Easy Ways to Convert Video2MP4 on Windows & Mac

It becomes very irritating to know that your favorite videos in MOV, AVI, or other file formats are not supported by the software of PDA, Blackberry, PSP, or any of your smartphones.

And in fact, it happens that many of your videos are not even supported on QuickTime, or you may hear the sound but may be devoid of the display.

Thus, one needs to look for a better video format option for playing their favorite videos without disruption. You may like to know how to convert Video2MP4 easily. 

MP4 file format is one of the most famous and compatible formats that can be used for playing the same videos on almost every possible device.

But, for the same, it is important to convert any video2mp4 and look for the best converters. This will enable you to have a better experience of watching your favorite videos anytime and anywhere with ease.

UniConverter – The Best Video2MP4 Converter for Windows & Mac

Wondershare UniConverter is one of the best and most powerful video2mp4 converters used across the masses. Some of the best features of this software are mentioned below.

  • Converts any video2mp4 from MOV, FLV, AVI, MKV, WMV, and other 1000+ formats.
  • Multiple file conversion without a loss of quality in a batch.
  • The mp4 compressor converts any video to an optimized format compatible with all devices, including Huawei, iPhone, phone, iPad, etc.
  • Around 30 times faster conversion than any other commonly used converters.
  • Uses a unique technology – APEXTRANS.
  • A unique editing toolbox in the software helps you to customize video2mp4 converted videos by adding subtitles, cropping, adding watermarks, trimming, etc.
  • It helps optimize and burn the videos to the Blu-ray disc and DVD, along with the free templates for DVD.
  • Helps in recording the videos present on YouTube along with 10,000+ other sharing sites.
  • Easy transfer of videos from PC to iPad, iPhone, and many other smartphones and devices in just a few seconds directly.
  • A versatile and amazing toolbox provides access to various features, including a screen recorder, GIF maker, VR converter, cast video to TV, and adding video metadata.
  • This device is supported by many operating systems, including Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10/11, Mac OS 10.6 to macOS 12.

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Simple Steps to Convert Video to MP4 Format:

Converting video2mp4 using Wondershare UniConverter is easy and convenient.

It is free to download and run the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate on Windows and Mac system.

If you are a Windows user, then download QuickTime Video Converter for the windows system, whereas, in the case of Mac, you will have to download the Wondershare Video2MP4 converter for Mac.

The steps for conversion are the same in both cases. So, you’re just a few steps away from your favorite video.

Install and launch the software on your respective devices and follow the same as mentioned below.

Step 1 – Upload or add your video file(s) to Uniconverter.

After running the Wondershare UniConverter on your device, start uploading the files you wish to convert.

Add the files by dragging them and dropping them into the destination box.

Also, you can select multiple files at once for batch conversion. Remember, this will not deteriorate the quality of your files in any manner.

Step 2 – Editing the Video files before converting the video2mp4.

Being an optional step, one can easily edit their files per their requirement before converting their video2mp4.

Simply choose the video you wish to edit and select any one icon displayed in the editing section. These icons will be present under the thumbnail of the video.

This video2mp4 converter will help you edit your video by adding subtitles, cropping, merging, clipping, and various other options.

Just after editing, one can easily have a quick preview of the edited video. Create your masterpiece with the best video editing.


Step 3 – Select the format for output as MP4.

Select the drop-down arrow beside the ‘Convert All‘ option to open the format display for the conversion output.

Now, click on the Video option to select MP4 displayed on the sidebar on the left, along with the resolution for the video that has to be converted from video2mp4.

Convert video2mp4

Also, one can easily choose the device from the device tab for the output format.

Also, merging the videos into a batch is very easy by selecting the ‘Merge All‘ option and creating a single video out of the multiple selections.

Step 4 – Converting video for the final video2mp4 output.

Click on the ‘Convert All’ tab when you’re finished and satisfied with the setting of your video. The conversion will be done automatically as per your choices.

Enjoy your videos by hitting the Output icon at the extreme bottom of the main interface.

video2mp4 converter - UniConverter

Note: This software can convert all the formats besides Video2Mp4, and thus one can easily download this software for further use.

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Using a Free Video2Mp4 Converter

Not every user needs to be comfortable paying for software for basic functions such as converting file formats for just a few files.

For such users, free software available in the market can help easily convert Video2Mp4 format quickly.

For free conversion, one can opt for Wondershare Video Converter Free, which enables the conversion of the files to all iOS-compatible file formats.

This program runs faster because of APEXTRANS’s latest technology which provides the program’s editing features and delivers a high-quality result.

Video Converter Free also enables downloading videos from YouTube for offline use or conversion.

Steps for converting Video using Video Converter Free:

Step 1 – Install and run Video Converter Free and upload the video file(s).

It is easy to download, prepare and run the Wondershare software on Windows or Mac systems.

Select ‘Add Files’ displayed under the tab for conversion to upload any video files on the standard interface.

Step 2 – Choose the output format as MP4.

Now, click on the drop-down arrow for the menu, and choose the format for the conversion output as MP4 in the video option.

Step 3 – Convert the video2mp4 file for absolutely no charge!

As soon as you choose the output format for conversion, click on the ‘Convert’ tab to initiate the conversion process of the video2mp4 file.

video2mp4 converter - Wondershare Free Video Converter

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Video Converter Free


Wondershare Video Converter Free is a super alternative to paid software; it supports a wide range of features to explore for a user.

This program is very well compatible with Mac and Windows systems, enabling the process of conversion amongst the most popular file formats.

In the batch conversion feature, one can easily convert multiple files together in a single go with speed much faster than any other file converter.

The advantages include YouTube video downloading and the amazing editing feature of this software.


Now, comparing this free software to some of the professional software that is paid in nature, the features of the free software are relatively lesser in the array of editing and the number of formats present for conversion.

Plus, downloading and installing may take some time and might not be suitable for users fond of using online tools for basic functionalities.

So, these were the best Video2MP4 converter. Try them out and spread the word too!



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