the BIOS settings?

A: Resetting the BIOS settings carries a minimal risk if done correctly. However, it’s crucial to follow the instructions provided by the computer’s manufacturer to avoid any potential issues.

Q5: Can error 0x8007045d lead to data loss?

A: Error 0x8007045d itself doesn’t cause data loss. However, if the error occurs during critical operations like file transfers or system installations, it’s essential to ensure you havebacked up your data to prevent any potential data loss.



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