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How to Find Someone’s Birthday Anonymously Online?


Written by Jack Lin

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Find Someone's Birthday

If you want to find someone’s birthday, you can directly ask them. However, what if you want to know that anonymously?

Due to various reasons, you might want to find someone’s birthday without asking them directly. Well, there are a few specific ways to do it, and, in this article, we explain them.

So, go ahead and learn how to find someone’s birthday anonymously.

Part 1: Find Someone’s Birthday without Any Cost

Well, there are several ways for those who want to find someone’s birthday without paying anything. So, let’s look at those free methods before everything else.

PS: let’s figure out how to spy on someone’s phone and why can’t I follow people on Instagram.

1. Find Someone’s Birthday using a Social Media Lookup

A social butterfly is someone who is often on social media. That said, finding out their birthday is a cinch if you know where to search.

Look at how platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Instagram may let you know someone’s birthday.

#1. Instagram

On Instagram, there isn’t a column where you can go and check up on a person’s personal information. In spite of this, there are several methods for discovering a loved one’s exact date of birth.

● Observing the Instagram Bio

Some Instagram users prefer to make a special note of their birthday in their profile. So, the individual whose date of birth you’re interested in may have done the same.

Also, checking Instagram’s bio is a cinch.

Below are the steps to follow if you want to find someone’s birthday through Instagram Bio.

To discover someone’s Instagram profile, type their precise Instagram username into the search bar. Instagram will propose usernames based on the people you search for. If you don’t know their username, simply enter their name and see what comes up. If you follow someone, or they follow you, look them up in your list of followers or followers.

Observing the Instagram Bio

After finding someone on Instagram, go to their profile and check out what they’re up to. In fact, it’s easy to see whether someone has stated their birthdays in their bio. You can do that simply by looking at their profile page’s bio.

find someone's birthday via Instagram Bio

You don’t even have to be a follower of someone’s Instagram account to see their bio. They may still see your bio even if you have opted to keep your profile private. So, that’s how to find someone’s birthday using Instagram Bio.

● Check the posts they are tagged in

This technique has a better possibility of supplying you with accurate information about the target person.

On their big day, people typically tag the birthday boy/girl. In that case, all you have to do is browse through the postings to find them.

To follow this hacker, though, you are supposed to be an Instagram follower of theirs. Read the rest of this hack if you’ve been following the rules so far. You can find out someone’s birthday by going to their Facebook profile page.

To view all the postings in which the respective person has been tagged, click on the tag symbol.

Check the posts they are tagged in

Now you have to identify the post that is associated with their birthday by scrolling down the page. Also, look at the text to see whether the photo was tagged upon this particular date. That will be helpful if you want to find someone’s birthday.  

identify the post that is associated with their birthday
● How to find someone’s birthday using other methods on Instagram

Well, you can find out someone’s birthday by looking at their previous Instagram posts. In fact, that works similarly to the previously introduced tag posts hack.

Also, keep an eye out for tales uploaded around your birthday. That is because this is a popular time to post them.

By the way, if you wonder how to find someone on Reddit with or without their username, here is a detailed step-by-step guide for you to follow up.

#2. Facebook

Any social networking site may provide personal information. For instance, the respective person’s education, relationship status, graduation, etc., and birthday. However, Facebook is an exceptionally impressive option for acquiring such information.

Aside from that, there are extremely few odds that the individual hasn’t already shared their birthdays on Facebook.

  • Open your friend’s account to find out his/her date of birth.
  • Now, go to the option See “user name” About Info button. That will help you find out the birthdate of that individual.
find someone's birthday with Facebook
  • In the Basic facts section, you may quickly find out a person’s date of birth.
Basic facts section

Some Facebook users refuse to provide even the most basic of information. For instance, they don’t expose where they went to school, where they live, and what day they were born.

As a result, you may choose Photos from the menu bar and then navigate through the images. That will let you check whether a photo from the birthday has been posted there.

choose Photos from the menu bar

Reading the respective caption will quickly reveal that the picture was taken on the subject’s birthday.

Reading the respective caption

#3. Snapchat

On Snapchat, you can find out about your neighbor’s or coworker’s birthday. However, you can do that only on the day of the event. However, you may see their birthday month anytime you like.

Let’s look at the approaches for both scenarios. Also, you should begin with the way for determining whether or not someone does have a birthday today.

  • Make sure that the person who has the birthday is a Snapchat buddy. Have they been added to the friend list? If so, you must now open Snapchat and slide left to see the chat list.
  • Afterward, you must swipe through your friend list until you identify the respective individual. That means the one whom you wish to confirm whether or not today is their birthday.
  • If today is their special day, you’ll see a cake symbol next to their name.
see a cake symbol next to their name

You may send them a Snapchat message or contact them directly now that you know their birthday.

Consider the scenario where you know your wife/birthday girlfriend’s date but not the month. Snapchat, on the other hand, is more than willing to offer you such information.

  • Go to the profile of the individual whose birthday month you’re interested in learning about.
find someone's birthday with Snapchat
  • Now, simply swipe up to view that person’s Birthstone under Charms.
view that person's Birthstone under Charms

So, that is a good method to find someone’s birthday without necessarily asking them.

#4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn may also be used if you wonder how to find someone’s birthday. However, it should only be used as a last option. This is because when someone tends to check their LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn informs the other person.

As a result, you’ll have to explain why you were looking at their profile.

If the targeted person has been added to the networks, perform the following procedures to find their birthdate.

  • Open the LinkedIn application and choose My Network from the menu.
find someone's birthday via Linkin
  • In the following step, choose Manage My Network.
choose Manage My Network
  • After that, you must touch on Connections.
touch on Connections
  • Go to the profile of the person whose birthday you wish to know.
Go to the profile of the person
  • Now go to the bottom of the Contact tab, where you’ll see their birthdate.
Contact tab

There’s no guarantee that you’ll see their birthdate on their LinkedIn page. That is because some individuals want to keep that information private.

Unknown to most people, there is a way to check someone’s LinkedIn page anonymously. So, what if you don’t want to take the chance of informing that individual that you examined their profile? Then, it’s preferable to do it secretly.

#5. WhatsApp

There isn’t a place in WhatsApp for you to get someone’s birthday information.

However, if you often communicate with that individual over WhatsApp, there’s a slight possibility. If you wish them on WhatsApp on their birthday the prior year, that arises.

If you recall having that chat, scroll down to locate it. The discussion has a date stamp, so you can see when their birthday is. That is the only way to find someone’s birthday using WhatsApp.

2. Find Someone’s Birthday by Calling a Friend

You can simply call a friend of yours and find someone’s birthday with ease. Explaining this step is unnecessary because you can simply do it with common sense.

3. Find Someone’s Birthday with a Conversation

If you play well with words, you don’t need anything or anybody to find out about a person’s birthday.

Using basic conversation skills, you may simply convince that individual to reveal their birthday. 

4. Extract the Respective Person’s Documents

You can also try to find that person’s documents and acquire information. However, be sure to know your limits and not go through other personal information. It is unethical. In this case, documents like a college ID, driving license, or even a resume can help you.

Part 2: Get the Assistance of a Platform to Find Someone’s Birthday 

The sole reason we provided those free options was to save some money on searching for someone’s birthday.

But, if all of the free methods fail, I assume there’s nothing more you can do. It’s time to look at some paid ways of determining the birthdays of people you know.

1. Golookup

Some incredible websites on the internet house millions of individuals’ data.

Golookup is an example of a website that gains access to information on ordinary people. And that will share the information with you. This is exactly how you can quickly find out the birthdays of your beloved using Golookup.

  • Visit the official website of Golookup and enter the name & state of the target individual. Once you’ve entered that information, choose the Search option.
find someone's birthday with Golookup
  • On the screen, all persons with the same name will show. You must utilize the individual’s location, age, and associated people’s information. As a result, you can find the person you are searching for.
  • Tap on Access Report if the respective data matches the individual whose birthday you want to know.
Access Report
  • After completing the report, you must acknowledge that you’re eighteen years old or older. After that, you are not obtaining the information to harm that individual. You must also agree to the terms and conditions of Golookup.
agree to the terms and conditions of Golookup
  • Enter the email ID and click on the option labeled “CONTINUE.”
Enter the email ID
  • Finally, enter the card information and choose the option VIEW REPORT. That is how to find someone’s birthday with Golookup.

Part 3: Use a Spy App

As you know, there can be millions of persons with the same name on public records. As a result, there is no assurance you’ll discover the person you’re looking for.

You may even use spy applications if you wonder how to find someone’s birthday. mSpy is an app that specifically collects information from the target’s phone. Then, they will put it on their custom-built site.


Suppose the individual whose birthday you care about has a Google Calendar app on an Android smartphone. The same type of app is available on iPhones as well. That said, finding out his or her birthday can be a breeze.

Assume that you’ve purchased and installed the spy software on their smartphones. In that case, all you have to do now is go to its Calendar area on the target device. Then, you can search for your birthday.

You’ll be able to tell when they were born since it will say “Happy birthday” beneath the description.

However, if you decide to use spy software, be sure not to invade their privacy.

The only reason you’re using the spy software is to find out their birthday. Be sure you don’t attempt to snoop at their discussions, images, or other private information.


1. Is it legal to search for someone’s birthday online anonymously?

Yes, it is legal to search for someone’s birthday online anonymously as long as you adhere to privacy laws and ethical guidelines. Respect the person’s privacy and ensure that your actions do not infringe upon any legal boundaries.

2. Are there any websites or services that specialize in finding someone’s birthday?

Yes, there are websites and services specifically designed to help people find someone’s birthday. These platforms often require registration or payment and offer access to databases that contain birthday information.

3. Can I find someone’s birthday on social media platforms alone?

While social media platforms can provide valuable clues, finding someone’s birthday solely through these platforms can be challenging. It’s recommended to explore other methods such as online directories, public records, and engaging with mutual contacts.

4. Should I disclose my intentions when seeking someone’s birthday anonymously?

It’s generally advisable not to disclose your intentions when searching for someone’s birthday anonymously. Respecting the person’s privacy and keeping your actions discreet can help you gather information without raising suspicions.

5. What should I do if I cannot find someone’s birthday anonymously online?

If your attempts to find someone’s birthday anonymously online are unsuccessful, consider reaching out directly to the person or accepting that the information might not be readily available. Respect the individual’s privacy and remember that some information might be intentionally kept private.


Regardless of how you expect to find someone’s birthday, be sure that you use that information responsibly. Never share their information with third parties.

After finding the birthday, avoid searching for other personal information. Respect their privacy; no one wants others to read their personal data.


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