Samsung Smart Switch Stuck at 99? Let’s Fix It With Ease


Written by Jack Lin

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Samsung Smart Switch Stuck

If your Samsung Smart Switch is stuck, you cannot necessarily use it for the intended purpose.

Samsung introduces Smart Switch for users who want to switch from one device to another.

Many users claim that their Smart Switch feature gets stuck quite often. Some even say that they see Smart Switch stuck at 99.

This article explains how to fix it and a better alternative to Smart Switch.

Samsung Smart Switch Stuck: Possible Reasons Behind It

Before we learn how to fix the issue, it is better to learn its possible causes. There is no single reason behind this issue. In other words, there can be several reasons for the Samsung Smart Switch feature to get stuck.

When the Smart Switch App gets stuck, the screen may often display a progress bar with a certain percentage. The percentage value doesn’t change and will remain unchanged for a long time.

Also, some users may even see an error message. This message can read, “Samsung Smart Switch not enough space.”

Samsung Smart Switch stuck: possible reasons behind it

That said, mentioned below are some reasons for Samsung Smart Switch being stuck.

  • The Samsung Smart Switch app is not installed on your device properly.
  • One of the two devices doesn’t have enough adequate amount of space to complete the transfer.
  • You are using a pretty weak Wi-Fi connection.
  • One of those devices is infected with malware.

In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, there can be plenty of other reasons. In this article, let’s explain how to solve this without bothering you too much.

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Solutions to Try If Smart Switch Stuck at 99

You can use the simple solutions below to overcome this issue and use the feature normally.

Method 01: Perform the Basic Checks if Samsung Smart Switch Stuck

Let’s get started with the basics. Let’s check some basic aspects associated with the process.

● Check if the Device is Charged Properly

You must know that your devices should be charged at least 50% before starting the process. Some of the processes in your device will start when the battery has at least 50% of the power. This is to prevent potential intermittent termination due to a draining battery.

Check if the device is charged properly

● Check if the Devices Are Updated to the Latest Software Versions

Be sure to check if the software on your phone is updated to the latest available version. However, if you cannot update your device’s software due to a lack of storage, check Method 02.

Check if the devices are updated to the latest software versions

● Perform a Reinstallation

You should try reinstalling the app and see if it works. Users often experience this issue due to an outdated app version or a bad installation.

Perform a reinstallation

● Check If Your Wi-Fi Connection is Working Fine

Check if your Wi-Fi connection works stably. If your Wi-Fi connection is poor or there is no data available, you can end up experiencing this error.

Check if your Wi-Fi connection is working fine to Fix Samsung smart switch stuck
  • If that’s not the issue, you should transfer one data type simultaneously. The entire process might be halted in certain cases due to a corrupted or missing file type.
  • You should check the USB data transfer cable as well as the USB ports. If those physical components are blocked, damaged, or dusty, data transfer might not be completed successfully. Also, use original cables when you need to establish a connection.
Perform the basic checks if Samsung Smart Switch stuck
  • If none of the above options have worked for you, perform a reboot on the device. Rebooting can solve many minor issues associated with your device’s OS.
reboot on the device
  • You should also run a malware scan if it doesn’t work yet. That is because Samsung Smart Switch can also happen due to a malware attack. Anyway, performing a malware scan is good for the overall safety of the device.

Method 02: Check if the Devices Have Enough Space

Have you tried the abovementioned methods, and is your Samsung Smart Switch still stuck? If that’s the case, you should check if both devices have enough space.

You should clear its cache even if you are switching to a new Samsung device. Even if the method might differ from one Samsung model to another, here’s a general guideline.

  • Go to the “Settings” app on the device.
  • Then, locate “Storage” and choose “Clean Now.”
Check if the devices have enough space to Fix Samsung smart switch stuck

This option will allow you to clear the cache from the applications installed on your phone. It also clears the system cache. It is not necessary to worry about any data loss. That is because these steps only delete temporary data on the device but not the files.

If you are yet to succeed, even with the methods above, you can try removing some of the files. Also, you can uninstall unnecessary applications and get free space on the device to proceed.

Generally, leaving at least 500MB (the more, the better) on the device is highly recommended. Such a practice will make your devices run smoother. The temporary files created during the process will require that space to complete the transfer smoothly.

What is the Best Alternative to Samsung Smart Switch?

As you might already know, Samsung Smart Switch is associated with issues now and then. So, a large number of users are searching for alternatives to this default tool.

Luckily, there are powerful tools to do the job better, and this section explains them. We intend to reveal the two best data-transferring tools in the market.


This powerful tool can transfer data effectively from one device to another. Since Smart Switch encounters several issues, many users are looking for an alternative to it.

MobileTrans is an excellent alternative that lets you transfer all the data effectively and safely.

The interface of this software is friendly to any user, so you can use it without any complications. This tool is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

Moreover, it lets you transfer files directly from one phone to another. You can use this tool no matter what device you use.

Features of MobileTrans

  • It is developed to be compatible with over 6,000 devices regardless of the OS.
  • Allows cross-platform data transferring.
  • Supports all the major data types, including videos, contacts, photos, audio, messages, call history, etc.
  • Thanks to this tool’s user-friendly interface, you can transfer data within 3 minutes.
  • It doesn’t cause any quality loss on the transferred data. In addition to that, MobileTrans assures the safety of your data. That is because it keeps all the data files on your PC instead of uploading them to remote servers.
  • MobileTrans can create a backup of your device’s data and restore it later on.

How to use MobileTrans

Please simply follow the below steps if Smart Switch is stuck at 99.

  • First, download and install MobileTrans on your PC. Then, launch the application to see the home screen. Now, click on the option called “Phone Transfer.”
  • You should now connect both devices to the same PC using USB cables. Then, define the source and destination devices accordingly.
  • Now, you should choose what sort of content you intend to transfer to the device. Click on the option called “Start.” Then, wait for a while. Once the transfer is done, you can see a notification.
Fix Samsung smart switch stuck with MobileTrans

FAQ 1: Why does Samsung Smart Switch get stuck at 99%?

There can be several reasons behind this issue, such as insufficient storage space, network connection problems, outdated software, or conflicts between devices’ software/firmware.

FAQ 2: How long does it usually take for Samsung Smart Switch to complete the transfer?

The transfer time depends on the amount of data being transferred. It can range from a few minutes to several hours, so it’s essential to have a stable connection and sufficient battery life.

FAQ 3: Can I interrupt the transfer process if it gets stuck at 99%?

It’s generally not recommended to interrupt the transfer process manually, as it may result in data corruption or loss. It’s better to follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned earlier to resolve the issue.

FAQ 4: What should I do if the troubleshooting steps don’t work?

If the troubleshooting steps mentioned above do not resolve the issue, you can reach out to Samsung customer support for further assistance. They will be able to provide specific guidance based on your device and situation.

FAQ 5: Is there any risk of data loss during the transfer process?

The risk of data loss during the transfer process is minimal. However, it’s always advisable to create a backup of your data before initiating any transfer to ensure you have a copy in case of any unforeseen circumstances.


So, you can do that if Samsung Smart Switch is stuck. In fact, both the alternatives we provided in the article are powerful and efficient.

You could use the above methods and alternatives even if Smart Switch is stuck at 99.


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