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Discover Best Pokemon Go Spoofing Discord Channels


Written by Jack Lin

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Pokemon Go spoofing discord

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm since its launch in 2016. Its innovative concept of combining real-world interaction with virtual Pokemon catching is nothing short of mesmerizing. But you know what’s more exciting? The Pokemon Go spoofing! And that’s what we’re about to delve into today, focusing on the Best Pokemon Go Spoofing Discord Channels out there.

Understanding Pokemon Go Spoofing

What is Pokemon Go Spoofing?

Pokemon Go Spoofing is a method where players trick their GPS into believing they are in a different location. This lets them catch Pokemon or battle in gyms without physically moving.

Why Spoof in Pokemon Go?

Spoofing enables players to access Pokemon in different regions, participate in battles, or gather items without the need to travel. It broadens the scope of gameplay, particularly for those unable to travel extensively.

Best Pokemon Go Sniping Discord Channels

Let’s look at the most amazing Pokemon Go spoofing Discord channels without further ado!

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#1. Pokedex100

Pokemon Go spoofing discord - Pokedex100

Pokedex100 is the best Pokemon Go hunting website and also the most popular one. Using this website, users can look for Pokemon coordinates and other spawn point information from more than thirty countries.

This site runs successful public services for snipers, and also, it has come up with a Discord server for enhancing its web services.

Pokedex100 provides support 24/7 and delivers Pokemoncoords for free on your computer or smartphone. It comes with various Pokemon Go sniping discord channels, which areas:

  • Candy: look for candies with bot commands
  • Tips and tricks about the game
  • Gym Raid: helpful in raids or gym
  • 2000CP: Pokemon coordinates with 2000CP
  • 2600CP: Pokemon coordinates with 2600CP and above
  • 90 Community: Pokemon coordinates with 90IV
  • 100 Community: Pokemon coordinates with 100IV
  • Lvl30 100 Community: Pokemon 100IV coordinates between Level 26 and 30
  • Evo 3 Community: Pokemon Stage 3 coordinates
  • Playground: verify Pokemon coordinates using longitude and latitude

#2. Pokesnipers


Pokesnipers comes with its own website for offering different Pokemon Go sniping discord tools. However, its discord server is more active than others, with more than 80,000 members.

This is because it stays online even when this website carries out maintenance. Gamers go for this big discord community in order to snip high CP, 100IV, and rare Pokemon. Pokesnipers’ available channels are:

  • Raid Coords: provides details regarding raid coords, the boss, and the gym battle system
  • Demand Candy: useful for Pokemon Candies coordinates
  • 100IV Trainers 30 UP: Pokemon coordinates with 100IV
  • Rare 90 Coords: Pokemon coordinates with 90IV
  • 90 All: Pokemon coordinates with 90IV
  • Unown: a channel for gen two super rate Pokemon coordinates like Horsea, Magikarp, Tyranitar, and Unown.
  • Rare Spawns: coordinates and spawn points of super rare Pokemon
  • Events Shinys: a channel for Shiny Pokemon coordinates and other event-related Pokemon

By the way, here is everything about Fly GPS for Pokémon Go and the most useful Pokemon Go candy cheat tips for your reference.

#3. 100IV Club

100IV Club

100IV Club works in collaboration with Pokesnipers, where both of these Discord servers are interlinked because of the same administrators.

This Discord server is very popular among Pokemon GO enthusiasts. It features various channels where gamers can look for high-level and rare Pokemon coordinates to snipe.

100IV Club also serves as a lounge channel, where one can hold an interaction with various other fellow club members for free. This amazing Pokemon Go spoofing discord server comprises the following channels:

  • Candy: look for candies with bot commands
  • 100IV club: features Pokemon coordinates having 100IV
  • Regionals: coordinates for the region-specific Pokemon
  • Gen 1 100IV: 1ST generation Pokemon coordinates featuring 100IV
  • Gen 2 100IV: 2nd generation Pokemon coordinates featuring 100IV
  • 2500CP Plus: Pokemon coordinates with 2500CP
  • ShinyKarp100: a devoted channel for ShineyMagikarp having 100IV
  • RaidzCoords: look for active raid coordinates

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#4. PoGO Alerts Network (PGAN)

PoGO Alerts Network

It is another great Pokemon Go sniping discord server. PoGo Alerts Network works as an online community for Pokemon trainers.

This network features a wide range of active feeds on Twitter and maps of the different states of the USA, such as New York, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, Texas, and Maryland.

PoGo Alerts Network has a mass scanner installed all over the United States of America. This offers continuous information on Pokemon Go coordinates that one can employ for sniping. It offers the following channels:

  • Rare Sightings: Pokemon coordinates for all the rare sightings
  • Pokedex Queries: ask the bot for information related to any Pokemon
  • 100IV Commons: coordinates for common Pokemon having 100IV
  • 100IV Rares: coordinates for rare Pokemon featuring 100IV
  • Raids: look for active raids in areas such as Texas, Florida, New York, Virginia, Colorado, and Maryland

#5. Articuno’s Lair

Articuno's Lair

This Pokemon Go spoofing discord server comprises a huge list of well-known sniping discord channels. One can use Articuno’s Lair to discover one’s favorite Pokemon, along with the legendary and rare ones.

The server features a dedicated discord channel for these rare, legendary, and popular Pokemon. Thus, this makes it easier for all to discover and snipe these options. The server has a lot of channels, such as:

  • CP2000 Plus: discover Pokemon having CP2000
  • 100IV All: Pokemon coordinates with 100IV
  • 75IV Gen1: 1st generation Pokemon coordinates with 75IV
  • 75IV Gen2: 2nd generation Pokemon coordinates with 75IV
  • Raids: interact with fellow trainers and collaborate for raids
  • Candy: ask for information regarding candies
  • Dedicated channels: various channels for Pokemon, such as Ditto, Eevee, Snorlax, Dragonite, Togetic, Lapras, Dratini, Unown, Magikarp, and others

#6. NecroBot 2

NecroBot 2

NecroBot is an application where you can snipe and bot Pokemon with the old code of Niantic.

However, gamers are required to log in using API to remain untraceable by the Niantic servers. This even helps to keep your account safe without fearing bans and evading other possible flags on the account.

This Pokemon Go spoofing discord application features a Discord server to hold discussions. It even has several channels where they put up coordinates of popular, rare Pokemon featuring 100IV. Here’s a list of available channels on NecroBot2:

  • 100IV: Pokemon coordinates with 100IV
  • Rare Coords: coordinates available for the rare and best Pokemon

#7. PokeBot.Ninja


PokeBot.Ninja is a booting application based on a Java-based cross-platform for Pokemon Go. This application has a Discord server for providing support to all users.

Apart from this server, PokeBot. Ninja comes with Discord channels, where users can discover coordinates for raids, Pokemon nests, and sniping. This Pokemon Go spoofing discord application includes various channels as:

  • Coords Nests: Pokemon coordinates available for nests
  • Coords Raids: look for raid coordinates
  • Coords Sniping: Pokemon coordinates for sniping

#8. Catch ‘Em All

Catch 'Em All

This is another active Pokemon Go sniping discord server. Catch ‘Em All consists of bots and amazing people who keep on sharing Pokemon coordinates at all times.

So, users like you continue to discover and snipe all the rare, popular Pokemon to complete your Pokedex as fast as you can.

Catch ‘Em All has the following channels:

  • 100 Only User: Pokemon coordinates with 100IV shared by its members
  • 100IV MS CP: Pokemon bot-shared coordinates with 100IV
  • Max CP Not 100:Pokemon coordinates with maximum CP irrespective of IV points
  • All IV Report: Pokemon coordinates featuring all IVs
  • 90 Plus User: Pokemon coordinates with 90IV shared by members
  • Candy Bot VIP: Ask for candy coordinates for Pokemon
  • Above 2000CP: Pokemon coordinates having 2000CP
  • Above 2500CP: Pokemon coordinates featuring 2500CP
  • Regionals: regional coordinates of Pokemon
  • Location Specific: location-specific channels for coordinates and spawns in states like London, Sydney, Singapore, Vegas, Toronto, and Chicago.
  • Raids Channels: discover and talk about raids with other fellow members

#9. PokeXperience


It is another popular Pokemon Go spoofing discord server, where people can look for Pokemon coordinates that can be employed for sniping. Here, you come across various free channels that can be used for sniping and looking for rare Pokemon.

In case you are in search of the powerful, ultra-rare Pokemon having max CP and highest IV, then become a donator. The channels of PokeXperience are the following:

  • Lvl30: features coordinates for level 30 Pokemon
  • 100IV: Pokemon coordinates with 100IV
  • Candy Bot: ask for Pokemon candies’ coordinates
  • Raids Coords: active and recent raid coordinates
  • Raids Asia-EU: coordinates for raids for just Asia
  • Raids US AU: coordinates for the US
  • CP2500 Plus: coordinates for CP2500
  • Nests: look for nest coordinates for Pokemon
  • 80IV Plus Rare CP MS: Pokemon coordinates with 80IV

#10. HoustonPokeMap


HoustonPokeMap is a well-known Pokemon Go sniping discord service based in Houston, TX. It is a coordinate-finding service as well as a Pokemon scanner. Along with that, this features an active real-time map website and a Twitter handle, where they post their findings absolutely for free. Its available channels are:

  • IV100: coordinates for Pokemon with IV100
  • IV90: coordinates for Pokemon with IV90 and above
  • Other Pokemon: Lots of other Pokemon-specific discord channels
  • CP2500: coordinates for Pokemon with CP2500
  • Raids Chat: interact with nearby trainers and plan raids together
  • Raid: discover raid coordinates in Houston

#11. NYCPokeMap


This is another amazing Pokemon Go spoofing discord service. It is a New York-based scanner and tracker service.

This server offers a real-time update regarding the Pokemon spawning on its Discord server within your locality.

The discord server publishes all the updates on its Twitter handle and official website. The list of NYCPokeMap channels is as follows:

  • IV100: coordinates for Pokemon with IV100 in NYC
  • IV90: coordinates for Pokemon with IV90 and above in NYC
  • CP2500: coordinates for Pokemon with CP2500
  • Raid: discover raids coordinates
  • Other Pokemon: lots of Pokemon-related channels
  • Raids Chat: interact with nearby trainers in New York

#12. Pokopia


Pokopia is one of the popular Pokemon Go sniping discord communities, which is based in China. It’s in English so that trainers all across the globe can use Pokopia to discover their favorite yet rare Pokemon and snipe the same.

This community-based Discord server has lots of spawn points and coordinates for Pokemon, which all are shared by its members. Its available channels are:

  • IV100: coordinates for Pokemon with IV100
  • LVL30 IV100: coordinates for IV 100 and Level 30 Pokemon
  • IV90-99: coordinates with IV90 and above
  • IV1-89: Pokemon coordinates with IV1-IV89
  • IV0: Pokemon coordinates featuring IV0
  • CP2600 Plus: Pokemon coordinates with CP2600

Other Pokemon Go Spoofing Discord Channels

#13. TeamRocket

#14. PokeSnipers

#15. PokeNoobs

#16. ScornBet

#17. PokeCrash

#18. Letsnipe

#19. PoGoMasters



  1. What is Pokemon Go Spoofing? Pokemon Go Spoofing is a technique where players trick their GPS into believing they are in a different location to catch Pokemon from various regions without physically moving.
  2. Why should I join a Pokemon Go Spoofing Discord Channel? Joining these channels can provide valuable resources such as Pokemon coordinates, raid coordination, and tips for safe spoofing.
  3. Is Pokemon Go Spoofing legal? Spoofing is against Pokemon Go’s terms of service. Players found spoofing may face penalties, including permanent bans.
  4. What are some popular Pokemon Go Spoofing Discord channels? Some popular channels are Pokedex100, PokeXperience, Pokemon Go Raids, and PoGo Hub.
  5. How can I join a Pokemon Go Spoofing Discord channel? You can join by installing the Discord app, creating an account, searching for the desired server, and clicking the “Join” button.


Here ends our list of the popular Pokemon Go sniping Discord channels. Now, you can complete your Pokedex hassle-free. These Discord servers are active and work amazingly to discover the rarest of the rarest Pokemon.

Now, have fun sniping those incredibly powerful Pokemon using these amazing Pokemon Go spoofing Discord servers!


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