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Ever since the first wave of the pandemic hit, many people started to occupy more free time by gaming. Of course, gaming made sense since everything was under lockdown, and this option was the perfect choice for enjoyment.

Apart from hardcore gamers, most casual gamers prefer playing games on their PC. And if you are looking for PC games, most users would recommend Gloud games for PC.

Gloud games on the computer are very amusing, entertaining, and relaxing. Additionally, you do not even have to download any additional software to play these games on your computer. You just need to agree to the policy of Gloud Games for supporting the services of streaming.

If you do not know anything about Gloud games, we will be discussing it more in this article.

Part 1: Gloud Game For PC: What Are The Advantages?

In this part, let us learn about some advantages Gloud games PC has to offer:

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1. File Streaming And Video Command

One of the most important benefits of playing a Gloud game on a computer is video command. This means that you have full control of the game, which is inaccessible and secluded in video streaming. In short, it means that you will be able to transfer the quest videos from any cloud from your CPU or GPU.

Also, your video streams will have high graphics and smooth results. All that you require on your end is a stable and reliable internet connection.

With a stable internet connection, file streaming will be more unique than others; this happens because some important files are downloaded before the streaming process. You will be able to play the Gloud game for PC once the files are fully downloaded. Additionally, the file streaming feature in these Gloud games will have reduced fetch of media and patching spots.

Playing A Gloud Game On PC

2. Capable Of Running In Any System Configuration

One of the best aspects of Gloud games PC is that you can play them with no problems, even if you do not have good hardware. These games are unique and flexible, which allows you to play any Gloud game for PC on any hardware configuration.

Alternatively, if you are unable to afford a new laptop or personal computer, you can still play these Gloud games on a PC and laptop, even if you have an old one. All you need to have is a stable and fast internet connection.

3. Convenience And Streamlined

Another great feature of Gloud games PC is that you will find some titles in packages of 10GB or less. This way, you should not face any problem saving these Gloud games on PC. They are very streamlined and convenient.

4. Uniqueness

Most of the Gloud games on PC can be accessed across platforms. This means that you will be able to play the games on your smartphone devices. The cross-platform feature allows for helping Gloud Games’ coaches, customers, and gamers.

5. Can Be Linked To Other Devices

As mentioned previously, Gloud games PC can run on any hardware configuration. This does not limit to only computers and laptops. You can play these games on devices like your television. The interface you choose only needs to have a remote controller device.

Part 2: How Can You Install A Gloud Game For PC And Mac Devices?

Thankfully, there are some emulators that you can use to download and play Gloud games on PC. The most popular emulators in the market include:

#1. BlueStacks

One of the most trusted and popular emulators for Windows and Mac platforms, BlueStacks has impressed its customers with its lightning-fast speed. Another reason why you should opt for BlueStacks is the elegant graphics. Now, let us look into how you can download and install BlueStacks.

1: Downloading The Application

Of course, first, please download the application on your computer or laptop device.

2: Starting BlueStacks

Once the application has been downloaded, you need to launch it simply by double-clicking on the icon.

3: Logging Into Your Google Account

In the next step, you will log into your Google account using your Google credentials.

4: Search For Google PlayStore

Once you have transferred the BlueStacks icon into your home screen, you will see the Google Play Store. You need to double-click on it.

Playing A Gloud Game On PC Using BlueStacks

5: Look For The Games

As you can guess, this is the step where you start looking for the game titles.

6: Installation Process

Once you see a list of all Gloud games on PC, you need to select each Gloud game for PC and download/install them separately.

#2. NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer is another great choice if you are looking for a fast and decent Android emulator for your PC. A great feature of this emulator is that you can easily find the best Gloud games on PC here.

This application can be downloaded and installed for absolutely no cost. Additionally, you will also love the user-friendly interface. Now, let us learn how to use this application:

1: Installing The Application

The first step here is to download the NoxPlayer and install it on your computer or laptop device.


2: Launching The Application

After downloading it on a computer or laptop device, you need to launch NoxPlayer by double-clicking on the icon.

3: Click On The Tab Searcher

Here, you simply need to tap once on the search bar. Here, you need to type down the name of the Gloud game for the PC you are looking for.

Playing A Gloud Game On PC Using Nox Player

4: Installation Process

Once you find the right Gloud game, you can install them via the NoxPlayer.

5: Running The Gloud Games PC

You can run the Gloud game on the computer once the installation process is completed.

Part 3: Can You Play A Gloud Game For PC Without Having To Install It?

In today’s time, new and upcoming technology has made life easier and more convenient. If you do not want to install a Gloud game for PC, you can make use of the screen projection tool called ApowerMirror.

Please connect your smartphone to your computer via a USB cord; this will allow you to control and play any Gloud game on your laptop or computer.


This particular tool has received a lot of positive reviews from customers, particularly for being so convenient. Some of its amazing features include:

  • You will not face any lags while playing any Gloud games on a computer
  • You will have the option of using your keyboard for replying to your social media like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Whatever you are seeing on the screen of your mobile device can be cast to a big screen.
  • The application is supported by various Android devices like Motorola, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc.

Part 4: What Are The Best Cloud Gaming Services Available?

In today’s time, Cloud gaming is becoming a part of our daily lives. Thanks to the contributions of the gamers and the developers, this niche has become a billion-dollar industry today.

Some of the best Cloud gaming services for computers and laptops include:

#1. Shadow

While this company does not offer direct Cloud gaming, you will be allowed to engage in Cloud computing gaming. This means that you will have a great accessibility period, a gigantic gaming library, and high-performance gaming. Additionally, the pricing of its services is very affordable – only $35 per month.


#2. GeForce

GeForce is quite a reliable name in the Cloud gaming industry. For very low latency, you will get ultra-HD streaming services. The services are very affordable as well – you will get 50 games for a mere $8. The tool works on tablets, Mac, Shield TV, and Shield Portable.


#3. Vortex

Vortex is considered one of the top cloud gaming services in the market today. This service is also dedicated as a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. The controlling system is highly customizable as well.


#4. Project Xcloud

Project Xcloud is fitted with everything it needs to land one of the top spots in the Cloud gaming industry. All the features of this service are amazing and will definitely catch your attention. It makes use of the Azure networking system and has a very user-friendly interface.

Project Xcloud

#5. Xbox App

The Xbox App was originally released for the Xbox in 2019; however, it was later renamed to Xbox console. Apart from allowing you to play the best Gloud games on the computer, you will also be able to talk and chat with your friends.

Xbox App

Part 5: FAQs: Everything You Need To Know About Gloud Games PC

Some common FAQs related to Gloud Games on a computer include:

Yes, all the Gloud Games PC can be downloaded and played without having to pay anything. However, you will be provided extra features with the premium versions, for which you will have to pay additional fees.

Yes, you will require a stable and fast internet connection to play Gloud games on a PC. These games have high-quality graphics, which is why a fast internet connection is required for a smooth gameplay experience.

In most cases, Gloud games PC makes use of remote servers. Hence, you do not have to install these games. However, you will require an internet connection since you will be playing on the remote server.

While this technology is quite new, there are certain Gloud games on PC that can be streamed on Android devices like PES 2017, WWE, and Sleeping Dogs.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these are just some of the many advantages of Gloud games for computers. These are the factors that make them so unique.

If you want to play some Gloud games on PC, you can easily make use of the above-mentioned emulators for this purpose.


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