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Written by Jack Lin

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Just like many other social networking applications that are highly rated for dating purposes, Chatous is also a dating platform for teens, which facilitates them to chat with strangers easily.

And, it is also possible for the users to share images while chatting via this application. You will not have to pay anything to be able to download the Chatous chat app. But there are some in-app purchases available out there in the application.

Let’s dig out some more useful facts about the app.

Introduction to Chatous

What is Chatous?

Chatous is a mobile and desktop-based platform that allows users to connect with strangers across the globe via text, voice, and video chat. Its unique feature is its anonymity – you can interact with others without revealing your identity. In this review, we’ll break down the key features, pros, cons, and users’ experiences with Chatous.


Key Features of Chatous

Chatous stands out in the crowded field of chat apps due to its unique features. Let’s delve into them:

Random Matching

Just like drawing a name out of a hat, Chatous matches you with random users, ensuring each conversation is unique and unpredictable.

User Privacy

Anonymity and privacy are at the core of Chatous. You can choose to use an alias instead of your real name, and all conversations are encrypted for added security.

Video and Text Chat

Chatous offers both video and text chat options, so you can choose the medium that you’re most comfortable with.

How to Use Chatous

Using Chatous is a breeze. Here’s a brief guide:

Registration Process

Signing up is simple and straightforward. You can either use an existing social media account to sign in or use your email.

The user interface is intuitive, and finding your way around the platform is quite straightforward.

Is It Safe To Use Chatous Chat App?

If you are a parent, there is no doubt that you must be concerned about the safety of your kids while using this Chatous app. A question must arise in your mind, whether it is safe for your kids to use this app.

As Chatous is a social networking platform through which your children meet new people or strangers, it is not safe at all.

Some of the most important reasons why it is not safe are as follows:

  • There are a large number of fake profiles. The identity shown by a person with whom your child is chatting may or may not be true.
  • Interaction with strangers brings many risks.
  • With this app, it is possible for sexual predators to access teens or kids of the desired age by searching on the basis of age criteria. Hence they can also target the age group of 13-17 years.
  • The feature of videos and photo sharing may also be one of your safety concerns. That’s because you will not be aware of which images and videos are being shared by your kid or teen.

Hence, keeping in mind the facts mentioned above, keeping your children away from the Chatous app will be better.

By the way, here are the best stranger chat apps for your reference.

What About Age Restrictions To Use Chatous App?

If we refer to the latest regulations, the minimum age required for using an application that helps in connecting and chatting with strange people is 18 years.

But, on the other hand, only the age limit of 13 years has been set by the application. You, as a parent, may be surprised to get to know that.

Why Kids Love Chatous Chat App?

Everyone knows that kids always have a desire to explore easy ways to socialize. There are many applications available out there, which can help them to perform this task. Chatous chat app is also one of them.

With this app, kids and teens can easily get connected to strangers. It is also possible for them to keep their anonymity protected while chatting with others. There are also some other interesting features like photo sharing and video chatting, which fascinate the kids and teens a lot.

Apart from all mentioned above, the most important reason for the kids to like this dating app is that there is no system for age verification in the app for controlling age-restricted access.

However, the minimum age for using it is 17 years. The absence of a specific age verification system motivates the kids a lot to start using it.

Getting Started With Chatous Chat App

Once you are done downloading the Chatous App, you are good to send and receive audio messages, pictures, etc. Apart from messages and photos, it is also possible to make video calls with other users.

The app provides a video call facility with high resolution. It is just a tap of some icons, which you will need to use all these functionalities.

While being on the app’s interface, you will be delighted to notice the user-friendliness and smartness of the interface. Its user-friendly interface makes it comfortable for a user to perform navigations even if the user is not highly technical.

The app allows you to create a profile of your own in it. You can also upload a picture and add a short description as well. The app allows you to change your display name anytime you desire.

By changing the display name, it becomes possible for you to stop being searched by that name. The app will send you a real-time notification once you are done with creating your profile page.

By the way, click here to figure out how to find someone on Tinder effortlessly.

Compatibility Of Chatous App

When it comes to the compatibility of the Chatous app, you will find it compatible not only with iPhone devices but also with iPad devices. Apart from these devices, it is also possible to use them on a desktop.

While you are using it on phone devices, you will need to install this mobile app. But on the other side, to use it on a desktop computer, you will need to visit its website.

Technical Pros & Cons Of Chatous Chat App

As far as the technical pros and cons of the Chatous chat App are concerned, you can refer to the details I have provided below:


  • The interface of the application is quite basic and easy to use (or user-friendly).
  • You will find the options for messages & conversations synced to the web platform.
  • The app offers awesome cross-platform capability.
  • There is also available an option of chat link.
  • The option for clearing audio messages is also available for you to make use of.
  • Videos are also of high definition.
  • The feature of photos is available in high-definition.
  • The feature of anonymity is also there to keep the identity protected.


  • You can be annoyed by receiving notifications from a large number of people at a time.
  • You cannot use the Chatous chat app without having access to the internet. The availability of the internet is a must for it.
  • There can also be situations of receiving notifications from very few people at a particular time.

Chatous App Alternatives

As far as the alternatives to the Chatous chat app are concerned, several options are available in the online world.

Out of them all, I have listed below the top-5 best ones for you to have a quick look at:

Besides, if you wish to know how to hack WhatsApp chat history, just read more.

1) Kik

Kik is free to use. You can use it on Apple, Android, and Windows phones. The application is also considered to be a popular alternative to SMS text messaging.

Chatous Chat App alternative - Kik

2) MeowChat

MeowChat is another alternative in the list and can be used to connect people all over the world.

Chatous Chat App alternative - MeowChat

3) Badoo

Badoo is actually a combination of both a social media platform and a dating app. And it can also be considered to be an alternative to the Chatous chat app.

Chatous Chat App alternative - Badoo

4) Camsurf

Camsurf is another app used to meet strangers or new friends residing all over the world.

Chatous Chat App alternative - Camsurf

5) FaceFlow

FaceFlow is free to use, and there is no need to make any downloads. With this app, you can easily get connected with your friends via online chat or video chat.

Chatous Chat App alternative - FaceFlow

Parents’ Responsibilities

No need to panic about seeing your child using the Chatous chat app. That’s because this is the age of the internet, and today the life of teens and kids is centered on the internet or the online world.

Instead of panicking in such a situation, creating an environment where your children may feel comfortable having an open conversation with you without any hesitation is recommended.

A conversation will help you control the situation better without hurting or punishing your child. Thus you will be able to supervise your child’s dating, which is never safe for young kids or teens if unsupervised by guardians or parents. Remember that punishment is never a solution and will not help you control the situation.

Apart from the things mentioned above, there are some other responsibilities that parents will have to take. They are mentioned below:

● Monitoring Online Activities

Monitoring the online activities of children has become quite necessary for parents nowadays. Purpose to make it possible, there have emerged many apps in the market. One of the highly-rated applications for monitoring online activities is FamiSafe.

With this app, you will be able to control how the internet is surfed by your children easily. The app provides many useful tools. Some of the important tools are as follows:

Monitor Your Kid’s Whereabouts

This feature offered by FamiSafe is really awesome. With this feature, the app will send you an alert whenever your kid leaves the geofences set by you.

Hence, it is possible for you to easily monitor him or her whenever they leave for a date with a stranger.

Sounds great? The app is also capable of tracking their location. In addition, there are also features of Smart Schedule and Screen Time.


The App Blocker

FamiSafe also offers “The App Blocker” tool with the use of which you can block the apps you don’t want your kids to have access to.

So with this parental control application, you can easily block the Chatous chat app on your kid’s phone.

Famisafe App Blocker

● Privacy Protection

You, as a parent, must realize that privacy protection is a very critical thing to do for your children in this era of social networking. You should make sure that your children don’t share any information, which is quite vital.

As you very well understand that online dating is never safe from a privacy and safety point of view. It is your responsibility to be always aware of who your kids are sharing their information with. Moreover, you should also be aware of who they are sharing geographical information with.



  1. Is Chatous safe to use? Yes, Chatous uses robust encryption and allows for anonymous usage, enhancing user safety.
  2. Can I use Chatous without registering? No, you need to register to use Chatous, but you can sign up using an alias for anonymity.
  3. Is Chatous free? Yes, Chatous is free to use, but it offers a premium version with additional features.
  4. Can I use Chatous on my desktop? Yes, Chatous is available on both desktop and mobile devices.
  5. How does Chatous match users? Chatous uses a random matching algorithm to connect users, ensuring each conversation is unique.

Final Words

For a teen to start using the Chatous chat app, he or she must be at least 17 years old. And I would also not recommend you use it if you are under 18. However, there is no system for age verification in the app.


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