Top Headache Games Alternatives With Low-Key Mode

Have you ever played a headache game? Well, a headache game is a game that can be annoying for the ones around you. When you play headache games constantly, the ones around you will be mad and may even scream at you.

Why? Those games necessarily force you to click harder without your knowledge. Also, you might increase the brightness of the screen to enjoy the best of it. As a result, the ones around you will find it annoying.

The above is particularly true when you play a headache game during the nighttime. The clicks you perform may make a louder noise, and the screen’s brightness might appear greater than during the daytime. So, what could be the best solution? Stop playing games and go to sleep? Probably not.

Instead of those games, you could try some games that can be played with muted sounds. So, the ones around you won’t be disturbed. In addition to that, you can find those games that can be played in low-key mode. And, there are those games that don’t want you to increase the brightness of the screen.

List of Headache Games Alternatives

With the remaining sections of this article, you can learn about a collection of headache game alternatives. You can choose a good headache game alternative or two and start playing when you are bored.

Basically, this list comprises some good games that don’t cause any headaches for you or the ones around you. So, go ahead and pick a game.

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01 – Slay the Spire

The first game on our list is Slay the Spire. You can consider this game as a superb alternative to those annoying headache games. It has a very nice overall design, and the game is based on an ornamental setting.

Slay the Spire game has a very smooth color palette as well. As a result, it can do a good job maintaining contrast—the cards of this game work in very low brightness levels.

The other main character of this game is that it doesn’t have a turn timer. Compared to a headache game, you will find this game to be very smooth. Also, this game lets you play it in a relaxed mode.

For instance, you don’t have to worry about an enemy coming toward you when you take a break. Instead, you can just get up in the middle of the game and grab your cup of coffee.

If not, you can just walk here and there for a couple of minutes and get back to it. You can easily continue to the same game from where you left off.

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02 – Donut Country

Here’s another excellent alternative to those headache games that will annoy you and the ones around you. Just like the name suggests, Donut Country is a very soft game that is based on a simple theme.

It is also a very colorful game, and it has some charming aesthetics as well. All those aspects make this game a superb one specifically for those who want something smooth.

You can enjoy this game at your own pace, thanks to the relaxing gameplay it offers. Also, this game can be played on mobile devices as well. Because of that, you can play it on the bed without causing much trouble to the ones around you.

The other good thing about Donut Country is that it shows very funny characteristics as well. This game will make you laugh so much and help you relax after a tiring day. This is a great game if you don’t want to take any serious matters before winding up the day.

In addition to that, you can turn its volume down so no one will get disturbed. Thanks to that, you will feel so relaxed.

03 – Threes


Do you have a bad day with a headache? Or, do you feel unwell due to some reason or another? In those situations, games with too bright colors and too loud noises can make it worse.

In that case, the best approach is to play a game that doesn’t have brighter colors. Also, you should find a game that can be played with muted or very low volume. Threes is one of those games you can play with minimal disturbance.

It is true that this game wants you to achieve some points. It is challenging to a certain extent. However, the gameplay is rather a simple one because it allows you to slide down the tiles. It gives the feeling of a fidget cube. In fact, Threes come with a pretty dark mode setting as well.

Thanks to that setting, you can play this game even under the covers with no issues at all. The smoothness of the screen brightness will not worsen your headache. It is smooth on the eyes.

If you take a close look at all the aspects of this game, you can assume one thing. The developers of this game have made this game so smooth intentionally.

As a result, we call this game an ideal alternative for those tired of headache games.

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04 – Frostpunk

In some cases, you can enjoy the present simply by doing something miserable without thinking so seriously. Also, it makes you feel so good if you know that someone else spends the time as you do.

Well, we are not talking about psychology here. It is all about feeling that someone else is there to understand your feelings. That said, do you want to leave that headache game away for a while and want to be relaxed?

If so, the best game you can play is Frostpunk. This game is based on misery. This is a pretty amazing game that makes you feel so good because it doesn’t want to think over.

Also, the overall gameplay is exceptionally simple. You don’t have to think of those confusing strategies or engage in harsh thinking. Just move along with the gameplay, which is simple.

05 – Stardew Valley

You don’t have to think of those confusing problems when you wind up the day. Instead, just play a game that makes you feel relaxed. After all, escaping real-life problems at least for an hour or so will fix your mood. That will make you refreshed and allow you to begin the next day with a refreshed mind.

Stardew Valley is one of those games that can offer the delight you are looking for. As per the gameplay, you are supposed to plant new crops. The character will also learn newer things.

In addition to that, they will be able to find new love as well. So, that’s how great this game is, and there are absolutely no confusing or complex things about it.

Playing Games When You Have a Headache

The above games are suggested for you to try when you are tired of the regular work you do. End of the day, you feel so exhausted and want something to relax your mind and body. So, playing one of those games for a little while might fix your mood. That will also help you get back to the normal routine.

However, if you have become tired because of playing games, the best thing is to get a break. We don’t recommend you play computer/mobile games or stare at a digital screen when you have a serious headache. In that case, you can take a break from the screen. Just get up from your chair and walk down the street for half an hour.

Breath some fresh air in your backyard. If not, go for a swim, hang out with a friend or play a physical sport. You can even go to the gym. If not, if the headache is so serious, the best thing is to get some sleep. When you wake up, you will feel refreshed. If the headache is chronic, seek medical assistance without fail.


So, that’s our list of best headache game alternatives. You can go through the above list once again and try those games to your benefit. One of the most notable things about those games is that they are designed with less competitiveness.

Also, all those games are designed to be lightweight. The sound effects can be very smooth, and you can even play those games with muted sounds. Do you know other games to put in this category? Please let us know.



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