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Best Arcade Sticks Make Your Gaming Sessions More Entertaining


Written by Jack Lin

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Best Arcade Sticks

Your virtual fighting session can give you the best experience only with the fight sticks. When you think of stepping up your game and smashing your opponents, these fight sticks will be your perfect companion.

Using these arcade sticks, you can easily make complicated movements and keep away from the difficulty of using the buttons. 

Although there are PS4 and Xbox One controllers, you can never avoid the use of arcade sticks. But, which fight sticks are the right choice for your arcade fighting games? Check the review of the best arcade joystick models on the market.

1. Best Fight Stick – Qanba Drone Joystick

Best Fight Stick - Qanba Drone Joystick

The first released arcade stick from Qanba is the Drone. It is easy to set it up on your PS4 and PS3 controllers.  By using a switch, you can choose the right platform. Moreover, Qanba Drone is compatible with PC.

The proper placement of eight buttons and the joystick lever are some other attractions of this fight stick. You can find the space to place your wrists comfortably.

The authentically designed Qanba stick has sturdy Sanwa buttons. Furthermore, you will find Mode and Turbo with LED indicators. During your gaming sessions, you will have no discomfort due to the presence of the LOCK button.

The response time of the Qanba Drone arcade stick is very short, and it does not produce much sound. Another interesting feature of this stick is the presence of an anti-slip bottom to ensure stability.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Highly responsive buttons
  • Special honeycomb design
  • Much portable


  • USB cable- Not lengthy

PS: here are the great SCUF Alternative controllers for your reference.


Best Fight Stick - MAYFLASH F300

Beginners can try out Mayflash F300 to get a budget-friendly fight stick. They can use it with any platform, including Android, PS3, PC, PS3, XBOX360, XBOX ONE, and Nintendo Switch.

The overall setup is easy. But, the buttons do not feel good. There is a Start button with 8 buttons that are easily customizable. You can store the long cord to avoid a mess.


  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy design
  • Universal stick


Very small

3. Razer Panthera Street Fighter V

Best Fight Stick - Razer Panthera Street Fighter V

Razer Panthera is one of the popular choices for retro fighters and eSports enthusiasts. You can buy the Xbox-friendly updated version of your Atrox arcade stick. Although the shape is not innovative, the buttons and internal components are easily accessible. The stick is now compatible with the Sony consoles. 

The stick has some padding on its underside. However, the overall design is slightly bigger than other similar models. Moreover, the Sanwa parts always favorited the arcade game players, and that’s why Razer Panthera sticks have easily attracted them.

The eight buttons are responsive. The side part has two buttons, which look like the Share and Start buttons of PS4 controllers. The Lock Switch prevents you from hitting them accidentally. With Razer Panthera, you will enjoy customized gaming sessions on your PC, PS3, and PS4.


  • Premium feel
  • Several customization options
  • Beautiful design


  • Some usability issues
  • High cost

4. Victrix PS4 Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick

Best Fight Stick - Victrix PS4 Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick

It is another high-quality fight stick with dark gray, brushed top case made of aluminum. The minimalistic design is one of the major attractions to the buyers. Other notable features include USB-C and easy-to-use internals.  The Pro FS provides you with a joystick and Sanwa Denshi buttons.

There are 8 arcade buttons configured in a Taito Vewlix-style to make you feel comfortable. You can easily press them on your need. You can bend the ball-style joystick in any direction. And you may detach the joystick at any time.

The system-level buttons include audio controls, PlayStation Home button, lighting, and Pro macro buttons. The Pro FS is slightly bigger than other models. The built-in handles are easy to adjust. The backside has metal attachments, and you may fit a shoulder strap. The Pro FS adds fun to your gameplay session. You can make a nice click to play your games.


  • Comfortable design
  • Give you a good feel
  • High-quality Sanwa arcade parts


  • No PS4 touchpad

5. HORI Real Arcade Pro.V Kai Fighting Stick

HORI Real Arcade Pro.V Kai Fighting Stick

To win your favorite fighting games, Kai Fighting Stick is the perfect choice for you. You can switch between different platforms using a control. The high-tech arcade stick has a sleek chassis with metallic accents.

You can reduce the input load by 10 to 15%. Moreover, the Kuro buttons do not wear away easily. The responsive buttons are in a two-row Vewlix position.

Using the right-hand side of the arcade stick, you can swap between Xbox 360 and Xbox One modes. You may adjust the joystick in a way that it can work like a D-pad.

On the facial part of the arcade stick, there is a View/Menu button with two modes. The button will not work with the View mode (default). In the Menu mode, it works like a Start control.


  • Multiple modes
  • Long cord
  • Responsive buttons


  • The bottom grip- Not strong

6. Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Alpha

Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Alpha

Although Mad Catz has gained attention for its premium-grade arcade sticks, FightStick Alpha is an entry-level product. This small, portable model has a joystick with 6 action buttons.

But, while checking the height, you can find that it is slightly taller. The underside padded prevents the arcade stick from sliding around. You can buy this fight stick for using it with PS3 and PS4.

The versatile arcade stick works best for any type of fighting game. This model also includes a modifier button helping you to deal with the right and left D-pad. Moreover, the USB connectivity ensures low latency.


  • Cool visuals
  • Portable design
  • Distinct look


  • Not mod-friendly

7. MAYFLASH Universal Arcade FIGHTSTICK F500


Mayflash F500 is one of the highly competent fight sticks in the present market. Although it is slightly costlier, you will get value.

You will feel different with the joystick available with Mayflash F500. While using a console, you have to connect the controller and the micro USB cable. However, make sure that you have clicked on the right mode based on the chosen platform.

There are two metal plates at the bottom and top to keep the model secure.  Moreover, you can find a small compartment to store your USB cable. The bottom panel has 6 screws, and novices can customize the arcade stick based on their preferences.

While using the F500 arcade stick with your PC, you can switch between Direct Input and XINPUT using a control on the left side.  In most of the games, you may need to use XINPUT.


  • Headphone Jack
  • Easy to customize fight stick
  • Octagonal plate


  • Non-Sanwa parts
  • Complicated setup

8. Qanba Dragon Joystick

Qanba Dragon Joystick

The Qanba Dragon arcade stick has won the hearts of several virtual players for its sturdy hardware parts and impeccable performance. However, you need slight force to press its buttons.

The noticeable one is the Share button, as you have to press it twice to turn on the gameplay recording process. The most advantageous feature is the turbo feature found in most other modern arcade joysticks.

As the Dragon has a bulky design, you may not fit it into your standard backpack. It is better to buy Qanba’s Aegis bag. You can place this best arcade stick on your lap while playing games.

The overall design is intuitive. You can easily manage the cord. The LED light adds clarity to the design.  

You may try out this arcade stick due to its mod-friendly design and compatibility with different PS systems.


  • Swift customizations
  • Easy interior access
  • Strong build


  • Stiff buttons

9. PXN 0082 Arcade Stick

PXN 0082

PXN-0082 has gained positive feedback from several players. Manufacturers have implemented suction cups, and you will find high stability. There is no issue with the latency. However, you must not use this stick for any non-fighting game.

The build quality is fine, and the monochromatic design adds aesthetic value. The most noticeable thing is the combination of turbo and macro functions. The stick includes a 1-button release combo skill.

Due to the ergonomic mode, you will feel comfortable. You may easily press the 8 buttons. The metal joystick has a spherical smooth design to ensure high precision and optimal performance.

You can use this arcade stick with plats, like PC, PS, and Android TV. Based on the type of chosen games, you may switch between the direction stick and D-pad using the joystick. The cable length is about 2.2 m.


  • No dead zone and latency
  • No sliding problem
  • Long USB cable


  • Look slightly dull

10. Razer Atrox Dragon Ball Fighter Z 

Razer Atrox Dragon Ball Fighter Z

With superior quality Sanwa parts and 10 functional buttons, Dragon Ball Fighter Z offers a tournament-grade, authentic design. The detachable cord is less than 10 feet. Like other models, you will find a rubber base to prevent slipping issues.

This arcade stick is best for those who love modding. You can easily switch between joysticks and buttons to enjoy your gaming sessions.  

By tapping a button, you can access the storage space. Store your screwdriver, cable, and joystick in this space. Moreover, you can easily deactivate the Select/Share options, PS buttons, and Start/Options buttons.

You may feel comfortable carrying the fight stick, as it has a standard weight. The profile of Razer Atrox is much wide, and it is compatible with several arcade games.


  • Easily moddable
  • Solid performance
  • Visually attractive


  • The cables are not strong.

Guide to Buying the Best Arcade / Fight Sticks

You have already gone through the list of the most reliable arcade sticks. However, how do you decide on the right one for your needs? Focus on some relevant factors to make your decision on the best fight sticks.


It is essential to consider the platform on which a fight stick is going to be used. Most arcade sticks work with PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. However, some sticks are for a particular platform.


Fight sticks are available in a range of dimensions. Some of them have a compact design, while others have massive plates. Choose the preferred size to buy your fight sticks.


It is the most important feature to let you replace buttons and joysticks at any time. The mod-friendly arcade sticks have tools to replace the stick.

Type of connection

There are wireless and wired sticks. The wireless ones have Bluetooth technology and batteries.


There are two major parts to the stick. The top part is different for every stick. You may choose between ball top and teardrop.


Quality buttons are easy to press without much effort. Moreover, space between is also an important factor in fighting stick buyers.

Cable Compartment

The USB cable is very long, and thus, some brands add a special compartment to store the cable.

Are you now ready to play your games with arcade sticks? The best quality branded fight sticks have innovative features and ergonomic designs. You can find differences in sizes. Based on your needs, you have to purchase the right one for your purpose.

Final Verdict

Finding the right arcade stick enhances your gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting out, there’s an arcade stick out there that’s perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Can I use an arcade stick for all types of games? A: While you can technically use an arcade stick for any game, they’re best suited for fighting and arcade-style games.
  2. Q: Are arcade sticks compatible with all gaming platforms? A: Most arcade sticks are compatible with multiple platforms, but it’s always best to check the product specifications to be sure.
  3. Q: Are more expensive arcade sticks always better? A: Not necessarily. While higher-priced arcade sticks often have more features and higher-quality components, there are plenty of affordable options that perform well.
  4. Q: How do I maintain my arcade stick? A: Regular cleaning and occasional part replacements will help keep your arcade stick in good working condition.
  5. Q: Is it difficult to customize an arcade stick? A: It depends on the model. Some arcade sticks are designed for easy modding, while others may require more technical skills.


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