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FFXIV Gil Farming – How to Make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV


Written by Jack Lin

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FFXIV Make Gil

Do you also wish for FFXIV Gil farming? If so, you’re in the correct place. Gil is probably one of the most important things in Final Fantasy XIV.

There are many ways for a person to make Gil. However, we’ve listed the top 5 ways to make Gil in FFXIV that is the most effective of all!

About Gil

There are many ways for FFXIV Gil farming. However, none of those is as easy as you might have heard. Gil is the currency used in the gaming world to buy various things. Some of these ways involve a potential risk as well.

Initially, you may also have to spend a good amount of Gil to get your hands on a large amount of Gils in a larger picture.

However, it’s a normal question yet quite complex to determine which will prove to be the best in terms of “how FFXIV makes Gil?

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Top 5 Ways to Make Gil in FFXIV

Below we have listed some of the best ways to make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV.

1. Tradeskills

This trick may take much more time than any of the tricks listed down below but probably pays off worth the effort. You may choose any profession in the game that you like; there’s no restriction to that. Let us go through one of the best ways for FFXIV Gil farming –

This will not only allow you to make companionship, but also you can reduce your losses and make the most out of your profits. You can take the example of a gathering profession that always compliments the one with a crafting profession.

● Don’t Rush in Leveling Up Your Character

Leveling up is considered quite important in Final Fantasy XIV. You can make most of the equipment by switching on your profession in a fixed period. For example, you can switch your gathering profession with another one after you gain 5-6 levels. It will allow you to earn through all the leveled items you earn while leveling up.

● Try Not to Feel Cornered About Spending Money on Items in the Marketplace

There are various items that you may find in shops, but throughout monsters, drops, or even particular types of professions. If you hesitate in getting items for your profession, there are chances you might lose more Gil than you earn in Final Fantasy XIV.

● Try Levequesting

This trick may not come in handy for certain professions like craftsmen, but it’s quite interesting. It may also treat you to something mind-blowing. You won’t have to put in a lot of effort while earning a lot of money.

FFXIV make Gil - Try Levequesting
Try Levequesting

2. Market

The in-game market is considered one of the best ways for FFXIV Gil farming. However, it’s quite risky as well. You may lose some thousands of Gil initially, but the return from those thousands spent on the market is quite huge. To help you out with earning through the help of the market, we’ve listed some of the best ways below –

● Checking the Product History Before You Invest in That

Whenever you’re going to buy/sell an item in the marketplace, keep in mind to check the timeline of the product you’re buying. There are chances that even if the pricing of the product is listed as 5,000 Gil, it may not always go like that.

FFXIV make Gil - Checking the Product History

● Keep an Eye on the Present In-game Tax Rate

You may get surprised to see how much of a difference a slight change in the tax can benefit you. However, to maximize your profile, you may have to travel to a certain city for a low rate of taxes. You may come off with a surprise seeing the difference between the effort.

Keep an Eye on the Present In-game Tax Rate

● Material is Considered the Best

Even if you’re able to save taxes by traveling to various cities, you may get stuck with the risk you took by investing your precious Gil in the market. This one has a lower risk, but also lower reward and is suited best for players who can’t afford to spend too much Gill in the game.

● Try Getting Hands-on Large Packages of Items and then Break Them into Smaller High-value Items

The majority of the time, crafters need items in a small number for a particular item, but it is hard to get them in small quantities from a gatherer. However, dividing the large packages and selling out material in lower quantities is considered one of the FF14 best ways to make Gil.

Try Getting Hands-on Large Packages

● Do Not Focus Mainly on Just Getting Large Packages of Items Just for the Sake of Reselling Them

In-game prices hinder quite a lot more than you expect. It’s basically not a trick that you should primarily focus on. So, whether you have a rare item or something you won’t get in the market, don’t hinder much from using this trick.

Do Not Focus Mainly on Just Getting Large Packages

3. Levequest

Levequest is considered one of the FF14 best ways to make Gil. Not only is it fun to try this leve of questing, but you also get a lot of items that can sell for quite higher prices. There are a few effective ways to do it; let us take you around those –

● Only Go for Battlecraft Leve Quests

This is also one of the finest ways to get your hands on some interesting items. There are many types of leves that may give you some high rewards. However, Battlecraft leves is that place where you’ll get the high-level item that sells for higher prices.

● Only Choose the Battlecraft That Shows a Guaranty of the Item As a Reward

There are Battlecraft leves that provide items that you may not find useful. Don’t be fooled by that! These items may not come in handy to you, but they can sell for a good price in the shop.

● Go for Treasure Chest Hunting

Not only Battlecraft leves, but you may also come across treasures through the other leves. These treasures are also one of the major ways for you to become rich by using FFXIV to make Gil.

● Try to Avoid Grand Company Level of Leves As Much As You Can

Don’t fall for these types of leves as a way for you to earn grand company leves along with rewards. These types of seals are quite easy to get, but the lower rewards will only trouble you.

● Set the Level of Difficulty to Max

To make things more interesting and rewarding at the same time, increasing the difficulty to the max level helps you a lot. However, still don’t try to miss any type of bounty target for more rewards. All this calculated in total will not only grant you more rewards but also more experience.

FFXIV make Gil -  Set the level of difficulty to max

4. Dungeons and Guildhests

These tricks may not be the best test for FFXIV Gil farming, but they still are quite good at rewards. It may not offer a lot in the initial stage, but it surely is considered one of the FF14 best ways to make Gil inside the game. This trick may also get you some high-paying items that may sell for a pretty high price in the market.

● Try to Run Along with Every Type of Guildhests for Once at Least

This trick will get you more and higher rewards when completed for the first time. After the first time, it may not offer such a big offer, but it surely does offer quite easily after all.

● Dungeons Are Better for Treasure Chest Hunting

Dungeons are filled with mysteries and can come across as one of the best ways for you, along with FFXIV make Gil. However, it’s more of luck to find such amazing items in these dungeons. There is also a special bonus for completing these dungeons without dying or any sort of problem.

● Either Be a Tank or a Healer

Playing in these dungeons and Guildhests requires a lot of fighting and healing. The choice of becoming a healer or a tanker is preferred the most for someone who’s looking out for this route. This will also help you a lot in upgrading your level and FFXIV Gil farming.

● Don’t Go for Trials

Trials run with the help of duty finders and don’t offer any type of reward after the first time. Avoiding trials to the best is preferably the best choice for getting your hands on more Gil in the game. If you keep on going for trials, then you may only indulge in epic battles again and again without earning any sort of Gil.

Don't Go for Trials
Dungeons and Guildhests

5. Fates

Fates are considered one of the finest ways to improve your level in the game. However, the benefit of fate isn’t limited to increasing, but it also helps in earning a lot of Gil as well. Let us show you some of the best tricks in fates for earning Gil –

● Try to Stay in Groups with Other Players

This trick is by far one of the most intriguing and beneficial ones of all. By staying in groups, you can not only get more experience, but you’ll get a gold medal. The gold medal gives out the highest reward in the game.

● Tag Enemies As Soon As You Get Your Eyes on Them

By tagging your enemies, you will increase your already amazing chances of getting your hands on amazing items. Those items can easily be sold around in the market of the game.

● Don’t Keep Your Expectations High in Terms of Earning

This may be one of the finest ways to proceed in the game, but it will still not get you much Gil. It is preferable because of its reliability in the game. The chances of getting more Gil increase whenever you come across an item drop.

● Charge for Helping Somebody out in the Game

Many players prefer going solo but sometimes need the help of the other player to complete a particular quest and dungeons. To help earn more Gil in the game, charge for every type of help you provide to players. This is probably one of the FF14 best ways to make Gil for something you’ve done already in the past.

● Focus on Another Task While Doing Fates

Several tasks may be done like questioning, gathering, or even crafting tools while you’re on fate. Whether you’re doing it all solo or with a group, take your time doing other tasks in between tasks. That will not only save a lot of your time but also save a lot of your money.

FFXIV make Gil -  Focus on another task while doing fates


1. Can I purchase Gil from third-party websites? No, purchasing Gil from third-party websites is against the Final Fantasy XIV terms of service and can result in severe consequences, including account suspension or banning. It’s always recommended to earn Gil through legitimate in-game methods.

2. Are there any specific crafting or gathering professions that are more profitable for Gil farming? The profitability of crafting and gathering professions can vary based on market demand and the availability of rare materials. It’s advisable to research the current market trends and assess the demand for certain crafted or gathered items before committing to a specific profession.

3. How often should I check the Market Board for pricing adjustments? Regularly monitoring the Market Board is crucial for successful Gil farming. Aim to check the prices and adjust your selling strategy at least once a day to stay competitive and maximize your profits.

4. Can I farm Gil efficiently as a solo player, or do I need a group? While certain activities, such as raiding or treasure hunting, may require a group, there are plenty of Gil farming methods that can be done solo. Crafting, gathering, and participating in in-game events are accessible to solo players and can still yield significant profits.

5. Is there a limit to how much Gil I can accumulate in Final Fantasy XIV? There is no hard limit to the amount of Gil you can accumulate in Final Fantasy XIV. However, the game does impose certain restrictions on the maximum amount of Gil you can carry and store on your character or retainer.

Final Words

Gil can be earned throughout the game using various tricks. These tricks usually involve proper usage of your items by selling or trading them conveniently.

However, it’s hard to determine which one of the tricks is the FF14 best way to make Gil in the name.


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