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How to Turn Off Parental Control on Fortnite With Ease?


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Turn Off Parental Control on Fortnite

Do you want to turn off parental control on Fortnite? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place.

In this article, we have carried out a detailed study on parental control features and how to turn off parental control on Fortnite?

Fornite allows the parents to enable parental control features in the game. Although this feature is good for kids who are below 12 or 13 years of age, they get annoyed easily. They don’t want their parents to control or monitor their devices.

However, if a player has become mature enough to balance his/her virtual and real life, then there is no need for parental control.

So, in this article, we have brought some of the key topics like what is parental control on Fortnite, how to turn off parental control on Fortnite, is it right to put parental control on Fortnite, and FAQ related to this topic.

We will recommend you read this full article to know how to turn off parental control on Fortnite?

Part 1: Why Do Parents Put Parental Control on Fortnite?

Before discussing how to turn off parental control on Fortnite, let’s first know what parental control does on Fortnite? Parental control allows the parents to turn off certain features on Fortnite and prevents the players from accessing the following functions:

  • Cannot accept friend requests: Parents have control over the new friend requests on Fortnite. If parents have turned off the friend request feature, then the player cannot get friend requests as normal.
  • Cannot see an adult or mature language: Parental control also removes mature languages from the chatbox on Fortnite. 
  • Removes non-squad member names: A player cannot talk or see non-squad members.
  • Non-squad member cannot see the player’s name: The non-squad member also cannot see your Fortnite profile. 
  • Cannot talk with the teammates: Yes, a player cannot talk to their teammates if parental control is enabled on Fortnite.
  • Weekly reports: Parental control disables the weekly report feature that Fortnite sends on the player’s registered email id. 
  • Text talk: A player cannot send a text message to his/her teammates. 
  • Cannot appear on houseparty chat: It also restricts the player from setting his/her house party video chat in order to appear on the screen while they play Fortnite. 
how to turn off parental control on fortnite

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Part 2: How to Turn Off Parental Control on Fortnite?

In this section, you can learn the ways and methods to turn off parental control on Fortnite. We have mentioned three steps on how to turn off parental control on Fortnite?

1: First, click on the Fortnite app icon and open it. In the ‘Primary Menu‘ section, click on the three-line located at the top-right corner of your mobile screen. Now find the ‘Parental control‘ option from the drop-down menu and click on it. 

disable parental control on Fortnite

2: After entering the ‘Parental control‘ section, the system will ask for six digits PIN to enter to disable parental control on Fortnite. Enter the correct six-digit PIN in the dialog box and click on the ‘Next‘ button. 

 How to Turn Off Parental Control on Fortnite

3: After clicking on the ‘Next‘ button, you need to confirm it. Click on the ‘Confirm‘ option to turn off the parental control on Fortnite. 

Confirm Disable Parental Control on Fortnite

And that’s it. You have successfully turned off parental control on Fortnite. However, if you don’t know the PIN read further to know how to turn off parental control on Fortnite when you don’t know PIN?

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Part 3: How to Turn Off Parental Control on Fortnite when you forget your PIN?

In case you forget the PIN code, then no worries because it is quite easy to regenerate a new PIN for parental control. The method of regenerating a new PIN code on Fortnite is similar to any other PIN reinstallation method. Following is the step-by-step guide that will take you through the process.

1: Navigate to the official website of Epic games, search for the ‘Authority‘ section and click on it. Enter your credentials to sign in. A new screen will appear with record segments.

2: Now, find the ‘Parental Control‘ section and click on it. Then click on ‘Oversee Store Settings.’

3: On the new window, you will get an option to enter your PIN code. Below the dialog box, you could see an option ‘Failed to remember your PIN‘? Tap on that option.

4: Once you click on that option, you will be directed toward the procedure for resetting parental control’s PIN code. An email will be sent on the email which is related to the records. 

5: So, make sure you have access to the email which is related to the records. Remember that the email that you used for signing up is not valid in this case. 

Part 4: Should parents control their kid’s devices?

Now that you know the step-by-step process on how to turn off parental control on Fortnite read further to know whether a parent should set parental control on their kid’s mobile phone or not?

In today’s day and age, children have access to a smart mobile phone from an early age of their life. Young kids are too naïve to have internet access or play arcade games online. These violent games are not good for their emotional and mental health.

Therefore, parents’ control over their kid’s gadgets is important. We cannot keep the kids away from new gadgets or smartphones. New technologies open the possibility of learning new things and developing new skills. Therefore, parental control is the perfect solution in this case. Parental control allows you to monitor and control the activities of your kid on the device. 

Following are some of the key factors which will motivate you to get parental control on Fortnite.

Monitor your kid’s activity on a smartphone

It is not possible today to keep kids away from smartphones. New gadgets are popular among the younger generation of our society. That is why, as a parent, we must look after our children’s activities on their smartphones. The parental control feature helps you to do that. This feature allows you to check text messages, social media accounts, emails, and so on.

In addition, some parental control gives the alert messages if prohibited language is used during the phone call. For instance, it will detect the word ‘drugs’ and notify you immediately if it is used during the phone call.

Also, you must tell your kid that you are monitoring their activities because it requires their account information and password to enable some features in the app.

Control over search engines

Checking browed history is the best way to know the activity on the internet. Parental control’s app allows you to penetrate the browsing history of your children. Not only this, but it also helps you to block mature content on your kid’s smartphone. These mature contents include explicit videos, websites, images, etc. 

Such apps or software require an advanced operating system in the device and customize user profile. It is better to tell your children about this feature and also tell them about inappropriate content that they cannot access. 

Control over game

As we have mentioned earlier, parental control allows you to be hands-on with some features of your kid’s games. There are several games console that offers this feature. This includes web surfing, purchasing new things in-game, and talking to other players.

These features enable you to prevent them from using your credit cards to make an expensive app purchase. Furthermore, you can set the profiles and control the features that they can and cannot use. 

It will help them to develop cyber security habits

Parental control is the perfect feature to discipline your kid regarding the proper use of their smartphone. Proper use of the internet will develop good cyber security habits in them. Many times their curiosity to know more and try different games or download the different apps can create a problem for them.

Plus, they can even disclose too much about themselves on social media or post inappropriate images and videos online. As a parent, make sure that you do not entertain such online behavior and guide them properly. Interacting with unknown people on social media is also dangerous for your kids. Hence, parental control helps you to keep all these activities in check.

Set the screen time limit

An advance and new parental control apps have brought the screen time limit feature. Screen time can be addictive to both adults and kids. Adults are mature to handle such situations, but kids can get overwhelmed with the resources and information provided on the internet.

Screen overtime leads to inadequate sleep, less physical activity, poor eyesight, and bad body posture.

That is why you must set parental control on your kid’s smartphone and encourage your child to have a healthy lifestyle. You can set a time limit for each app that your kid’s used regularly. You can use this time to do different activities like riding the bicycle, driving around, playing outdoor games, or walking. 

Help you backup data

Nowadays, children are using the internet more than their textbooks for completing their school projects or learning new subjects and topics. Therefore, it becomes necessary to back up such data to reuse in the future. You must teach your kid’s the ways to store data on their devices. 

Many software incorporates this feature and allows you to store data. However, make sure that you use virus and malware-free software. It helps you to store emails, images, photos, etc., on your device.

Part 5: Frequent Asked Questions about Fortnite

Q1. Can I turn off parental controls temporarily and then enable them again? Yes, you have the flexibility to turn off parental controls temporarily and reactivate them when needed. Simply follow the steps mentioned earlier to access the parental control settings and make the necessary adjustments.

Q2. Will disabling parental controls affect my child’s progress or achievements in Fortnite? No, turning off parental controls will not impact your child’s progress or achievements in the game. It only removes the restrictions imposed by the controls, allowing them to have unrestricted access to the game.

Q3. Are parental controls available on all gaming platforms? Parental controls are typically available on various gaming platforms, including consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. However, the specific features and settings may vary depending on the platform. Refer to the official documentation or support resources of your specific platform for detailed instructions.

Q4. Can I customize the parental control settings to suit my preferences? Yes, Fortnite offers customizable parental control settings that allow you to tailor the restrictions according to your preferences. You can set screen time limits, age restrictions, control in-game purchases, and manage social interaction based on your child’s needs and your comfort level.

Q5. Are parental controls solely for Fortnite, or do they apply to other games as well? Parental controls are specific to Fortnite and are designed to manage and monitor your child’s activity within the game. Other games may have their own built-in parental control features or require separate settings.


In this article, we have discussed parent control, how to turn off parental control on Fortnite, and why it is important for the kid’s well-being.

Parental control monitors all the activities on kids’ smartphones and keeps them safe. Parental control on Fortnite allows you to check different aspects of the game.


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