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Best Crafting Survival Games on PS4


Written by Jack Lin

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Crafting Survival Games PS4

Of course, crafting survival games on PS4 is a new rage today. While they may be new to the gaming world, the popularity of these games has exploded, and you will find hundreds and thousands of such gaming titles today that focus on exploration and crafting.

These games are available in various types. While some are survival games, there are many that are not. The main aim of these games is to get you to think creatively and craft items for farming or survival.

Crafting games is mostly about discovering new things that you can create. Here, let’s look into some of the best crafting survival games on PS4.

Best Crafting Survival Games on PS4

Here is the list of the best crafting survival games on PS4:

1. Dig or Die

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Dig or Die is considered one of the top crafting survival games on PS4. Inspired by Terraria, Dig or Die is a healthy mix of crafting and defense, completed with platforming and side-scrolling elements.

The game is about you, as the protagonist, who has crash-landed on an alien planet. Here, you need to start digging so that you can find the resources you require to stay protected and hidden before aliens try to eat you up.

Apart from the obvious crafting aspect, another great thing about Dig or Die is that you will have to survive the hostile alien environment and also start working to build a spaceship.

Additionally, your primary task will be to build your own home and keep upgrading your defense system. This game is perfect for anyone new to crafting gameplay.

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2. Creativerse

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Creativerse is a free-to-play game that has been hailed as the biggest Minecraft competitor. While Minecraft has more user-friendly menus and looks, Creativerse offers better gameplay.

Considered one of the top crafting survival games on PS4, this particular title focuses more on attacking and looting the enemy. Additionally, the variety available in the biomes allows it to be one of the top games for multiplayer gaming.

Of course, the game has been working on some major updates like rotatable blocks and camera modes. Then, there is also the Creativerse Pro DLC, which offers you a wide range of upgrades like inventory upgrades, stamina, a glider, and the ability to create your world.

3. My Time at Portia

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My Time at Portia is one of the new crafting survival games on PS4. However, this game soon became quite popular, thanks to the amazing gameplay. It is all about running your own workshop and crafting things for the people of Portia.

With the help of mining, you will find a lot of resources that you can use to create a wide range of objects like food, furniture, etc. While all the other games are about survival or aesthetic reasons, My Time at Portia is all about getting your job done.

You will earn a lot of commissions each day for fulfilling the quests from the people of Portia, which means that you will have to craft very specific items.

4. Junk Jack

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If you love crafting survival games on PS4, then you should definitely check out Junk Jack. Of course, the survival intensity of this game is less of a challenge than the others mentioned in this article.

While the game is quite relaxing, it does offer a lot of depth. You can choose whether you want to do something as simple as putting together items to create something entirely new or want to have a more difficult crafting experience via the grid.

You can simply choose to build a cozy home that is finished with various household items. And You can also breed an animal farm or spend time farming or catching fish.

While there is a lot of combat action in this game, it is quite less than others. This way, you can focus more attention on building your virtual home.

5. No Man’s Sky

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This is one of the crafting survival games on PS4 that is based on crafting and exploring the space.

Additionally, this game is also about survival. Similar to Dig or Die, you crash-land on an alien planet, and your task is to explore the world and look for items that can help you repair your ship and get you off the ground.

Via exploring, you will find a lot of tools that can improve your ship or trade. You can easily spend a lot of hours playing this game – there are just so many things that you can do here, right from exploring and discovering to crafting and mining.

You can also sell some of your resources to buy a brand new ship. The 2019 release of the game has added VR support.

6. Craft the World

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This is a game where you will spend most of your time underground. It is definitely one of the top crafting survival games on PS4. You play the role of a cave-dwelling dwarf.

As you keep building your underground world, it will also increase the dwarf population. Once you have gathered enough dwarfs, you can head to battles with other teams.

Of course, this game may sound more like a Terraria-styled game. However, it is more like a real-time strategy game. The gameplay will keep you engrossed for hours on end.

This game is perfect for anyone who is looking for fantasy building and crafting survival games with some battles against other teams or fantasy monsters like the Beholders.

7. Dragon Quest Builders 1 and 2

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When you look at this game for the first time, both editions of Dragon Quest Builders may feel like a knock-off of Minecraft. Of course, the blocks are almost ditto, etc. However, the difference here is that DQB also has a story mode, and you have the choice to craft recognizable items.

Dragon Quest Builders is considered one of the best crafting survival games on PS4 today. You play the role of the protagonist who has to bring peace and order to places he visits.

Additionally, you will also have to rebuild their towns and protect them against monsters. You will find a lot of collecting and mining activities here; additionally, you can also craft furniture and build classic castles and buildings.

8. Graveyard Keeper

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In this game, crafting refers to ‘farming.’ Yes, this means that you will be able to grow and harvest crops. However, this will not be like a standard farm. Instead, you will have to dig to create graveyards for all the dead bodies that land on your doorstep.

Of course, this does not mean that you can simply dig a hole and dump it in the body. Burying a body in the graveyard is all about science, right from the embalming process to creating graves.

This is quite a unique game that has focused on a lot of the finer details. Your job here will be to create a partly automated and modern graveyard. Additionally, you will also have to look for other sources of income.

9. Space Engineers

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Most of the games are about crafting pickaxes, bows, shovels, and other medieval tools. If you are looking for some crafting survival games on PS4 that take a modern take on crafting, then Space Engineers is the perfect choice for you.

This game is set in outer space; however, this does not mean that you will find the generic hostile robots or colorful aliens here.

The game is based on the 2013 film, Gravity. Once you get over your initial shock, you will have to start crafting to get back home.

However, the crafting here is unlike others – developer Keen Software House have worked with NASA to create a very realistic experience that you will perhaps not find anywhere else.

10. Factorio

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Factorio is one of the best crafting survival games on PS4; while it may be all about gathering the resources, harvesting, and crafting, it is very complex. You start by crash-landing on an alien planet, and you need to start building a rocket from scratch to return back home.

However, it is easier said than done. As previously mentioned, this game is very complicated, and you would require a lot of resources to reach the end-game.

You will first have to craft a factory so that you can later create components for your rocket. This game has often been described as a real-time sink by professional gamers.

11. Raft

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Raft is one of the crafting survival games on PS4 that will take you on a journey to the high seas. Your home base will be a raft. When you start, you will have nothing more than a few planks. However, you can acquire other items to grow your raft swiftly.

Of course, this game is not all about smooth sailing. You will encounter sharks as they are lured to your floating home. And You will also have to deal with other dangers like unwanted visitors, dehydration, and starvation.

You can also fish for food and explore the nearby islands for resources. While the game is still in its early access, it will be quite interesting to see what the game churns out.

12. Rust

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Rust is one of those crafting survival games on PS4 that is based on the wilderness. However, unlike most others, this game has a very real-world art style and graphics. It has a lot to do with realism, especially when it comes to crafting.

You will have to craft tools so that you can build a shelter for yourself to protect against bears, wolves, and NPC players who will try to raid and kill you.

This is a great choice for gamers who are on the lookout for games that are based upon survival and also want a gritty storyline and more realism.

13. Forager

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When you look at crafting, it will look like the smooth and soothing repeated motions of foraging. Every aspect of crafting, like gathering, building, etc., becomes hypnotic.

In this sense, Forager is one of the crafting survival games on PS4 that is a bit different. Crafting goes off the rails, right from building defense systems like laser beams to engaging in capitalism with the leftovers.

Of course, there is almost nothing that you do not know about when it comes to crafting features like exploring, gathering, and building.

However, Forager is a clicker game. Its simplicity is the reason why it is one of the top crafting survival games today.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Q: Can I play these crafting survival games on my PS4 console? A: Yes, all the games mentioned in this article are available for PS4.
  2. Q: Are these games available in multiplayer mode? A: Many of these games offer multiplayer features, allowing you to enjoy the survival experience with friends.
  3. Q: Which game has the most realistic survival mechanics? A: The Long Dark is known for its realistic survival mechanics, including managing hunger, fatigue, and cold.
  4. Q: Can I customize my character or base in these games? A: Yes, most of these games offer customization options, allowing you to personalize your character and build impressive bases.
  5. Q: Are there any crafting survival games with a story-driven narrative? A: Subnautica and The Forest both offer intriguing storylines that unfold as you progress through the game.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned games are some of the best crafting survival games on PS4. You can easily try these games out for your PS4 or any other console.

The main aim for most of these craft-related games is survival. You have to be very strategic, especially when it comes to gathering and using your resources.

If you think you are a very strategic gamer, you can easily try your hands on these marvelous titles.


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