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GoGoAnime is considered the first anime streaming website choice of anime lovers. The reason is that this website provides almost all popular anime series and movies for free.

However, this website often shows an error screen due to technical issues. If you are facing such an issue and cannot access the website, then don’t worry because we have brought you the 10 best GoGoAnime alternatives. 

There are many options available online that offers all kind of anime with English subtitles. Most of them are compatible with both devices Android and iOS. This means that you can watch your favorite anime series without any problem.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the best GoGoAnime alternatives to watch anime for free. 

#1 – 9Anime


9Anime is considered one of the popular anime websites online that provide you plethora of anime series for free.

Not only this, the video quality of the anime series is second to none. A user-friendly interface with a huge search box and a purple hue makes the website more appealing. 

You can find every anime genre, including thriller, drama, psychology, horror, etc., on this website. The anime is categorized separately, like popular and latest anime series.

Plus, you can ask for your favorite anime series by commenting in the comment section. These features make 9Anime one of the best GoGoAnime alternatives. 

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#2 – KissAnime

GoGoAnime Alternative - KissAnime

KissAnime incorporates many various features and enhances your experience. This site is quite popular among people, which is why it is ranked 2nd on this list. Its features allow you do the following functions:

  • It provides you with a huge collection of anime series and movies.
  • You can easily download the anime movie or series in HD quality.
  • It contains a huge anime catalog, including movies and OVAs.

Te developers timely update this website to enhance your experience. The community of KissAnime is supportive and helpful and often discusses the popular and amazing anime in the comment section or live chat. Therefore, the fan following of KissAnime is quite huge. 

#3 – Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is another best GoGoAnime alternatives anime streaming website that gives you the freedom to watch any anime online. Most importantly, it has a clean and simple interface and reduces the hustle of searching for a particular anime.

It includes many features like Licensed Anime, Crunchyroll Store, HD, Latest anime shows and series, and so on. 

They provide you premium membership which costs around $7.99 monthly. This premium money helps enhance the website’s quality and gives you the satisfaction that you have contributed something to the community.  

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#4 – AnimeHaven

GoGoAnime Alternative - AnimeHaven

AnimeHaven is a well-known website among anime fans. The website’s design is quite an attractive plus; it allows you to switch from light to dark theme layout and vice-versa.

It contains many useful features like Anime Series, Ongoing, Movies, Schedule, Popular, Dubbed, and Random. The HD video quality, informative layout, and responsive interface enhance your experience.

#5 – MasterAnime


MasterAnime is a different anime streaming website. When you visit the official website of Masteranime, you will land on the home page, which includes a collection of different kinds of anime.

At the top of the page, you would see four sections, i.e., Home, Categories, Series, and Movies. In the category section, you can choose anime according to the genre.

In short, you cannot ignore the simplistic yet attractive website that MasterAnime provides you.

#6 – AnimePlanet

GoGoAnime Alternative - AnimePlanet

AnimePlanet is among the first few anime streaming websites and one of the best GoGoAnime alternatives that enable you to choose from almost 45000 manga and anime.

This huge database and collection of anime-inspired other developers to create such websites.

It includes many features and functionalities, including popular lists, season charts, recommendations, famous characters, and more. The service that AnimePlanet provides is through Hulu, Viki, and Crunchyroll.

#7 – Hulu


If you want to support your favorite anime creator, Hulu is the best option. The best thing about this online streaming site is that it allows you to watch and download anime series, movies, and TV shows.

They provide you with two plans. The features and functions of Hulu include a streaming option on multiple devices and downloading option in HD. 

In the case of the premium plan, they offer three plans, and the cost of each is $5.99, $11.99, and $44.99 monthly. Their website provides a huge collection of anime, movies, and TV shows.

This unlimited anime series option makes the Hulu community attached and engaged. You can easily download any anime, TV series, or movie in HD quality. Considering all these features, we have included Hulu in the list of GoGoAnime alternatives. 

#8 – Anime Show

GoGoAnime Alternative - Anime Show

As the name suggests, AnimeShow is the anime streaming site that provides you with all the features that are necessary for the streaming website. However, the layout of the website is a bit complex.

The developers keep the content and the functions up-to-date. In the main interface, you would see various options like the latest, popular, ongoing anime, and so on. You can search your favorite by category also.

#9 – Viz


Viz shares a similar working model to Crunchyroll. They only stream legal anime on their websites. Not only anime but also include manga, graphic novels, and movies. The function of Viz is the same as other GoGoAnime alternatives websites on this list.

It includes random, latest, category, popular, etc. In the category sections, you can find genres like supernatural, action, sports, horrors, etc. Furthermore, Viz provides digital prints of the famous weekly magazine Shonen Jump.   

#10 – AnimeLab

GoGoAnime Alternative - AnimeLab

This website directs you straight-forward to the video page without asking you to create an account or your email id. The website design is simple and attractive. If you want hustle-free anime series, AnimeLab suits the pursuit.

You can easily find the different sections like category, popular, latest, recommended, etc., to search the series. If you want to download the app of AnimeLab, visit Google Play Store or the PlayStation store. 


So, we have covered the 10 best GoGoAnime alternatives in this article and provided the key factors related to each anime streaming website. Either you can pick one of your favorite websites or try each website to know which one is better. 


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