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How to Make Keyboard Bigger on iPhone?


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Make Keyboard Bigger on iPhone

Well, there are many individuals who want to learn how to make the keyboard bigger on iPhone.

If you are one of them, let’s explain how to get it done. So, please keep reading and learn how to do it properly.

Reasons to Learn How to Make Keyboard Bigger on iPhone

iPhones come in a variety of screen sizes. The iPhone 12 Mini, which is part of the iPhone 12 series, brings back the 5.4-inch screen size.

Apple has configured the basic keyboard on an iPhone to be a pretty comfortable size to text with. Some individuals often switch from large Android devices to relatively smaller iPhones.

Then, they often find the iPhone’s keyboard to be too small for their fingers. Regardless of the benefits associated with sophisticated iOS devices, they often complain about the size of the keyboard. 

Despite the convenience of typing, the keyboard is not designed for everyone. Those with larger fingers may have difficulty tapping the correct letters. That is highly aggravating, given that typing is surely among the most common operations performed on a smartphone.

Sure, autocorrect may assist, but quite often, you’ll wind up with a misspelled phrase. That is because your fingers couldn’t find the appropriate keys. That is exactly they tend to wonder how to make the keyboard bigger on iPhone.

A larger keyboard is also beneficial to persons with poor vision. A bigger keyboard, on the other hand, may allow those developers to add additional key rows.

For instance, the number key row. A row of number keys above alphabet is seen on pretty much any software-based keyboard. This allows for quicker typing rates. It is true that the newest iPhones have substantial screen real estate.

However, the standard iPhone keyboard somehow doesn’t contain a number key.

When Does a Small-sized Keyboard Become Handy?

The advantages of having a larger keyboard have previously been explored. However, just because a keyboard is larger doesn’t mean it won’t cause any issues.

The issue that occurs after making the keyboard bigger is the less screen space that remains for other things.

A bigger keyboard, for example, may leave less room for conversations, which might be inconvenient when scrolling. That is really the sole and most important downside of a bigger mobile keyboard.

Do the effects of having a huge keyboard on the remaining space of the screen bother you? If so, you may be better off sticking with the regular-sized keyboard.

However, even if there is no larger keyboard, some individuals type slowly due to various reasons.

How to Make the Keyboard Bigger on iPhone?

Apple, as previously stated in this article, does not provide an official option to increase the iPhone keyboard.

However, there are workarounds that may make it feasible. However, even if these approaches work, they have an impact on other areas of your general typing experience.

You may enlarge the keypad on your iPhone using one of the two methods mentioned below.

  • Perform some tweaks with the ‘Display Zoom’ option.
  • Get the help of a third-party keyboard.

Besides, let’s figure out how to unlock iPhone with a broken screen with ease.

Method 1: Perform Some Tweaks with the “Display Zoom” Option

With the introduction of iOS 12, Apple included a new function to zoom in on their screen.

Display Zoom” is the feature’s official name, and it provides two views: a conventional one and a zoomed one. Viewing the keyboard in a “Zoomed” manner increases the size of the keyboard by one step. We always hope that notch jokes haven’t become stale by now.

There is, however, a drawback. In fact, it increases the size of many other items located on display. This implies that all the home screen icons, iMessage text message bubbles, Settings app tabs., etc. get bigger. Also, other UI elements have been upscaled to a higher resolution.

It’s not all that horrible, after all.

Assume that you go for a larger iPhone keyboard. If so, you should prefer to have an enlarging effect with time.

Here’s How to Do It:

  • On your iPhone, go to the Settings app.
  • Tap Display and Brightness in the menu bar to make adjustments.
  • Scroll down to the Display Zoom section and choose View from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the option called “Zoomed.” Check to see whether your selection has a blue checkmark next to it in the preview.
Display and Brightness Settings
how to make keyboard bigger on iPhone with Display Zoom
Choose Zoomed Option
  • In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, click Set.
  • When a pop-up window asks whether you want to use Zoomed, choose Yes. While the screen goes dark after you touch it, the display will be magnified when it comes back.
  • Everything on your iPhone screen, including the keypad, will be magnified with this technique.
Set Display Zoom
Use Zoomed

If you were looking for how to make the keyboard bigger on iPhone, the above could be useful.

On the other hand, it is possible to extend your iPhone’s keypad without enlarging anything else. The next option can be used to accomplish it.

Method 2: Get the Help of a Third-party Keyboard

A third-party keyboard, despite Apple’s late entry into the fray, was a major changer for iOS from its inception.

Third-party software exists only to provide users with features that were not included in the base product. Third-party iPhone keyboards do the same thing.

There’re several third-party keyboard applications available for download from their App Store. In fact, each comes with its own set of capabilities.

However, compared to the standard iOS keyboard, very few third-party keyboards offer a larger form factor.

It’s important to keep in mind that some third-party keyboards don’t have all of the functionality. That is when compared to the standard keyboard.

In other words, if you want to make your iPhone’s keyboard bigger, you may have to sacrifice some functionality. Keep that in mind if you want to make the iPhone’s keyboard bigger.

What Are the Best Third-Party Keyboards to Bring Better Functionality to Your iPhone? 

If you’d like a larger iPhone keyboard, check out these third-party options.


Be aware that this specific option does not increase the size of the iPhone’s default keyboard. Very few third-party keyboards enable you to change their size.

ReBoard, fortunately, is one of them. If it couldn’t provide a larger keyboard, we wouldn’t suggest it. That is because it is somewhat clumsy regardless of the impressive features it delivers.

You can even run applications directly on your keyboard using ReBoard’s command key button. These aren’t programs but rather a collection of diverse features rolled into one bundle.

You may increase the keyboard size by tapping the addition sign (+) next to Keyboard Size. You can do it once you’ve set up the keyboard.

The app’s settings enable you totally alter the keyboard’s appearance. So, if you wonder how to make the keyboard bigger on iPhone, keep this in mind.

how to make keyboard bigger on iPhone Using Reboard

This is yet another basic third-party keyboard program. It doesn’t really increase the size of the keyboard in any way. To make things easier to use, it puts a row of numerical keys on the top. As a side note, the keyboard comes with many layouts.

For instance, it includes the standard English keyboard and the scientific keyboard. Also, it has a hexadecimal keyboard and the phonetic keyboard.

how to make keyboard bigger on iPhone with xKeyboard

Well, Typewise is a hexagonal-keyboard layout with extra-large keys. As a result of the larger keys, Typewise’s creator believes that the hexagonal layout considerably minimizes mistakes.

To be clear, the keyboard isn’t becoming any larger at all; just the keys are. It does, however, have a pretty intense learning curve. That is because it is different from the usual QWERTY layout.

Also, it pushes you toward mastering the new hexagonal arrangement of keys. However, after you’ve become used to typing using Typewise, you’ll find that it helps you avoid errors. It will also speed up your typing skills.

And to top it all off, no data is transferred online; instead, AI processes everything locally on the device.

how to make keyboard bigger on iPhone with Typewise

Those are the third-party options if you wonder how to make the keyboard bigger on iPhone.

Configuring a Third-Party Keyboard for iPhones

Well, please follow up to configure the downloaded third-party keyboards. Apart from installing, you require some configurations to work as well.

These steps can be handy for those who wonder how to make the keyboard bigger on iPhone.

Mentioned below is how to do that.

  • Go to “Settings” and choose “General.”
  • Tap on the option called “Keyboard.”
Keyboards Settings on iPhone
  • Then, go to “Add New….“.
  • Choose the third-party keyboard you wish to add. It is located under “Third-Party Keyboards.”
Configuring a Third-Party Keyboard for iPhone
  • Tab the name of the keyboard from the added keyboards. After that, give that keyboard Full Access.
Allow Full Access for Keyboard

Accessing Your Third-Party Keyboard During Typing

The good news is that iOS allows you to change between keyboards while typing. Mentioned below is how to do that.

  • When you type, tap on the icon that appears as a globe on the keyboard. That will instantly switch to a different keyboard. However, if there are other third-party keyboards, tap the same icon several times to reach them.
  • If not, long press on that icon. Then, swipe to the keyboard you prefer.
Accessing Your Third-Party Keyboard During Typing

Deleting a Third-Party Keyboard

Do you want to delete a third-party keyboard? If so, mentioned below are the steps to follow. When all the keyboard apps are deleted, the globe icon will no longer be available.

There are two methods to do this. You can either delete the keyboard completely or restrict access to it. We explain both scenarios below.

● How to delete the third-party keyboard completely

To erase an app from your iPhone’s home screen, just press and hold on to it. Then, you can choose Delete App from the pop-up menu that appears.

However, you may only remove applications found in its App Library as of iOS 15 (please note).

● How to prevent access only

With this method, you can keep the third-party keyboard app without giving it access. Removing access to your third-party keyboard prevents you from using it anymore.

When using the respective keyboard in the future, all of your themes and key combinations will be preserved.

  • Go to “Settings” on the device and choose “General.”
  • Then, go to “Keyboard” and then choose “Keyboards.”
Keyboards Settings on iPhone
  • Tap on the option called “Edit.”
  • Tap on the delete button that appears in red next to the third-party keyboard. And then tap on “Remove.”
  • Tap on “Done” to complete the process.
Remove third-party keyboard


Q1. Can I make the keyboard bigger on my iPhone without using any third-party apps? Yes, you can make the keyboard bigger on your iPhone without third-party apps. By adjusting the settings and preferences on your iPhone, you can customize the keyboard size and layout according to your needs.

Q2. Will enlarging the keyboard affect other apps or features on my iPhone? Enlarging the keyboard will only affect the keyboard size and layout. Other apps and features on your iPhone will remain unaffected.

Q3. Can I revert the changes and restore the default keyboard settings? Yes, you can revert the changes and restore the default keyboard settings. Simply follow the same steps mentioned in the article and choose the default options or disable any additional keyboard apps you may have installed.

Q4. Are there any other alternative methods to make the keyboard bigger on my iPhone? Apart from the methods mentioned in this article, you can also explore accessibility options like Voice Control or Dictation to minimize the need for manual typing.

Q5. Is it possible to make the keyboard bigger on older iPhone models? Yes, the methods mentioned in this article are applicable to various iPhone models. However, the availability of specific features may vary depending on the iOS version and device compatibility.


It’s true that we don’t yet have an official method to increase or decrease the size of its keypad. However, as we believe, the above-mentioned hacks may be effective. Larger iPhone keyboards are in great demand, particularly now that Apple offers a variety of smartphone sizes.

In fact, they range from iPhone Mini to the enormous 6.7″ iPhone 12. And despite the Pro Max’s larger screen, Apple does not provide software that makes use of it.

So, the third-party tools explained above become handy for those who wonder how to make the keyboard bigger on iPhone.


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