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How to Fix YouTube Picture-in-Picture Not Working


Written by Jack Lin

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YouTube Picture in Picture Not Working

Did you just find out your YouTube picture-in-picture not working all of a sudden? And you need to know how to solve it as soon as possible. If so, continue reading and learn how to fix it.

The “YouTube picture-in-picture not working” issue might trigger because of gesture controls and/or geographic restrictions. In addition to that, the same issue can trigger due to some third-party launchers you might have installed.

Also, some users say that their “Picture-in-picture” feature is working with some feature restrictions.

For instance, the YouTube app has no controls to adjust audio and pause videos. They also experience a picture-in-picture feature without the settings option in certain cases.

For those who don’t know what “picture-in-picture” is, it is a feature available on YouTube Red. Also, it is available in some regions (such as the USA).

So, if your YouTube picture-in-picture is not working, check if you fall into those categories. In addition to that, this feature might not work on some video categories.

Solutions to Try if YouTube Picture-in-Picture is Not Working

Do you have a YouTube premium account and live in a region where picture-in-picture mode is allowed? If so, the picture-in-picture feature should work properly on your device.

But the solutions below are handy if YouTube picture-in-picture is not working even if you fulfill those requirements.

PS: if you are experiencing issues like YouTube not working on iPhone, here are the top solutions.

Fix 01: Restart the Phone

Sometimes, YouTube picture-in-picture is not working due to a small system error. It can be fixed with a simple restart.

  • Press the device’s power button and hold it to see the power menu.
  • Tap on “Power Off.”
  • Once the device is turned off, power it on again.
  • Check if the function is working.

Fix 02: Use Your Device’s Settings to Enable the Picture-in-picture Feature

If the previous solution doesn’t work, you should check the device’s settings and correct them.

The respective feature should be enabled in your device’s settings apart from YouTube’s. So, if the feature is disabled, enable it manually to see if it works.

  • Launch the Settings app and then go to Application Manager or Apps.
Advanced settings under Apps & notifications
  • Please tap the “More” option and open “Configure Apps.”
  • Now, please tap on the option called “Special Access” and tap on Picture-in-Picture.
Picture-in-Picture feature under Special Access
  • After that, you should enable the toggle button next to picture-in-picture for YouTube.
enable the Picture-in-Picture feature
  • Then, launch the YouTube app. And tap on User Profile as well.
  • Go to Settings and choose General.
  • Now, toggle the switch to enable picture-in-picture.
Use android device's settings to enable Picture-in-Picture feature
  • Otherwise, you can let the video play and swipe down to see the notifications tray.
  • Finally, tap on the Settings option to check if the picture-in-picture is not working.

Fix 03: Use a Different YouTube Account

If something is wrong with your YouTube account, the YouTube picture-in-picture option might not work.

In that case, you can try a different YouTube account to see how it works.

  • Open the YouTube app and tap on the “User Profile option.”
  • Click “Switch Account” and tap on a different account.
Use a different YouTube account
  • Open the YouTube app again to see if it works.

Fix 04: Change Screen Orientation and Play the Video

By default, the picture-in-picture mode works in landscape mode only. If you try using it in portrait mode, that will not work.

So, switch to landscape mode to see if it solves the issue.

  • Launch YouTube and play any video.
  • Let the video be played in portrait mode, and press the “Home” button.
  • Then, check if the picture-in-picture mode is working.

Fix 05: Deactivate the Gestures Controls

If you have enabled the gesture controls, the Home Button disappears. However, the Home Button must use the picture-in-picture mode on YouTube.

So, you should disable the gestures to fix the issue.

  • First, you should launch the device’s “Settings” and go to “System.”
  • Go to Gestures and tap on the “System Navigation” option.
Deactivate the Gestures Controls
  • Activate 3-button/2-button navigation and see if the issue is fixed.
Deactivate the Gestures Controls
  • If the issue persists, play the video and tap on the bottom right corner. See if the picture-in-picture screen is shown now.
  • Otherwise, play the video again and repeatedly tap the back button. If you can see the picture-in-picture screen, the issue is fixed now.

Fix 06: Change the Location of the Settings on YouTube

As the next solution, you can try changing the country. You should set the location to a region where the picture-in-picture feature is supported.

  • Go to the YouTube app and tap on your user profile.
  • Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Location.”
Change the location of the settings of YouTube
  • Tap on the list of countries and choose a country where the picture-in-picture feature is available.
  • Restart the device and check if the YouTube picture-in-picture is not working yet.
  • If it doesn’t work, try using a VPN to change the country.

Fix 07: Use the Stock Launcher of the Device

If you are using a third-party launcher, that can cause some issues with various features. The most recent versions of Android put some restrictions on third-party launchers.

So, it is always better to switch back to the stock launcher and check if it works.

  • First, you should open “Settings” and go to “Apps” or “Applications Manager” on the device.
  • Then, go to the “More” button and tap on the option “Configure Apps.”
  • You should tap on the “Home” app in the default section. After that, go to “Stock Launcher.”
Use the Stock Launcher of the device
  • Restart the device now, and you will be able to see the issue is fixed. However, if the YouTube picture-in-picture is still not working, you should try the next solution.

Fix 08: Update Your YouTube App

If none of the solutions have worked for you, you should update the YouTube app. In many cases, outdated YouTube apps can end up experiencing various bugs.

So, updating your YouTube app to the latest version is best.

Mentioned below are the steps to be taken to update your YouTube app.

  • First, you should open Google Play Store. Then, open the menu simply by tapping on the icon that appears like a hamburger.
  • Now, launch the option called “My Apps & Games.” Then, tap on “Installed.”
  • You should now tap on “YouTube” and tap on the option called “Update.”
Update your YouTube app
  • After that, please check if the “YouTube picture-in-picture not working” issue is solved.
  • If the problem persists, play the video and choose the split-screen option with another app.
  • After that, you can put YouTube on full screen and see if it operates as usual.

Fix 09: Clear YouTube’s Cache

Like any other app, YouTube also uses the cache to boost the speed and offer better functionality.

However, if the cache is corrupt, you will end up experiencing some issues with the YouTube app. If that’s the case, you can overcome it simply by clearing the app’s cache.

  • First, exit your YouTube app and open the “Settings” of the device.
  • Then, go to “Application Manager” or “Apps.” Select “YouTube.”
  • You can tap the “Force Stop” option and confirm the action.
  • Tap on “Storage” and hit “Clear Cache.”
Force Stop YouTube App
  • Now, relaunch YouTube and see if it works.
  • If it doesn’t work, repeat the above steps to “Storage” and choose “Clear Data.”
Clear YouTube's Cache
  • Then, confirm the action. If prompted, enter the username and password.
  • Check if the app is working perfectly.
  • If it doesn’t work, play a YouTube video and hit “Share.” Don’t share the video. Instead, revert to the video and see if the YouTube picture-in-picture is not working.

Fix 10: Wipe Your Device’s Cache Partition

Android smartphones come with a cache partition to support the device’s functionality. It can speed up the user experience and make the device perform smoothly and faster.

However, cache partition can corrupt due to some reason or another. If you experience this issue, wipe the cache partition out to solve it.

Once you have done that, the issue should be fixed, and you can play YouTube with all the features.

Fix 11: Browse YouTube Through Chrome Browser

If none of the above fixes have worked, your phone might not be compatible with the YouTube app. If that’s the case, you can opt to use the Chrome browser on the same device.

  • First, enable the “Picture-in-picture” in the device’s settings for the Chrome browser. We explained this process in “Fix 02”.
  • Now, you should launch Chrome on the device. Now, in the search bar, search for the app “YouTube.”
  • Locate the icon that has three vertical ellipses, which are in the top right corner. After that, you should tick the box that represents “Desktop Site.”
  • Press and hold on to the “YouTube” option that appears with the results. After that, tap on the option “Open in New Tab.”
Browse YouTube through Chrome Browser
  • You can then switch to the new tab on which YouTube is already opened. If the tab has a mobile site, open the Desktop Site instead.
  • Play a video on YouTube now and see if the issue is gone.


Q1: Why is YouTube Picture-in-Picture not working on my device?

A1: There can be several reasons why YouTube’s Picture-in-Picture is not working, including outdated app versions, device incompatibility, software conflicts, or app-specific issues. The troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article can help you identify and resolve the problem.

Q2: I’ve enabled Picture-in-Picture, but it’s still not working. What should I do?

A2: If Picture-in-Picture is enabled, but not functioning correctly, try clearing the YouTube app’s cache and data, disabling battery optimization for the app, or updating/reinstalling the app. These steps can often resolve issues related to PiP functionality.

Q3: Can I use Picture-in-Picture on any device?

A3: Picture-in-Picture functionality may vary depending on the device’s hardware capabilities and software compatibility. Not all devices support PiP. Ensure your device meets the requirements for using this feature.

Q4: Will resetting app preferences delete my personal data?

A4: No, resetting app preferences will not delete your personal data. It only resets various settings for system apps to their defaults. Your personal data and files will remain intact.

Q5: Should I perform a factory reset if none of the other steps work?

A5: A factory reset should be considered as a last resort when all other troubleshooting options have been exhausted. Performing a factory reset will erase all data and settings on your device. Make sure to back up your important data before proceeding.


YouTube’s Picture-in-Picture feature provides a convenient way to multitask while enjoying your favorite videos. If you encounter any issues with Picture-in-Picture not working, the troubleshooting steps provided in this article can help you resolve the problem.

Remember to keep your YouTube app updated, check for device compatibility, and try the various troubleshooting methods outlined here. By following these steps, you should be able to fix the Picture-in-Picture not working problem and resume enjoying seamless multitasking on YouTube.


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