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Best GameCube Controller for PC: Top 5 Picks & Guide


Written by Jack Lin

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Gamecube Controller For Pc

The Gamecube controller, a beloved staple of the early 2000s, has made a surprising comeback in the world of PC gaming.

From retro enthusiasts to modern gamers, many are discovering the unique charm and versatility of this classic controller.

This article will take a deep dive into the Gamecube controller for PC, offering answers to all your queries and sharing useful tips to help you fully leverage this fusion of classic and modern gaming technology.

Gamecube Controller for PC: A Timeless Classic

Why Use a Gamecube Controller for PC Gaming?

The Gamecube controller’s ergonomic design, intuitive button layout, and responsive controls make it a fantastic choice for PC gamers.

It’s particularly popular among fans of competitive fighting games, platformers, and emulated classics.

With the right adapter, the Gamecube controller can seamlessly integrate with your PC, offering an alternative to traditional keyboard-and-mouse or modern controller setups.

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Compatibility: Can I Use a Gamecube Controller on My PC?

Absolutely! The Gamecube controller for PC is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.
All you need is a USB adapter to connect the controller to your PC, and you’ll be good to go.

Some popular adapters include the Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter and the 8Bitdo Wireless Adapter.

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Top 5 GameCube Controllers for Switch and PC

1. Nintendo Switch GameCube Controller (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition)

Nintendo Switch GameCube Controller Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition

The Nintendo Switch GameCube Controller is designed specifically for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game.
This official controller provides the classic feel and precision that GameCube enthusiasts have come to love.


  • Iconic GameCube design
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate branding
  • USB connection for easy plug-and-play
  • Optimized button layout for competitive gaming

2. PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller

PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller-1

The PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller offers a classic GameCube design with the added benefit of wireless connectivity.

The controller is perfect for those who want to enjoy an untethered gaming experience.


  • Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless gaming
  • Motion controls for an immersive experience
  • Classic GameCube button layout
  • Up to 30 hours of gameplay on two AA batteries

3. 8Bitdo Gbros. Wireless Adapter for Nintendo Switch

8Bitdo Gbros. Wireless Adapter for Nintendo Switch

The 8Bitdo Gbros. Wireless Adapter allows you to use your original wired GameCube controller wirelessly on your Nintendo Switch.

This adapter is an excellent option for gamers who prefer the authentic feel of the original GameCube controller.


  • Compatible with original GameCube controllers
  • Wireless range up to 30 feet
  • Built-in home and screenshot buttons
  • 6-hour battery life with USB-C charging

4. HORI Battle Pad Game

HORI Battle Pad Game

The HORI Battle Pad is a wired controller that combines the classic GameCube design with modern enhancements, making it an excellent choice for both casual and competitive gamers.


  • Turbo function for rapid button presses
  • Remappable buttons for custom configurations
  • Anti-snapback analog sticks for increased accuracy
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design

5. PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro Controller

PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro Controller

This is a versatile GameCube-style controller designed for Switch and PC gaming.

With its interchangeable faceplates, you can personalize your controller to match your style.


  • 10-foot USB cable for comfortable gaming
  • Interchangeable faceplates for customization
  • Programmable paddle-style buttons on the back
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo

Choosing the Right Gamecube Controller for Your PC

Original vs. Third-Party Controllers

When selecting a Gamecube controller for your PC, you’ll have the option of choosing between original Nintendo controllers and third-party alternatives.

While original controllers are often praised for their build quality and authenticity, some third-party controllers offer additional features, such as turbo buttons and customizable joysticks.

Wired vs. Wireless Controllers

Wired Gamecube controllers connect to your PC through a USB adapter, while wireless controllers use Bluetooth technology.

Choosing between the two usually boils down to personal preference and how much latency matters to your gaming experience.

Setting Up Your Gamecube Controller for PC

Connecting the Controller

To use your Gamecube controller with your PC, you’ll need to connect it using a USB adapter. To use your controller with your PC, just insert the adapter into one of the USB ports on your PC and then connect your controller to the adapter.

Setting Up Your Gamecube Controller for PC

Installing the Necessary Drivers

Depending on the adapter you’ve chosen, you may need to install drivers for your Gamecube controller to function properly on your PC.

Many adapters come with built-in drivers or offer automatic driver installation. If not, visit the manufacturer’s website to download the appropriate drivers.

Configuring Your Controller in Games

Once your Gamecube controller is connected to your PC, you may need to configure it within your games or emulators.

The steps involved in this process can differ based on the software you are utilizing, but it typically involves mapping the controller’s buttons and joysticks to the appropriate in-game functions.

Tips for Using a Gamecube Controller on a PC

Optimize Your Controller’s Sensitivity

To get the most out of your Gamecube controller for PC gaming, you may need to adjust the sensitivity of its joysticks.

This can be done in-game or through third-party software, such as the Dolphin emulator.

Customizing Button Layouts

To optimize your gaming experience, you may consider customizing the button layout of your Gamecube controller according to your personal preferences, especially if the game you’re playing requires it.

Some games and emulators offer built-in button mapping options, allowing you to tailor the controller’s functionality to your needs.

Emulating Classic Gamecube Titles

One of the most popular uses for a Gamecube controller on PC is to play classic Gamecube games through emulation.

Programs like the Dolphin emulator make it easy to relive your favorite titles with authentic controls.

Troubleshooting Common Gamecube Controller Issues

Unresponsive Buttons or Joysticks

If you’re experiencing unresponsive buttons or joysticks on your Gamecube controller, try calibrating the controller through your operating system or emulator.

Additionally, ensure that your adapter’s drivers are up-to-date.

Input Lag

If you’re experiencing input lag while using a Gamecube controller on your PC, consider switching to a wired controller, as wireless controllers can sometimes introduce latency. Additionally, ensure that your adapter and controller drivers are up-to-date.

FAQs: Gamecube Controller for PC

While many PC games are compatible with the Gamecube controller, some titles may not support it natively. However, third-party software like XInput or JoyToKey can help map controller inputs to keyboard and mouse actions, making it compatible with a wider range of games.

Using a Gamecube controller with emulators is generally legal, but downloading and playing copyrighted games without owning the original disc can be illegal in some jurisdictions. Always check your local laws and respect intellectual property rights.

While there is no “one size fits all” adapter, popular choices include the Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter and the 8Bitdo Wireless Adapter. Before purchasing an adapter for your controller, ensure that the adapter is compatible with your computer’s OS and has garnered positive feedback from other users before making your purchase.

Yes, the Gamecube controller is compatible with macOS as long as you have the appropriate adapter and drivers.

Fighting games, platformers, and classic Gamecube titles are particularly well-suited for the Gamecube controller. However, the controller’s versatility means it can be used for a wide range of games, depending on your preferences.

Yes, you can connect multiple Gamecube controllers to your PC using a USB adapter with multiple controller ports or by using multiple adapters.

Conclusion: The Perfect Blend of Nostalgia and Modern Gaming

The Gamecube controller for PC offers a unique and satisfying gaming experience that blends the nostalgia of a classic console with the versatility of modern PC gaming.

With the right adapter, setup, and customization, the Gamecube controller can breathe new life into your favorite games and open up a world of possibilities.

Don’t hesitate to give it a shot – you might just find your new favorite gaming accessory.


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