List of Best Voice Changers For PS4 And Ways To Install

The Voice changer means to modify, change or alter the voice tone and pitch of the sound.

The voice changer for PS4 is a boon for gamers because these sorts of applications enhance their online gaming experience with their teammate.

All they need do is, install the voice changer for PS4 and enjoy its immense benefits.

Part 1. What is PS4? 


The term PS4 stands for the PlayStation4, which Sony launched to enhance the video gaming experience. PS4 is the blend of plenty of features that makes it unique from the other play stations. Here is the list of features of the PS4 that you need to know.

● Streaming Features

The PS4 gives the opportunity to players to stream the gameplay. They also have an opportunity of uploading different screenshots. They can do this by tapping on the share button.

● Updated Controller

You will not face any problems in using the controller sticks. With the help of a trigger, one can easily enhance precision. These controllers come with the share button. Gamers can utilize this button for uploading screenshots as well as gameplay.

● Remote Play 

The striking feature of this PS4 is that it comes with remote play. Due to it, gamers can easily play various PS4 games. On the other side, the console will work on processing from a specific location, such as the living room. 

● Typing Made Easier

Dualshock 4 controllers do not provide a great experience for typing. But Sony is working on implementing a new feature in the PS4, which is an in-built gyroscope. Due to it, you will get a quick typing experience, 

● Library 

The library was introduced after the launch of the PS4. The notable point is that it organizes and formats the games in a well-accurate manner. If you have a large collection of games, you must consider it. The library will display all the collections of your games.

These features make this PS4 unique and ideal from the other options. You can enjoy all these features by adding the voice changer PS4. Choosing the best voice changer for PS4 will add more fun to your game.

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Part 2. Reasons to Buy the PS4:

There are various reasons associated with buying the PlayStation 4. Do you want to know all these reasons? If yes, the below-mentioned information is ideal for you. 

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● Budget-friendly Option

The most important reason to buy the PlayStation 4 is that it is a cost-effective option. If you purchase it on sale, you will get a lucrative discount. 

● Powerful Next-gen Console

You will enjoy a great performance if you choose PlayStation 4. It will take your gaming experience one step ahead.

● Playtime Management 

This feature is ideal for parents. They can manage their child’s playtime and enjoy various other features that come in the category of playtime management. They can check how much time their toddler spends playing the game. 

These effective reasons motivate the buyer to purchase this PlayStation 4. 

Part 3. Ways of Changing the Voice on the PS4:

There is a requirement for a few pieces of equipment for changing the voice on the PlayStation4. Here is the list of those types of equipment.

  • PS4 controller 
  • PS4 headset
  • AUX Port 
  • AUX Chord

There is no need to purchase an expensive headset; you can give preference to any PS4 headset. Aside from it, here comes a list of some steps that you need to consider for changing the voice on PlayStation 4.

  • The first step is connecting the headset with the AUX port. 
  • Connect one of the AUX cords with an AUX port. 
  • Plug at the end of one side of the double adapter with your mobile phone. 
  • After making all the selections choose any of the voice changers that are mentioned below. 
  • Put that cord halfway. It will require a few tires. 

So, by following all these steps, you can easily modify the voice on play-station 4.

Part 4. How to Download the Voice Changer on the PlayStation4? 

It is essential to know the different steps for getting the voice changer on your PlayStation4.

The information supports the former statement and resolves all of your queries regarding downloading the voice changer on PS4.

#1 Voice Changer Mic For PS4 – VoiceMod

VoiceMod does not require any introduction among all gamers. This application comes with plenty of features that become the reason behind its popularity.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert on voice changer devices, you can use them without facing any issues. You can experience the real-time audio changing experience by considering this voice changer mic PS4. 

It also offers different customized effects for different games as well as programs. These programs include PS4, TeamSpeak, and so on. 

How to Download the VoiceMod? 

Please follow up to download the VoiceMod:

  • Explore the official website of Voicemod and download it. 
  • After installing the play station remote play, work on restarting your device. Instead of connecting the microphone to Playstation 4, connect it to the computer through Bluetooth. 
  • Tap on the setting option and select the input device as a microphone; for the output device, select the headphones.
  • After launching it on your device, follow all the instructions that display on your screen. Once you are done will all these, you can commence the game on play station 4. Further, you have the option of selecting the voice effect on the soundboard. 
  • You have the option of customization, which means creating your own voice.
VoiceMod Voice Changer for PS4

By following all the above-mentioned steps, you can easily enjoy your device’s different features of Voicemod.

#2 Voice Changer Mic For PS4 – Clownfish

You also have alternating options of VoiceMod, which is Clownfish. You can easily modify the voice without facing any issues.

If you use this feature, you also have the option of imitating the voice of different characters. It modifies the voice with top-notch quality. 

It provides different options regarding the voice effects such as mutatin, pith, alien, and so on. 


How to Download the Clownfish? 

  • Download this application on your device. 
  • The next thing you need to do is install the play station remote play. Further, restart your device. Do not forget to disconnect your headset from the PlayStation. After that, you can connect to the computer through Bluetooth. 
  • Go to the settings, select the microphone (input device) option, and choose the headphone (output device). 
  • After that, you can enjoy gaming and select voice effects by using this application. The gamers can consider the best voice changer mic PS4.  
Clownfish Voice Changer for PS4

Final Verdicts

Ultimately, these are the voice changers ideal for the PlayStation 4. Additionally, you need to follow each step and enjoy the different voice themes.

You can take the overview of voice themes before implementing them. So, keep all the information mentioned in your mind and select the best one.



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