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How to Change Caller ID: A Handy Guide for iPhone Users


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Change Caller ID on iPhone

Getting to know how to change caller ID on iPhone might be handy for any user. With a simple workaround, this can be done even if you are a novice.

So, the content of this article focuses on that subject; you can keep reading and learn everything about it.

Introduction to Caller ID

Smartphones have a function called “Caller ID.” This feature shows the caller’s name and number to the owner of the device. Thanks to this feature called “caller ID,” the number of the caller can be seen on the receiver’s screen.

This can be done even before the incoming call is answered. Carriers typically provide customers with a caller ID feature when they purchase a new handset.

And you may now be interested in learning how to change caller ID on your iOS device. Yes, you have found the correct article!

We’ve compiled a detailed guide that will show you how to modify your iPhone’s caller ID settings.

So, How to Change Caller ID on iPhone?

Well, the remaining paragraphs of this article will explain the actual situation of this workaround.

Also, please note that the steps below are performed on an iPhone 11 that runs on iOS 15.5.

Besides, if you wonder, is it possible to make two phones call each other? Actually, yes, here, you will see that there are ways to make two people call each other and have some fun.

Is It Possible to Change Your Outgoing Caller ID?

The shortest answer is “NO.” This is specifically because the carrier company of your iPhone doesn’t allow you to modify it.

So, it is safe to say that there is no option to change this caller ID. In that case, you may have to seek the assistance of a third-party app to get the job done.

Also, if you wonder, is it possible to change the IMEI number on iPhone? Well, the good news is that there are a couple of ways to do that. Just read on carefully.

Changing a Caller ID on Your iPhone

As mentioned before, you cannot necessarily change the existing caller ID of your phone. This is because the called ID is assigned to you by the carrier but not the iOS device.

However, there is a way to hide your caller ID instead of changing it. So, mentioned below are the steps you can follow to hide your caller ID.

If you wondered how to change caller ID on iPhone, even this option might be somewhat handy.  

  • As the first step, you should open the app for “Settings” on your iOS device.
iPhone Settings
  • Now, you should scroll down to see the option called “Phone.” Tap on it.
Phone Settings
  • Once that’s done, you should tap the option called “Show My Caller ID.”
Show my caller ID
  • You can then turn off the option that says “Show my caller ID.”
Turn off Show my caller ID

And that will turn off your caller ID. So, that can be a consolation if you want to know how to change caller ID on your iPhone.

Is It Even Possible to Change the Name That Appears on Your Caller ID? 

When it comes to changing the caller ID, you will be required to change the name. Well, in this case, you can change the called ID name with the assistance of apps such as T-Mobile.

Let’s assume that your iPhone is using a T-Mobile connection and you have T-Mobile mobile app installed.

In that case, the following steps will guide you to change your name on the caller ID.

  • First, you should open T-Mobile app on your device to proceed.
  • After that, you should tap on the option called “More.”
Is It Even Possible to Change the Name That Appears on Your Caller ID
  • Then, tap the option with the label “Profile Settings.”
Profile Settings
  • After that, tap “Called ID Name” to move to the next step of this process.
  • You can then select a line. After that, you can enter a fresh “First Name” and “Last Name.” This will change the existing names.
  • As the final step, you are supposed to tap the option called “Save Caller ID Name.” That will save all the changes you have made.

The Name of My Caller ID is Different on My iPhone. Why is That?

Well, there are a couple of different reasons why your caller ID appears inaccurately on the iPhone.

For instance, it can appear due to incorrect formatting or old carrier settings by the original carrier itself.

So, to fix this error, you can simply make the changes to your carrier settings.

Why Do I See the Wrong Name on My Caller ID?

If truth be told, the formatting of your called ID can vary based on the carrier network.

The information about the caller ID can change because the calls usually pass through several different networks.

How to Get My Name Removed from the Caller ID?

If you want to reset your caller ID on your iPhone or remove it, you can follow these steps.

  • First, you should open the “Settings” application on your iOS device.
  • After that, you should scroll down to see the option called “Phone” to proceed. Then, you should go to the option “Show My Caller ID.”
How to Get My Name Removed from the Caller ID
  • After that, you will see a toggle button next to Show My caller ID. Just turn this button off.

Bonus: What Can You Do if Your Caller ID is Not Working?

In some cases, you will see that your called ID is not working when you want it to. So, let’s find out the solutions to address this error.

Fixing problems with your iPhone needs you first to make sure the time and date are correctly configured. For call logs to have accurate timestamps, this data is required.

We advise allowing the system to choose the time and date automatically. Go to your iPhone’s Settings and select General. Then, go to Date & Time and select Set Automatically to adjust these settings.

If you do so, your device uses the time and date information determined by its time and location zone. If it doesn’t work, you can use any of these other troubleshooting techniques to eliminate software-related causes.

Disabling and Reenabling the Caller ID

The most basic solution is to disable and reenable the caller ID feature in your device. Restarting this service may work in many cases.

Below is how to get it done.

  • First, you should tap on the “Settings” option on the Home Screen.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Phone.”
  • After doing so, you should select the option called “Show My Caller ID.”
  • Now, there is a toggle button next to the option called “Show My Caller ID.” Just turn it off.
  • After that, follow the same route and go to “Settings.” Select the “Phone” menu. Then, enable the toggle button that says “Show My Caller ID.”
Disabling and Reenabling the Caller ID

After making these adjustments, try making a call to your iPhone from another phone. This will help you to determine if the Caller ID is now functioning as expected. If that doesn’t work, you should look into other options that might work.

Soft Reboot Your Device

If the previous option did not work, just go for a soft reboot to fix the error. The steps to follow may vary depending on the model of the iPhone.

In fact, performing a soft reboot can fix many minor issues associated with your device.

Remove and Reinstall Your SIM

If you are yet to succeed, the next solution is to remove your SIM card and reinstall it. This will restart your connection to the carrier and fix potential errors. However, before doing this, you should switch off your iPhone completely.

Probably, one of the above solutions will help you overcome this error.


  1. Can I change my Caller ID for all calls permanently? No, the ability to change your Caller ID for all calls permanently depends on your carrier and their available services. Check with your carrier to see if this option is available.
  2. Are there any free apps to change Caller ID? Yes, there are some free apps available on the App Store that offer limited Caller ID change features. However, for more advanced functionalities, you might need to consider paid apps or services.
  3. Is changing Caller ID legal? The legality of changing Caller ID varies depending on your jurisdiction. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations of your country or region to ensure compliance.
  4. Can I change my Caller ID to any number I want? Changing your Caller ID to any number you want may not be possible in all cases. Some services and carriers may have restrictions or verification processes in place to prevent misuse.
  5. Will changing my Caller ID affect incoming calls? No, changing your Caller ID will only affect the information displayed when you make outgoing calls. Incoming calls will still show the original Caller ID associated with the calling number.


And that’s our article on how to change caller ID on iPhone. As you can notice, there’s no way to change a caller ID because it is provided by the carrier. You can only hide your caller ID but not change it.

That said, do you know any practical method to change your caller ID on an iPhone? If so, please share your knowledge with our readers. Also, if you have any other doubts, please let us know.


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