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Master Chief, Who? Top Games like Halo to Play Right Now


Written by Jack Lin

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Games Like Halo

Are you trying to find games like Halo because you want something new but not much different from it?

Halo has been voted one of the most addictive games that gamers have spent hours playing. The games like Halo Wars have tough competition to fight as they have to be at par with Halo’s popularity.

In this article, we will present you with a sneak peek of games like Halo on PS4 or PC.

About Halo & Games Like Halo

Since the premiere of the Xbox console, the new flagship franchise of Microsoft home console introduced Halo to the gamers’ world. As Halo touched the market, it became a sensation.

A lot of gamers later supported the game and automatically created a huge fan base. It’s one of the most loved games for which many gamers are still waiting in the hope of having another game like Halo.

Halo has both story and campaign modes. Each mode has its own nostalgic memory that makes them remember old games like Baldur’s. It has been a constant for many gamers who enjoy first-person shooting games.

Since then, a lot of games have been released that claim to have been inspired by games like Halo. It’s not that people don’t have any choice other than Halo, but the sensation of playing Halo felt different to every gamer.

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Top 15 Games Like Halo Wars, for Every Player

Since you are trying to find another game that you could enjoy and similar to Halo, let us begin by listing the games for you.

1. Killzone Series

Games Like Halo - Killzone Series

Being an active game from the 2nd generation to the 4th generation of PlayStation, Killzone Series garnered a huge following. Having four major entries and a few handheld spinoffs, it was blessed with various unique features.

As it was available on both PC and console, it was only successful in gathering a large number of followers for the PlayStation 3 phase. Being a multiplayer game, Killzone was one of the most played games at that time.

2. The Conduit Series

The Conduit Series

Nintendo Wii has created creative games having amazing FPS games as well. As most of the Nintendo games didn’t touch the mark, the conduit series filled the whole bill. The series of Conduit produced two Mind-blowing FPS games. Both of the parts had unique graphic augmentation that fills out a different void of experience.

These features were one of the reasons the game became more than just an FPS game. The whole augmentation of The Conduit series made games like Halo, which you should definitely check out.

3. Apex Legends

Games Like Halo - Apex Legends

Apex legends are one of the most grossing games in the online world. It came out when Fortnite got released as well and became a competitor. It had many outlooks similar to Fortnite but felt better on Apex.

After the creation of Titanfall 2, Apex Legends became one of the chart-leading games of the year. Apex Legends could have inspired Halo Infinite to pick some elements from the Call of Duty game. This would have led to the addition of the battle royale mode into the game.

4. Mad Max

Mad Max

None of us had forgotten the moment when we had to man the turret mounted at the back of the warthog as it skied down the beach in Halo.

In 2015, Mad max came around, capturing everybody’s attention with the magic of four-wheeler games. The way it evolved, and the level of combat can never be compared to just any game.

Being on foot, Mad Max isn’t much similar to Halo. Instead, it’s a third-person brawling game rather than being a clutching FPS among games like Halo for PS4. Even though the essence of this game might not suit your fancy, you should try this game.

5. Project Snowblind

Games Like Halo - Project Snowblind

Finally, the hidden gem of PS2 and Xbox FPS world, Project Snowblind, sounds very next-gen. The cinematic experience shifts from taking control of the frost to using multiple weapons to fight enemies. It’s an amazing and intriguing experiment playing it.

Project Snowblind also has a multiplayer feature in his time that you won’t see everywhere. The strategy to control the frost and fight with it is itself a challenge that’s fun to overcome. Not being able to stand out as much as other games, it deserves to be re-enjoyed by Halo fans.

6. Red Faction Series

Red Faction Series

The Red Faction series is a perfect match for many people, from being the demolition man to wrecking everything on Mars. To everyone who either loved an interesting story or demolished buildings, the Red faction has always been a major attraction.

Even though the series was silent long back, Guerrilla Re-Mars-treed became a contender for one of the best video games. The overall game couldn’t make much impact on people.

However, the story and wide exploration of Mars would be interesting to players looking for games like Halo on PS4.

7. Half-Life 2

Games Like Halo - Half-Life 2

Half-life 2 is not only on the list of best shooting games, but it also has a tremendous storyline. The in-game experience captures the player’s attention by giving the same feeling of wandering and exploration as the Halo series. However, its setting is a bit more grounded.

Marking a contrast from other games like Halo Wars, Half-Life 2 is more balanced. It ramps up the challenges as you move ahead in the campaigns to end giving you a worthy climax. You will find yourself bonding with the protagonist without having to choose between them and the hero.

8. Dead Space Series

Dead Space Series

After a long wait for the mega-hit return of the franchise, dead space missed the last console generation. Being a horror-focus show in such a way that none of the players has experienced before, it won the heart of many.

While the Halo series wasn’t focused on horror yet Sci-fi moments like Dead Space, both of them were a hit. Halo is an all-time hit, and the fall of dead space after the misstep in the third part, many players enjoyed them. We can even expect the 2021 series of the game to be as amazing as Halo.

9. Destiny Series

Games Like Halo - Destiny Series

Destiny is one of the original big projects of Halo developers that registered few setbacks in the beginning. After some updates, it became one of the favorite games for online shooting players. The sequel of the same work on the structure, and the in-game experience of the player made it pretty popular.

Most players probably have played games like Halo Wars, but the Destiny Series is still not tried many. Whether it stayed or not, Destiny is actually loved by almost every player who played Halo.

10. Lost Planet Series

Lost Planet Series

Lost Planet series is one of the short-lived game series in the firm generation of PS3 and Xbox 360. The franchise had mind-blowing in-game experience, strategic boss battles, spectacular graphics, and many other breathtaking features. This series has many astonishing missions that will remind you of Halo.

The aesthetic similarities between the Halo and the lost planet series could have been actually amazing. Nobody knows if it’ll come back for the modern generation console, but nothing is impossible. There might be a spark in its return, but only if the fan base is passionate about it.

11. TimeSplitters Series

Games Like Halo - TimeSplitters Series

It’s a second-generation game of PlayStation, which draws out a few similarities between 007 golden eyes and the perfect dark from N64. TimeSplitters is another amongst the games like Halo Wars that started off big but couldn’t become big. The series added some mind-blowing, fun, and interesting concepts to the game.

TimeSplitters includes some of the most incredibly entertaining time-travel specs. The game was not specifically related to space but involved sci-fi shooting elements. You may also get addicted to the conceptual in-game experience and the interesting plot.

12. Doom Series

Doom Series

From the generation of inspiration to the generation of innovation, everything is built upon. Doom is said to become that void that will light up the world of every FPS player looking for an exciting game. As Halo isn’t frantic, it doesn’t mean games like Halo Wars wouldn’t be frantic as well.

After being revived from the dead, the Doom series can now finally run with the latest version of Halo. They both can work as an inspiration to each other.

13. Titanfall 2

Games Like Halo - Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is one of the best shooting campaigns after Halo and stands best among games like Halo Wars. While Halo and Titanfall are part of the same developing team, they have a lot in common. From having high-tech settings to having their powerful setup theme for every machine, both the games share a lot of other similarities.

In Titanfall 2, the low gravity jumps in Halo were replaced by ledge grabbing and wall running. If you enjoyed playing Halo, you would also love Titanfall 2. The similarities are not going to affect the experience of playing this game.

PS: here is the Titanfall 2 Crossplay for your reference.

14. Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3

Did you ever wish to have any more variety in the game Halo? Borderlands 3 is what your eyes are looking for. It’s a solid shooting game with billions of in-game guns. Every gun you’ll come across will feel different, fire differently, and just like any other gun, it’ll have bespoke abilities.

In concept, Borderland isn’t far from being a game like Halo. The endless shooting through the Sci-fi campaigns with your friends couldn’t be any better. Exploring and playing games with your friends as to who’ll find the ridiculous shotgun is pretty fun.

PS: here are the most popular games like Borderlands, for your reference.

15. Quake Champions

Games Like Halo - Quake Champions

This underappreciated multiplayer gem harkens back to some of our favorite Halo moments. Quake Champions has a similar heritage to multiplayer games like Halo on PS4. You’ll feel right at home in its mobile, frantic team deathmatches.

Being good at Quake Champions necessitates the same qualities at Halo. You must know the arenas you’re fighting in and what weapon to use in any given situation. It’s not easy to master Champions’ arsenal, also.

However, once you’ve mastered the rocket launcher, shotgun, and tri-bolt, the game becomes even more interesting and easier.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Are these games available on multiple platforms? Yes, most of the games mentioned in this article are available on multiple platforms, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.
  2. Can I play these games solo or are they primarily multiplayer-focused? While some of these games have strong multiplayer components, they also offer engaging single-player campaigns for solo play.
  3. Are these games suitable for casual gamers or more experienced players? The games mentioned in this article cater to a range of player skill levels, offering options for both casual gamers and more experienced players seeking a challenge.
  4. Do these games have competitive multiplayer modes? Yes, many of the games listed here feature competitive multiplayer modes that allow players to test their skills against others.
  5. Can I expect regular updates and new content for these games? Developers often release updates and new content for these games, ensuring that players have ongoing experiences and fresh content to enjoy.


Halo is one of the best shooting games, with a fantastic in-game experience and mind-blowing storyline. Since many players got inspired by Halo, it has come to find games like Halo on PS4.

We presented you with games that work the closest to what you’ve been dreaming of playing. Let us know of your experience with these games, and reach out for any queries in the comment section below!


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