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How to Stop Spinning Wheel on Mac Easily


Written by Jack Lin

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stop spinning wheel on Mac

It is quite annoying to stare at a colorful ball on your screen, and so, it is obvious that you are looking for ways to stop the spinning wheel on your Mac.

In this situation, you feel stuck while the target tool or application continues to load. It leads to a waste of time and may insist you turn off your system during a significant activity.

If your system shows up a rainbow ball while you try running a program, it is going through a spinning wheel. The wheel is awaiting cursor actually, which shows that the computer has slowed down.

There is nothing to worry about as we are going to discuss some of the major methods on how to stop the spinning wheel on Mac hassle-free. So, let’s get started!

stop spinning wheel on Mac

Part 1: Reasons Why the Spinning Wheel Shows Up

Before moving further, it is better to know the reasons why the spinning wheel shows up on your system and how it affects your Mac.

When your computer does have much space on the RAM, the system cannot support various applications that you may require to run simultaneously.

This is the main cause of the spinning wheel on Mac because your processor cannot run the target programs until you close others.

Usually, there are two primary causes of spinning wheels on Mac:

Situation 1: Applications Freeze on Reopening Them

So, what happens is that users open a specific application, and it does not work. The application freezes without any reason.

In this case, you are forced to quit the tasks or restart them till it normalizes. So, whenever users relaunch that application, they see a colorful spinning wheel.

Almost all Mac users have faced the case of the rainbow wheel since many heavy programs trigger this issue.

At the same time, fixing this issue is a bit easier as you are aware of the culprit. To stop spinning wheel on Mac, try the solutions listed below.

Situation 2: Mac Itself Turns Non-Responsive

In this situation, your entire system freezes rather than just some applications, which is quite an alarming situation.

The Mac turns non-responsive, and then, users need to shut it down or force reboot until it starts working again. However, Mac usually takes longer to recover from this situation as the main culprit is not known.

Usually, there could be the following main reasons why the spinning wheel turns up:

● Overworked Processor

This can be the main reason why your Mac stops responding at all. It happens why you try running different tools simultaneously. This pressurizes the processor of the Mac and decreases the speed.

If your system works for lengthy works without any breaks, the processor may heat up and stop responding at all.

● Low Disk Space

Another reason can be low disk space. When you download large files and applications, there is no space left for history or system cache. This triggers a spinning wheel on Mac. You can resolve this issue by deleting some files on your Mac.

● No Free Space on the Startup Disk

When your Mac has several startup applications, it decreases its speed. Thus, after a while, you come across a spinning wheel on Mac.

PS: If you wonder how to defrag your Mac, here are the top solutions for you.

Part 2: Amazing Fixes to Stop Spinning Wheel on Mac

So, no matter which situation you are facing, go through the following instructions to stop the spinning wheel on your Mac. Let’s have a glance at the fixes below!

Method 1: Try Force Quit to close the Unresponsive Program

If you come across the spinning wheel on your Mac after opening a particular application, it is best to quit.

However, it is not possible to close this unresponsive application in a typical way. That’s why you have to use the force quit method to stop the spinning wheel on Mac.

#1: Tap on the Apple icon present at the top left corner of your Mac.

#2: From the given menu, you have to select the option ‘Force Quit.’

#3: While doing so, you have to stop running the unresponsive application.

#4: After closing the application, examine whether the issue appears again if you launch that application. If not, then you are all set to go!

Try force quit for closing the unresponsive program

Method 2: Stop Spinning Wheel on Mac by Restarting the System

If the above method does not work, then you should try restarting your system to stop the spinning wheel on your Mac. If the target application does not leave your taskbar, then start your system again, as this will prevent all the opened tabs.

However, you have to keep in mind that you will not save ongoing tasks when you start your system again.

Stop spinning wheel on Mac by restarting the system

Method 3: Try Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Application That Keeps Freezing

If both of the above solutions cannot stop the spinning wheel on Mac, then you can try uninstalling, deleting, or reinstalling the unresponsive applications. This will help to free up space on your drive as you begin afresh.

However, some applications leave behind lots of memory threads on the computer, which can result in several problems later on.

To get rid of the issue, users can go with CleanMyMac for uninstalling the applications. This best Mac cleaner program is the perfect solution to quickly uninstall unresponsive, unwanted applications.

CleanMyMac can uninstall applications completely, along with all the files linked to them. Thus, you don’t have to deal with the remaining traces of such applications.

Method 4: Stop Spinning Wheel on Mac with Disk Utility

Also, Disk permission could even result in the rainbow spinning wheel issue by reducing your system’s speed.

If you are still facing the issue after deleting and reinstalling does not fix the problem, you can employ Disk Utility.

To stop the spinning wheel on Mac, follow the instructions listed below.

#1: Please open the ‘Finder‘ option on your Mac. Then, choose ‘Applications‘ from the menu.

#2: Now, you have to tap on the option ‘Disk Utility.’ Then, open the primary hard drive.

#3: Check if there is any permission that has to be given. If any, fix that permission and return it to your home screen.

This may help you in fixing the spinning wheel on your Mac.

Stop spinning wheel on Mac with Disk Utility

Method 5: Fix the Issue by Rebuilding the Spotlight Index

On Mac, Spotlight is an amazing tool. You can employ this wonderful tool for opening an application if you have no clue where to find it. The tool features a database, which gets updated continually.

If the Spotlight is completely blocked, then it forces the system to compromise with the speed and, thus, show a spinning wheel while performing a task.

So, if the spinning wheel shows up on the Mac, rebuild the Spotlight index to fix the issue. Here’s how you can stop the spinning wheel on Mac.

#1: First, you have to open the ‘System Preferences‘ tab from the home interface.

#2: Then please tap on the option ‘Spotlight‘ and next, choose the section ‘Privacy.’

#3: Now, you need to drag the disk or folder that you like to the Spotlight index again into the main window. Once selected, press ‘OK.’

#4: Next, choose the disk or folder you added. Then, tap on the ‘‘ tab to remove that disk or folder from the listed options. Now, check if you have successfully gotten rid of the spinning wheel.

Fix the issue by rebuilding the Spotlight Index

So, these are some of the common ways to stop the spinning wheel on Mac. However, these methods are not completely effective. Even after trying them, you can still come across the spinning wheel issue again in the future.

That’s why it is best to use an effective method to get rid of this issue. Learn about this reliable method in the following section.

Part 3: The Most Reliable Method to Stop Spinning Wheel on Mac

If you are looking for an effective method to deal with the spinning wheel issue, then free up space on your Mac.

As mentioned above, if you are running low on disk space and RAM, then this could be the primary reason why the spinning wheel issue comes up.

In that case, you have to free up some space on your system to stop the spinning wheel on Mac. If you need to clean junk files and save time, then it is recommended to use a professional tool like CleanMyMac.

The tool is designed to free up ample space and get rid of the problematic files on your system altogether.

CleanMyMac SmartScan

Key Features of CleanMyMac:

  • CleanMyMac cleans up more than 40 types of junk files.
  • It features two cleaning options: Deep Clean and Quick Clean.
  • This tool removes duplicate files that exist on your system.
  • It lets you uninstall extensions and unused applications individually or in bulk.
  • It speeds up the system like a fresh one.

So, these are some amazing ways to stop the spinning wheel on Mac. All of these methods resolve the issue effectively. To eliminate the issue for one and all, you need to find the reason why it happens in the first place.

The most common reason is not having sufficient space in the system. In that case, you have to delete unresponsive applications and all the junk files linked to them.

To free up space on the computer, users can check CleanMyMac. With this tool, you can delete all junk files hassle-free. So, download this application now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What causes the spinning wheel on Mac?

A variety of factors can cause the spinning wheel. These include software glitches, insufficient RAM, an outdated system, or a nearly full hard drive.

2. How can I prevent the spinning wheel on my Mac?

Regularly update your software, manage your disk space, close unnecessary applications, and avoid overloading your RAM to prevent the spinning wheel.

3. Is it harmful to force quit applications on my Mac?

While force quitting an application can stop the spinning wheel, it’s not a solution you should frequently resort to. Regular use can lead to data loss or corrupt files.

4. Can outdated software cause the spinning wheel?

Yes, outdated software can cause compatibility issues, which might lead to the spinning wheel.

5. What should I do if none of the solutions work?

If none of the above solutions work, consider reaching out to Apple Support or visiting an Apple Store. There might be underlying hardware issues that need professional attention.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The spinning wheel on your Mac can be frustrating, but the solutions above should help you tackle it effectively.

Regular maintenance, updating your software, managing your hard drive space, and keeping an eye on your running applications can all help prevent the wheel from appearing in the first place. Remember, your Mac is a powerful tool, but it also requires careful handling.


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