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How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked without SIM Card?


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked without SIM

Do you think your iPhone is locked, but you don’t know how to check if iPhone is unlocked without SIM?

That is precisely the nightmare of almost every iPhone user. But do not worry. We have got you covered.

Why Purchasing a Used iPhone?

Purchasing a used iPhone is a cost-effective option. It may enable you to obtain a high-quality item at a reasonable cost.

However, assessing if an iPhone is unlocked without a SIM card is crucial before purchasing a used iPhone.

For the time being, such Apple products are limited to their own carrier. After the contract is over, the iPhone gets unlocked.

Many individuals prefer to buy unlocked iPhones, especially if they often switch networks. Luckily, after some trial and error, we have concluded that there are four distinct methods for determining whether an iPhone is unlocked without a SIM card.

You may also learn how to restore contacts, call histories, messages, and photographs from your SIM card.

Besides, the last thing you want is a SIM failure on your iPhone before making an urgent phone call. Let’s figure out the possible reasons and the best solutions here.

What is a Locked Phone?

This is one of the most prevalent sorts of lock issues that iPhone users face. Simply put, a carrier-locked iPhone implies that the carrier you select has placed a lock on the smartphone.

Furthermore, you may be unable to install a SIM card into the smartphone unless it is from the carrier that is enforcing the network lock.

As a result, throughout the duration of your contract with that carrier, you will only be allowed to use that operator’s SIM card. Some provider locks will even last long after your agreement expires or even after you terminate it.

When you install a new SIM card into an iPhone that is carrier locked, the screen will display “SIM Not Supported” or “SIM Not Valid.” As a result, knowing how to check if the phone is unlocked without a SIM card is essential.

PS: if you are experiencing the issues like SIM not being provisioned for voice, here are the top solutions for you.

Check Via Settings

When learning how to check if your iPhone is unlocked without SIM, you have to start out with the easiest way- by opening the Settings menu.

Inside the Settings menu on your iPhone, there is an alternative that displays the lock or unlocks state of your smartphone.

This option does not immediately inform you of your iPhone’s current lock state. However, it provides a hint.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options from the drop-down menu. (If your smartphone is set to American English, go to Cellular > Cellular Data alternatively.)
  • Look for a setting called Mobile Data Network (or Cellular Data Network).
  • Your iPhone is almost certainly unlocked if you see a Mobile Data Network choice. On locked iPhones, this choice should not show.
How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked without SIM Card via Settings on iPhone

However, this approach is not perfect, and we believe it has grown less accurate with the release of iOS 13.

If you want to know for sure – say, whether you are purchasing a used iPhone and wish to know if you are getting a good deal – use the IMEI number to see if it is unlocked. That approach will be covered in the next section.

Also, if you wonder how to unlock a phone free with an IMEI number, you can choose the official method or the professional tool (IMEIDoctor) to get your job done.

Check Via IMEI

When you are learning to check if your iPhone is unlocked without SIM, you must know how to track your IMEI number.

  • The IMEI number is written inside the battery box of your iPhone, but you may also get it by punching *#06# on the keyboard.
  • Unlock the smartphone and navigate to ‘Settings‘ before selecting the ‘about‘ option to display the IMEI number.
How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked without SIM Card via IMEI
  • The IMEI serial number may be found on the SIM card tray.

If cell devices had license plates, your IMEI would be that license plate. The IMEI code of a phone is an identifier that uniquely recognizes the device worldwide and is communicated to the network when the device connects to it. Each iPhone has a distinct 15-digit IMEI number.

And although SIM cards are normally associated with the user, the IMEI code is always associated with the device and may be used to determine whether it is linked to a specific carrier.

IMEI24 is a free online IMEI checker. It is a useful tool for preventing stolen phones from being enabled and determining whether you are eligible to use a previously-owned device with your preferred network.

This service is provided for free, with the exception of a few circumstances when they may charge to obtain this information from Apple’s GSX database.

Utilizing the IMEI serial number, you will be able to determine whether the iPhone is unlocked for use with a SIM card. To do this operation as efficiently as possible, take advantage of the IMEI checker tool.

Check Via Contacting Support Team

Before knowing how to check if iPhone is unlocked without SIM using this method, you must first determine whether unlocking is a function enabled by your provider.

All you have to do is go to Apple’s support site and look for a list of all the operators accessible in your area.

To check which carriers can be unlocked, look for a ‘unlock‘ button directly below their name. This indicates that your iPhone’s carrier can be unlocked. You may also speak with customer support representatives directly.

Now that you know how to unlock your iPhone, you may call and request an unlock request. Each provider’s customer service phone number may be found on their websites.

How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked without SIM Card via Support Team

It is not a fast fix – it may take some time for the operator to respond – but if you wish to know for sure, it could be worth contacting the mobile provider you have signed up with and asking if they can assist.

Many carriers will check for you if you supply the IMEI of your device. However, please keep in mind that they will question you extensively regarding the contract.

Because the contract is legally enforceable, they may need you to submit certain security details. This procedure will take some time, and you may receive feedback from the carrier within a few days.

Via Checking Up on the Merchant

Contingent on where you purchased your iPhone, you ought to be able to find out if it is locked relatively quickly.

If you bought it straight from a carrier or under a contract, chances are it is locked for a fixed period of time. Likewise, if you purchased it from a merchant such as Amazon, there is a significant probability it has a lock.

However, if you purchase a used iPhone, it is not always feasible to determine if the iPhone is locked without the right paperwork.

When a new iPhone is purchased, the customer is usually given papers that state how long the carrier lock will be active. To discover, get these papers from the vendor if feasible.

Check Via a SIM Card

The instructions outlined above on how to check if iPhone is unlocked without SIM are simple to follow.

However, determining if your iPhone is locked with a SIM card present is simpler than determining whether it is locked without one.

Once you have obtained a SIM card, insert it and proceed as follows:

  • Turn your phone back on.
  • Check your carrier connectivity; if you see the No Service warning in the upper right corner of your screen, or if you try to make a call and are unable to do so, even though the new SIM is not faulty, your smartphone is most likely locked.

Also, if you wonder how to find UDID on iPhone, here, let’s figure out how to get UDID on iPhone effortlessly via different ways, with or without iTunes.

How To Unlock Your Device?

There are a few third-party applications you may use to unlock your iPhone. Keep reading to learn how to lift locks from your Apple devices using third-party apps.


It might also happen that iCloud places a lock on your Apple device. In such a situation, we recommend using UnlockGo.

It is a one-stop solution for unlocking Apple devices. It can circumvent various security mechanisms, including screen passwords, iCloud activation locks, Apple ID/iCloud accounts, and Find My iPhone.

So except to know How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked without SIM Card if you wonder how to unlock your iPhone when the screen is broken, we also need professional iPhone unlock software.

The application allows you to access everything on Apple devices without needing a password. It works with all recent iOS updates, including 16.

Because the tool does not necessitate any technical knowledge, it is suitable for application by anybody.

In comparison to other existing utility applications, UnlockGo is inexpensive and offers a wide range of features with a good track record. Follow the instructions below.

To begin, go to the main screen and click Unlock iCloud Activation Lock. Next, in the UnlockGo box, click on Start to pair your iOS device with the computer.


● Jailbreak the Smartphone.

It is important to override the device to avoid iCloud activation. After you press the Start option, UnlockGo will begin downloading the appropriate jailbreak package needed for your apple device.

After downloading the package, go to the display’s Jailbreak option and continue the on-screen instructions.

This will place the device into DFU mode, and you will have to wait a few minutes for the procedure to finish.

Jailbreak the smartphone

● Deactivate iCloud.

When the jailbreak procedure is finished, review the device details appearing on the interface and select the Remove option to eliminate the iCloud activation lock.

The procedure takes some time, but once completed, you may log in to the new Apple ID via the App Store.

UnlockGo - Deactivate iCloud

What is the Difference Between Unlocked and Locked?

Undoubtedly, there are advantages to having an unlocked iPhone and a few disadvantages to having a locked iPhone, but what precisely is the difference between the two? When your iPhone is locked, it can only access a particular carrier network.

This implies that if you wish to transfer carriers and purchase one of their packages, you will not be able to utilize the same iPhone until you first unlock it.

When your iPhone is unlocked, it may access any network as long as it is the same network type to which it was originally linked.

When you buy an iPhone straight from Apple, it is normally unlocked; however, buying it via a carrier is usually locked.

Furthermore, if your provider locks the iPhone, they will very certainly set a time restriction on how long the lock will persist. This time restriction is often the same as the term of your agreement, and the lock will be removed after it ends.

By the way, here is a handy guide for those who wonder how to remove the SIM lock on iPhone, with several different ways to remove your device’s SIM lock easily.


1: What does it mean if an iPhone is locked?

When an iPhone is locked, it means that the device is tied to a specific carrier or network. It restricts the usage of the iPhone to only the SIM cards provided by that carrier.

2: Can I unlock my iPhone myself?

It is possible to unlock an iPhone yourself, but it depends on various factors such as the carrier’s policies, the device’s contract status, and more. It is recommended to contact your carrier or a professional unlocking service for guidance.

3: Is it possible to check if an iPhone is unlocked with a different carrier’s SIM card?

Yes, inserting a different carrier’s SIM card into the iPhone can help determine if it is unlocked. If the device accepts the new SIM card and connects to the network, it indicates that the iPhone is unlocked.

4: Can a locked iPhone be used internationally?

A locked iPhone can be used internationally, but it will require an international roaming plan provided by the original carrier. This can result in higher costs compared to using a local SIM card while abroad.

5: What should I do if my iPhone is locked?

If your iPhone is locked, you have a few options. You can contact the carrier to request an unlock, use a professional unlocking service, or consider purchasing a new unlocked iPhone.

Ending Remarks

It is fairly simple to determine “how to check if iPhone is unlocked without sim card.”

You may either call your network provider and give information about your phone, or you can go to your iPhone settings and check the About or Cellular data network settings to see what is up.

If you have a locked device, your carrier should be able to assist you.


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