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How to Change Voice on Apple Maps for Customizing Voiceover


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Change Voice on Apple Maps

There can be many individuals who want to learn how to change voice on Apple Maps.

What you must know is that there’s no rocket science behind it. All you need is to follow the simple steps, which will be discussed in the paragraphs below.

Why Customize Your Apple Maps Voiceover?


The digital world is all about customization, isn’t it? From personalized wallpapers to custom ringtones, we all want our gadgets to reflect our personality and style. So why should Apple Maps stay behind? Customizing the voiceover can make your journeys more fun and unique!


Let’s not forget the importance of accessibility in technology. Different voices and speech speeds can make navigation easier for individuals with different hearing abilities and preferences.

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Understanding Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Apple Maps Overview

Apple Maps is more than just a GPS; it’s a full-featured navigation system. From real-time traffic updates to comprehensive transit directions, it offers a suite of features. One of these is the Voiceover feature, guiding you through your journey.

Voiceover Feature

Voiceover in Apple Maps isn’t just about turning right or left; it’s an audible experience that complements the visual map, offering a full navigation package. Now let’s see how you can customize this Voiceover.

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How to Change Voice on Apple Maps?

Now, let’s get to the main point of this article; how to change voice on Apple Maps? Let’s go ahead and learn everything about this useful workaround.

1. First, you should tap on the option called “Settings.” After that, select the option called “Siri & Search.”

Siri & Search Settings on iPhone

2. Tap on the option called “Siri Voice.”

Siri Voice Option

3. This will bring a new menu up on the new screen. You will be able to see several different options based on the language of the iOS device.

In addition to that, you can select options depending on country settings as well. Below are those options for your reference.

  • Variety
    • American
    • British
    • Australian
    • Irish
    • South African
    • Indian
  • Voice
    • Up to five different voices based on the variety selection.
Change Voice on Apple Map
  • After tapping a specific selection, you will hear Siri’s voice. Siri will ask you to select a voice from the available options. Once a voice is selected, a brief preview of the voice will be given. As a result, you can decide if that’s the voice you need. You will be able to choose from female or male voices as you like. In addition to that, it has voice options that cannot be differentiated as female or male. Well, you can pick any option from the above.

4. When you select an option, it will say the word “Downloading.” Then, it takes a little while for the download to be completed. Once that is done, you should exit “Settings.” After that, open “Maps” so you can enjoy the voice you selected for maps.

5. You should also note that it is possible to change your voice on your Mac and Apple Watch. Below is how to do that.

Change the Voice of Maps for Your Mac

Do you wonder how to change voice on Apple Maps on your Mac system? If so, here are the steps you should follow.

1. First, you should click on the option called “System Preferences.” Then, select “Siri.”

System Preferences -> Siri

2. Now, you should launch the option called “Voice Variety.” It appears in the form of a drop-down. Then, you should select any variety you may like. After that, you can change the existing voice into any variety you prefer from the selection.

Change the Voice of Maps in macOS

3. If your Mac is updated, the options available in it will be similar to your iPad and iPhone.

And that’s how to change voice on Apple Maps on your Mac.

How to Change the Voice of Maps in Your Apple Watch?

It is also possible to change the settings of your Apple Watch to have the voice you desire. Below are the steps you should follow to do it.

1. First, you should tap on the option called “Settings” and then go to “Siri.”

Apple Watch Settings

2. After that, you should scroll down to tap the option called “Siri Voice.”

Change the Voice of Maps in Your Apple Watch

3. Thereafter, you should select the desired voice from the list. This part is similar to the step you followed with iPad, Mac, or iPhone.

That’s basically it.

Additional Options for Voiceover Customization

Adjusting Voiceover Volume

Feeling the voiceover is too loud or too soft? Don’t worry; you can adjust it by following the same steps above and selecting “Volume” instead of “Voice”.

Switching between Miles and Kilometers

Want the distance in miles instead of kilometers or vice versa? Apple Maps has got you covered. Simply select “Distance” in the “Navigation & Guidance” settings, and choose your preferred unit.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Voiceover not working

If the voiceover isn’t working, ensure your device isn’t in silent mode, and check the volume settings. Restarting the app or device may also help.

Problems with voiceover volume

If the volume seems off, check both your device volume and the volume setting within Apple Maps. Sometimes, a simple adjustment can fix the issue.


  1. Can I change the voiceover language in Apple Maps?
    Yes, you can. Simply follow the steps in this guide and choose the language of your choice.
  2. Why can’t I customize the voiceover on my device?
    Your device needs to be running iOS 14 or later for the voiceover customization feature. Update your device if needed.
  3. How can I make the voiceover louder?
    You can adjust the voiceover volume in the “Navigation & Guidance” settings within Apple Maps.
  4. Can I switch between miles and kilometers in Apple Maps?
    Yes, you can switch between miles and kilometers by selecting “Distance” in the “Navigation & Guidance” settings.
  5. What should I do if the voiceover isn’t working?
    Ensure your device isn’t in silent mode, check the volume settings, and consider restarting the app or your device.


So, that’s our article on how to change voice on Apple Maps. As you may realize, it is a very simple process.

With that said, if you need any further clarification about Apple Maps, please let us know.


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