What is Freeform on iPhone: The Complete Guide


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What Is Freeform On Iphone

What is Freeform on iPhone? What exactly does it do? Does every iPhone have this feature? Can you uninstall it?

Let’s find answers to all these questions and even more.

What is Freeform on iPhone – Introduction


Apple’s digital whiteboard app is called “Freeform“. The blank slate you’re given to work with is infinite and white. Include media like photographs, movies, and links, as well as write down creative ideas. Put another way, you can change the color of the board as you wish. 

On top of that, the board supports simultaneous use by up to 99 users. As a result, you can work on projects with family, friends, and coworkers with ease. The best thing is that everyone working together can communicate instantly over iMessage and FaceTime.

What Are the Basic Requirements?

You can use Freeform on your device as long it has the following requirements.

  • If it is an iPhone, it must run on iOS 16.2 at the least.
  • If it is an iPad, it must run on iPad OS 16.2 at the least.
  • If it is a Mac, it should run on macOS Ventura 13.1 at the least.

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How to Put Freeform into Use in a Creative Way?

Now that you have a basic idea about what Freeform is on iPhone, let’s learn its uses.

● Creating Virtual Vision Boards

With Freeform, you can bring your vision board to life in a virtual space. This eliminates the need for 3rd party graphic design apps. The whiteboard feature of Freeform allows you to add various elements.

These include videos, images, links, post-its, and doodles to create a personalized vision board. What’s more, with iCloud sync, you can access your vision board on any device, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Creating Virtual Vision Boards

● Brainstorming Ideas Made Easy

Freeform is a valuable tool for both individual brainstorming and team collaboration. Are you working alone or with a group? It doesn’t matter, as you can effortlessly jot down ideas, doodle, or import observations and inspirations onto the Freeform platform.

The collaboration features enable real-time viewing of what others are contributing, fostering discussion and creative exchange. You can even engage in simultaneous discussions using FaceTime or Messages, enhancing teamwork and productivity.

● Effortless Travel Planning with Freeform

Planning your travels becomes a breeze with Freeform, eliminating the need for external apps like Google My Maps.

Here’s how Freeform simplifies travel itinerary management:

● Attach Details

You can easily attach crucial information such as flight details, hotel or hostel stays, and required documents. Additionally, you can create lists for shopping, packing essentials, shopping items, and more, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

● Visual References

Freeform allows you to include reference images for clothing options, photo opportunities, transition videos, and more. This feature ensures that you don’t miss out on any aspect of your travel experience.

● Convert to a Travel Journal

Freeform offers a seamless way to transform your travel itinerary into a comprehensive travel journal. Capture all the precious memories you create during your journey, preserving them for years to come. By leveraging Freeform’s versatile features, you can streamline your travel planning process.

Effortless Travel Planning with Freeform

How to Use It?

Let’s learn how to make use of this awesome utility. Before everything else, however, it is good to check if Freeform is already activated and synchronized with iCloud.

  • First, you should open “Settings” to proceed. After that, tap on the display picture that represents your profile.
  • Select “iCloud“.
  • Now, you should tap “Show All“.
iCloud Settings on iPhone
iCloud Show All
  • After that, scroll further down so you can turn on the Toggle option next to “Freeform“.
Freeform on iCloud Settings

However, if you have Apple Pencil, tap “Settings” and select “Freeform“. Then, go to “Apple Pencil“. Finally, toggle on “Select and Scroll“.

Also, if you wonder, is your iPhone mute switch randomly turning on and off? Don’t worry, we have the solution for you! Read on to discover the best tools to fix this error.

Starting a Board in Apple Freeform

Now that you know what Freeform is on iPhone, here’s how to start a Board in Apple Freeform. The Freeform app will automatically appear on the App Library or Home Screen by default. However, if you cannot find it there, you can get it downloaded from the App Store. You can go to App Store and perform a search for “Freeform” to do it.

There will be a hello screen when you initially launch the app. Tap. Keep working on your initial plank. The canvas is where ideas can be jotted down, and plans can be drawn up. In addition to that, multiple teams can work together where the entire action is. Grids are present on the board, project, or page by default.

You can adjust the magnification to your liking. This board has a toolbar located at the base of the screen as well as various tools at the top.

Starting a Board in Apple Freeform

Inserting a Colorful Note into a Freeform Board

To add a note to your board, click the pen icon in the far-left corner. A colorful note with a square shape will appear in an instant. This is a handy tip after knowing what Freeform is on iPhone.

Inserting a Colorful Note into a Freeform Board

● Enter the Text

Double-tap on the board so you can type. Then, you can change properties like font style, size, alignment, and so on from its toolbar. You can find this toolbar near the keyboard. In addition to that, it is possible to create lists. Once the writing is done, you can tap return.

Enter the Text a Freeform Board
Inserting a Colorful Note into a Freeform Board

● Resizing the Note

Now, you should tap the note. After that, you should hold the blue color dot and pull it out or in. This will either decrease or increase the size of the square.

● Moving the Note

To move the note, you should long press and drag the note and drop it as you wish.

● Editing Your Note

Tap your note so you can see plenty of options in terms of editing. These editing options include:

  • Changing the note’s color.
  • Editing the size and the style of the font.
  • Duplicating the note.
  • Deleting the note.
  • If you tap on the three-dotted symbol, you can see the following as well.
    • Managing layers
    • Cutting or copying
    • Locking
    • Styling
    • Adding descriptions
Edit Colorful Note on Freeform
plenty of options in terms of editing

Adding Shapes on Freeform

Here’s a way to add shapes on Freeform. To access a wide selection of icons and shapes organized into several groups, tap the icon dedicated to Shape. In fact, that is the second symbol.

tap the icon dedicated to Shape

After that, click the search button and enter your search terms if you’re looking for something in particular. Choose a form you like, and place it where you want it. Resize it by tapping and dragging the blue handles.

Adding Basic Shapes on Freeform
Adding Animals Shapes on Freeform
  • To add text: Just double-tap on any shape. After that, start writing.
  • To edit the appearance of the shape, tap on “Shape” so you will see the following options.
    • Change the color
    • Add a border with any color or thickness.
    • Change font size, alignment, color, and so on.
    • Duplicating
    • Deleting
  • Using the “More” menu is similar to the one with “notes“. However, it has three different options, as mentioned below. You can use these in a creative manner.
    • Autosize Text
    • Break Apart
    • Constrain Proportions
Using the "More" menu on Freeform
Adding Shapes on Freeform

Adding Text Box in Freeform

Well, this is a pretty basic option. But it can be useful for those who wonder what Freeform is on iPhone. Tap the center icon that represents a “Text Box“. Then, you can place this box anywhere. After that, pull its blue dots out or in so you can resize the box. Then, you can perform a double-tap to enter the text.

Adding Text Box in Freeform

Tap the text box so you can see more options like:

  • Changing the text color
  • Changing the style of the text
  • Font size
  • Duplicating the text
  • Deleting the text

Drawing in Freeform

Let’s learn how to draw something in Freeform on your iOS device.

  • Tap the icon called Markup. Now, you will see some tools. You can select any tool you wish and start drawing.
Tap the icon called Markup
  • Well, do you want to change the size of a brush, pen, or eraser? Or do you want to change its opacity? If so, you can press and hold on to the tool. But if you want to change its color, just how to find someone’s address in its color wheel? After editing, you can press “Done” to proceed.
  • If you intend to perform an edit, tap on “Drawing“. Then, tap the tool you like and start editing.
Drawing in Freeform
Drawing in Freeform

Inserting Elements (Documents, Links, Photos, And Videos) to Freeform

To insert any of the elements above, you can press the last icon located at the bottom.

Inserting Elements to Freeform

Then, you can deal with the following.

● Insert From

It takes you to the app called “Files“. From this app, you can add just about any kind of file you can imagine. It ranges from text files and PDF documents to images and multimedia. Select the File button to overwrite the file or the Eye button to open it. The file can be downloaded or shared directly from this page.

Inserting Files to Freeform
Inserting PDF to Freeform

● Link

You can either paste or type a link and tap on “Insert“. If you want to edit the respective link, you can tap on it. Then, you can open the “Eye” option. This will take you to the default browser of your iPhone.

Add Link to Freeform
Inserting Link to Freeform

● Scan

You can scan a document right into the board using the built-in scanner on your iPhone or iPad. Repeatedly selecting the Eye icon will allow you to view it, share it, or save it. 

Inserting Scan to Freeform

● Camera

Use the device’s camera to snap and upload images or video to the board for instantaneous updates. The corresponding toolbar allows you to do the following.

  • Swapping out the media file
  • Cropping it
  • Expanding it to full screen
  • Making copies
  • Removing it

Please note that the photos taken from Freeform will not be saved in Photos.

Share Taken Photo
Save Taken Photo

● Photos/Videos

Finally, you can choose to insert media from your device’s camera roll. In this part, you’ll find almost the same set of resources as in the previous one.

Sharing Freeform

Here’s how to collaborate and share on Freeform.

  • First of all, you should open the respective Freeform board that should be shared.
  • Then, tap the option called “Share” from its top bar.
  • Under Collaboration, select “Only Invited People……“.
tap the option called "Share"
select "Only Invited People……"
  • Check any suitable option as you wish.
  • Toggle on or off “Allow Others….“.
  • Select “Done“.
  • Select any contact.
Toggle on or off "Allow Others…."
Sharing Freeform

When the respective recipient accepts your invitation, you will be alerted. Moreover, you may get notifications whenever someone updates the board. This is due to Apple’s newest project collaboration feature, Messages.

Frequently Asked Questions about Freeform on iPhone

Freeform mode is typically available on iPhones that run on iOS 13 and later versions. It is ideal for larger screen models for better usability.

The number of windows you can open in Freeform mode depends on your device’s capabilities. However, for optimal performance and usability, it’s recommended to limit the number of open windows.

Yes, you can. Using App Exposé, you can open multiple instances of the same app, allowing you to work on different tasks within that app simultaneously.

As with any multitasking, using Freeform mode may consume more battery than single-task operations, given that more processes run simultaneously. But the impact is usually minimal unless you’re running heavy-duty apps.

If you receive a call while using Freeform, the call screen will appear as normal, and you can choose to answer or decline. Once the call is over or declined, you can return to your Freeform windows as they were.

Yes, you can disable Freeform mode. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Home Screen & Dock’ > ‘Multitasking’, and turn off the ‘Allow Multiple Apps’ option.


Freeform on iPhone takes multitasking to a new level. It’s about breaking the traditional boundaries of mobile computing and stepping into an era of flexibility and productivity.

By understanding and mastering this feature, you’re not only optimizing your iPhone usage but also embracing a new, efficient way of getting things done.


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