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Borderlands 3 Conference Call – How to Get It?


Written by Jack Lin

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borderlands 3 conference call

Borderlands 3 Conference Call is one of the most powerful weapons you find in the game. So, if you wonder how to get the Borderlands 2 Conference Call weapon, that’s explained here.

If you are a Borderlands enthusiast, you already know that Borderlands 3 is their latest release. This game falls into the looter-shooter genre and has attracted a large range of fans. In fact, Borderlands has become one of the most popular choices due to various reasons. The gameplay is all about guns, so the players are highly concerned about the types of guns. They are more concerned about getting the most powerful gun so they can achieve targets easier.

At the beginning of Borderland 3, you have some strong weapons in your armory. However, there are plenty of other vehicles for you to acquire during the gameplay. The purpose of this article is to explain how to acquire Borderlands 3 or Borderlands 2 Conference Call.

Borderlands 3 Conference Call

With borderland 3, you have the option of picking the Legendary shotgun called “Conference Call.” This gun is considered to be one of the best weapons that were used in the Borderlands 2 version.

Also, the reputation of this gun is exceptional in the follow-up. In fact, there are a couple of methods you can use to pick Borderlands 3 Conference Call shotgun. However, there is one method that works better than the others.

Borderlands 3 Conference Call Gun

First, let’s take a look at what Borderlands 2 Conference Call is. Basically, this is considered to be one of the best weapons ever introduced in the Borderlands game. It works as a Hyperion shotgun.

That necessarily means that when the gun is aimed at a down sight, the gun projects a forward-facing shield. Thanks to this feature, Hyperion has become an all-time favorite among die-hard fans of Borderlands. With Borderlands 3 Conference Call, you can rely on the shield until the gun’s ammo is refilled.

In terms of power, this gun is impressive. The shield capacity of the gun is very high. Also, it works as a superb all-rounder. Well, the guns in this game are generated on a random basis. Therefore, some of the aspects might vary at times.

For instance, zoom magnification, the capacity of the ammo, and other various features can vary. However, when it comes to the gun called “Conference Call,” it is regarded as a very powerful option.

The Conference Call can be considered a close-range gun considering the way it functions. It has the ability to round out a range of strong builds in this game. However, it depends on the playstyle of the player.

Details of Borderlands 3 Conference Call 

Type of the gunShotgun
What brand it isHyperion
The rarity of the gunLegendary
Overall item score462
Level Requirement44
Damage it can do191 x5
The accuracy of the gun49%
Overall handling67%
Average reload time2.7s
Fire rate3.64/s
Size of the magazine10

Characteristics of Borderlands 3 Conference Call 

  • Can cause critical hit damage of 10%
  • Come with a weapon fire rate of 15%
  • Zoomable up to 2.2X
  • It has a shield capacity of 1703

It is Basically a Legendary Shotgun That Comes with a High Bullet Spread

Basically, Borderlands 3 Conference Call is a legendary weapon that falls into the Hyperion category. It stands out particularly due to its impressively high bullet spread. When you shoot with this gun, you can see pellets spread in an elegant, horizontal way. It lets you cause massive damage to a large range of enemies simultaneously, so it is impressive.

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You Can Make the Best Use of It in Tighter Spaces

Some weapons do well in some specific conditions. When it comes to Borderlands 2 Conference Call, it is ideal for places that are tighter than the others. This is specifically because it is designed to ricochet on impacts. As a result, when you use it in tight spaces, the chances of hitting an enemy are much greater.

More Damage with Shield

As mentioned before, Borderlands 3 Conference Call comes with a front-facing shield. As a result, you can use that to maximize the damage caused by the weapon. To activate this feature, you should aim down so more damage will be caused.

How to Farm Borderlands 3 or Borderlands 2 Conference Call?

Farm Borderlands 3 or Borderlands 2 Conference Call

This section of our article explains how to farm Borderlands 3 or Borderlands 2 Conference Call guns. Well, when it comes to the practice of farming this gun, Katagawa Jr. should be considered its boss. If we are to explain the location, Katagawa Jr. can be found on Promethea. To be more precise, it is located next to the Atlas HQ fast travel station. There is a massive skyscraper when the players run along the arcing boulevard, which is to the right-hand side. That skyscraper is where Katagawa Jr. lives. To reach Katagawa Jr., you should use the elevator so you will be able to approach the boss room.

Just before reaching the boss room, you can find a checkpoint too. This checkpoint will repeat the boss-fight numerous times. Also, players will be able to fight the boss and take a look at the rewards immediately after. After that, if the weapon (Conference Call) doesn’t drop, you can go back to the menu once again. Once you have done that, you can reload and try once again to get another chance.

It is always possible to drop the conference call somewhere else in the gameplay of Borderlands 3. However, what you should know is that this method takes a while to farm the respective gun. Nevertheless, farming Katagawa Jr. is considered to be a pretty quick yet reliable strategy to acquire this gun. Although there are other places to drop Borderlands 3 Conference Call, the above-mentioned method is quicker and more reliable.

The step-by-step guide to acquiring Borderlands Conference Call

As mentioned, you can farm Conference Call weapon through Katagawa Jr. Are you trying to use this weapon for the first time? Or have you used it before and want to give it a try again? It doesn’t matter. Mentioned below are the steps, so you will not find it difficult to farm them.

  • First, you should go to the planet Promethea in the hunt for Conference Call.
  • Once you have arrived at Promethea, find your way to the Atlas HQ Fast Travel Station.
  • Then, you are supposed to head to the huge Atlas building. You can find it easily, and it is located towards the Northern Region of the map.
  • After entering the place called the “Lobby of Self-Actualization,” you are supposed to go straight. You should continue to move forward until you find an elevator.
  • Now, ride the lift all the way up so you will reach a swanky office. Once you have found that, you will see a hole in the floor. Just drop through it so you can trigger Katagawa Jr.’s boss fight.
  • Now, you are supposed to defeat Katagawa Jr. and see if you can find the Conference Call weapon. It should be among the loot Katagawa Jr. drops.
  • If you cannot find the weapon, you should go to the main menu once again. Then, you should resume the game, and you can place yourself at the checkpoint. This should be done before the boss.
  • You should repeat the fight with Katagawa Jr. and defeat him as much it’s required. You should continue to do it until the weapon is dropped. Please note that you should have some luck as well to acquire the weapon as it happens randomly. In other words, you cannot acquire the weapon just because you defeat Katagawa Jr. So, keep doing it until you get the weapon.

It is true that a Conference Call is a Hyperion Firearm. So, it can deploy a protective shield that is front-facing. It becomes very useful when you aim downward. Also, it allows you to reload ammo at the same time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How do I increase my chances of obtaining the Conference Call?

To increase your chances of obtaining the Conference Call, focus on farming bosses known to drop legendary loot. Utilize the Mayhem Mode for increased drop rates and equip gear and skills that boost your luck.

Q2: Can the Conference Call drop from any enemy in the game?

No, the Conference Call is a legendary weapon that has specific drop locations. It cannot be obtained from regular enemy drops or vending machines.

Q3: What bosses have the highest chance of dropping the Conference Call?

Some bosses known to have a higher chance of dropping the Conference Call include Graveward, Warden, and Billy, the Anointed.

Q4: Does the Conference Call scale with my character’s level?

Yes, the Conference Call scales with your character’s level. It ensures that the weapon remains powerful and relevant as you progress through the game.

Q5: Are there any character-specific builds that work exceptionally well with the Conference Call?

Yes, certain character builds and skill trees can enhance the power of the Conference Call. Builds that focus on critical hit damage and shotgun proficiency are particularly effective.


So, that’s exactly how to acquire Borderlands 3 Conference Call. As you can see, it is a very destructive weapon when used in correct areas (tight spaces, for instance). So, grab your Borderlands 2 Conference Call weapon now and play the game with confidence. With a little bit of luck, acquiring this weapon is pretty simple.


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