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How to Unblur a Picture or an Image


Written by Janice

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How to Unblur A Picture Or An Image

Top 5 Methods to Unblur a Picture

Sometimes we clicked a perfect shot with perfect surroundings; it turned out blurry. It happens to all of us at one time or another. Various factors result in a blurred image.

Such factors include insufficient focus, vibration, or camera shake. These factors can ruin a perfect picture in an instant. One can fix this issue by reshooting the picture. However, that’s not possible all the time. What to do, then? How to unblur an image?

There are certain moments that one can enjoy in one’s life if these moments are captured blurred; how to unblur a picture! You do not have to worry about this issue. You can unblur a picture sometimes using digital picture manipulation software.

This software helps you to sharpen a picture while increasing the noise on the image. In moderately-blurred pictures, one can even improve the overall quality.

On the internet, you can find various tools that let users sharpen pictures. Some of these tools include Photoshop, mobile applications, and other online tools. The quality of your image is going to depend on the preferred choice and image quality.

With the increasing trend of images on social media applications, you cannot do away with picture quality. We have the opulence of taking a shot, time frame or focus most of the time carefully.

However, we do not achieve all of these things every time. Here, you will learn about some great tools that will help you unblur an image.

Before starting, it is really important to create a backup of the original picture. It comes in handy if anything goes wrong with the editing process.

In this way, you can avoid the worst scenario. So, let’s get started with different ways how to unblur a picture.

Part 1. How to Unblur an Image via Photoshop?

Everyone has heard the name Photoshop. It is one of the most popular tools for editing pictures. Photoshop comes with various tools which one can use for “how to unblur a picture.”

If you got a blurred image, you could unblur it using different ways. Here, I am listing three ways to sharpen a blurred image. Make use of any of these methods to work out your picture. One method may work great for you, while the other does not.

Method 1

For the first method, go through the following instructions:

  • 1: Initially, you need to open the blurred image with Photoshop Elements.
  • 2: Choose the menu “Filters” and select the “Enhance” option.
  • 3: Click on the tab “Unsharp Mask” from there.
  • 4: Alter the amount and radius until the picture becomes sharp.

Method 2

In this method, you need to adjust your picture perfectly. However, it works better than the previous method. Make use of Photoshop for this method.

  • 1: Firstly, open the blurred image with Photoshop.
  • 2: Replace the background layer and tap on it.
  • 3: Choose “Filter,” “High Pass,” and “Other” to set them at 10%.
  • 4: Click on the layer’s blend mode to sharpen the light. Next, work on the opacity until the image becomes clear.

Method 3

If you are using the latest Photoshop version, follow the instructions below. In this method, use the camera shake reduction how to unblur an image.

  • 1: In the first place, open the blurred image with Photoshop.
  • 2: Choose options like “Filter,” “Sharpen,” and “Shake Reduction.”
  • 3: Now, let Photoshop show its magic. You can preview the differences and choose the best one.

In this last method, users do not have to do anything, as Photoshop does all the work. So, choose any of these methods to work on your blurred images.

Part 2. How to Unblur a Picture via GIMP?

One can make use of GIMP, a free picture editor for how to unblur an image. This program is also really good as it does wonders about blurred images. This free application comes with various advanced features.

However, you would not find as powerful features as Photoshop in this application. Still, this free software has a lot to offer. To unblur images, follow the instructions listed below.


Step 1: Upload the picture

In the first place, you need to open or upload your picture on GIMP.

Step 2: Choose “Sharpen/Blur”

After that, you need to select the option “Sharpen/Blur” from its Toolbox.

Step 3: Select the option “Sharpen”

Now, you need to select the option “Sharpen.” Once done, you need to drag the mouse over the blurred image so as to sharpen it. You can even select an image’s portion to sharpen that part only.

Once you select the picture’s parts, GIMP does all the work for you. As you drag the pointer over the image, you will see dynamic changes in the picture. You can use this free software to unblur images as it really works great and really effectively.

Part 3. How to Unblur an Image Via

There is another free picture editor on the market called “” With the tool, you can have effective results on blurred images without spending anything.

However, it does not work well when it comes to sharpening but reducing blurriness in images is its forte.

So, you can use this editing tool to unblur a picture. For this, go through the simple steps as instructed below!

Step 1: Upload the blurred image

Initially, you need to open the blurred photo with

Step 2: Choose options

Now, choose the option “Effects,” “Picture,” and then “Sharpen.”

How to unblur a picture via

Step 3: Slide the pointer

Next, you need to slide the pointer as coming on the popup window. Make certain changes until you get satisfied with the effects.

Step 4: Save the image

Once done, you have to click on “O.K.” and save the picture to your desired location.

Please note that this sharpening tool in can introduce noise to your picture. To reduce the noise, you have to use “Noise Reduction,” present in the tab “Effects.” Now, adjust your picture as long as you are not fully satisfied.

Part 4. How to Unblur a Picture Via Snapseed?

If you are still struggling with “how to unblur an image,” use this last way to perform this task. Snapseed is a free application that is available for both iOS and Android devices.

This editor works great on new smartphones. It comes with various advanced features. The strong point of Snapseed is its ability to sharpen images. There is even an option to blur pictures selectively. However, it can be used for unblurring a picture.

If you want to work on blurred images, you need to follow some simple steps listed follows:

Step 1: Upload the picture

Firstly, you need to open the blurred picture with Snapseed.

Step 2: Choose “Details”

Now, you need to tap on the option “Details.”

Step 3: Click on “Sharpen”

Next, you have to select the option “Sharpen/Structure” from there. Two options are available “Show More Details” or “Unblur.” Go with your preferred choice.

You can combine both options, “Structure” and “Sharpen,” to make a massive difference to a blurred photo. First, we recommend you use “Sharpen” to eliminate the blurriness as much as possible. After that, make use of “Structure” to bring out more details.

Part 5. How to Unblur an Image Via Online Tools?

One can even look for online tools for how to unblur a picture. Fotor is such an online tool. Photo Sharpen does not have many advanced features but works fine. This software makes use of algorithms for sharpening pictures.

For this, just upload pictures and tap on “Sharpen.” All you need to do is to check the final result. So, go for this online tool to reduce blurriness effectively.

How to unblur a picture via Fotor

The other effective online tool is Fotor. It is a great tool that comes with several editing tools. You can use pro tools after paying for them.

However, free tools also work fine. One can scale down the blurriness in images with the help of a sharpener. It is a more advanced tool than the previous one.

PS: How to Unblur a Video in Different Ways With Ease.

FAQs About Unblurring Images

1: Can I unblur a picture taken with a low-resolution camera?

Absolutely! While it may be more challenging to unblur low-resolution images, you can still improve their clarity using the methods mentioned in this article. Keep in mind that the results may vary based on the extent of blurriness and the original image quality.

2: Are there any free online tools available to unblur images?

Yes, there are various free online tools that can help you unblur images. Some examples include DeblurMyImage and SmartDeblur. However, it’s important to note that the capabilities of free tools may be limited compared to paid software or AI-powered solutions.

3: Will unblurring an image always result in a perfectly clear picture?

Unblurring an image can significantly improve its clarity and sharpness. However, the extent to which you can achieve a perfectly clear picture depends on several factors, including the original image quality, the level of blurriness, and the effectiveness of the unblurring technique used.

4: Can I unblur a picture taken in low light conditions?

Yes, you can unblur a picture taken in low light conditions. However, the results may not be as satisfactory compared to images captured in well-lit environments. It’s always advisable to capture photos in optimal lighting conditions to minimize the chances of blurriness.

5: Can smartphones help in unblurring pictures?

Smartphones often come with built-in image editing tools that allow you to adjust sharpness and clarity settings. While these tools can help to some extent, they may not offer the same level of precision and advanced features as dedicated photo editing software.

6: Are there any professional services available to unblur images?

Yes, several professional photo editing services offer image unblurring as part of their offerings. These services employ skilled graphic designers who can manually enhance the clarity and sharpness of your images, ensuring high-quality results.


So, you do not have to think much about “how to unblur a picture.” Use any of these methods to bring out tremendous changes in blurred photos. So, happy editing!



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