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KH2 Keyblades
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Kingdom Hearts 2 Keyblades are very much admired by the fans of that game.

If you’re one of those fans looking for the best KH2 Keyblades, the content below is for you.

Introduction to Kingdom Hearts 2 Keyblades 

Basically, Keyblades are a kind of melee weapon found in the video game Kingdom Hearts.

KH2 Keyblades come with some unique abilities, and they are shaped by one’s heart. There is no clear definition of how these weapons are forged.

However, you can share keyblades between users with the ritual of bequeathing (donating) or gifting. The keyblade tends to choose the wielder more often than not.

In a nutshell, keyblades are a significantly versatile range of weapons. They always boost the strength of the user along with the magic. Also, it improves the latent abilities of the user.

In addition to that, keyblades are always useful when you open locks. This is specifically true with both tangible chains and pathways.

Keyblades are often summoned and dispelled at the will of the player. It will make them accessible every time. You can also use them for sneak attacks.

There are a variety of entries in the Kingdom Hearts series. That includes main games as well as a large number of spinoffs you can find.

In all those games, we can see a plethora of weapons that are forged for souls. So, you have access to no shortage of weapons. But what are the strongest and best keyblades you can find in Kingdom Hearts?

The very purpose of this article is to explain the best Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix Keyblades for you.

List of KH2 Keyblades 

All right. Let’s get to the main point now; the list of KH2 Keyblades. We have created this list of Kingdom Hearts 2 Keyblades after some research.

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01. Hero’s Crest

Top KH2 Keyblades - Hero's Crest

Sora acquires Hero’s Crest once the dreaded Hydra gets defeated. This incident took place in the Olympus Coliseum if you remember. The focus of this weapon is on the physical attack because it doesn’t have the Magic Boost.

In addition to that, this specific keyblade can work perfectly well when it comes to aerial combos. That is because it deals with some powerful finishing moves.

Sora has the ability to wield the Hero’s Crest to specific decent amounts of effects. However, it pairs perfectly well with Master Form’s aerial attacks.

It is true that this keyblade becomes available at the beginning of the game. However, it remains very useful throughout the game.

02. Oathkeeper

kingdom hearts 2 keyblades - Oathkeeper

Sora goes back and looks for Kairi once he hears that she has appeared in Twilight Town. However, Kairi gets kidnapped before they reunite.

So, Sora decides to reach the Keyblade to represent Kairi, and its name is Oathkeeper.

In this game, Oathkeeper will retain the balance between its magical and physical powers. In addition to that, it comes with features like Form Boost. That will let you enjoy increased duration for the acquired Drive Forms.

Because of the Magic Boost, it provides, you can expect superb keyblade functions in Master and Wisdom forms.

03. Circle Of Life

Top KH2 Keyblades - Circle Of Life

Just like the name suggests, this specific keyblade is obtained by Sora when he visits the Pride Lands. Once Simba talks with his father’s ghost, he helps Sora confront Scar (who is evil).

This specific keyblade has a better physical orientation. However, the ability of MP Haste works to restore the expended MP pretty quickly.

This keyblade becomes very useful when it comes to battles that take place with stronger opponents. That is because it allows Sora to heal and cure faster.

Well, as we feel, this could be another reason for this keyblade to have the name “Circle of Life.”

04. Guardian Soul

kingdom hearts 2 keyblades - Guardian Soul

Guardian Soul is one of the better KH2 Keyblades you can have in the game. Sora pays a visit to the Olympus Coliseum for the second time. At that time, he is supposed to rescue Auron from Hades’ clutches.

When he becomes successful, players will obtain the Guardian Soul keyblade. Well, this is a pretty powerful one compared to the Hero’s Crest. That is one of the other Kingdom Hearts 2 Keyblades you can find in this world.

The ability of the Reaction Boost of the Guardian Soul keyblade can increase the reaction command. There are plenty of Heartless bosses and nobodies to use these reaction commands in this game.

To make it happen, the keyblade is essential. On top of everything, this is one of the coolest-looking Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix Keyblades.

05. Rumbling Rose

Top KH2 Keyblades - Rumbling Rose

If you are looking for one of the best KH2 Keyblades, Rumbling Rose is an option you shouldn’t forget. As you already know, Sora comes with a wide range of abilities in this game.

Also, it is known as one of the most powerful finishers. These moves will end the combo by making a huge impact. However, it can be rather difficult for some players to decide which option to be equipped with.

The good news is that you can use Rumbling Rose to overcome this burden. Sora can get this pretty amazing weapon during the second visit to the Beast’s Castle.

The mighty ability called “Finishing Plus” of this keyblade will allow you to perform consecutive finishing moves.

06. Sleeping Lion

kingdom hearts 2 keyblades - Sleeping Lion

This is another superb keyblade that plays the role of a stand-in, specifically from the first game.

Just like that, Leon is the character who gives this one to Sora after deciding to return to Tron’s world. She visits there to help her digital friend. Sleeping Lion comes with a nice balance of Magic and Strength.

However, it works physically in a much better way. In addition, there’s a powerful Combo Plus ability that can direct ground-based combos with a single hit. It is paired with the Valor form.

Having considered all those aspects, this is one of the best Kingdom Hearts 2 Keyblades you can find.

07. X-blade

Top KH2 Keyblades - X-blade

This is one of the most popular Kingdom Hearts 2 Keyblades that first appeared in the “Birth By Sleep.”

To obtain this specific keyblade, you should chase a soul of pure light. You should do it against one of the pure dark. The truth is that this shouldn’t be pronounced as ex-blade. Instead, it is pronounced as Key-blade.

This should be the original keyblade, and this is the perfect option. It is true that we didn’t use this in our gameplay extensively.

Well, by far, it is the strongest Kingdom Hearts 2 Keyblades weapon you can imagine.

There is no shortage of things to explore with this amazing keyblade. Well, it is no secret that X is considered to be one of the best letters in their franchise.

If you take this franchise, you can see plenty of names that comprise the letter X. So; we can consider X-blade to be the default keyblade in this series.

08. Unbound

kingdom hearts 2 keyblades - Unbound

This specific keyblade first appeared in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. To obtain this specific keyblade, you are supposed to clear all the secret portals. This is recognized as one of the finest and most powerful weapons in 3D.

Also, it is one of the strongest Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix Keyblades you can ever use. The critical ratio, the highest reality shift chance, etc., makes this keyblade a superb one. Its magic is only eclipsed by a couple of other keyblades.

However, “Unbound” is unparalleled when it comes to the damage. It can be rated as one of the most preferred options for various reasons.

The in-game text of this keyblade describes it as the “keyblade perfection.”

09. Omega Weapon

Top KH2 Keyblades - Omega Weapon

This keyblade was initially released with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be obtained by buying Pandora’s Gear as Roxas or Xion, which is available in the Moogle Shop.

Omega Weapon is introduced with inspiration from Final Fantasy. It does correlate to Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy, and that’s ironic.

Both of those weapons give you extra power when you have full health during the game. With this, you can see untouched HP with extra strength. It can stagger enemies with each of those hits.

Also, it reduces the damage that is taken. So, you are supposed to heal frequently if you are stuck to regain full health.

Well, it would be better if KH2 Keyblades like Omega Weapon appeared in more KH games.

10. No Name

kingdom hearts 2 keyblades - No Name

This is one of the most interesting Kingdom Hearts 2 Keyblades. This specific game was initially introduced to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep version. It is also known as the keyblade of Xehanort.

In fact, No Name first appeared in the form of a gift to Luxu. The Master of Masters introduced it. With that, you can learn more about Kingdom Hearts X.

This specific keyblade can be acquired by Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. To do that, they are supposed to defeat The Unknown. He is the mysterious secret boss and will be revealed as the Young Xehanort.

Because of this specific version, however, you can expect a superb boost to magic. In addition to that, you can expect a long reach and an increased chance for critical hits.

11. Void Gear

Top KH2 Keyblades - Void Gear

This game initially appeared in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. To obtain this specific keyblade, you should defeat Vanitas Remnant.

Kingdom Hearts always loves the concept of secret bosses. Once you finish conquering the Remnant and getting his keyblade, you will get more strength.

For instance, you will get eight strengths along with four magic. That is on top of the boost to critical damage and long length.

Also, this weapon will alter its appearance slightly based on the character who owns it. Well, all these aspects make it one of the best Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix Keyblades.

12. Lionheart

kingdom hearts 2 keyblades - Lionheart

To obtain these Kingdom Hearts 2 Keyblades, you are supposed to beat Leon and Cloud. That is in Hades Cup. This specific keyblade will grant several bonuses.

It will boost the strength by a massive value of 10 and give you some extra MP gauge. You will also experience a decent reach and better magic.

After unlocking this, you will not have to switch for a very long period.


  1. What is the most powerful Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 2? The “Ultima Weapon” is often considered the most powerful Keyblade, boasting excellent stats and a balance of strength and magic.
  2. How many Keyblades are there in Kingdom Hearts 2? There are 36 Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 2, each with unique abilities and powers.
  3. Can all characters use Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 2? Only certain characters, like Sora, Riku, and Roxas, can wield Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 2.
  4. What is the significance of Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts series? Keyblades are not just weapons but symbols of the wielder’s heart and their will to fight darkness.
  5. Are all Keyblades obtainable in a single playthrough of Kingdom Hearts 2? Yes, all Keyblades can be obtained in a single playthrough, but some require completing certain tasks or challenges.

Final Words

You can read the above and find the best Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix Keyblades. What is your favorite KH2 Keyblades?

Also, if you know other Kingdom Hearts 2 Keyblades, please mention them below for other readers.


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