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Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay? – Yes!


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Does Mcdonald's Take Apple Pay

Are you a fan of McDonald’s but not sure whether they accept Apple pay or not? If yes, then read the article till the end to know the answer to “Does McDonald’s take apple pay or not?“.

Fast food lovers worldwide often ask, “Does Mcdonald’s have Apple Pay?”. The business of McDonald’s has shown the whole world the meaning of growth.

In a short period, it grew into a huge franchise. It has also included hundreds of food items on its menu. It has spread out to over a hundred countries all over the world.

Now the business of McDonald’s is primarily based in the food industry. However, many people ask if McDonald’s is quick enough to be updated with technology?

Thus, raising the question, “Does Mcdonald’s accept Apple Pay?” We intend to answer that question briefly in this article, so make sure you read the whole article.

Does McDonald’s Have Apple Pay?

In 2022, it is possible to use Apple Pay as a viable payment method at most McDonald’s stores all across the globe. Also, facilities like McDonald’s App, Drive-thru, and Stores accept Apple Pay.

Selected iPhones and Apple Watches are compatible with using the payment feature. You may be wondering about the working of Apple Pay at McDonald’s stores and drive-thru. Make sure you read the whole article to get the answers.

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Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay?

After knowing the answer to the question, “Does Mcdonald’s take Apple Pay?” Many of you might be curious about its working there. The mobile payment method has proven to be very convenient.

It is also easy to use when you need to place your order quickly online and in-store. The working of Apple Pay at McDonald’s does not differ from any other normal mobile payment methods.

The McDonald’s app is known for accepting payments from Apple Pay. However, even the drive-thru and in-store purchases can be paid for with Apple Pay. This brings more convenience for customers.

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Does McDonald’s Accept Apple Pay in the McDonald’s App?

You can find the Apple Pay payment method in the McDonald’s app. To go there, check out the “Mobile Order & Pay” section, which is included in the mobile app.

This section only appears in a certain condition. The condition is that the distance between you and a McDonald’s location is 5 miles or less.

An additional benefit is also provided by the McDonald’s app. The mobile app will update the menu according to your nearest McDonald’s location.

If the nearest store does not sell a certain food item, then the app will not display it in the menu. This will prevent you from spending money on an unavailable item.

In addition, if you wonder, does McDonald’s take Google Pay? Yes, it does! Here, let’s figure out how to use Google Pay at MacDonald’s easily and its several benefits.

Does McDonald’s Have Apple Pay In-Store?

Does McDonald's Have Apple Pay In-Store

The option to pay for your food through Apple Pay is available to all the customers in the McDonald’s store. The process is very easy compared to the other payment methods like debit or credit cards.

Thus being so easy, the payment method has been adopted by many people across the globe. After you state your order, move on to the payment procedure at the counter.

After this, all you need to do is hold your mobile device over the normal point of sale equipment. It’s the machine you normally use by either inserting or swiping your card. Now, hold the mobile until you get a ping sound.

After that, a green checkmark will be displayed on the point-of-sale machine, just like when you use a card. This is the sign of the transaction being approved and completed.

In Addition to the checkmark sign, a text saying “Done” will also appear on your iOS device screen. This is the message sent on your mobile.

This indicates that the transaction is completed. Your order at McDonald’s has been placed using Apple Pay successfully.

How Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay in the Drive-Thru?

It is effortless to pay at a McDonald’s drive-thru using Apple Pay, just like the in-store process.

Firstly, you need to drive up to the speaker at the drive-thru. Then proceed to state your order as usual.

After placing your order properly, go to the reception desk. This is because you need to inform the worker that you are planning to pay using Apple Pay.

Then, you will be given a contactless card reader. In this card reader, there are instructions given to pay using Apple Pay.

So, to complete the transaction, follow the given steps. Also, giving your phone to the worker inside the window is unnecessary just to pay.

Does McDonald’s Accept Apple Pay Use Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch also lets you use Apple Pay to pay for the food items you purchase at McDonald’s. This is very convenient for many users.

Since the Apple watch allows you to pay in-store and in the drive-thru, even the kiosk self-service can be used using Apple Watch.

In these locations, you can pay using Apple Watch. For this, you will need the contactless card reader or a regular card reader, which is available there.

You can keep your Apple Watch above the card reader until the payment is completed safely.

Is Apple Pay Reliable?

Even though we know the answer to the question, “Does Mcdonald’s have Apple Pay?” is “Yes”. It is important to research the safety of such payment methods.

Like many UPI payment methods, Apple Pay is also said to be one of the safest and most secure payment methods. Particularly in comparison to traditional debit and credit cards. Thus, feel free to pay anywhere using it, just like at McDonald’s.

In the same notion, we would like to remind you that no payment method is completely secure. This is due to the possibility of fraud and scams worldwide.

It is important to have various layers of protection to prevent such frauds. The traditional debit or credit cards do not have layers of protection. However, Apple Pay is secure due to having many layers of protection regarding the payment.

To guarantee safety in your Apple Pay payments, you must keep maximum protection. It is recommended that you use fingerprint lock, face ID lock, or password lock while using Apple Pay. Also, never hand over your iOS device while any transaction is under processing.

The safety layers provided by Apple Pay make it an ideal payment method option for McDonald’s orders.

Apple Pay works everywhere in McDonald’s. Thus it is not important where you place the order; you can always pay using Apple Pay.

How to Set Up Apple Pay on Your iOS Device?

To use Apple Pay for payment in McDonald’s, you need to set up your Apple Pay account first. The procedure to do that is very easy and is broken down into simple steps given below.

1. Go to Wallet and Apple Pay

In the “Settings” of your phone, you will find the option of “Wallet and Apple Pay” click on that option to proceed.

2. Add Card

After going into “Wallet and Apple Pay“, find the option to “Add Card“. Click on it. Then hit the “Continue” button to select the payment type you want to use.

Add Card to Apple Pay

3. Enter Details

To enter the details of your credit card or debit card, there are two methods that you can pursue.

The first method is manually entering your card’s data in the credential fields. The second method, however, uses AI.

In this, you need to use your camera to capture the image of your credit card details. Which will be identified by AI, and your details will be considered in the app.

After that, agree to the Terms & Conditions presented to you. Once you have done that, congratulations! Since your card is now in the Apple Wallet, you can use your Apple Pay for mobile payments.

And once you have set up your Apple Pay, you can use Apple Pay to pay at McDonald’s to pay for the food items.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I use Apple Pay at all McDonald’s locations?

Yes, many McDonald’s locations accept Apple Pay. However, availability may vary depending on the region and individual restaurant policies. It is recommended to check the Apple Maps app or the McDonald’s mobile app for specific location details.

Q2: Which devices are compatible with Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

Apple Pay is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. Ensure your device supports Apple Pay and has the necessary card information stored for seamless transactions at McDonald’s.

Q3: Is it safe to use Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

Yes, Apple Pay offers enhanced security for transactions at McDonald’s. The use of unique device account numbers, encrypted data, and authentication methods such as Touch ID or Face ID ensures secure payments.

Q4: Can I earn rewards or loyalty points when using Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

Loyalty programs and rewards may vary across different McDonald’s locations. Some restaurants may offer rewards for Apple Pay transactions, while others may not. It is advisable to check with the specific restaurant for their reward program details.

Q5: Are there any additional fees for using Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

No, Apple Pay transactions at McDonald’s do not typically incur additional fees. However, it is always recommended to check with your bank or card issuer for any potential charges related to digital wallet transactions.

Bottom Line

McDonald’s allows the payment method using Apple Pay in all kinds of services. Whether in-store, drive-thru or app purchase, you can pay using Apple Pay.

In case the McDonald’s location has a self-service kiosk in it, you can also use apple pay there as a payment method. The Apple Pay payment method has been considered safe and easy.

If we have answered the question, “Does McDonald’s Accept Apple Pay”, then let us know your feedback in the comment section below.


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