How to Configure Google Chrome Parental Controls

As a parent, you must know how to control the internet-related activities of your kids. So it’s necessary to be aware of Google Chrome Parental Controls.

Here, we will explain how to set Parental Controls on Google Chrome and protect your kids.

Undoubtedly, Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. This search engine is used by almost 65% of internet users.

In other words, nearly 65% of internet users treat Google as their default search engine. Even kids use Google for various search purposes, from academic to entertainment.

Why Should We Know How to Set Parental Controls in Google Chrome?

However, in certain cases, some links can appear in search results, which the kids do not expect. It may be due to a misspelled search phrase or any other reason.

Regardless, kids can end up viewing inappropriate content through search results. For instance, they can end up seeing content related to porn, adults, violence, gambling, drugs, etc.

As we already know, kids are super curious and tend to explore everything they encounter. The aforementioned content can disturb their young minds and force them to dig deep into such content.

Because of this, parents should be able to apply some filtration to their kids’ search engine activities. Luckily, being an exceptionally popular web browser, Google Chrome allows parents to have control over kids’ internet activities.

Different Methods of Configuring Google Parental Controls

There are different methods for those who want to configure Google Chrome Parental Controls. Mentioned below are those Google Parental Controls methods for your consideration.

Method 1: Google SafeSearch Feature

SafeSearch is a default option offered by Google to take control of your kids’ internet activities. This option allows you to filter content and display only the appropriate stuff for your kid.

This option is smart enough to filter websites, images, videos, and other stuff that are not suitable for kids. Specifically, this option can filter pornographic and violent content.

In fact, SafeSearch can be applied to your computer as well as on mobile devices like smartphones. Below is the guide you should follow to set up the Google SafeSearch feature based on the device.

If You Are Using a Computer

You can configure Chrome’s parental control through the Search settings page. If you are using a computer (desktop or laptop), you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, you should launch the web browser on your computer and visit Google. Then, you should visit the settings page on Google search.
  • Then, please click on the option called ‘Turn on SafeSearch.’ This appears as a checkbox under the section of ‘SafeSearch.’ You will find it very easily because this option is at the top of the list.
Turn On Google SafeSearch
  • To finish the process, you should scroll toward the bottom of the page. Then, click on the option ‘Save’ so the applied ‘SafeSearch’ settings will be saved.

If You Are Using a Mobile Device

You can do the configuration in two ways regarding mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets). You can do it through the Google app or the web browser itself. This can be done on both Android as well as on iOS devices without any issues.

The steps you should follow to set Google Parental Controls through the website on mobile are similar to the previous process. That means you should do it through the ‘Search Settings’ page even if you are on a mobile device.

So, we don’t need to explain it once again (you can repeat the above steps on your mobile device). However, you should follow different steps to do it through the Google app on your mobile device.

Mentioned Below Are Those Options.
  • First, you should launch the Google app on your mobile device, Android or iPhone.
  • For Android devices, you should go to the option called ‘More.’ Then, go to the option called ‘Settings.’ Then, tap on the option labeled ‘General’ and switch on the option labeled ‘SafeSearch.’
  • If you are using an iOS device, go to the Settings option and tap ‘Search Settings.’ Then, you should go to ‘SafeSearch Filters.’ After that, you should tap on ‘Filter Explicit Results.’ To finish the process and save the settings, you should simply tap on ‘Save.’

As we have noticed, with the ‘Google SafeSearch’ option, you can block much of the inappropriate stuff. However, we should also emphasize that it is not a 100% perfect way to avoid inappropriate content.

In other words, you cannot expect 100% filtration of explicit content just because you have enabled the’ SafeSearch’ feature. The truth is that it will cut down some of the explicit content, but not everything.

So, as we believe, additional measures should be taken if you expect strict control.

As you have already realized, ‘SafeSearch’ is not the best way to prevent your kids from viewing inappropriate content. However, using some advanced steps, you will be able to make the controls stricter.

Thankfully, Google offers you the option called ‘Google Family Link.’ With this option, you will be able to manage the browsing activities of your beloved kid.

In addition, it allows changing the app permissions, knowing their real-time location, managing screen time, etc.

Also, you can use it to manage your Google account and apps used on the devices. Considering all those aspects, ‘Google Family Link’ is a better option than ‘SafeSearch.’

  • As the first step, you should launch the Family Link app on your mobile device.
  • Then, you should choose the child’s account within the app and tap on the option called ‘Settings.’
  • Afterward, you should tap on the option labeled ‘Manage Settings.’ Then, you should go to ‘Filters’ on Google Chrome. Pick the settings that are appropriate for you. It comes with options like ‘Allow all sites,’ ‘try to block mature sites,’ and ‘only allow certain websites.’ Choose the best option that matches your intention.
  • You can then tap on the option called ‘Manage Sites.’ This option will allow you to add websites manually to block or allow them. This becomes very handy, especially if you want to block a particular website or websites.
google chrome parental controls with Family Link

The Drawbacks of This Method

This method has some drawbacks as well. Listed below are those drawbacks so you can better understand them.

  • Many countries today have minimum age criteria to use Google services. As a result, children must have their parent’s consent before using Google-related services. Also, they should agree to supervise the respective Google account.
  • The Family Link app doesn’t work for iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones.
  • This feature is not available for all countries (some countries don’t allow this feature).
  • The restrictions you apply will work only if the child uses Google Chrome.

What is the Best Parental Control App to Protect Your Kids from Internet-based Threats?

According to the studies we have done, both SafeSearch and Family Link have some significant drawbacks. That means those options cannot deliver the best protection you expect, and your kids can still be victims.

Your kids will still access explicit porn, violence, and gambling-related content. This is particularly true if your kid wants to view such content instead of viewing them accidentally. That is exactly why you require an advanced method to keep your kids’ activities under watch.

In other words, you need a way to track your kid’s browsing history and other internet-based activities. So, we recommend such parents use parental control apps.

If you use a good parental control app, you can ensure that your kids are protected. Besides keeping them away from inappropriate content, such an app can protect them from various other threats.

OK. The next challenge is finding a good parental control app instead of Google Parental Controls. It is true that there is no shortage of parental control apps in the market. However, not all those apps work as they promise. So, to make things easier for you, we have done some good research on your behalf.

We found a very special tool called KidsGuard Pro as a superb alternative to Google Parental Controls. This superb parental control can track everything performed through your kid’s smartphone.

For instance, this software allows you to monitor app usage, call logs, WhatsApp, calendar, contacts, browsing history, etc. Also, it can track the real-time location of the respective device, so you know your child’s whereabouts.

Features of KidsGuard Pro

Now, let’s look at the most notable features associated with KidsGuard Pro.

  • It is capable of tracking the real-time location of the device and seeing its location history.
  • You can use this Best Parental Control App to check all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • It can monitor the inbound and outbound SMS of the target device.
  • Be capable of monitoring app-based activities and giving you good user insight.
  • It can remotely access the apps and files on the target device without much trouble.
  • The powerful keylogger feature tracks all the keystrokes typed (including passwords and PINs).

Try KidsGuard Pro


Although Google Chrome Parental Controls are enough to provide basic control, advanced protection is required for most kids.

Such protection can be given through a dedicated app like KidsGuard Pro.



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