The 12 Weakest Pokemon Cards Ever

Do you think it is worth knowing the weakest Pokemon card? If so, keep reading and find them here.

As you may already know, some Pokemon cards have horrible features and hardly any use. Therefore, many of those cards are forgotten.

Weakest Pokemon Card 

There is no shortage of debates about what determines a strong Pokemon card. Many gaming enthusiasts can succeed with options such as Charizard in Pokemon Red and Blue. They also use a diverse damage attack.

However, you can use Ferrothorn with some strange stats when it comes to competitive battles. Then, you can move with substantial power. So, there are many aspects to make a Pokemon card strong.

On the other hand, recognizing the weakest Pokemon card is exceptionally easy. Most of those cards are outclassed by new Pokemon cards in every game you play. Because of that, pretty much all the weak Pokemon cards are obsolete.

Nevertheless, some of those cards are adorable. Mentioned below are some of the weakest Pokemon card options you can try.

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01. Abra

Weakest Pokemon Card - Abra

Well, if you are a fan of Pokemon, you already know how indisputable Alakazam is. This is more of a powerhouse that can crush the enemies and souls and shatter their dreams. For two decades, that has been a very powerful option.

You never want to mess with the glorious mustache. However, at first, it was Abra that appeared when you encounter the respective species in the wild.

This is a pretty defenseless and feeble option. This weakest Pokemon card has only one move. It can perform teleporting only. This comes with a Special Attack and some Speed stats for a 1st form.

However, you won’t find them useful because this card doesn’t learn any of the attacks. It learns those attacks only after evolving into Kadabra. However, the worse thing is that it becomes an Alakazam after trading.

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02. Zubat


Zubat is a poisonous bat that demands attention. This specific card appears almost every five steps in any given Pokemon cave. It is a useless approach for the grinding experience. The evolution of the Golbat is not an improvement.

Instead, it maximizes the friendship stats and will evolve into Crobat. However, it will take years off the life.

This specific Pokemon is more of a monster rather than a monster. It has already become a symbol of irritation in the Pokemon world. It is not a lovable member of the Pokedex. Many individuals consider Zubat to be the weakest Pokemon card.

03. Luvdisc

Weakest Pokemon Card - Luvdisc

This is included in our list of weakest Pokemon card options for obvious reasons. The Pokemon world has a good share of the strife. However, the franchise keeps trying to keep it because it is cute, friendly, and adorable.

Therefore, the existence of this marine Pokemon is just to make couples happy. You cannot necessarily expect something fairer from a Pokemon card.

Well, you can find the real disappointment when you look at its moves and stats. As per this card, it can’t deal damage. Individuals often think Alomomola in Pokemon Black & White will be the much-needed evolution.

However, it is not connected to the new Pokemon. They remain as pointless value addition.

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04. Pumpkaboo


Interestingly, most of the weakest Pokemon card options also fall into the oldest category. However, Pumkaboo is an exemption in this case. This specific card is very neat because each of those types comes in different sizes.

However, the truth is that it doesn’t allow you to reach high stats. Even after its evolution (to Gourgeist), you don’t get high enough stats. Also, you will not find anything spectacular if you compare it with other Pokemon.

05. Snom

Weakest Pokemon Card - Snom

Snom card and Frosmoth (evolution) is known as Sword & Shield newcomers. Before the game’s release, there was some hope that Frosmoth would work as an equivalent to Ice-Type Volcarona.

It is a pretty fearsome attacker with special abilities. Also, it has a major setup threat. However, it requires massive work to configure a sweep along with Frosmoth.

This is not that surprising at all if you intend to take a look at the Frosmoth. It doesn’t have a base beyond 45 because it has a very low speed (20).

Also, it offers two moves in the learning set, Powder Snow and Struggle Bug. Frosmoth can do a significant lifting thanks to the hidden ability it possesses. That has the ability to half the special attack damages.

However, the previous version is not good enough to comply even with baby Pokemon standards.

06. Eevee


Many Pokemon characters are good only after their evolvement. However, Eevee is considered to be one of the well-known Pokemon that hasn’t received any improvement.

That means it doesn’t show any nice characteristics even after its evolvement. Every move with these cards remains pretty blunt.

This card cannot be used even when most of the other Pokemon cards appear and get by. So, having this card is useless for any gamer.

07. Plusle & Minimum

Weakest Pokemon Card - Plusle & Minum

These cards are known to be the weakest cards related to the pika-clones on each release of the game. These cards were introduced as a complementary tag team partner with some abilities to boost the stats of each other.

Then, it boosts each other’s stats and gives an edge in the Double Battle system in Ruby & Sapphire.

Although it sounds pretty nice, the catch is that this feature is connected to incredibly weak Cheering Pokemon. They don’t have many attacks apart from the electric-type moves.

Moreover, there are plenty of fairly weak cards, such as Spark. Theoretically, they are supposed to be strong. However, they are pointless in reality, and there is no sufficient buff.

08. Bidoof


The players will have some simple foes when it comes to the early stages of your Pokemon adventure. These foes are Pidgeys, Rattatas, Lilipups, and so on.

They will teach you the fundamentals of battling as well as catching. None of those Pokemon cards are as useless as Bidoof, however.  

Apart from the manual labor you should put in, Bidoof has no moves or abilities. Also, it doesn’t have any stat boosts. So, you don’t find a reason to use this card.

09. Shedinja

Weakest Pokemon Card - Shedinja

The trick you will see with Sheinja is that it has the ability called “Wonder Guard.” As a result, it will become immune to all those attacks that are not super-effective. This is a pretty cool concept when it comes to theory.

However, using it consistently will be pretty touch. Also, you might find it difficult to use in battle. You might find various super effective types against Ghost and Bug. As a result, it will become useless without a massive amount of planning.

10. Farfetch’d


Even if you are the biggest fan of a Pokemon, that flies will face some limitations. You can try to find some spots in the teams, even for the most underrated Flying Pokemon.

However, when it comes to Farfetch’d, it is one of the most difficult sells of all. That is because of the poor stats and no evolutions so far.

Although it has some grace, it has an evolution (Galarian) called Sirfetch’d. However, the base Kanto form is considered to be one of the popular memes related to Pokemon. In a nutshell, this weakest Pokemon card cannot battle against even a simple foe.

11. Wobbufett

Weakest Pokemon Card - Wobbufett

If you remember the Super Smash Bros Sandbag, it was there only to get beaten. It appeared to be happy enough even when it was getting beaten. However, in the Pokemon world, it cannot accept even a simple punch with s smile.

This is a pretty sad beast that cannot deal with any damage. In other words, it cannot do anything on its own to protect it. This character’s only joy is absorbing all the attacks thrown at it. Then, it will use a counter or a mirror coat and hit back.

The results would have been impressive if they came with some great stats. However, this card sadly lacks the stats. So, it can get killed with a single shot in most cases.

12. Unown


We include this as one of the weakest Pokemon card options because of the difficulty it delivers. It makes things exceptionally harder for you when it comes to battles.

With this card, you can expect only one move, called Hidden Power. So, it will be exceptionally hard for any player to stand up to almost any opponent.

So, that’s the weakest Pokemon card we had to explain. This is just a shortlist, and there can be many other cards to include in this list. If you know other cards, please let us know.



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