Top Best Dirt Bike Games for Xbox One


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Dirt Bike Games for Xbox One
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Xbox One dirt bike games are one of the best ways for gaming enthusiasts to spend their leisure time.

Well, there are many dirt bike games for Xbox one and if you are looking for them, keep reading.

In this article, we intend to expose the most impressive games with amazing characteristics.

So, you can go ahead and find some of the best games that can be played.

Dirt Bike Games for Xbox One 

Since their debut in the early 1980s, dirt games have gone a long way. Every year, with the introduction of a new edition, we witness more dynamics and, interestingly, better visuals.

However, not all Xbox One dirt bike games are thrilling and hard. Some are simply there to cash in on the excitement. However, on the other hand, others can be incompatible with the majority of the platforms.

The Xbox One is home to the most exclusive titles, including many Xbox dirt bike games. However, none of them are really excellent.

There are, however, a few standouts with clear, realistic visuals and challenging levels to keep you engaged. We provide you with the best dirt bike games available, ranging from basic arcade games to extremely competitive games! 

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Xbox Dirt Bike Games – the Best Option

Okay, before we get started, let’s make sure we all understand each other well.  This is only a game.

Nothing beats operating a dirt bike, but computer games are known to cause dopamine surges. Therefore, you should be prepared to get engrossed!

The games listed below are some of our favorites. Each one provides a brief description as well as information on the platforms they support. 

Go ahead and learn about the most impressive dirt bike games for Xbox one.

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#1 – MXGP 2020

MXGP 2020 dirt bike games for Xbox one

If you’re a frequent player, you’ve probably heard of Milestone, a developer of high-quality bike games. The MXGP 2020 version differs nothing from the previous edition in terms of features.

When moving to this from an older version, you may find it difficult to appreciate the value for money. This will not affect you if this is your first time with this sequel. 

This specific game is among the best available. Once the tea has gone cold, the amazing images, acoustics, and intricacy will keep you engrossed. Single races, championships, and track editing are all available.

You may progress through the skill levels and personalize your motorcycles for better performance.  It is true, just like in any other computer game.

You may also change the bike’s configuration for each race. With trail-style obstacles, the complex provides plenty of opportunities for solo riding.

Some players have pointed out that the trails are inconsistent amongst courses. Courses deteriorate as the race progresses, particularly when poor weather is present.

#2 – Supercross 3 and Supercross 4

Supercross 3 and Supercross 4

Supercross 4 can be considered a new Milestone release scheduled for 2021. And Supercross 3 will keep you busy till then.

Version four has a lot more work to do if it wants to be considered for an update. It appears that the Italian producers are pleased to reskin each edition with a few adjustments.

In this situation, the gameplay on V 4 is harder when compared to the predecessor. V3 and V4 have a striking visual resemblance to one another. 

Both V4 & V3, where the motorcycles’ feel was completely reworked, provide fascinating gameplay. This is a major step forward from version 2.

Bikes, courses, and setup will all be entirely customizable. These two games will be a blast if you are a fan of Supercross. This can surely be considered one of the perfect Xbox dirt bike games.

#3 – Mud Motocross Game

Mud Motocross Game dirt bike games for Xbox one

Mud is considered a “Classic” game by many. It is true that Mud’s visuals, sounds, and architecture are clearly outdated compared to the competition.

However, it can still compete for a low price. That’s why we include it in this list of dirt bike games for Xbox one.

Multi-player, world-tour, and championships all contribute to the thrill of the game. It’s okay, it’s out of date, and they aren’t real-world courses. Even the music has a retro vibe to it.

This is a great option if you’re looking for a low-cost game that captures the essence of real-world riding.

We like Mud because of the band’s thrashy sound, crazy riding, and overall retro vibe. The amount of product placement, on the other hand, is substantial.

Avoid consuming stimulants such as energy drinks. There is absolutely no benefit to consuming them.

#4 – MX V ATV All-Out

MX V ATV All-Out

Well, Rainbow Studios in the United States developed the video game MX V ATV. After starting the game, you’ll see that all of the choices are open to you. True, it is a welcome difference from games that have you grind to unlock new areas.

There are several courses and layouts to choose from, which means endless hours of enjoyment. There will be a variety of racing possibilities—for instance, a season series, solo time, single events, and even an online community. Customizable gear, bikes, and camera angles are also to be expected.

The best of both worlds: dirt bikes and ATVs. The variety of the courses and the vastness of the open areas appeal to us the most.

The whole riding experience with MX V ATV is excellent. The game’s mechanics, camera settings, and tuning are all top-notch. But there’s a snag.

There are too many courses where the frame rate is slow. Glitchy frame rates are a deal-breaker for many gamers, regardless of how amazing your game is.

#5 – MXGP-3

MXGP-3 dirt bike games for Xbox one

Well, inspired by the 2016 campaign, Xbox One’s dirt bike game raises the bar considerably. Xbox One’s MXGP-3 dirt bike game has jaw-dropping visuals created with the brand-new Unreal Engine Four.

As the weather changes throughout the game, the rider’s skills are put to the stand. That is when they try to keep their motorbike under control amid the mud, storm, and dust. As a result, every ride is interesting and challenging!

You may pick from a variety of 31 rides. Sounds such as vehicle roar and atmospheric chainsaw noises transport you to another world.

The two- and four-stroke engine motorcycles provided by Milestone (the game developers) are impressive. It seems that the developers have taken the feedback they have received to heart. This’s particularly because this motocross game looks much superior to its predecessors.

The MXGP3 has three distinct models and five AI levels ranging from easy to realistic. That makes it one of the perfect dirt bike games for Xbox one. Making it perfect for gamers.

There are three levels of models: standard (the most basic) and professional (the most advanced). In terms of the gameplay, the MXGP-3 excels thanks to its realistic courses and thrilling competition.

#6 – Monster Energy Supercross

Monster Energy Supercross

Milestone has released another high-quality dirt bike game. This is also rendered in stunning 3D realism using Unreal Engine Four.

From the scenery and tracks all the way to the beginning of the games, everything’s covered with sugar floss. The Xbox One version has the additional benefit of making everything stand out even more.

You may not only choose the personalities of your riders. However, it is possible to use genuine components and extras to make your bike unique. It’s also possible to choose the stadium and make changes to your song after recording.

It’s more exciting to play against other riders online and share your riding career with them. Players begin the game in a visually stunning stadium, either with other players or only in single-player mode. So, we consider it one of the most impressive Xbox dirt bike games.

The level of competition in your game depends on your preferences. That said, you may opt to do wild stunts or just normal Supercross racing. 

There’s a little delay while playing online. However, at least it gives you some time to acquire more beverages and munchies.

#7 – MX vs. ATV: Supercross Encore

MX Vs. ATV: Supercross Encore

This specific game will appeal to fans of MX unleashed. When compared to its predecessor, which had MX vs. ATV reaction, this is a vast improvement.

Great Supercross circuits provide riders with a lot of control in the air, which adds to the excitement. Choosing and customizing your car from a wide range of choices is part of the fun in this off-road game.

Compete in several modes like the open cross on a UTV, ATV, or even bike for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

While in freestyle mode, put your abilities to the test by doing impressive feats. Moreover, you may personalize your automobiles and show them off in your own private showroom.


  1. Q: Are these dirt bike games suitable for beginners? A: Yes, many of these games offer various difficulty levels and tutorials to help beginners get started and improve their skills gradually.
  2. Q: Can I play these games with my friends? A: Yes, several of these games have multiplayer modes, allowing you to race against your friends online or compete in local multiplayer matches.
  3. Q: Are there customization options available in these games? A: Yes, most of these games offer extensive customization options, allowing you to personalize your rider, bike, and even create your own tracks.
  4. Q: Do I need any additional accessories to play these games? A: While a standard Xbox One controller is sufficient to play these games, some players prefer using specialized controllers or steering wheels for a more immersive experience.
  5. Q: Can I play these games on Xbox Series X/S consoles? A: Yes, all Xbox One games are backward compatible with Xbox Series X/S, so you can enjoy these dirt bike games on the latest Xbox consoles.


So, that’s our list of dirt bike games for Xbox one. Have we covered everything? Or do you think that this list should be updated with other Xbox dirt bike games? Please let us know. We are always happy to know your suggestions. Happy dirt biking!


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