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How to Play Clash Of Clans for PC on Windows 10?


Written by Jack Lin

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Ever wanted to play Clash Of Clans for PC without Bluestacks? Well, it is absolutely possible.

The remainder of this article explains the strategy for getting Clash Of Clans on Windows 10.

So, let’s go ahead and learn about this interesting topic.

An Overview of Clash of Clans Gameplay

As the head of a particular clan, you have a lot of responsibility to keep your village safe. That being said, do you want to take on the greatest challenge of all?

Supercell Corporation” developed Clash of Clans, and it’s been the talk of the town since its inception in 2012.

Basically, it is a war-based, exciting strategic game. Critics and avid gamers gave the fantastical realm an enthusiastic reception.

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Does Clash of Clans Have a PC Version?

When you enjoy a game on a PC, the experience is enhanced by a factor of two. The good news is that Clash of Clans can also be played on PCs and laptops.

That is irrespective of the fact that the official game version is only accessible to smartphones.

Clash of Clans

Overview of Clash Of Clans Gameplay:

Before we learn about the Clash Of Clans for PC Windows 10, let’s look at the gameplay’s general overview.

Fun, excitement and many adventures await you in the multiplayer game. For hours, the player is enthralled by the game’s impressive visuals and engaging gameplay.

The player assumes the role of a village chief and is given various tasks. Those tasks should be performed to ensure the hamlet’s survival and growth in a competitive environment.

The Major Duties of the Chief

  • Raiding other towns for materials to build their own settlement. The construction of buildings or defensive towers is part of the process of establishing the village.
  • The construction of buildings or defensive towers is part of the process of establishing the village.
  • Building and battling foes require troops to be trained.
  • Invading neighboring settlements to get more land and resources.
  • Fight those clan wars that can involve up to fifty players.

Different Tiers

Clash of Titans has three different tiers

  • Tier-01: Comprises of Goblins Arches and Barbarians
  • Tier-02: Comprises of Balloon, Giant, Wall Breakers, and Wizard
  • Tier-03: Comprises of P.E.K.K.A., Dragon, and Healer

Main Resources

Strategic use of resources is required for the aforementioned activities. The Clash Of Clans for PC on Windows 10 game’s primary resources are gold and elixir. These resources are used to construct and improve various defenses, traps, and town structures.

The usage of Elixir & Dark Elixir to train and improve troops. Also, those spells are common in the MMO world. Boosters and cosmetics are purchased with Gems, the premium money.

It takes three minutes for a player to unleash a three-star strike. Players can raid fortified goblin villages in single-player campaigns at levels 51-75 to obtain gold, elixir, and black elixir.

When leaders challenge one another to a battle, the game becomes much more challenging and exciting. It is possible to select between 5v5 and 50v50 configurations. That is in addition to the friendly challenge, Clan Games, along with many other types of play.

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Tips to Succeed in Clash of Clans for Windows 10

To win Clash Of Clans for PC without Bluestacks, patience and strategy are required.

Even so, you’ll be the greatest leader the world has ever witnessed, thanks to expert advice.

  • Keep the diamonds in your rainy-day fund. For example, you can spend gems on builders who can build many buildings simultaneously.
  • Instead of focusing on collecting trophies, concentrate on destroying additional settlements.
  • Increase the training of your troops or purchase shields to safeguard your settlement.
  • Make sure your village has a well-thought-out plan, with resources and prizes housed in an organized fashion.
  • Upgrading mining and collectors is a great way to get free resources.
  • Always keep a shield between you and the enemy. When your shielding is activated, do not assault any community.
  • If you’re in a clan, your odds of winning and getting amazing stuff go up.
  • Invest in the defenses, so troops stay alive.
  • Keep a variety of troops in your ranks. Swordsmen, magicians, dragons, and everyone else will be required.

How to Play Clash of Clans for PC on Windows 10?

By now, you should better understand the magnificence of this specific game and the necessity for a PC with a larger and better screen.

So there will be no problems with recharging your phone or taking calls. So how to play Clash Of Clans for PC without Bluestacks?

How to play Clash Of Clans for PC without Bluestacks?

Use the most professional screen mirroring program. In this case, the best tool is Tenorshare Phone Mirror.

It is a powerful tool to help you enjoy those clashes using your PC’s monitor. 

Using Tenorshare Phone Mirror and Playing Clash Of Clans for Windows 10 

Tenorshare Phone Mirror is the go-to technique for playing the popular Clash Of Clans for PC on Windows 10.

With the screen mirroring program, you can play all Android games using your PC without a hitch.

You will be able to mirror your phone’s screen to your computer using Tenorshare Phone Mirror.

Then, you can have your phone’s activity on your computer screen. Using this app is convenient because it is also compatible with Android version 11.

Tenorshare Phone Mirror

Main Features of Tenorshare Phone Mirror

  • It is easier to adapt to the game because you may use both the keyboard and the mouse simultaneously.
  • It lets you track your progress by taking screenshots of your gaming.
  • Thanks to its simplicity, you don’t have to deal with difficult network setups.
  • It allows using your social networking apps and PC games at the same time.
  • A stable connection to the faultless mirrored display is ensured.

Steps to Use Clash of Clans for Windows 10 via Phone Mirror

  • Get Phone Mirror from Tenorshare’s official product list on the company’s website.
  • Open Tenorshare Phone Mirror on your computer after it has been installed successfully. Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP is compatible with this application.
  • Connect the Android device to the Windows computer via the USB port using a USB cable. You should use a high-quality USB cable for this purpose.
  • Turn on ‘USB Debugging’ in the ‘Developer’ option. Navigate to your phone’s “Software Information” in Settings > About Phone.
  • Now, you should allow the device to install those APKs automatically.
  • This will allow you to view your phone’s screen on a computer monitor or laptop. Clash of Clans PC can now be played and enjoyed using a keyboard and mouse.

Phone Mirror is the most convenient method to play Clash Of Clans for PC without Bluestacks or other emulators. It is straightforward and simple, even if you are a novice.

However, if you still want to try an emulator, you can read the other sections of this article.

Important Tips When Using a Screen Mirroring Program

Here are some important tips when using a screen mirroring program. Such as Tenorshare Phone Mirror or emulators.

  • Ensure your machine meets the minimal requirements for the selected software.
  • Use Google Play to download CoC from the official store.
  • Have you already linked a CoC account to the Google account? If so, you’ll need to log in to that account during installation.

Use an Android Emulator to Play Clash Of Clans for Windows 10 

It is possible to use an emulator to play the Clash Of Clans PC Windows 10.

With various Android Emulators on the market, how do you know which is the most impressive solution?

Try one of our recommended emulators for more excitement and fun.

01. BlueStacks

If we’re talking about emulators, we can’t leave out BlueStacks. This could be the most impressive choice for millions of people worldwide.

In fact, it works flawlessly on both Mac and Windows. Using numerous Clash of Clams accounts simultaneously is made possible by the Multi-instance feature.

BlueStacks is the only choice for the most impressive and smoothest experience.

Play Clash Of Clans for Windows 10 with BlueStacks
Steps to use BlueStacks
  1. Install BlueStacks after downloading it from their official website.
  2. Open Google Play on BlueStacks and log in to your Google account.
  3. Now, you should search for the game “Clash of Clans.”
  4. Install it as you would on a mobile phone.
  5. That’s it!

02. LDPlayer

On top of the list is LDPlayer, a strong emulator. It allows you to play your favorite games on your computer in a matter of seconds.

The software is available for free download, which gives it an advantage over the competition. This lightweight application provides fast loading times and good performance.

In addition to stunning graphics and animations, macros, as well as operation recordings, are available. For a hard-core smartphone game, this is ideal.

Play Clash Of Clans for Windows 10 Using LDPlayer
Steps to use LDPlayer
  1. Install the LDP layer on your PC after downloading it from their official website.
  2. The new app will be the only one on its interface when you use it initially. The Play Store can be accessed by selecting the System applications folder. After that, you should click on its Play Store icon.
  3. Your Google account information will be required. Save the game to your PC after downloading it.
  4. In the LDPlayer, click the option called “Download APK file.”
  5. It’s time to play Clash Of Clans for PC on Windows 10.

03. Andy Emulator

To take advantage of the best features for free, download Andy Emulator for Windows.

Access to local file systems, microphone, and camera integrations, along with the hardware console, are all included in Andy.

You may play the same games on your Mac and Pc without disturbance.

Ideal gameplay, stability, and connection are all included. Additionally, it offers a simple user interface, syncs software from your PC to the smartphone, etc.

Also, it enables you to use your phone as a remote control. All you have to do to play on a huge screen is meet the system requirements.

Andy Emulator
Steps to use Andy Emulator
  1. Obtain the official Andy app from and install it.
  2. When you open the software, it will begin to install itself.
  3. On your desktop, you’ll see an Andy icon. Go to the Google Play store.
  4. Install Clash of Clans by searching for it and clicking the “Install” option.
  5. Play the Clash Of Clans on Windows 10 on a PC as much as you like.


  1. Is it legal to play Clash of Clans on PC using an emulator? Yes, it is perfectly legal to use an emulator to play Clash of Clans on your PC.
  2. Will using an emulator to play Clash of Clans get me banned? No, using an emulator will not get you banned. However, using any form of cheats or hacks will.
  3. Is it free to use BlueStacks and NoxPlayer? Yes, both BlueStacks and NoxPlayer are free to use.
  4. Can I play Clash of Clans on PC without an emulator? No, as Clash of Clans is a mobile game, you need an emulator to play it on your PC.
  5. Do I need a powerful PC to run these emulators? While a more powerful PC will provide a better gaming experience, even less powerful PCs should be able to run these emulators with the correct settings.
  6. Can I use my existing Clash of Clans account on the emulator? Yes, you can use your existing account. You just need to log in with your account when setting up the emulator.


Whether you’re a Clash of Clans veteran or a curious newcomer, playing the game on your PC opens up a whole new world of possibilities. From enjoying the game on a larger screen to taking advantage of enhanced controls, there’s plenty to love about this experience. So go ahead, give it a shot, and start clashing like never before!

So, that’s all about Clash Of Clans for PC without Bluestacks. Do you have other doubts related to this matter? If so, please let us know.


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