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Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target

Are you struggling with the ‘downloading do not turn off target‘ issue on your Android device? This error message appears primarily on Nexus and Samsung devices.

Many users claim that their smartphones reboot unexpectedly into a completely black screen with the ‘downloading do not turn off target’ message.

At first, it seems that the error will be gone once the device downloads several files. However, this is not the case, mostly.

Generally, this error shows that the firmware of your phone has been tampered with. However, there are various reasons behind the issue.

Sometimes, when users try flashing their Samsung device, they get stuck on ‘downloading do not turn off target.’ At other times, you may randomly come across this message while using the device after the display goes off automatically.

This error could be frustrating as it is quite hard to exit. Here are some ways to resolve this issue.

downloading do not turn off target

Reasons Why “Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target” Appears

The issue can occur when you try to flash the device with software like Odin, and then, the flash fails.

Or this could happen when you have pressed the wrong combination of keys accidentally when trying to put your device into recovery mode.

Alternatively, this error can pop up when you enter the download mode accidentally while your phone is in your pocket. Also, it could show up because of faulty firmware downloaded on the device.

The ‘downloading do not turn off target’ error occurs in the Download Mode, which is a part of the exclusive way to flash (Odin) on Samsung devices. However, it is even used on several Nexus models.

Basically, this serves as a rooting resolution or restores your phone to the original version. In case you own a rooted smartphone featuring a custom ROM, then you may show this error on another brand.

There are various reasons why you come across this error. So, the most common one is when people want to enter ‘Recovery Mode‘ and accidentally mix the key combination. On Samsung and Nexus devices, the key combination to enter this mode is the Home tab + Power tab + Volume Up tabs.

If you press the Volume Down tab instead of the Volume Up tab, then you will enter the Download Mode and not the Recovery Mode. The Download Mode will welcome you with ‘Downloading do not turn off target.’

If you enter this mode with the wrong combination of keys, resolve the issue easily using the methods listed below.

Another reason behind this error could be a software glitch. However, it goes away, usually without causing any trouble. A serious way to get into the Download Mode is to mess up the sensitive files of your device badly that it cannot boot up successfully anymore.

So, if the interior partition or the EFS folder‘s data becomes corrupted or goes missing, the device will be booted right into the ‘downloading do not turn off target’ message. Now, let’s see how to fix this annoying issue.

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Method 1: Get Out of the Download Mode with Force Exit

Get Out of the Download Mode with Force Exit to fix Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target
  • Hold the tabs – Power, Home, and Volume down simultaneously until the screen of your phone goes black. In case there is no home tab, then try just with the Volume down and home tabs.
  • If your phone does not switch on after its screen goes black, then switch it on yourself by pressing the power tab.

Normally, your Android device boots up. However, if it does not happen, then go through the next instructions. At times, it is difficult to move out of this download mode, and you keep stuck on the ‘downloading do not turn off target’ message.

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Method 2: Try Force Rebooting Your Device

After trying out the above method, if you are still facing the ‘downloading do not turn off target’ issue, then it is best to force reboot the device. It is easy to do this on Android smartphones having removable batteries.

Try Force Rebooting Your Device to fix Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target
  • First, please press & hold the Volume Down and Power tabs at the same time.
  • When your screen dims, just wait for some minutes and then switch on your phone again.
  • If it does not work, then remove the phone’s battery. Or just wait for your smartphone to switch on again.

So, your smartphone should boot up usually. However, this process may take a bit longer than normal.

Method 3: Get Rid of the Phone Cache

On Android devices, a cache is a place of storage, just like an SD card. However, it is relatively smaller.

The cache stores instructions and data temporarily when being used. It is easier to get data from the cache.

The only issue with the cache is that it becomes full, which causes your phone issues.

  • First, switch off your phone. For this, you need to either remove the battery, hold the power tab, or hold the Volume down and power tabs.
  • Then, hold the home, power, and Volume up tabs simultaneously until your phone boots into recovery mode. For devices, which do not have a home tab, users can use the Bixby tab instead.
  • For navigating ‘Wide Cache Partition,’ employ the Volume tabs and then hit the Power tab. Press this tab twice if needed.
  • Wait for the cache to be wiped completely. Then, reboot the phone by choosing the ‘Reboot Device’ tab.

Now, check if the ‘downloading do not turn off target’ issue has been resolved successfully and your phone is working normally.

Method 4: Go for the Master Reset

There is one more thing that users can try before going to a technician. Perform a master reset on your device, which will delete everything on your phone, like photos, contacts, videos, app data, or music, that you have not stored on the SD card.

However, no guarantee performing a reset will resolve the ‘downloading do not turn off target’ issue.

So, it is better to protect your data by booting up the device in Safe Mode and creating a backup beforehand.

Create a Backup with Safe Mode

When you boot your device in Safe Mode, it ensures it can boot up. If it works fine, then you are dealing with a software conflict, and a master reset is needed. For this, follow:

  • Switch off your device. Press and hold the Power tab to turn it on.
  • When the display turns on, release the Power tab and hold the Volume Down tab.
  • Release this tab only when your phone restarts and begins booting up.
  • Once you come across the Safe Mode button, let go of the Volume Down tab.
Create a Backup with Safe Mode
  • Once your device is successfully booted into Safe Mode, visit ‘Settings‘ and then ‘Advanced Settings.’ From there, choose ‘Backup & Reset‘ and then select ‘Back up my data.’
Create a Backup with Safe Mode
  • After that, switch off your smartphone.

Perform a Master Reset

  • Switch off your phone and then press and hold the Power, Home, and Volume Up tabs simultaneously.
  • Once the screen shows up, release the Power key but keep holding the Home and Volume Up keys.
  • Release both tabs when the recovery menu shows up.
Perform a Master Reset
  • For navigating downwards, use the key Volume Down, and highlight wipe data/factory reset.
Perform a Master Reset to fix Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target
  • To select this option, press your Power tab and then use the tab Volume Down to highlight “Yes – delete all user data.”
  • Press the tab Power to begin the factory reset. Wait for some minutes.
  • Once completed, restart your phone using the Power tab.

Now, see if it works.

Method 5: Resolve the ‘Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target’ Issue with ReiBoot

If the above methods don’t work for you, then it is better to use a professional tool to get rid of the downloading do not turn off the target error. One such professional tool is Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android.

This tool repairs the device stuck on issues like ‘Downloading do not turn off target’ with a flash. Along with that, this program can fix all Android issues and bring the devices back to normal.

Why Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android Is the Best:

  • This tool is easy to use and fixes issues in just three clicks.
  • It works 100% for all Android OS-related issues.
  • The program is fully compatible with all Samsung tablets and phones.
  • To use this tool, no tech knowledge is required.
  • It features a user-friendly interface.

How to Resolve ‘Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target’

Step 1: Launch ReiBoot (Android) on the system and then put in some details related to your smartphone.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android
Repair Now

Step 2: Check all the listed information thoroughly shown on the computer screen. After that, download the firmware package on your Android smartphone.

Select Device Information
Download Firmware package

Step 3: After downloading the firmware, connect your phone to the system. Enter the ‘Download Mode‘ on your device. The fixing procedure will begin automatically.

Enter Download Mode

After that, you can use the device normally without facing any issues like ‘downloading do not turn off target.’

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android

If this method doesn’t work for you, then you should take your Android device for repair. If your phone is still under warranty, then do not hesitate to send your device in. Otherwise, take your device to a technician and get this annoying issue resolved.

Prevention Tips to Avoid “Do Not Turn Off Target”

Preventing the “Do Not Turn Off Target” message from appearing in the first place is always preferable. Here are some tips to help you avoid encountering this issue:

  1. Ensure a stable power source: Make sure your device is connected to a reliable power source during firmware updates to prevent any sudden power loss.
  2. Maintain sufficient battery level: Before initiating a firmware download or update, ensure that your device has a sufficient battery charge to complete the process without interruptions.
  3. Follow update instructions carefully: When updating your device’s firmware, carefully read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer or software provider.


FAQ 1: Can “Do Not Turn Off Target” Cause Data Loss?

No, the “Do Not Turn Off Target” message itself does not cause data loss. However, interrupting the firmware installation process by forcibly turning off the device can potentially result in software corruption, which may lead to data loss.

FAQ 2: Does “Do Not Turn Off Target” Only Appear on Samsung Devices?

Yes, the “Do Not Turn Off Target” message is specific to Samsung devices. It appears during firmware installation through the Odin mode, which is unique to Samsung.

FAQ 3: Will “Do Not Turn Off Target” Harm my Device?

The “Do Not Turn Off Target” message itself is not harmful. However, forcibly turning off the device during firmware installation can potentially lead to software corruption and affect the performance of your device.

FAQ 4: Why Does “Do Not Turn Off Target” Appear During Software Updates?

The “Do Not Turn Off Target” message appears during software updates because it is a precautionary measure to prevent users from interrupting the firmware installation process. This helps ensure the successful installation of the updated software on your device.

FAQ 5: Can I Fix “Do Not Turn Off Target” Without Professional Assistance?

Yes, you can try the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this article to fix the “Do Not Turn Off Target” issue on your own. However, if these methods do not work, seeking professional assistance from the manufacturer’s support or an authorized service center is recommended.


So, this is how you can get rid of the downloading do not turn off the target error. However, Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android offers the perfect way to fix the Android device that has been stuck on the ‘downloading do not turn off target’ issue.

Check the instructions for using this professional tool to fix this issue. Now, download this repair tool and fix all the Android OS issues hassle-free.


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