Does Marshalls Take Apple Pay in 2023?


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Does Marshalls Take Apple Pay
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Does Marshalls accept Apple Pay or not? What other modes of payment does it accept? In this article, we will discuss that in a detailed manner.

As you may already be aware, Apple Pay is the digital payment method introduced by Apple. However, not all merchants take Apple Pay, and there are many reasons for it.

With that said, many individuals wonder if Marshalls accept Apple Pay. So, this article is composed of explaining everything related to this matter.

Does Marshalls Take Apple Pay?


The main question you have is, does Marshalls take Apple Pay? Well, the shortest answer is “NO.”

If you’re looking to use Apple Pay, you’ll have to do so online because Marshalls doesn’t accept it in-store. TJX Reward Cards, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover, and PayPal, are just some of the payment options accepted at Marshall’s.

It takes a wide variety of payment methods, including electronic ones. In certain parts of the world, you may be limited in the kind of payments you can make.

It is true that Apple Pay is widely used for online and in-store purchases. However, the popular American shop Marshalls does not now support the service.

Apple Pay is Accepted at TJ Maxx Though

Apple Pay is accepted both in-store and online at TJ Maxx. In fact, TJ Maxx is one of Marshalls’ sister stores.

In addition to Samsung Pay and Google Pay, they also accept PayPal and other payment systems. There’s a two percent rebate on all purchases made with Apple Pay.

Customers can make purchases in-store with cash, wire transfers, credit cards, and even gift cards. In fact, it supports gift cards from TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, or other major card providers like Visa. When making purchases on the web, customers can use an option like PayPal.

Why Does Marshalls Not Necessarily Accept Apple Pay?

In terms of security and ease of use, Marshalls employs a 1st party payment mechanism. In fact, you can use any of your preferred methods of payment introduced by Marshalls.

So, their store does not demand Apple Pay. That’s why you won’t find Apple Pay accepted at most stores.

The transactions between it and its customers occur without the need for intermediary financial institutions. Discounts and payments are solely between Marshalls and its customers.

A 1st party payment system, which Marshalls can create for less price than computerized payment systems, is another option.

Did Marshalls Accept Apple Pay Previously?

Now that you know does Marshalls accept Apple Pay or not, let’s learn more information about it.

Marshalls is one of the firms that has discontinued the use of Apple Pay in its locations. If a store like TJ Maxx, a sister company, accepts Apple Pay and chooses to continue. So, it is possible that the original store did as well.

Apple Pay was discontinued after TJX developed its own first-party payment system. This specific payment consisted of TJX cards as a means of conducting business transactions.

Marshalls does not belong to the category of stores that cannot accept Apple Pay. That is because they lack the necessary infrastructure to process contactless payments. Other businesses, however, fall into that category.

They’ve got the capability to take electronic payments. However, they have decided not to participate in the Apple Pay program. Lowe’s, Kmart, and Hobby Lobby are some stores that fall under this category.

Can You Pay Using Apple Pay for Internet Transactions at Marshall’s?

The truth is that neither in-store nor online, Marshall does not support the Apple Pay payment system. Nevertheless, it is possible to make alternative contactless payments.

For instance, you can consider using PayPal and TJX cards when purchasing online at their website.

There are a few different ways to find out whether or not a retailer offers Apple Pay. Using Apple Maps for this purpose is one option available to you.

So, launch the application, and search for the company that you want to contact. Tap on the location of a store to get more information about that establishment.

There is a separate section that you should read called “It’s Good to Know.” You will be able to see a checkmark there. That can be seen in addition to a button for apple pay.

If that does not appear, then it cannot be used with Apple Pay because it is not compatible.

What Are the Other Modes of Payments Accepted by Marshalls?

You can pay for your purchases at Marshalls with various payment methods. For instance, you can use card transactions, Visa, Master Card, AmEx cards, and gift cards. In addition to that, you can use the store’s own credit cards.

TJX credit cards are made available to customers shopping at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Sierra Trading Post. All of those stores are subsidiaries of Marshalls.

Each time a cardholder shops at Marshalls or one of the retailer’s partner businesses, they earn rewards points. Two distinct kinds of TJX awards are available for use with TJX credit cards.

They offer TJX rewards along with TJX reward platinum. TJX credit cards are available in a variety of flavors. The company has a policy whereby customers can receive a return of 5% of their initial payment.

New customers get a discount of 10% off their initial purchase when signing up for a fresh account.

Does Marshalls Take Apple Pay at Least at Some of Their Locations?

According to our research, some individuals say that some Marshalls outlets may take Apple Pay. However, we are not sure about such claims.

The best thing, in this case, is to contact the respective outlet before starting shopping. That will help you gain an idea about the methods of payments they accept.

How Secure is Apple Pay?

How Secure is Apple Pay
Apple Pay

In fact, using Apple Pay to make purchases is a very safe and secure option. This is because Apple Pay does not keep your credit card information on your device.

Also, the card numbers are not shared by Apple Pay or transmitted along with your payment.

Apple Pay, on the other hand, provides you with a one-of-a-kind Device Account Number. It is both encoded and kept in a safe location on your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch).

So, assume that you make a payment with Apple Pay. Then, the information from your device’s account number and a unique security code will be utilized.

Just Make Sure That You Protect Your Card in the Following Ways.

  • Select a passcode for the device that cannot be guessed easily. 
  • Saving your fingerprint within the Apply Pay app; make sure not to save anyone else’s fingerprint.

What Steps Do I Need to Take to Configure Apple Pay on My Apple Watch?

Simply proceed in the following straightforward steps:

  • Launch the Watch app first on your iPhone. After that, please select the tab labeled “My Watch” from the menu that appears.
  • Tap & scroll down the page. Apple Wallet and Apple Pay, or Passbook and Apple Pay.
  • To add a card, tap the Add button. It is located just next to the card you wish to add.
  • To complete the task, follow the on-screen directions.
How to Configure Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch
How to Configure Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch

What Are the Steps to Configure Apple Pay on an iPhone or an iPad?

Navigate to the Settings menu and select Passbook & Apple Pay. If not, you can select the Wallet & Apple Pay options. After that, you should follow the directions that appear on the screen.

Set Up Apple Pay on Your iOS Device
Set Up Apple Pay on Your iOS Device


1. Does Marshalls accept mobile payments? As of now, Marshalls does not accept Apple Pay or other NFC mobile payments.

2. What payment methods does Marshalls accept? Marshalls accepts cash, credit/debit cards, and Marshalls gift cards.

3. Is Apple Pay secure for transactions? Yes, Apple Pay is designed to maintain your privacy and secure your information.

4. Why don’t all stores accept Apple Pay? Factors such as cost, technology compatibility, and security concerns can influence a store’s decision.

5. Can I use my digital wallet for online purchases at Marshalls? Currently, Marshalls accepts credit/debit cards for online transactions.


The Apple Pay statement at Marshalls states that the company does not accept Apple Pay.

There are a variety of acceptable forms of payment, including hard currency, credit cards, debit cards, etc. Also, they do accept store credit cards and gift cards.

It’s possible that Marshalls will inform you of the many payment methods available to you.

So, the answer to the question “does Marshalls take Apple Pay” is no. But things can change at any given time for some reason. That means they may accept Apple Pay at some point, but we are not sure about the time.


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