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Most Expensive Amiibo In The World 2024


Written by Jack Lin

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Most Expensive Amiibo

Are you curious about the most expensive Amiibo on the Nintendo platform?

Well, we answer that question in this article along with a list of the most expensive Amiibos.

Most Expensive Amiibos

Well, an Amiibo is simply a combination of a toy as well as software. Basically, they are figurines that can unlock different types of rewards once connected to specific games. Did you know for what systems these Amiibos work?

In fact, it works with the Wii U gamepad. It also works with Nintendo Switch and 3DS, but you should use a specific NFC adapter for that. The term NFC refers to Near Field Communication. With that said, we intend to explain the most expensive Amiibos in this article for curious ones.

Amiibos are capable of getting the coolest bonuses. Also, they offer pretty cool figurines to those who are interested. However, they are not a necessity. In that case, you can even skip them. Over the past period, they have become so expensive, and mentioned below are the most expensive Amiibo characters.

Most Expensive Amiibo List

Here’s the list of expensive Amiibo for your reference.

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1. Legless Princess Peach

Legless Princess Peach

This can be the most expensive Amiibo figure you can ever find. It has a price tag of $25,100. This specific Amiibo has received such a massive price after having over 100 bids from 17 different individuals. The factory has finally decided to close the bids at the price of $25,100. This bid took place in an auction in 2014.

We are not so sure why the legless version of this Amiibo figure had such an expensive price tag. No matter what the reason is, it is the most expensive Amiibo. Also, we are not sure about the number of Legless Princess Peach figures out there in the market.

But some of those figures were even available on online platforms like eBay. We believe that there can be only a handful of figurines of these defective objects. The price of these amazing figures is only likely to go high.

So, if you see one of those characters for sale and you can spend some cash, just buy it. That will add one of the most precious icons to your inventory.

2. Mega Yarn Yoshi

Most Expensive Amiibo - Mega Yarn Yoshi

When you are looking for the most expensive Amiibo, you are supposed to check this one as well. This is a pretty small Amiibo that made its entry in 2015. It was introduced as a Toys’ R’ Us Exclusive. In fact, Mega Yarn Yoshi is released along with Yoshi’s Woodly World. It is one of the well-known side-scrolling video games. Also, it is massive compared to the other regular-sized Amiibos under the same name.

This specific giant has become so expensive because of the exclusivity it comes with. This specific Amiibo became unavailable in the stores quicker than expected. That reason itself contributed to the relatively expensive price tag. As of today, it is almost impossible for you to find one of these figures in stores.

That said, if you can find one, don’t hesitate to buy it. That will be a definite investment in terms of your dedication and passion for gaming.

3. Qbby


This is another Amiibo introduced as a Japanese exclusive. It is designed to work perfectly with BoxBoy, Bye-Bye BoxBoy, and BoxBoxBoy. In fact, Qbby is the main character of the BoxBoy.

Also, it surely made it to the list of all-time popular Amiibo figures in the world. This specific figure comes in the form of a square box, and it has a pair of eyes and legs.

As of today, it costs around $400 on the online market. Although it’s around $400, the price is only likely to increase in the future thanks to its limited issuance.

4. Missing Left Hand Luigi

Most Expensive Amiibo - Missing Left Hand Luigi

Here’s another expensive Amiibo for your collection. By looking at this specific figure, we can assume how they are priced. As we believe, they become expensive when there are deformations, mint condition and come with a factory sealed packing. Compared to the majority of the items in this list, this one had a different journey. It is sold at an auction, and it does mean that it has great value.

This figure was released in 2014, and it has become a rare Amiibo for sure. If you are looking for the most expensive Amiibos, you can give this a try. This specific Amiibo has a significant price increase after it is listed online.

5. Samus Two Cannons

Samus Two Cannons

In fact, Samus Aran from Metroid is considered to be a part of the first set of Amiibos. Similar to many other figures, this specific game has a defect, and that’s why it has become so expensive.

This expensive Amiibo was manufactured using an extra cannon on the left arm, and that was an accident. Because of that deformation, they have discontinued the production of Samus Two Cannons forever.

Also, it is branded as a defective product. However, despite its deformation, it has become one of the most expensive Amiibos in the world.

Once again, we assume that its expensive price tag is a result of the rare deformation and discontinuation. Because of the rarity, this piece has become so expensive, and you can buy it for $2500 or more.

6. Mii 3 Pack

Most Expensive Amiibo - Mii 3 Pack

Yes, it’s not priced for thousands of dollars. However, $83 is still a pretty expensive price tag for an Amiibo. Just like the name suggests, this specific Amiibo comes as a package where you get three figures. They are Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, and Mii Gunner.

Basically, this is the best way to acquire Mii Brawler because it is not that affordable. So, buying Mii 3 Pack is a smart move anyway.

7. Poochy


Sold at a value of $90, this is yet another expensive Amiibo. This specific figure is used in Yoshi’s Wooly World. This specific Amiibo allows you to summon Poochy whenever you need it while playing the game. Also, the unique texture of this Amiibo makes it unique compared to the other ones.

8. Navirou

Most Expensive Amiibo - Navirou

This specific Amiibo comes with a price tag of $91. It was released in the form of a Japanese exclusive. This unique and expensive Amiibo can unlock some extra monsters that are found in the game.

Also, it can achieve some bonuses when it comes to the 3DS version of the Monster Hunter Stories. There are many rumors about an overseas port of Navirou. However, we have only learned a Japanese version only. That is exactly why this piece is so rare.

9. Splatoon 3 Pack

Splatoon 3 Pack

Here’s another piece that can be rated as one of the most expensive Amiibo figures in the world. However, you shouldn’t get it confused with a similar type of Amiibo, namely Splatoon Octoling 3.

This specific Amiibo comes as a pack, and it has three figures. Namely, they come with a girl and a boy in addition to the squid inkling. It is obviously true that getting three figures in a single pack is so cool. But you can obtain those figures individually as well.

Also, getting those figures individually is a more affordable approach. If you purchase them separately, the total price will be $80 or so, and that’s pretty affordable. In addition to that, they offer some cheaper figures with standard colorings.

So, in simplest terms, this is not the best Amiibo you can purchase in the market, but it’s rare.

10. Corrin – Player 2

Most Expensive Amiibo - Corrin - Player 2

If you buy a regular Corrin with its Player 1 version in the male form, that’ll cost only $35. However, Corrin? Player 2 is the rarer form, and it is a female figure.

This specific Amiibo costs around $100, which is slightly less than three times its male version. Despite the expensive price tag, it is a good option to have in your inventory as a gaming enthusiast.

Toon Link and Zelda

If you are looking for the most expensive Amiibos, this can be a good choice. It comes with an estimated value of $125. As you may already know, The Legend of Zelda is considered to be one of the popular Nintendo games. T

hat is exactly why we don’t have any surprise about the expensive price tag of this Amiibo. Toon Link Zelda is released under the 30th-anniversary series, and that’s an “expensive” reason. This specific set comes with two Amiibo, namely, Link and Zelda. They appear in their toon-like formation in this pack, and that’s some value addition, as we think.

It is true that you can buy the standard version of Toon Link and Zelda for an affordable price. However, buying an exclusive Amiibo even at a higher price is something you can admire as a gaming enthusiast.

Well, if you need to add this specific set of Amiibo to your collection, visit eBay. You might be able to buy it for $125 or so.


1. Are these expensive Amiibo limited in production? Yes, the expensive Amiibo mentioned in this article are typically limited in production, which contributes to their high value in the collector’s market.

2. Where can I find these expensive Amiibo for sale? These rare Amiibo can sometimes be found in specialty gaming stores, online auction platforms, or through private collectors. However, due to their rarity, they may be difficult to find and can command premium prices.

3. Are there any upcoming releases of expensive Amiibo? Nintendo periodically releases new Amiibo, including limited edition versions. It’s always worth keeping an eye on official announcements and news from Nintendo to stay informed about upcoming releases that may become highly sought after.

4. Are these expensive Amiibo only for display, or do they offer in-game features? Amiibo serve both as collectibles and as interactive accessories for compatible games. While their primary appeal may be the aesthetics and rarity, they often unlock special features or bonuses within the corresponding games.

5. How can I determine the authenticity of an expensive Amiibo? Due to the high value of these collectibles, it’s important to be cautious when purchasing. Look for official packaging, seals, and labeling to ensure authenticity. Buying from reputable sellers or directly from Nintendo’s official channels is advisable to avoid counterfeit products.


So, that’s our list of most expensive Amiibos for your reference. Did we miss any other most expensive Amiibo sets? Please let us know.

Also, if you have already bought an expensive Amiibo, from where did you get it? Share it with our readers. Thank you!


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