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How to Block Subreddits: A Guide for Frustrated Users


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Block Subreddits

Are you frustrated with certain subreddits and wish to block them but don’t know how? This guide has got you covered- using this guide, Let’s figure out how to block subreddits.

Know more about Reddit

We have all heard of the well-known Reddit software. It is one of the most popular websites on the internet, with over a million visits every day. It features user-created content and is often recognized as the web’s front page.

The material found on the website can be of any nature, allowing users to debate, advocate, promote, and perform a variety of other tasks.

It provides its users with a lot of content in the shape of conversation, relevant information, and humor. The site not only increases your productivity but also relieves your tension.

With about 330 million active Reddit users and approximately 138 thousand active Subreddit groups, you may discover that certain content is not to your liking.

In such a situation, you may wish to prevent a subreddit from appearing in your feed. Some subreddits may divert your attention and waste your time.

This blog will teach you how to block subreddits from wasting your time. Keep reading to know more!

Previous Layout

When the website was not totally revamped, users could easily control their feeds. Banning specific subreddits was simple, as this feature was readily available on the r/all page. To block a bothersome subreddit from the feed, just put its name into the search field marked “Filter Subreddit,” click the + – button, and you are done.

Previous Layout

After more than a year of design and research, Reddit finally debuted a revamped website in 2018. This is the platform’s first big graphic overhaul in over a decade. The updated layout has sleeker visuals as well as a few minor tweaks.

However, the subreddit filter search box on the r/all page is no longer visible, making the process of learning how to block subreddits more difficult.

How is It Now?

Reddit’s standard view is the current one while writing. Nevertheless, nostalgic users may return to the old interface, which has been relocated to If you set up an account on the new website, you may use it on the previous website as well.

The previous site, along with the filter subreddit search field on the r/all page, is how it was before the change. You may also try it by entering the name of a subreddit that you want to remove from the feed. It will be removed from your previous Reddit feed.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to block the same subreddit on the new website as you did on the old one.


As a result, it may appear that users of the redesigned Reddit site are unable to block subreddits they do not want in their feed. But this is not totally correct. Let us look at how to block subreddits from your r/all feed.

Why Blocking Subreddits Can Be Beneficial

Blocking subreddits can be beneficial for several reasons. Here are a few common scenarios where blocking subreddits can enhance your Reddit experience:

  • Avoiding Unwanted Content: If you come across subreddits that consistently display content that you find offensive, irrelevant, or simply uninteresting, blocking them can help you filter out such content from your feed.
  • Reducing Distractions: Some subreddits may be entertaining but not necessarily conducive to productivity. By blocking them, you can minimize distractions and focus on more valuable discussions or topics.
  • Customizing Your Feed: Blocking subreddits allows you to tailor your Reddit experience to your personal interests. By eliminating unwanted content, you can curate a feed that aligns with your preferences and enhances your browsing pleasure.

How to Block Subreddits?

When we use our devices, we are typically attempting to do crucial activities such as working, learning to code, writing essays, conducting research, studying design work, making investments, and so on.

Perhaps some subreddits are overwhelming you and making it difficult for you to be efficient and focused.

The best solutions for banning a subreddit on your device are listed below, along with step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

On Older Reddit

If you believe that Older Reddit deserves more credit and wish to continue using the previous edition of the website, the method of disabling subreddits is much simpler.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to block subreddits you no longer wish to see in your r/all list.

  • Sign in to your profile on the old Reddit site.
  • To see all of Reddit’s most popular content, navigate to your r/all tab.
  • The filtering option may be found on the right side of the interface, directly behind the search bar. Input the names of the subreddits you do not wish to see in your r/all list, then click the plus sign to confirm.
How to Block Subreddits on Older Reddit

On New Reddit

Many Redditors like to stay current with Reddit by visiting r/all, which contains all of the most interesting information from all across the website.

This implies that the information is arranged solely based on its appeal, and you do not always have influence over what appears in your feed.

Stuff for r/all can originate from any subreddit, including those you have not subscribed to, so you may be swamped with media that has not been curated specifically for you. Many people want the opportunity to filter, block, and personalize their r/all spectator experience.

You could have a sensitive stomach, be uninterested in politics, despise celebrity gossip, or be trying to avoid spoilers for your fave TV show.

If you are seeing information on your page that you do not like for any reason, you might want to filter the whole subreddit off your feed, so you do not see any more information from them on r/all.

This enables you to remove anything unpleasant or dull and personalize your r/all feed to your preferences.

Filtering subreddits used to be as simple as clicking a button (as shown in the previous section), but improvements have made the process of “how to block subreddits slightly harder. Consequently, it has become difficult to get rid of undesired information.

So, what are your options if you wish to delete information that has been upvoted by other Reddit users? Spam voting is required to remove a certain subreddit from your feed.

But countless spam votes would be required before the subreddit is deleted. The two other alternatives are to upgrade your membership to Reddit Premium or to use a third-party application.

Use Reddit Gold

The first method is simple, but it requires users to invest money in order to purchase Reddit Gold. The paid Reddit option includes extra features, such as the ability to block subreddits from r/all.

For all of the smartphone owners out there, an add-on or extension will not be a possibility. This way will come in handy for such users.

However, this option is not preferred by several users for the reason that one has to shell out money.  

How to Block Subreddits Using Reddit Gold

Use Third-Party Tool to Block Subreddits

If you wish to regain control over the r/all feed but do not want to purchase Reddit, you can utilize one of the numerous plugins. The Reddit Enhancement Suite is our personal favorite.

Reddit Enhancement Suite is a browser plugin, a collection of elements that makes your Reddit viewing experience more delightful.

If you frequent Reddit, there is one browser plugin you must install immediately: Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES).

It brings a plethora of new tools and enhancements to the site; once you begin using it, you will never go back.

It helps you to block out plenty of negative comments and surf Reddit constructively. However, the RES extension is helpful for much more than that.

How to Block Subreddits with Reddit Enhancement Suite

The first step towards getting Reddit Enhancement Suite up and running is to download it as a browser add-on.

The RES extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari., and you can get the download that corresponds to your software by going to the company’s main website here.

Once you click through to the installation, the download bar should recognize the browser you are using, and you will know whether it was complete when the add-on brings you to the most recent list of RES patch notes.

No matter how many features the extension offers, the option to exclude specific subreddits from appearing on the Front feed and All page is the most helpful and crucial function inside the Reddit Enhancement Suite.

  • Navigate to the Settings console.
Navigate to the Settings console
  • Proceed to the Subreddits section.
  • Go to the filteReddit section.

You may create your own filters in this section. The most widely utilized are keywords and subreddit names, which will block posts containing those terms and posts belonging to the specified subreddits.

Go to the filteReddit section

Whether you use a third-party application to access Reddit, investigate if it has filtering capabilities. The majority of Reddit applications do.

Reddit Enhancement Suite is not the only add-on with this function, so if you are searching for something less comprehensive, you will have no trouble finding one.

Tips to Enhance Your Reddit Experience

In addition to blocking subreddits, here are some tips to enhance your overall Reddit experience:

  • Explore New Subreddits: Reddit hosts an extensive range of subreddits catering to diverse interests. Take some time to explore new subreddits that align with your passions and discover engaging communities.
  • Participate in Discussions: Engage with other users by commenting, upvoting, and participating in discussions. Active participation can enrich your Reddit experience and help you build connections within the community.
  • Stay Mindful of Reddiquette: Familiarize yourself with Reddit’s etiquette guidelines, known as Reddiquette. Respectful and considerate behavior enhances the quality of discussions and fosters a positive community environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I unblock a subreddit after blocking it?

Yes, the blocking feature is reversible. You can unblock a subreddit at any time by accessing the appropriate settings or options within the method you used to block it.

Q2: Will blocking a subreddit affect my ability to search for content within that subreddit?

Blocking a subreddit primarily affects its visibility in your Reddit feed. However, you can still search for specific content within a blocked subreddit using Reddit’s search functionality.

Q3: Can I block subreddits based on specific keywords or topics?

Currently, the methods described in this article focus on blocking entire subreddits rather than specific keywords or topics. However, you can explore additional third-party tools or extensions that offer more advanced filtering options.

Q4: Are there any limitations to the number of subreddits I can block?

The limitations, if any, may vary depending on the method you choose to block subreddits. Some methods may have restrictions on the number of subreddits you can block, while others may not have such limitations.

Q5: Will blocking a subreddit affect my ability to interact with other users from that subreddit?

Blocking a subreddit will hide its content from your feed, but it will not impact your ability to interact with users from that subreddit directly. You can still engage with them in discussions or interact with their posts if you come across them through other means.

Final Thoughts

So, if you do not wish to see certain subreddits on Reddit, you may block them through a variety of methods. How to block subreddits was precisely the subject of our article.

The approach will change depending on whether you are using the old or new edition of Reddit. Subreddits may be easily blocked on previous versions of Reddit.

If you use the latest edition, you will have two alternatives: upgrade your profile to Reddit Premium or use third-party apps.

If you choose the second choice, Reddit Enhancement Suite is by far the most popular plugin you may use. It is entirely free to use.

As a result, if you do not want to pay for Reddit Premium, the second choice is ideal. Nonetheless, the decision is entirely yours!


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