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Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay? – Payment Methods


Written by Jack Lin

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Does DoorDash Accept Apple Pay

In this article, we will answer the question, “Does DoorDash Accept Apple Pay?” along with covering many more related topics. So make sure to read till the end.

Apple & DoorDash

Apple has become one of the top consumer brands over the years. This is due to its global recognition and dynamic atmosphere.

The development of Apple Pay has been undergoing since the year 2014. This is to ease mobile payment for iOS users.

The American Brand DoorDash is an online food ordering and delivery company. It is originally based in the US. The rapid growth of this company is truly fascinating.

Lately, it’s considered one of the top companies leading the food ordering and delivering industry in the US.

It has been running smoothly due to the popularity gained in the industry. However, more potential is seen in the concept. This raises many questions.

Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay? Which payment methods are available in the facility? Let’s figure it out.

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Does DoorDash Accept Apple Pay?

Indeed yes. DoorDash takes payment through Apple Pay. This has been an upgrade since, in the earlier years, the option to pay with Apple Pay wasn’t there.

Now, the upgrade allows payment using Apple Pay.

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Using Apple Pay at DoorDash

Using Apple Pay at DoorDash

Knowing the answer to “Does DoorDash Accept Apple Pay?” is not sufficient. You should also know how to use Apple Pay. This is the step-by-step guide on using Apple Pay at DoorDash.

Before anything, you need to add a card to your Apple Wallet, which will be used as a payment method through Apple Pay. You need to set up Apple Pay before trying to pay using it.

1. Launch the DoorDash App. You can download it on iPhone / iPad from the App Store. Set up the app.

2. Search for the food or restaurant according to your desire. Icons at the top can help you categorize such as Pizzas, Mexican, etc.

3. Select the wanted restaurant that you want to order from.

4. Select the food you want to eat from the menu.

5. While selecting the food items, you can browse through the menu, and categories are given in the app.

6. After deciding on the dish you want to order, click “Add to Order.”

7. You can add more dishes to your order, according to your desire.

8. Navigate to your cart by clicking on “View Cart” to proceed with the online payment of your order.

9. If possible, then apply the apple promo code.

10. Before checkout, confirm the total amount on screen.

11. Also, confirm delivery location and instructions. You can edit the address and instructions if it needs to be corrected.

12. Optional Dasher Tip can also be added in this part.

13. Select Apple Pay as the payment option and then proceed.

14. Confirm everything and then place an order by paying for your food order.

Cashback Using Apple Pay at DoorDash

If you use Apple Pay for payment where it is accepted, you can get cash back from Apple. The limit to transactions on which you can earn cashback is non-existent. You can get a reward of cash back for every transaction you do.

However, the limit to the amount of cashback is 3% of the total amount. The terms and conditions like these can be easily found on Apple’s official website.

If you use an Apple Pay card, a cashback is often rewarded for every transaction using the card. The eligibility for this is also given on the official Apple website.

We recommend using the Apple Pay Card to get more cash back if you shop frequently. This cashback can stack up to a larger amount in the longer term.

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Advantages of Paying with Apple Pay at DoorDash

Apple and DoorDash have always aimed to enhance the convenience of customers. To achieve that, these two companies have cooperated at certain levels.

Many benefits can be claimed by using Apple Pay at DoorDash; a few of them are as follows:

  • Discounts can be claimed if you use a debit card added to Apple Pay in DoorDash.
  • High security and safety that Apple Pay provides in transactions.
  • Reducing the annoyance of carrying cards everywhere.
  • The rapid transactions lessened the payment time.
  • The one-click payment feature of Apple Pay increases the convenience even more.

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Alternative Payment Methods at DoorDash

Along with “Does DoorDash Accept Apple Pay?” Many people ask about other payment options at DoorDash.

1. Credit/Debit Cards

A credit or debit card payment is accepted by DoorDash for placing an order. The money on your credit card is the credit given to you by the bank, which you can pay back later.

Debit Card money is the money from your bank account which can be accessed through a card.

2. Online Payment Apps

Digitized transactions are now possible with apps like PayPal and Apple Pay. You can use such apps to pay for your order on DoorDash.

3. Cash

Using the Cash on Delivery option, you can make your payment with in-hand cash. This is a great feature if you want to pay using cash instead of risking the security of your card information.

4. Gift Cards

If you have a gift card available, you can use them to buy from DoorDash. Gift cards can be given to Dashers as a payment method for your order.

All these options add to the convenience of their customers.

By the way, for any user, it can be handy to know how to cancel a DoorDash order; here are the different ways to cancel orders on Doordash and get a refund for you.


This article provides all the information about Apple Pay and DoorDash. You might have found the answer to “Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay?” and other questions.

The digitalization of payment has been of great convenience to many users. The safety and security that online payment portals provide are reassuring.

The popularity of Apple Pay is constantly increasing. This has led to an appealing growth of the feature itself. This makes us recommend using Apple Pay, where it is accepted.

Using the One-stop wallet of Apple Pay can help you live a cashless and cardless life of convenience. However, you must check if DoorDash accepts Apple Pay before placing any orders.

In any case, we recommend keeping a second payment option ready. Also, setting up your account on DoorDash and Apple Pay is important. Do it properly to proceed with payment and order.

So make sure to do that before anything. Also, research the eligibility for using Apple Pay according to your region. All the information is given on the official Apple website.

In the comment section below, let us know your feedback on this article, “Does DoorDash Accept Apple Pay?”.

Frequently Asked Questions

After learning ‘does DoorDash take Apple Pay,’ below we’ve mentioned a few often asked questions related to Doordash for you.

  1. Can I use Apple Pay on DoorDash?
    • Yes, DoorDash accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. You can easily use Apple Pay to pay for your orders on the platform.
  2. Is Apple Pay secure on DoorDash?
    • Yes, Apple Pay is secure on DoorDash. It utilizes various security measures to protect your payment information and prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Can I get refunds using Apple Pay?
    • Yes, if you need a refund for an order paid with Apple Pay, DoorDash can process the refund back to your original payment method.
  4. Are there any additional fees for using Apple Pay on DoorDash?
    • No, DoorDash does not charge any additional fees for using Apple Pay. The payment method is treated like any other accepted payment option.
  5. Is Apple Pay available in all countries where DoorDash operates?
    • Apple Pay availability may vary depending on the country and region. It is recommended to check the DoorDash app or website to confirm if Apple Pay is supported in your location.


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