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StubHub Seller Fees, Refund, and Other Things You Should Know


Written by Janice

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StubHub sells tickets

What if you have a ticket (or tickets) to an event but don’t need them?

For instance, say that you got a ticket to an event, but you don’t or can’t attend. What are you going to do with it (or them)?

As long as you don’t want to gift it, the best solution would be to sell it. How to sell? That is when StubHub comes to play. So, let’s learn StubHub sells tickets (monetizes unwanted tickets), StubHub refunds, and other important information about the process.

The best thing about StubHub seller fees is that they DON’T CHARGE A SELLER FEE! However, they take a commission off the sale you make. After all, they need a way to earn money, and the commission, as mentioned earlier, is the way that they make money.

Part 1: StubHub Sell Tickets: The Process

In this article section, let’s learn how to sell tickets on the StubHub platform.

01. As the first step, you should create a StubHub account if you don’t have one yet. Then, you should log into the account.

02. After logging into the account, you can start the process only by clicking on the Sell Tickets option. This is located under the Menu, which is found at the top.

StubHub Sell Tickets

03. You will now see a box that comes with the label “Search for Events.” Click on this option and then enter the name of the respective event. You can also enter band (or musician), team, comedian, or other information depending on the ticket you have.

Then, click on the magnifying glass icon. If not, you will see some suggestions appear on the drop-down; just select one.

Search for Events on StubHub

04. You should know that you can sell event tickets, parking passes (if available), or both varieties. Just select the appropriate tab based on your choice.

Click on the checkboxes next to the events you intend to sell tickets to. After selecting all the events (for which you intend to sell tickets), click on the option “Start Listing.”

Start Listing on StubHub

05. You can list the tickets directly after scanning the barcodes of the tickets, and that’s how they validate. To make this happen, you should click on the option “Enter barcode.”

Then, type the barcode number related to each ticket that will be sold. After this step, you will have to click on the right arrow located at the bottom of the screen (on the meter).

Enter barcode
click on the right arrow

06. You can now input the seating details as well for each ticket you intend to sell. Click on each field and enter the details accordingly (quantity, section, row, and seats). You should then click on the right arrow at the screen’s bottom (on the meter). This will take you to the next page.

Enter your ticket info

07. At this stage, you should choose the allotments to sell the tickets in your hand. In addition to that, you can also list down any other features related to these tickets.

  • If you have only one ticket to sell, just select any allotments.
  • If you have a number of tickets to sell, choose an allotment size depending on the requirement. You can type in a number after clicking on the box next to the option.
  • If not, you can simply select all at once so all the tickets will be sold at once.

Some of the options might not be enabled to select depending on the number of tickets you sell.

You can tick the checkboxes so you can list the features of the tickets. Such an approach helps buyers to find the tickets conveniently based on the listed features. For instance, they can select the tickets based on whether they are aisle seats or private boxes.

At the completion of entering these details, you should move on to the next page by clicking on the right arrow.

Choose a split on StubHub

As the final step, you should add the other information about all the tickets you intend to sell. Such information could be handy when buyers want to make a decision based on information like venue, accessibility, etc.

Then, click on the Disclosures or Comments tab. Then, click on the checkboxes next to the applicable elements.

Disclosures or Comments tab

However, if there is no further information to disclose related to the tickets you sell, click on None. This option is located right at the bottom of the table. You should note that there will be extra fees applied if you try to misrepresent the tickets purposely.

Adding false information or failing to disclose essential information are considered to be malpractices in StubHub. Such malpractice can end up causing the cancellation of the sale.

Well, when you are done, just click on the right arrow (with which you are already familiar).

08. Now, as the next step, you should click on the box that comes under the name “Set Your Price.” Then, enter the price you wish to charge on each ticket. In other words, this would be the price you intend to sell the respective tickets.

Under the option called “Pricing Info,” you should see the way other individuals have applied prices for tickets. If you click on the option Help Me Price, you will see a separate Popup window. Also, you will see detailed information about the aspects like location and pricing of the other tickets listed.

Set Your Price

After setting the prices for the tickets, you will be able to see how much you get. The amount you get will be calculated by deducting StubHub’s commission (StubHub seller fees) from your ticket price. Now, you should click on the right arrow to continue the process.

09. When it comes to getting paid, there are three options to consider. That means you can decide which way you get paid after selling the tickets. Those who have PayPal accounts can click on the button called “Pay Me by PayPal.”

You can then click on the box next to it. Then, you should enter your email address linked to the PayPal account.

However, you can click on the “Send a Check” option if you don’t have a PayPal account. Then, you can click on the menu next to it. Then, you will be able to check out either yourself or your company.

You should then click on Add Details option. Enter your name (first and last), company name (if applicable), address, and other respective information requested. After that, you will see the option “Done.”

How should we pay you

In addition to that, if necessary, you can donate the earnings that you make after selling the StubHub tickets. You can do this by clicking on the Donation button. Then, click on the drop-down menu and define to which charity you donate the earnings.

In fact, StubHub is partnered with several charity services, so you can select one of those organizations to donate to.

You will also have to enter the billing information during this process. If there is an issue related to the sale, StubHub requires a way to manage the situation. That is why they require your billing information.

To add that billing information, you should click on the + icon. You can then click on the pencil icon in order to edit the billing profile which is already selected.

If not, you will be able to click on the drop-down menu and go to a different billing address. This is available if you have already added more than one billing profile.

After defining the required options, you will be able to click on that right arrow once again. Then, you can move to the next level.

10. To complete the process, StubHub will display the details for reviewing purposes. Details of the tickets you intend to sell (which you have already listed) will be displayed.

This information comprises details like the number of charges (StubHub seller fees), mode of payment, etc. If you need to edit any of this information, you should click on the pencil icon next to each field.

sell tickets on stubhub

In addition to that, StubHub will display other information related to StubHub selling tickets. That means it will show when the listing expires on the platform.

You can see the date after clicking on the date box. You will see a different window as a popup. Just click on a different date if required so that the expiration will take place on that respective date.

To change any information you have already entered, you should click on the left arrow (on the meter). You already know that this option is found at the bottom of the page. Well, if you are satisfied with the information you have already provided, you should click on “List Tickets.”

If the tickets you have listed were sold, you would be able to get a notification through an email. This email will also comprise information such as how to get the tickets to the buyer.

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Part 2: What You Should Know about StubHub Seller Fees (Commission)

In simplest terms, StubHub allows sellers to list their tickets without paying anything by hand. This is contrary to the buyer fees implemented by StubHub.

StubHub offers a solid 15% fee on each ticket if it is sold. Well, if you sell tickets and intend to reduce the smaller amount fee, you should sell bulk tickets.

StubHub Buyer Fees

If you are a seller, you are not eligible for any discounts or exclusive coupons. You cannot expect to reduce the commissions deducted from your selling price. So, once again, you should sell tickets in bulk to reduce what they charge you.

As a matter of fact, StubHub acts as if they’re the sole platform that helps you resell tickets online. They take advantage of the situation by promoting themselves as the only ticket reseller. You can expect a commission rate as low as 10% if you can sell tickets in larger quantities.

However, the rate they charge depends on the number of tickets you sell. To enjoy some substantial benefit in terms of reduced commission, you will have to sell a massive number of tickets.

If you are a random seller who sells a couple of additional tickets, don’t expect substantial benefits. Go on with the StubHub refund part.

Part 3: Everything about StubHub Refund

In fact, a platform like StubHub works in a pretty trickier manner. They mainly prefer dealing with random and individual ticket resellers. They don’t tolerate professional ticket brokers dealing with them. And, by now, you know the reason (the commission calculation).

One good thing about StubHub is that they guarantee the ticket is sent to the buyer on time. However, what happens if the buyer doesn’t get the tickets? In such a scenario, StubHub will search for better deals for the same event. If that option doesn’t work, you can expect a StubHub refund. They actually offer a full refund.

If the respective buyer cannot agree to the terms (better or equal value), StubHub will take a decision. This decision might be whether or not to offer a refund to the seller. If not, they can consider offering another set of seats to the buyer.

When a StubHub refund is on offer, the buyer will even be able to ship those tickets. The shipping involves only if the tickets are hard copies.

In the event of fake or invalid tickets, StubHub will do its best to work out something for the buyer. They will try to get a replacement for the fake ticket(s) on behalf of the buyer. If that is not working either, the buyer will be given a total refund.

If the respective event is canceled due to any reason, the buyer can get a full refund. Nevertheless, things are different if the event is postponed. If the buyer cannot attend the same event on a different date, they advise buyers to resell tickets. That is on StubHub itself.

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1. Are StubHub seller fees refundable? No, StubHub seller fees are non-refundable even if a refund is issued to the buyer.

2. Can I negotiate the seller fees on StubHub? StubHub seller fees are not negotiable as they are set by the platform to maintain fairness and cover operational costs.

3. How often does StubHub update its fee structure? StubHub may update its fee structure periodically to align with market conditions and ensure a competitive marketplace.

4. Can I change the delivery method after listing my tickets? In most cases, you cannot change the delivery method once tickets are listed. It’s crucial to select the appropriate delivery method during the initial listing process.

5. Are there alternative platforms with lower seller fees? While there are alternative ticket-selling platforms, it’s essential to compare their fee structures, user base, and reputation before deciding on the most suitable platform for your ticket sales.


Well, those are the details we wanted to cover about StubHub selling tickets, StubHub seller fees, and StubHub refunds. We hope you’d find this information to be useful if you intend to resell tickets on StubHub.



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