How to Fix If Microsoft Word Keeps Crashing on Mac


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Microsoft Word Keeps Crashing Mac

You are not alone if your Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac. Many Microsoft Word users come across this issue.

Microsoft Word belongs to the Office suite, developed by the Microsoft company. This suite is available for both Windows and Mac.

Microsoft Word provides various utility features. However, sometimes, Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac.

When this issue occurs, you will not be able to access its features. Also, you cannot even save your existing files.

However, there is nothing to worry about. This problem is pretty common, which you can fix on your own.

Here, find out why this issue occurs and how you can fix it in different ways. Not just that, but also learn how to recover your files if your Mac crashes.

Part 1: Reasons Why Microsoft Word Keeps Crashing on Mac

Before you fix the ‘Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac’ issue, it is significant to understand why this problem occurs. This helps you to prevent this problem from happening again.

Learn below why Microsoft Word crashes on your Mac:

  • Mostly, Microsoft Word crashes due to a fault in the Microsoft Office suite. There is a possibility that you have not installed the tool properly.
  • Your Mac may be running an incompatible or old version of Microsoft Word.
  • If users employ a pirated Microsoft Word tool, it might have been corrupted.
  • When your Mac does not give permissions to a third-party tool like Microsoft Word, then Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac.
  • There could be a problem with the source drive, where you have installed Microsoft Word.
  • You may have moved the location of this Word application to somewhere else.
  • Your Mac keeps crashing when you close the application during processing.
  • Possibilities are that your Microsoft Word is infected by viruses or malware.
Microsoft Word Keeps Crashing Mac

Part 2: Resolve the ‘Microsoft Word Keeps Crashing on Mac’ Issue

Now, you know why Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac. However, it is possible to fix this issue. Ideally, you can resolve the crashing issue with the following methods.

PS: if you are experiencing issues like the macOS installation couldn’t be completed, here are the best solutions.

Solution 1: Examine the Name of Your Hard Drive

The most common reason Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac is the faulty name of the hard drive. That’s because Mac offers a flexible way to name your hard drive. However, Windows features certain restrictions.

To fix the problem, you may have to modify the name of your hard drive. So, check the name of your hard drive and rename it in the following manner:

  • 1: Select the Apple logo present on the desktop’s left corner. After that, choose the tab ‘Applications.’ From the ‘Utility‘ window, you need to open ‘Disk Utility.’
  • 2: Choose the hard drive of your Mac for viewing its name. This will be present under the tab ‘Partitions.’
  • 3: Ensure that your hard drive features a name. Also, the name should begin with a character. While it could have digits, it should not contain any special characters or all the numbers.
  • 4: Now, make the desired changes for renaming your hard drive.

After renaming your hard drive, restart your Mac and check if the ‘Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac’ issue is gone.

Solution 2: Clear the Folder of AutoRecovery

In Microsoft Word, Auto-save is a built-in feature. This feature saves the running Word document in the background automatically. It enables users to return their documents if they close or lose them unexpectedly.

Sometimes, this folder of AutoRecovery may cause problems with the tool itself. As a result, your Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac. Fix the problem by clearing the auto-recovery folder.

  • Step 1: On the Mac, open ‘Finder‘ and tap on ‘Go.’ From there, select ‘Go to Folder.’
  • Step 2: Next, copy “~/Library/Containers/” and paste it on your Mac.
  • Step 3: On clicking ‘Go,’ you will come across the auto-recovery folder. Now, you can delete the auto-saved documents to clear the folder.
Clear Folder of AutoRecovery to fix Microsoft Word Keeps Crashing Mac

Solution 3: Try Resetting the Work Preferences

In some cases, Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac due to the application’s wrong preferences.

To fix this, reset these preferences and restart Microsoft Word.

  • 1: Choose the icon of Word and then visit ‘Word.’ From there, choose the option ‘Preferences.’
  • 2: Now, select the tab ‘File Locations.’
  • 3: Next, choose ‘User templates‘ and tap on ‘Reset.’ Also, you can select ‘Modify‘ for viewing it.
  • 4: Now, you will come across the ‘Normal‘ file. Cut and then paste the file to other locations. Or move the file to ‘Trash.’
  • 5: Once reset, restart all the tools and see if your Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac still.

Also, if you wonder how to open an RTF file, you must check out this guide.

Solution 4: Save the File to Other Locations

Sometimes, your Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac because of the Mac storage issue. If some particular sector or partition on your drive has been damaged, save the files to other locations.

For saving your files this way, follow:

  • 1: Open Microsoft Word and open the document file.
  • 2: If your system crashes, visit the menu ‘File‘ quickly and tap on ‘Save As.’
  • 3: Browse anywhere you like to save the document and provide the desired file name.

Alternatively, it is possible to copy the Word file and paste the same to another location too.

Solution 5: Get Word Updates

If your application runs an old version, Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac. If you do not update the tool, it may face compatibility problems with Mac. This even makes the tool more secure.

To update the tool, follow the steps:

  • 1: Open Microsoft Word and visit the ‘Help‘ section from the menu. Then, click on ‘Check for Updates.’
  • 2: Enable the option ‘Automatic Update‘ if you like. After making the relevant choice, tap on ‘Check for Updates‘ again.
  • 3: Now, the program will look for updates. After that, choose the update if available and tap on ‘Install.’
  • 4: Once installed, restart your system for smooth functioning.

Solution 6: Make Another Account

This one could be surprising to some. However, Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac due to some problem with the user account.

For instance, your account may be restricted from using certain applications. There can also be a clash with several commands.

To fix this issue, create another user account on your Mac.

  • 1: Click on the Apple logo and select ‘System Preferences.’
  • 2: Choose ‘Users & Groups’ and then tap on the lock icon to make some modifications to it.
  • 3: Enter the admin passcode and then choose ‘+’ for adding a new user account.
  • 4: Provide basic details, such as name, type, etc. Once entered, choose ‘Create User.’
  • 5: Now, create a new passcode for your new account. Link this account with your iCloud account too. Lastly, sign out from your existing account using the new one. Open Word and check if the ‘Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac’ has been fixed.

Solution 7: Boot the System in Safe Mode

Booting your Mac in safe mode can help in troubleshooting the crashing problem. It switches on several processes automatically. Plus, you can examine whether the problem is with Microsoft Word or the computer.

To boot the system, go through the instructions given below:

  • 1: Start your Mac or restart it if already in use.
  • 2: Once you spot the Apple logo or hear the chime, press the key ‘Shift‘ on your keyboard.
  • 3: After a few seconds, your Mac will restart in Safe mode. Until then, keep pressing the Shift tab.
  • 4: You will now see ‘Safe Mode’ on the screen. Log in to your account and check if the Word tool works fine.

Solution 8: Try Running Disk Utility

If nothing works, then repair your entire disk. This process will take some time. However, this ensures that the disk of your Mac stays healthy and secure.

For repairing the disk and fixing the ‘Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac’ issue, follow:

  • 1: Select the option ‘Disk Utility‘ from your Mac’s Spotlight. Or else, choose ‘Go‘ and then select ‘Disk Utility‘ from the ‘Utilities‘ section.
  • 2: Choose your system’s primary disk. In many cases, this is Macintosh HD. Tap on ‘First Aid‘ and then confirm your action.
  • 3: Now, your Mac will start fixing the disk. Wait for some time, and once done, restart the Mac. Now, check if the issue has been successfully fixed.

Part 3: Best Way to Recover Your Crashed Files on Your Mac

When applications crash on Mac, users may end up losing the data. In the same way, if Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac when you work on a file, you may lose the file forever. To avoid such unwanted scenarios, you should employ Recoverit for Mac.

This is the most effective data recovery tool for Mac. Many leading experts recommend this recovery tool. Wondershare has developed this program. It is a highly secure, easy, and fast method for returning your lost data.

This application features a high data recovery rate. It even supports all leading document extensions. Have a look at some of its amazing features below!

  • Using Recoverit Data Recovery, users can retrieve deleted, inaccessible, or lost Word documents within a few clicks.
  • The program supports other types of other data, such as videos, photos, emails, PDFs, compressed files, Excel sheets, and more.
  • Recoverit helps in every potential data loss scenario, such as corrupt storage, accidental deletion, lost partition, etc.
  • This program comes with various scanning modes. Using them, users can save their precious time. Also, they get the desired results too.

Steps to Recover Documents When Microsoft Word Keeps Crashing on Mac:

Step 1: Install and run Recoverit Data Recovery on the Mac. Choose a location for performing the scan; primarily, it is Macintosh HD. If you like, perform the recovery process on external devices too.

Recoverit for mac

Step 2: After marking the source location, begin the process. The tool will scan that location carefully. Wait for the program to complete this process.

Scan the lost Word files via Recoverit

Step 3: Once done, the tool will preview the recovered data. Choose the files that you like to retrieve and save them.

Recover and save lost Word files using Recoverit

Part 4: Useful Tips for Preventing Microsoft Word Keeps Crashing on Mac

To prevent the ‘Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac’ issue, keep the following suggestions in mind. These tips help if you do not like to suffer from unexpected data loss.

  • Ensure that the Microsoft Word tool is up-to-date on the computer. You can switch on the automatic update to save time and effort.
  • Scan the firewall in real time. This keeps the application safe from malware or virus attacks.
  • Do not switch off your computer when Microsoft Word runs in the background.
  • Do not close Microsoft Word documents in between and in an unexpected way.
  • Install Microsoft Word on the hard drive’s primary partition of your Mac. This can be done if there are multiple partitions.
  • Do not install Microsoft Office from unreliable sources or pirated versions. Purchase it from the official website of Microsoft to avoid any software-related problems.


1. Can I fix Microsoft Word crashes on Mac by restarting the application?

Restarting Microsoft Word can sometimes resolve temporary glitches, but if the crashes persist, you should try more comprehensive troubleshooting steps as mentioned in this article.

2. Will updating macOS fix the issue of Microsoft Word crashing on my Mac?

Updating macOS to the latest version can address compatibility issues and improve the overall stability of your system, which may help resolve the problem with Microsoft Word crashes.

3. How can I check for software conflicts causing Microsoft Word to crash?

You can check for software conflicts by restarting your Mac in Safe Mode and launching Microsoft Word. If Word functions normally in Safe Mode, it suggests that third-party software is causing conflicts. Uninstall or update recently installed software to resolve the issue.

4. Is reinstalling Microsoft Office the last resort to fix Word crashes on Mac?

Reinstalling Microsoft Office should be considered as a last resort if all other troubleshooting steps fail to resolve the issue. It provides a clean installation, removing any corrupted files or settings related to Microsoft Office.

5. Where can I download the latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac?

You can download the latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac from the official Microsoft website. Ensure that you download it from a trusted source to avoid any potential security risks.


You know different ways to resolve the ‘Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac.’ Also, why this issue occurs in the first place? You may lose your Word files if your system crashes while working on them.

In that case, use Recoverit Data Recovery to recover your deleted or lost Word documents. So, download this amazing tool and recover your files hassle-free!


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