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Cider vs. Shein: Unveiling the Best in Fashion 2024


Written by Jack Lin

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Cider Vs. Shein

In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating comparison between Cider vs. Shein, two popular fast-fashion apps.

These platforms have revolutionized the way we shop for affordable fashion. They offer a vast selection of clothing, accessories, and more, all at wallet-friendly prices.


Are you a fashion enthusiast on a budget or simply looking to refresh your wardrobe? Doesn’t matter, as Cider and Shein have gained a reputation for providing stylish options that won’t break the bank.

However, these apps have unique features, shopping experiences, and ethical considerations. So, each app brings its own distinct flavor to the fashion scene.

That said, let’s dive in and discover which app might best suit your personal style, preferences, and values. So, buckle up and get ready to navigate the world of affordable fashion in the Cider vs. Shein showdown!

Cider vs. Shein

There are plenty of users who are interested in reading a comparison between Cider vs. Shein. Both Cider and Shein are Chinese companies. One of the main objectives of Cider is to outdo the popularity of Shein and acquire more customers.

They have succeeded in achieving that so far, thanks to social media and advertisements. On the other hand, Shein too generates a considerable amount of revenue daily through advertising.

Besides, if you wonder ‘is Cider legit‘, join us on a profound exploration as we conduct a comprehensive analysis of Cider’s legitimacy. Unveil its innovative features and discover the abundance of high-yielding investment opportunities it presents.

Quality Factor

Do you have a more conventional sense of taste? And, do you think that there aren’t any garments to go with the waist tight at this online store? If so, you’d be wrong.

The Cider website immediately reveals that the predominant fashion style is colorful and current, mostly for the young market. There is a section labeled “Mood” where you can select the aesthetic you’re going for.

For example, the “Feeling Sophisticated” section features more conservative outfits. On the other hand, the “Traditional and Elegant” section features more daring clothing choices.

Cider Mood

Also, here, you can uncover the definitive Shein Sizing Guide for locating your ideal size. Obtain precise measurements and gain invaluable advice for selecting the perfect fit on Shein.

It is true that SHEIN’s most straightforward way to sort merchandise is by trends on the homepage. However, we may deduce that Cider makes it easier to locate certain types of garments. Or we may switch to “Explore,” where it’s less clear how the various styles are grouped together.


In addition, let’s embark on the path to unveiling the steps towards earning a SHEIN ambassador title, gain insights into the financial prospects associated with the role, and navigate through the effective strategies that lead to success in this gratifying digital position.

Cider Has Its Items Listed Under the Main Menu

The “Drops” section of Cider’s main menu is where we may find the currently fashionable clothing styles. You won’t have any issues with Cider’s quality. It’s evidenced by the photos of satisfied customers posted on TikTok, which is on par with that of SHEIN.

However, you should be aware that, as a relatively new business, Cider is yet to have more reviews. This means some of the clothing featured in each of its articles hasn’t got enough reviews yet.

Cider Main Menu

Size Comparison

Now, in our Cider vs. Shein comparison, let’s pay attention to sizes. Cider, like SHEIN, clearly labels each clothing item’s measurements.

It includes both the inches and centimeters for each size, making it easy to get the appropriate fit. In addition to regular sizes, Cider carries plus sizes. Also, the selection and quality of the store plus size apparel makes it well worth the price.

Cider Size Compare


However, since you’ve expressed an interest in comparing Cider with SHEIN, let’s go on to that. We may see the pricing difference between the two websites by purchasing shirts from each.

For instance, we have noticed that Cider has a shirt for a price (discounted) of €27. The same type of product is available on Shein for a price of $15. However, this difference can still be justified because Cider is an emerging company compared to Shein. We hope that Cider will be able to catch up with affordability factors in the future.

Cider Price
Shein Price

In addition to that, we found that all of the garments listed on SHEIN are relatively shorter. They are shorter in length than they are at Cider, which means that Cider has more modest attire. Cider has a clearance section, but even there, prices are more than at the SHEIN deals.

We’ve also tried searching for “shirt dresses” on both platforms, but SHEIN has far more options.

Another issue is that clothing filters on Cider don’t allow you to narrow your search based on certain criteria. For instance, you cannot search based on sleeve length or fabric type on Cider.

How Does It Work?

It is true that Cider’s official website is currently only available in English (although currency can be changed). However, customers from all over the world will need to learn the language of the site before purchasing.

Automatically translating the Cider website into your native language is possible with the help of Google Translate. Unfortunately, you can’t accomplish this with the Cider mobile APP, which is likewise only available in English.

Both Shein and Cider have a mobile app and a website. So, purchasing through any of these websites is very easy.

SHEIN’s website and app are often slower than they should be due to the vast number of users. However, the real challenge in discovering styles in SHEIN is offered by the abundance of garments that are available.

Definitely, the number of products available in Shein is greater compared to the Cider platform. Cider is a relatively new online store. Because of that, it does not necessarily have a massive user base like Sheins.


In this section of our Cider vs. Shein comparison, let’s discuss the discounts they offer. When it comes to discounts, Shein offers flash sales. However, Cider does not offer such a program. But they have some periodic discounts though they are not as frequent as Shein’s.

With Cider, you will be eligible for a 15% discount when you purchase the first item. This is a superb advantage to utilize. However, this is not unique to Cider; you can find the same offer on Shein as well.


When making a purchase, shipping times and costs are crucial considerations. Whether or whether a given business offers free delivery depends on the customer’s country. However, both Cider and SHEIN require average orders of $49 or more before shipping is free.

Cider, on the other hand, requires a purchase of $49 to qualify for free shipping. This means that customers in most countries will have to spend more than they would at SHEIN. Otherwise, they will not qualify for free shipping.

Cider’s standard and fast shipping cost an additional 1 USD to 2 USD on top of the $49 fee. Both online retailers have comparable shipping and delivery times. So, we expect to wait around 10–20 days for our package to arrive.

By the way, let’s explore the updated Cider return policy. Learn about the return process, deadlines, refund methods, and conditions to enhance your shopping experience.


Both Shein and Cider offer clothing items for everyone (women, men, and children) apart from accessories. They have outerwear, dresses, swimwear, activewear, shoes, swimwear, accessories, etc. Both of these platforms provide you the option of filtering through their websites and selecting the most appropriate item.

For instance, let’s say that you want to purchase a dress. You can easily visit their app or website and filter the collection using subcategories. Then, you can navigate to the option called “dresses.”

Likewise, you can search for any item without any hassle. This feature is exceptionally helpful, so you can save a considerable amount of time. In fact, this search feature allows you to complete a purchase within seconds.


Both Cider and Shein provide a plethora of options for men’s apparel and accessories. Both stores have incredible markdowns on a wide variety of bottoms, activewear, formalwear, shoes, and accessories.

● Children

Cider caters to a mature clientele and does not provide a children’s clothes session at this time. Shein’s children’s clothing department is broken down further into smaller sections. Their products are categorized for babies, children, teenagers, and preteens, as well as maternity clothes. Shein also sells kid-friendly accessories like jewelry and games.

● Seasonal Clothing

Both Cider and Shein have year-round seasonal clothing selections. They also have sales on seasonal clothing when the seasons change. In the summer, for instance, you might expect to find sales on summer wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this largely depends on personal preference. If you’re a fan of trendy, youthful styles and don’t mind paying a bit more for unique designs, Cider could be your best bet. However, if you’re looking for a wide range of options at rock-bottom prices, Shein might be more your style.

While both Cider and Shein offer international shipping, Shein often has quicker shipping times due to its multiple warehouses around the globe. Cider’s shipping can sometimes take longer due to their international shipping routes.

Both Cider and Shein offer decent product quality considering their price points. However, some customers have found Cider’s quality to be slightly superior, likely due to the slightly higher prices and their emphasis on unique designs.

No, Shein has a much wider product range, covering everything from men’s, women’s, and kids’ fashion to home décor and accessories. Cider, however, specializes more in trendy, youthful styles.

You should remember that both Shein and Cider fall under the fast fashion category. So, that will make it more challenging for these stores to navigate the ethical waters. However, they insist that they maintain a socially conscious approach.

For instance, several ciders boast that their bottles and labels are made from recycled materials. To further its stated goal of reducing fashion waste, the company claims to make its supply chain demand-driven. Since most of their apparel is made to order, they’re able to reduce wasteful inventory and keep costs down.

This is a very important question in our Cider vs. Shein comparison. Both Cider and Shein stores allow you to monitor the status of your order. Both will let you know when the respective order is dispatched and when it is expected to arrive. Let’s assume that the delivery of your order is delayed beyond the estimated time frame. If so, both businesses will likely contact you to explain the situation. If the order doesn’t arrive within the promised time limit, you may also reach out to their customer care. They will get back to you within 24 hours.

In general, both of these platforms try their best to deliver all orders on time. However, on rare occasions, very few orders may go missing. If you experience such an unfortunate situation, you should contact the customer support department.


In the great “Cider vs. Shein” debate, it’s clear that both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses.

Your choice between the two will ultimately come down to your specific needs and preferences.

Remember, the best platform is the one that best serves your unique fashion needs and provides a shopping experience you find most enjoyable.


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