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Change Photo Background to White
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Are you looking to learn how to make the photo background white? Let’s get started.

If the original backdrop color of an image is not appealing, you may wish to modify it. Generally, the color is changed to white.

How Do Experts Change Photo Background to White?

Although we have made great technological strides, some fundamental issues continue to vex many of us. Of course, applications like GIMP and Photoshop are experts at what they do, but they are not for everyone.

This is when photo editing applications and websites come into play. They allow you to alter the background color of a picture simply.

The procedure consists of two steps:

Making the backdrop transparent and then adding a background color to the transparent picture.

Learning how to alter backdrop colors is something that any professional should – and can – do. Is there, after all, a worse feeling than discovering a photograph in which you look beautiful, but the background is absolutely off? This often happens.

Whether a stranger has photobombed your image background or the landscape around you is boring or cluttered, the only alternative left is to change the image background to white.

Only experienced editors could accomplish this effortlessly for a long time, but who wants to pay an expert to edit a spectacular selfie?

Social media trends change frequently, so you should constantly be prepared to photograph, edit, and upload images promptly.

To stay up with the current trends, the greatest thing you can do is learn how to edit your own images.

How to Change Photo Background to White In Simply Ways

1. Use Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online

The first and simplest background editor we will show you is Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online.

This tool, built on internet technology, enables the user to change the photo background to white online without downloading any tools on your Mac or PC.

You may now enjoy free backdrop modification with no size restrictions. Is not that incredible?

Aiseesoft Free Background Remover is capable of much more:

  • It can effectively analyze the provided photo and remove the background in seconds
  • It not only allows you to change the color of the image backdrop or to change the photo background to white)
  • But it also allows you to produce gorgeous images with an image background

Simply follow the steps below to change the image background to white.

Word of advice:

  • If you want your photograph to look amazing after you alter its backdrop, make sure you choose high-resolution photographs.
  • If you utilize a low-quality or fuzzy photo, transferring a new backdrop may result in a grainy, less-than-ideal image.

Simple Steps to Make Photo Background White:

1. To begin editing, go to this Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online link. Depending on your needs, you may select Upload Portrait or Upload Photo from the main page.

In this case, we shall use the former for an explanation. Then choose the picture from which you wish to remove the backdrop.

Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online

2. The backdrop of the provided image will be instantly eliminated thanks to AI portrait recognition technology. The brush tool may also be used to fine-tune the removal outcome.

Put your cursor on the missing area and click the Reserved button. Next, carefully refine the edge by pressing and dragging the brush (a yellow circle).

Change Photo Background to White Using Aiseesoft

3. Once you have made the background transparent, navigate to the BG & Refine tab. As the backdrop of your new picture, you can choose white or any other color from the toolbar.

Next, select Save to export the image to your device.

Save New Picture on Aiseesoft

As you have seen, editing photo backgrounds without first understanding how to make them transparent is difficult.

Ultimately, when it comes to photo editing, transparency is your greatest friend. It is frequently the first step toward getting some truly spectacular and one-of-a-kind edits.

The intriguing aspect of creating transparent backgrounds is that it appears to be a sophisticated editing method, but in fact, it is relatively simple to accomplish, especially if you use the correct image editing software.

So, let’s move on to the next editing software, which will help you change the photo background to white.

2. Use Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Fotophire Editing Toolkit is the most popular solution for when you want to change the image background to white.

This collection of several graphic editing tools will help you alter your photos in several ways.

  • It has an easy-to-use layout and will provide the resources you require to eliminate an unpleasant backdrop and change it to a white one.
  • The application offers revolutionary tools and aims to provide you with the best possible solutions to improve your images just the way you need them.
  • And it has over 200 effects; you can crop or trim images to the size that best suits your needs;
  • The application also assists you in removing any undesirable things from your photographs.
  • Not only that, but it also allows you to refocus your images with a single click using Creative Blur.

Simple Steps to Change Photo Background to White:

1. To use Fotophire’s Photo Cutter editor, you will need to download and install the Fotophire Editing Toolkit.

The DEMO edition is available for free download; however, if you wish to operate the application properly, you will need to buy the Fotophire Editing Toolkit.

Wondershare Fotophire

2. After installing the Fotophire Editing Toolkit, you may launch the Photo Cutter application. Simply click the center box.  

This will enable you to alter a photo’s backdrop to white effortlessly.

Fotophire Photo Cutter

3. You will be prompted to upload your image from the Photo Cutter’s menu bar. Select the picture for which you wish to convert the backdrop to white by pressing the Open button.

4. To make the photo background white, you must first eliminate the original background!

This function is easily accessible in Fotophire; the features may be found in the CUT-OUT section.

These sections have specialized features, although most are rather simple. For instance:

  • Paint Areas to Keep Tool: A greenish highlight feature allows you to select which picture sections to keep.
  • Paint Areas to Remove Tool: The reddish highlighting feature, on the other hand, will designate the sections of the picture that you wish to alter to white.

Fotophire Also Includes the Following Backdrop Altering Tools:

  • Brush Size: Use this tool to emphasize the areas of a picture you wish to preserve or erase.
  • Erase Painting: Remove any undesired highlights from your picture.
  • Quality: Modify the automated clip’s quality.
  • Edge Blur: Enhance and/or soften the automated blur’s edges.
Change Photo Background to White Using Fotophire

5. Since we have removed the image’s backdrop, we may now convert it to white. Choose the PHOTOMONTAGE section to get started.

You will see that they feature a few predefined backdrops. Nevertheless, if you wish to use your own picture, you may do so by clicking the + button.

Change Photo Background to White Using Fotophire

6. Don’t forget to save your picture when you have finished converting the photo backdrop to white! Simply tap the Save button to save your work.

Save Edited Photo

3. Use Photoshop to Change Image Background to White

If you want to advance your picture editing abilities, you must first understand how to make the photo background white using the sophisticated graphics editor Photoshop.

Photoshop necessitates breaking the procedure down into manual steps. This gives you far more tools and influence over the finished edit. It does, however, imply that the procedure is significantly more labor-intensive.

Make an Adobe Creative Cloud account and install Photoshop if you have not already. If you are just starting off, Adobe offers a seven-day free trial of Photoshop.

Let us get started by changing the photo/image background to white.

Simple Steps to Change Image Background to White:

1. Click “Create New” to start a new session and upload your picture. Alternatively, you may start a new session by clicking “Open” and selecting your image.


2. After you have set up a new session using your picture, you will need to choose the appropriate tools. To do so, go to “Select” and then “Select and Mask…”

Photoshop Select and Mask

3. If you select the prior option, a transparent mask will be applied to the whole picture.

All that remains is to remove the mark from the picture’s foreground (a.i., The sections of the image you wish to keep.)

You may get as specific as you like by using the features on the left side of the screen. Once you have finished isolating the picture’s backdrop, press the OK option on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Change Photo Background to White Using PhotoShop

4. We are not finished with the marking yet. You will need to add the mask to the layer to complete the adjustments.

To accomplish this, right-click on the layer you are working on and select the “Apply Layer Mask” button.

Change Photo Background to White Using PhotoShop Apply Layer Mask

5. We may now proceed to change the photo’s backdrop to white. To accomplish so, make a new layer by clicking the Create New Layer button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Ensure that the new layer is underneath the old one! You may now color the whole layer white or another color you like with the bucket tool.

Photoshop bucket Tool

6. Navigate to the File tab and then Save As to save the picture finally!

4. Use Paint 3D to Change Photo Background to White

In order to change the image background to white, you do not need to use a website or installed app.

If you have a Windows 10 desktop, you may alter the backdrop with the inbuilt Paint 3D software.

First, you must clip off the area whose backdrop color you wish to alter. Next, change the backdrop and save the picture.

PS: if you wonder how to make transparent background, you should check out these guides.

Steps to Change Image Background to White.

1. Open Paint 3D on your PC and choose the Menu icon at the top.

Paint 3D

2. Choose Open from the menu and then click Browse files.

Paint 3D Open Files

3. Go to the picture where you wish to alter the background color.

Change Backgroud color with Paint 3D

4. The real action begins now. In the top bar, choose the Magic Select option.

Paint 3D Magic Select option

5. A selection box will display. Drag the box’s sides to surround the picture area whose background you want to modify. Then, on the right, select the Next button.

select the Next button

6. Usually, Paint 3D will recognize and highlight the item automatically.

If your complete item is not selected, or if there are any additional sections, utilize the Add or Remove option to change the selection.

Paint 3D Magic Select

7. When you are finished, click the Done button.

Finish Edit on Paint 3D

8. You will notice that the selected portion of the image has been separated into its own image. It may be moved, rotated, and used in numerous ways without the backdrop.

9. When cutting out the image, go to the right side and select the Make sticker option. It converts the chosen item into a sticker.

Paint 3D Make sticker option

10. At the top, click the Menu button, then New. You will be asked if you would like to save the image.

Choose Don’t save. A blank canvas with a white backdrop will then appear.

Paint 3D Menu button
Paint 3D Blank Image

11. Select the Stickers button at the top, then select the third icon in the right panel.

There you should discover your cut-out picture. To put it on the white backdrop, click on it.

Custom Stickers Using Paint 3D
Change Photo Background to White Using Paint 3D


  1. Can I change the background color to something other than white?
    • Yes, the techniques described in this article can be applied to change the background color to any desired shade.
  2. What photo editing software should I use for this process?
    • Popular photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Lightroom offer robust tools for changing the background to white.
  3. How do I ensure a seamless transition between the subject and the white background?
    • Carefully selecting and refining the subject’s edges during the post-processing stage will help achieve a seamless transition.
  4. Can I change the background to white without a professional setup?
    • Yes, you can achieve a white background with basic equipment and proper lighting techniques.
  5. Are there any specific camera settings I need to use?
    • Adjust your camera settings to achieve the desired exposure and focus on the subject. Experiment with different settings to find the optimal configuration for your setup.


We hope now you can successfully change the photo background to white using one of the four methods we have listed in this article.

Knowing how to change background colors opens many doors for new editing opportunities.


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