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SNES Fighting Games

Are you a fan of SNES fighting games? If yes, you are reading the correct article as this discusses the best SNES fighting games. So, go ahead and check how many of these games you have already played.

What Are SNES Fighting Games?

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you already know what SNES means. For those who don’t know, SNES is the abbreviation for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is also called Super Nintendo or Super NES. Basically, it is a 16-bit console that is used to play home video games.

This console was introduced by Nintendo. The initial release of this gaming console took place back in 1990. That was for Japan and South Korea. In 1991, it became available in North America. Europe and Oceania were able to experience this console in 1992. And, this console was officially released for the South American region back in 1993.

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List of SNES Fighting Games 

There is no shortage of SNES fighting games. In fact, the Super Nintendo console was very popular because of the massive number of fighting titles. Some of those games didn’t become popular, but there are some awesome games that became hits.

Fighting games are surely among the most popular genres that are played on SNES. Because of their popularity, a large range of experimental games was introduced. Those games became incredibly popular, and they helped the concept of fighting games to become iconic.

With that said, we have prepared a list of the best SNES fighting games for you. If you are interested in these types of games, this list will be handy for you. So, keep reading and pick a game for you.

01. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition

SNES Fighting Games – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition

In this edition of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game, you will have to fight as a Zord. That is, instead of fighting as a Ranger. There are plenty of large mechs in this game as city buildings. You can either choose to go with the Thunder Megazord or the Mega Tigerzord found in the Story Mode. During the gameplay, you will have to fight Ivan Ooze as well. He is the main antagonist who lives in the movie, and he is so broken. All in all, this is considered to be one of the best SNES fighting games.

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02. Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct

This game was developed by Rare. It uses some pre-rendered graphics that became popular with the game called Donkey Kong Country. In fact, Donkey Kong was too developed by the same company. Killer Instinct focuses majorly on building massive combos that have characters with outlandish features. There are finishing moves that let you play some of the moves from Mortal Combat. However, some of those moves are brutal, and some of them are pretty ridiculous to any gamer.

03. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters

SNES Fighting Games – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters

It is true that there are many individuals who know of the beat-them-up game version of Turtles. However, only a few players are interested in the one-on-one fight version of the same game. This game is one of those not-so-popular games for you. Well, when it comes to fighting, you have two options. You can either fight as one of the Ninja Turtles or one of the foes. The game is based more on comics instead of television shows.

The battle of this gameplay happens in a very familiar setting for any gamer. Each of those characters should be controlled differently using those specials each of them owns. In addition to that, this game is released for consoles like Nintendo Entertainment Systems (SNES) and Saga Genesis. However, both of those releases come with some different characteristics compared to the Super Nintendo version.

04. Sailor Moon S

Sailor Moon S

It is true that there were plenty of anime games introduced to the West during the 90s. However, only a few of those series became successful due to various reasons. Pokemon and Sailor Moon, to be frank, are among those popular games for sure. The Sailor Scouts became incredibly popular in the West. In fact, they became more popular than their country of origin as well, which is quite an interesting fact. That became available with nine SNES games that are exclusive.

Sailor Moon S falls into the genre of 1-on-1 fighter. As per the gameplay of Sailor Moon S, you will play as one of those Sailor Scouts. Each of those Sailor Scouts comes with different statistics as well as unique individual moves. However, this game has significantly broken characteristics and various mechanics to make it a more unbalanced game. Interestingly, in some cases, blocking can be more harmful compared to attacking.

05. Mortal Kombat 3

SNES Fighting Games – Mortal Kombat 3

Mortal Kombat 3 is considered to be one of the iconic SNES fighting games due to several reasons. In fact, it is the series that brought various characters to this type of game. Kabal, Sektor, and Cyrax are only a few of those characters. In addition to that, this game comprises a run button too. That can be used to close the distances between you and the opponent and continue attacking. On top of that, there are several chain combos to be used multiple times.

06. Street Fighter: Alpha 2

Street Fighter: Alpha 2

Well, we should mention that Street Fighter: Alpha 2’s Nintendo Port comes with very limited features. Also, this game is not impressively polished as the counterpart game played in arcade mode. In Street Fighter: Alpha 2, you will see plenty of new characters compared to Street Fighter II. Some of those new characters are enemies, and the others are playable characters in their Final Fight series. This game comes with a theme that is inspired through their anime series to the delight of anime lovers.

07. Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension

SNES Fighting Games – Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension

You may already know that there are various Dragon Ball Z fighting games released for the SNES gaming console. However, most players know Super Butoden Trilogy only. Surprisingly, they tend to ignore Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension due to some reason or another.

This game has visually appealing characteristics compared to other games of the Dragon Ball series. Also, Hyper Dimension comes with a longer storyline. That is focused more on the Dragon Ball Z story. It starts from the Frieza saga and runs all the way up to the Buu saga.

Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension was initially released in 1996. It was released for the Nintendo. Because of the same reason, Hyper Dimension comes as a graphical showcase for the console. It has very impressive animations with excellent detailing. Also, the background of the game is very impressive too. The Frieza’s transformation and its pre-fight is a very good value addition to this game.

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08. Gundam Wing Endless Duel

Gundam Wing Endless Duel

One of the most noticeable characteristics associated with Gundam Wing Endless Duel is its excellent mechanics. It allows you to play with a one-on-one approach as well. This specific entry is considered to be one of the best SNES fighting games for several reasons. However, this game is limited to Japan only. Moreover, it is among the best 16-bit SNES fighting games that receive hardly any attention from gamers.

In this game, you will find plenty of colorful sprites that fills almost the entire screen. Also, it has fast action and a little amount of slowdown.  

When you battle as per the gameplay, you will see massive mechanics in the game. You will start to see that you are up against the massive robots in the game. That is specifically because of the camera-shaking effects as well as the perfect sound designs.

09. Justice League Task Force

SNES Fighting Games – Justice League Task Force

This game was introduced to you by Sunsoft and Blizzard. If you remember, this is the same company that developed popular games such as Diablo. It also developed games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch.

With that said, Justice League Task Force is considered to be a Super Nintendo version of the game Injustice. That is because it allows you to play in the form of different members of the Justice League. For instance, you can play Wonder Woman, Super Man, etc. If not, you can even play as a villain (like Desparo or Dark Seid). So, the variety, uniqueness, and aesthetic values are amazing.

Every single battle in this game takes place in a different type of setting. These settings are the ones you have seen in various comic books like Gotham City, Metropolis, and so forth. In addition to that, it has a story mode so you can enjoy a personalized intro for each character.

10. Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II

This game is known specifically for the tight gameplay it has. On top of that, it has a very large collection of characters. Those characters come with vastly different characteristics. They also come with many different iterations, which are much better than the first game.


1. Can I play SNES games on modern consoles? Yes, there are various ways to play SNES games on modern consoles. You can use emulators, virtual console services, or purchase SNES Classic Edition, a dedicated mini-console that comes preloaded with SNES games.

2. Are SNES games still worth playing today? Absolutely! Despite the advancements in graphics and technology, SNES games have a timeless appeal. Their gameplay, artistry, and captivating narratives continue to captivate players of all generations.

3. Can I connect my original SNES console to a modern TV? Yes, it is possible to connect an original SNES console to a modern TV. You may need an adapter or converter to ensure compatibility with modern display technology.

4. Are these games suitable for multiplayer? Many SNES fighting games offer multiplayer modes, allowing you to compete against or team up with friends. Check the game’s instructions or options menu to determine if multiplayer is supported.

5. Where can I find these games? You can find SNES games on various platforms, including online marketplaces, retro gaming stores, and virtual console services provided by console manufacturers.


So, those are the best SNES fighting games we listed down for your reference. Do you know any other games worth mentioning in this list? If so, please let us know so we can include them.


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