How to Remove the SIM Lock on iPhone Quickly?


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How to Remove SIM Lock iPhone
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“Can someone please explain to me how to remove SIM lock iPhone? I tried so many online methods but none of them worked. I even paid for an online service but got nothing in return. Can anyone suggest a reliable tool? Thanks!”

Some iPhone users occasionally come up with questions similar to the above. If you have the same type of question and wonder how to remove the SIM lock iPhone, here’s a must-read.

So, keep reading and know how to handle such a situation.


It is true that iPhones are still dependent on SIM cards to establish a connection with respective carriers. This means iPhones cannot make calls or send SMS without the help of an activated SIM card. Moreover, it cannot access cellular data unless the SIM card is inserted. And that explains how important a SIM card is to iPhones.

On the other hand, various security mechanisms are applied to safeguard our iPhones (such as PINs and passwords). These security layers are very handy, but sometimes they can become burdens as well. For instance, if you have forgotten your PIN or the passcode, there can be issues.

Also, iPhones come with serious security measures when it comes to blocking SIM carriers. If your device is SIM locked, you cannot use a SIM from a different carrier on it. If you really want to use a SIM from a different carrier, you should bypass this lock somehow.

So, the below content will explain how to remove the SIM lock iPhone.

Besides, in this article, we will provide you all info regarding the error network locked SIM card inserted error and how to fix invalid SIM card properly.

Introduction to SIM Lock

SIM Locked

It goes without saying that ending up with a blocked SIM card can be extremely frustrating for iPhone users. You should know that this feature doesn’t make your device completely unusable.

Instead, it prevents your device from making calls or using cellular data. Basically, you can consider it as a technical restriction that is built for CDMA and GSM devices. This feature is introduced by manufacturers limiting their devices to specific networks.

Also, in this post, our team explains what an iCloud DNS bypass is and the best solutions to remove an iPhone lock with it in simple steps only.

So, Is It Possible to Remove SIM Lock iPhone?

Let’s assume that you want to know how to remove SIM lock iPhone because your device is locked. In fact, there are several different ways to get this job done. Well, you can use a paid, third-party tool and get rid of the SIM lock.

What you should know is that not all the tools work similarly; some random tools don’t work as promised. Anyway, it is always better to check if the respective device is locked by a carrier before unlocking. You should also remember that different iPhones require different methods to perform a SIM unlock.

iToolab SIMUnlocker is one of the best tools that can bypass your device’s SIM lock. It shows greater reliability and efficiency when removing SIM locks. Installing this tool is a very simple process, even if you are an absolute beginner.

Moreover, this tool shows a very impressive success rate. So, those who want to know how to remove the SIM lock should consider this application favorably.

Features of iToolab SIMUnlocker

  • It can easily remove the SIM locks if they are locked to a carrier network.
  • It has a friendly user interface, so even new users will find and understand the features effortlessly.
  • Fast performance with a permanent solution.
  • It works for any carrier.
  • You can use it on iPhone 5S or newer models that run on iOS 12 or newer versions.

How to Remove the SIM Lock iPhone using iToolab SIMUnlocker?

Now, here are the steps for those who wonder how to remove the SIM lock. The process is mentioned in a step-by-step manner for easy understanding.

  • First, you should download and install iToolab SIMUnlocker on your computer. Once you have done that, you can open it to see the main screen. Then, you should connect the locked iOS device to the same PC.
iToolab SIMUnlocker
  • As the next step, you should jailbreak the locked iOS device. But you don’t have to worry about it because SIMUnlocker comes with a feature in it to accomplish this. It will scan your device and tell you whether the device can be jailbroken or not.  
iToolab SIMUnlocker Jailbreak iPhone
  • Then, you should press the button labeled “Unlock.” This will unlock any restrictions that are applied to your device. Please note that this might take a couple of minutes, but the wait is totally worth it. Your device will be perfectly unlocked after this process. And that’s how to remove the SIM lock using SIMUnlocker.
iToolab SIMUnlocker - Confirm Device Info

Removing PIN Code on a SIM-Locked Device

In this section, let’s learn how to remove a PIN code of a SIM-locked device. Let’s assume that your device says “Expired Code” on its screen. What does it mean?

Well, it means that you have entered the wrong PIN number to unlock the SIM several different times. The operating system of the device identifies such instances as an attempt at unauthorized access.

In fact, if you enter the wrong PIN more than ten times constantly, the SIM will be permanently locked. In this case, you will have to purchase a new SIM. Generally, 1234 is the default PIN until you change it. So, we don’t recommend our readers enter the wrong PIN numbers.

Is It Possible to Unlock a Locked SIM?

By default, you can have three chances to enter your PIN code in the correct manner.

Let’s assume that you have wasted those three attempts. Then, the iPhone will get locked, as we mentioned before. If you want to remove this block, you should enter the PUK code as requested. This will be notified through a notification.

In this case, the PUK code comprises eight digits. This code can never be altered, even if you want to. PUK code becomes handy whenever you want to unlock your device’s PIN.

So, if you want to know your SIM’s PUK code, the best approach is to contact the respective operator. You are not supposed to guess the PUK code of your SIM. Doing so will leave you with a permanently locked SIM.

Turning On or Off the PIN of Your SIM

Here’s how to turn the PIN of your SIM on or off.

  • If it is an iPhone, go to its “Settings” option. Then, go to “Cellular” and select “SIM PIN.”
Turning On or Off the PIN of Your SIM
  • Then, turn on or off your SIM PIN.
  • If prompted, you should enter the current SIM PIN. However, if this is the first time, provide the default SIM PIN obtained from the carrier. If you are not aware of the PIN, contact the customer service of the carrier.
  • After entering the PIN, you can hit “Done.” That’s it!


  1. Can I remove the SIM lock on my iPhone for free?
    • Some carriers provide free unlocking services, while others may charge a fee. Third-party services may also have associated costs.
  2. Will removing the SIM lock affect my iPhone’s performance?
    • No, removing the SIM lock should not affect your iPhone’s performance. It simply allows you to use different SIM cards.
  3. Is it legal to remove the SIM lock on an iPhone?
    • The legality of removing a SIM lock varies by country. Research the laws in your region before proceeding.
  4. What is jailbreaking, and why would I consider it?
    • Jailbreaking is the process of removing restrictions on an iPhone, allowing you to install unauthorized apps and modify the device’s settings. It can provide additional customization options but may have risks.
  5. Are there any risks involved in using a third-party unlocking service?
    • While most reputable third-party unlocking services are safe to use, there is a slight risk of scams or unreliable providers. Research and choose a trusted service.


The above is a handy guide for those who wonder how to remove the SIM lock iPhone. As you can find out, there are several different methods to remove your device’s SIM lock. Also, the way you can unlock the device might vary based on the model of the device.

So, what if you don’t want to face the trouble of dealing with SIM locks? If so, you can go for an iPhone that doesn’t have a SIM card. Such iPhones support any SIM regardless of the carrier, country, and region. I hope this will help you.


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