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5 Best Marvel Legendary Expansions to Spice up Your Gameplay


Written by Jack Lin

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Marvel Legendary Expansion

Marvel has never let its fans down in providing entertainment. From cartoon books to movies or TV shows to games, it includes everything for their fans. Marvel Legendary is one of the most famous games the company has ever released.

The Deck Builder came out in the market for the public to buy in 2012. Upper Deck published the game, and its design was created by Devin low.

The game was a massive success for Marvel, and it’s still in the trend. There were lots of parts in the game, but since the year of its release, the game has witnessed many changes.

Some of these changes are Marvel’s legendary expansion that adds up to the game. 

What is the Gameplay?

The gameplay is a little tricky, but overall it is an entertaining game to play. In the game, an evil scheme is chosen, and cards are drawn according to the so-called “Mastermind” On the opposite side of this deck is the stack of heroes. The players are given a choice to select the best possible cards to defeat the Mastermind. 

If you want to make the game even better, buying some of the best Marvel legendary expansions can help to spice it all. These extensions add new heroes, villains, and also schemes to the gameplay.

You get a set of unique challenges in the game with these additions, and also, you get to pick more new heroes in the game. The masterminds also get an upgrade with the extension; hence it’s worth investing in. 

Here in this article, we will show you the best Expansions you can add to your Marvel Legendary, making it more attractive than ever. 

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5 Best Marvel Legendary Expansions

1. Fantastic Four

Best Marvel Legendary Expansions - Fantastic Four

We are not going to tell how impressive the Fantastic Four expansion was. Once you go through the expansion’s content, it becomes clear why the pack was loved so much. In addition, there is a sight of Marvel’s first family, which is a great deal.

Also, 100 cards provide many heroes and Masterminds at play. Silver Surfer is also present, and all five cards are very powerful. 

Talking of the mastermind, with this expansion, one can have the fantastic character of Mole Man in the game. The character is one of the most famous Masterminds in the game.

It does have a superpower of merging from the ground anywhere in the city as soon as someone touches him on the head. The famous Galactus is also in the pack.

The fantastic tour is also known as the best Marvel legendary expansion available in the market. This never is due to the number of cards, but the popularity was because of the introduction of such wild chatters. 

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2. World War Hulk

World War Hulk

The expansion was based on the World War Hulk. If you are going to talk in numbers, the expansion has probably the most number of cards available in any expansion. It comes up with 400 cards.

The best thing with the expansion was the keyword “Transform.” This keyword was one of the greatest as it gave the players the power to trade and get a better hero or villain, which you think can help win the game.  

On the other hand, many new characters came into the game with this expansion. The almighty Hulkbuster Iron Man is among the biggest surprises given by Marvel to their fans.

Transform was a big surprise as it significantly changed the usual way of playing the game. A player having the power to transform was like a surprise to the opponent as the transformation was not something that could be predicted. This made the expansion the best Marvel legendary expansion.

3. Guardians Of The Galaxy Expansion

Best Marvel Legendary Expansions - Guardians Of The Galaxy Expansion

Many people were unhappy with the Marvel universe for not including too much of the comic version of Marvel in the Game. Hence to make this happen, Marvel introduced the Guardians Of The Galaxy Expansion. The box was not very huge, but it’s the collection of the best possible heroes from the comics.

The remarkable expansion came up with the keyword “Artifact.” Artifact allows the player to keep the opposition’s card, and not only the opposite side can’t use it, but also the person who used Artifact can use some of the powers of the seized card character at every turn.

Now, this became a great attraction as some pairs became very lethal to finish the game at once. Starlord and Gamora’s characters became among the most famous in the expansion.

Also, there was the introduction of “Shards,” which was like a boost-up and gave enormous power to one of the turns to impact the opposition. The expansion also made close associations with the biggest Mastermind of the Marvel Universe, Thanos, which was one reason why this Legendary expansion got praised.

4. X-Men


Marvel fans can never get out of the craze of X-Men. People thought that all the X-Men that could have been possibly released in the game were introduced already, but again, it’s a Marvel universe, and unexpected is expected here.

The upper deck released the special X-Men edition, which included big heroes such as the X-23 and Havok. 

Talking of Masterminds, you will be able to see the all-mighty Dark Phoenix and more of such evil minds making it among the best Marvel legendary expansion. This expansion is a perfect one for the players who are looking for more challenges in Marvel Legendary.

The expansion gives a lot of extra advantages to the masterminds. Some villains come with unique “Epic” versions of their characters. These versions also come with other “Horrors” & “Traps,” which makes it very difficult for the hero deck to win the battle. These obstacles gave the game the tinge of excitement it was missing.

Also, there was the introduction of the keyword “Piercing Energy,” which is a lifesaver and lets the villain use his victory point for the attack, making the pack one of the hardest you can ever get. 

5. Dark City

Best Marvel Legendary Expansions - Dark City

The idea for making an expansion for the Marvel Legendary came from this pack. The pack was the first expansion in the market, and the gamers never denied it is the best expansion for Marvel Legendary. 

The Dark City is all about the classic entries to the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe. The great mastermind Apocalypse is also seen in the game expansion, making it a with having one.

The best part of the expansion is that it has kept everything on authentic and ground level. You don’t want to see experiments with the classic heroes and villains of the Marvel universe, and this one has kept things very original.

On the other hand, there are not many challenges seen in the expansion, so if you’re looking for action-based challenges, this is not the set you want. Some keywords, such as “Teleport” came into play with the Expansion.

Marvel Legendary Expansion That is Not Worth Buying

Above in the article, we discussed the best Marvel legendary expansions that are worth buying.

But many expansions are not very good and buying them will waste your time. Here are some of them that you must give a thought to before buying-

1. Marvel Studios Phase 1

Marvel Studios Phase 1

The entire content of this expansion is just a waste of money. You will not get even famous characters such as Deadpool and Wolverine.

As the name suggests, it is from Marvel Phase 1, but many big names, such the Spiderman, are also missing from phase 1. Many critics also gave the expansion a negative comment as Marvel movies influenced it.

Regarding gaming, movies and their characters are not generally appreciated. The real art was what people were looking for, utterly absent from the unit.

2. Ant-Man

Best Marvel Legendary Expansions - Ant-Man

If you are an Ant-Man fan, you can go for the expansion. But on the other hand, if you are searching for a great expansion with new additions, this one might not be the best choice.

The expansion came out in the market after the release of the Ant-Man and the Wasp movie. It came up with the keyword “Microscopic Size-Changing,” which was the same as the size-changing keyword already in the game.

However, here is a glimpse of Ultron as the main Mastermind in the expansion, but the negatives of the expansion overshadow the positives. 


  1. Q: Are these expansions compatible with the base Marvel Legendary game? A: Yes, all the expansions mentioned in this article are designed to be fully compatible with the base game.
  2. Q: Can I mix and match different expansions? A: Absolutely! Marvel Legendary is designed to allow players to mix and match expansions, creating unique and diverse gameplay experiences.
  3. Q: How many players can participate in a game with expansions? A: The base game supports 1 to 5 players, and most expansions maintain the same player count.
  4. Q: Are the expansions beginner-friendly? A: While some expansions introduce additional mechanics, they are generally accessible to players of all skill levels. The rulebooks provided with each expansion offer clear instructions and guidance.
  5. Q: Do the expansions include new artwork? A: Yes, each expansion features stunning artwork that captures the essence of the Marvel characters and settings.

Final Words

The Marvel universe has been a wonder, and the Marvel Legendary is one of the best games ever released.

The best part about the Marvel legendary is that with its expansions, it has kept modifying itself, providing refreshment in fun with new heroes and villains.

All the Marvel legendary expansions came with new ideas, but some were good while others were not too attractive.


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