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Comparative Analysis: Toonly vs. Doodly Animation Software


Written by Jack Lin

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Toonly Vs. Doodly

With the rise of digital marketing, animated videos have become a popular way to engage audiences and explain complex ideas.

Among the tools available for creating such videos, Toonly and Doodly stand out. But how do these platforms compare? Let’s dive in.

Toonly vs. Doodly

Embedding videos into your content strategy can significantly boost your SEO, enhancing your Google ranking. For those involved in digital marketing, it’s no secret that websites that include video content are more likely to rank on the first page of search engine results.

The reason is simple: people nowadays find it easier to recall a video than written content. However, it is crucial to ensure your videos are of top-tier quality, and for this, you need the best software tools like Toonly or Doodly.

This article is designed to help you determine the most fitting tool based on your specific needs. Let’s dive into a comparison of these two related software platforms.

Toonly vs. Doodly Reviews

Toonly vs. Doodly

Although both Toonly and Doodly come from the same creators, they aren’t entirely identical.

Toonly tends to lean more towards animated content creation, but it doesn’t produce whiteboard animation videos – an area where Doodly excels.

Both Toonly and Doodly are easy to use, requiring no coding skills. Unlike some of the more expensive and complex software out there, these two platforms are straightforward and user-friendly, making them a joy to work with!

A Closer Look at the Features of Toonly and Doodly

Both Toonly and Doodly offer user-friendly interfaces that eliminate the need for coding. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that Doodly requires an internet connection to function.

Both platforms operate through a simple drag-and-drop mechanism, allowing users to incorporate built-in scenes, backgrounds, props, and characters into their videos. With Doodly, users have the added benefit of uploading custom sounds, images, and fonts to meet their specific needs.

When using Toonly, remember to save your work periodically since there’s no auto-save feature available. You’re free to create an unlimited number of videos, although Toonly does not offer a free trial. That said, it does provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Doodly allows users to choose between whiteboard, blackboard, or green board styles to suit their needs, while Toonly specializes in creating cartoon explainer videos.

In terms of cost, it’s tough to compare Toonly and Doodly since both options are reasonably priced and offers significant time and effort savings.

What is Toonly?

Toonly logo

Toonly is an intuitive, user-friendly software that allows you to create engaging animated explainer videos. No technical or design skills are required.

Key Features of Toonly

Toonly offers a rich library of pre-animated characters, objects, and backgrounds. It allows voiceover integration and provides a user-friendly interface that’s perfect for beginners.

What is Doodly?

doodly logo

Doodly, on the other hand, is a powerful, flexible tool that helps you create high-quality whiteboard, blackboard, or glassboard doodle videos, also known as explainer videos.

Key Features of Doodly

Doodly boasts a wide range of hand styles, props, and characters. It supports custom image upload and provides a platform for creating engaging animations.

Besides, are you confused about using Doodly for your whiteboard videos? If yes, read our comprehensive Doodly reviews to make an informed decision. Learn about its features, pros, and cons.

Ease of Use: Toonly vs Doodly

While both tools are designed for beginners, Toonly’s interface is slightly more intuitive than Doodly’s. However, once you get used to Doodly, it also becomes pretty straightforward.

Quality of Animations: Toonly vs Doodly

Toonly focuses on cartoon-style animations, while Doodly is about hand-drawn doodles. So, the quality of animations really depends on the style you prefer for your videos.

Library of Assets: Toonly vs Doodly

Both platforms offer a rich library of assets, but Doodly provides a wider variety of hand styles, allowing for more customization.

Pricing: Toonly vs Doodly

Both Toonly and Doodly offer different pricing plans, ranging from basic to enterprise. The choice here would depend on your budget and specific requirements.

Customer Support: Toonly vs Doodly

While both platforms have robust customer support, Toonly’s live chat feature gives it an edge over Doodly’s email-based support.

Community and Resources: Toonly vs. Doodly

Both Toonly and Doodly have active online communities and a wealth of resources to help users maximize the platform’s potential.

Contrasting Toonly and Doodly: What Sets Them Apart?

Toonly and Doodly


Doodly should be your go-to tool if you’re seeking a whiteboard animation video creator. Conversely, if cartoon explainer videos are what you’re after, Toonly stands as a superior choice. Both platforms excel in their respective specializations.

Hand Animations

Unlike Doodly, Toonly does not provide hand animation or drawing features. If this functionality is essential to your project, Doodly is likely the better choice. Toonly, however, does offer a selection of pre-made scenes and animated characters that can elevate your video’s appeal.

Text and Headings

Toonly isn’t the best option if your project requires extensive text. It’s more optimized for animation and design rather than large-scale text insertion. For projects involving copious amounts of text or headings, Doodly’s whiteboard animation capabilities would serve you better.

Animation Synchronization

Toonly excels in terms of flexibility, allowing users to synchronize animations and other elements simultaneously. Doodly, on the other hand, runs animations sequentially, which can be a limitation for some users.

In-Built Objects

Toonly offers over 200 characters, more than 20 backgrounds and scenes, and a vast array of audio music tracks. Similarly, Doodly provides 200 custom poses, over 20 scenes, and nearly 200 props.

Plus, Doodly users can upload their own images and sounds for use in their videos, an option that isn’t available in Toonly.

Cloud-Based Software

Toonly is not cloud-based software; you need to purchase, download, and install it on your computer. This feature enables you to create videos even without internet access. In contrast, Doodly requires internet connectivity to complete projects.

In today’s technologically advanced age, tools like Toonly and Doodly provide the means to craft professional videos that yield excellent results for your advertising and digital marketing efforts.

Both of these video-making tools excel in their specific niches and offer an affordable, convenient way to generate impressive animations. Regardless of your level of expertise in video creation, these platforms are easy to master, with numerous tutorials available to guide you in using Doodly or Toonly.

Overall Comparison

Both Toonly and Doodly offer powerful features for creating animated videos. However, the best choice will depend on your specific needs and style preferences.

Who Should Use Toonly?

Toonly is best suited for individuals or businesses looking for a simple, intuitive tool to create cartoon-style explainer videos.

Who Should Use Doodly?

Doodly is ideal for those wanting to create more personalized, hand-drawn style doodle videos and who don’t mind a slightly steeper learning curve.

In conclusion, both Toonly and Doodly are powerful tools for creating engaging animated videos. Your choice should depend on your specific needs, style preferences, and budget.


Toonly’s interface is slightly more intuitive than Doodly’s, making it easier for beginners.

This depends on your preference. Toonly focuses on cartoon-style animations, while Doodly specializes in hand-drawn doodles.

Both platforms offer a rich library of assets. However, Doodly has a wider variety of hand styles.

Toonly is best suited for individuals or businesses wanting to create cartoon-style explainer videos.

Doodly is ideal for individuals or businesses wanting to create hand-drawn style doodle videos.

Doodly offers different pricing plans, including a monthly and yearly option. For the most accurate and up-to-date prices, please visit the Doodly official website.

While Doodly itself isn’t free, there are other animation software available that offer limited functionality at no cost. However, keep in mind that these free alternatives might not provide the same extensive features as Doodly.

The worth of Doodly Standard largely depends on your specific needs and requirements. If you frequently create whiteboard-style animations and value an easy-to-use interface, then Doodly Standard could be an excellent investment.

Toonly is a powerful tool for creating engaging and professional animated explainer videos. It offers numerous in-built characters, scenes, and music tracks, providing users the flexibility to create diverse and compelling animations without the need for advanced technical skills.


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