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Nintendo Switch PUBG Alternatives


Written by Jack Lin

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Nintendo Switch PUBG Alternatives

Are you reading this article looking for the best Nintendo Switch PUBG alternatives? Well, you are on the right page.

We have created a list of excellent PUBG Switch alternative games for you to enjoy. So, go through it and find your best alternative.

Finding PUBG Switch Games is Not That Easy.

PUBG is the shortened form of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. As of today, this game has become so popular among gamers of all ages. Do you really like PUBG and want to find similar games to play on your Nintendo Switch? If so, finding some great options might be somewhat difficult.

There are many individuals who suggest PUBG players play games like Fortnite on Nintendo. However, we don’t recommend so. In PUBG, you find a very competitive environment and realistic weapons, combat strategies, and an open-world survival approach. In Fortnite, you don’t find such aspects.

So, those who struggle to find a good Switch PUBG game can consider our list as a guide. There are several older and newer titles that are compatible with the Nintendo Switch console. Mentioned below is the list of those Nintendo Switch PUBG games you would love.

List of Switch PUBG Games

Below is the list of Switch PUBG games you would love to give a try. Go through this list carefully and find your best match.

01 – The Long Dark

Nintendo Switch PUBG Alternatives - The Long Dark

Those who love the huge environment included in PUBG will like the similar aspect in The Long Dark. It also allows you to deal with the spread targets and take them down. However, in The Long Dark, you don’t find a multiplayer experience.

If you are OK with its single-player execution, The Long Dark is the go-to option. This is a survival game that allows players to engage as a victim of a plane crash. You are landed in a forest which is frozen. From that point onwards, you will have to survive and find some resources as well. For instance, you should collect firewood and food. To make things more exciting out there, you will have some wild animals to deal with.

It is true that The Long Dark lacks the competitiveness of PUBG. Also, it doesn’t have a multiplayer ability. However, there is a similarity between these two games in a way.

The games start is pretty similar; you should make plans and start your routine in both. Space where you begin the game is pretty quiet and gives you a so satisfying feeling. In that case, the game is pretty similar to a first-person shooter game like PUBG.

02 – Enter the Gungeon

Nintendo Switch PUBG Alternatives - Enter the Gungeon

Here’s another PUBG Switch alternative for your reference. If you don’t care how realistic the effects are, you can choose this game without hesitation. In other words, this game doesn’t offer realistic effects like PUBG.

However, it is an ideal solution for those who intend to go really far. At the start of the game, you only have a simple weapon. You should then start collecting new guns, health, and other essentials. Those items will be so helpful, and they will allow you to take down the enemies.

However, those who are solely into the shooting will not find this game to be the most exciting one. Nevertheless, the precision and the mechanics used in this game are pretty similar to PUBG.

In addition to that, there is a similarity between Battle Royales and Roguelikes. Both tend to loot and come with a high failure rate. Moreover, in both games, successful completion is not an easy task.

03 – Super Mario 35

Nintendo Switch PUBG Alternatives - Super Mario 35

What if you are truly into Battle Royale, but you don’t want to play with a gun? In that case, the best PUBG Switch game might be Super Mario 35. It is a free game, and you can get it with your Nintendo Switch Online account.

With this game, you can go through the original game of Super Mario Bros, and you can play it until you are left with one player in the game. You are supposed to send enemies to the opponents. Also, you will have to collect different items and keep up with the clock.

Interestingly, this game has an exceptionally competitive ending. There are plenty of strategies, and you can use them to get coins or more time and live longer. You will find a massive range of enemies in this game so you will find variety with every game.

However, if you are a really experienced campaigner, there is nothing much for you in this game. That means you can easily complete this game successfully if you have previous experience regardless of the platform.

04 – Red Faction Guerilla: Re-Mars-Tered

Red Faction Guerilla: Re-Mars-Tered

Well, in general, open-world games come with more of a story-based approach. You can find that characteristic with various games that fall into the open-world games category. This is a similarity between PUBG and Red Faction Guerilla: Re-Mars-Tered.

As per the gameplay, you will have to explore Mars planet. In addition to that, you should work in various ways to accomplish various missions. You will have several weapons and vehicles as well. However, you don’t get an excessive number of cutscenes, which is good for the game’s sake.

You don’t always get a huge variation in this game compared to Battle Royale. However, when you plan missions and travel across, you will feel the excitement without any issue. It is pretty similar to the PUBG in that case. Thanks to the powerful physics engine, this game can be rated as a superb Nintendo Switch PUBG alternative.

Besides, let’s figure out how to perform Nintendo Switch parental controls.

05 – Borderlands: Handsome Collection

Borderlands: Handsome Collection

It is true that Borderlands comes with a single-player mode, and there is no battle royale here. However, it has open-world gameplay that is loaded with different guns. This could be the game if you intend to enjoy finding weapons of many types and various equipment. If you don’t prefer the story, you will find the world and the whole gameplay to be very impressive.

In addition to that, there are various collections and games for you to choose from. However, if you are a new player, you may start with an option like Borderlands 2.

06 – Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4

It is a general acceptance that most PUBG don’t really like stories. Instead, they prefer action. You are reading this article probably because you fall into that category. However, you are likely to enjoy the characters and the settings of Resident Evil.

The main aspect a PUBG player might expect from a game is resource management. In the Resident Evil 4 game, you find that resource management feature, and no one can complain about it. That is in addition to the limited amount of ammo and weapons available throughout the game.

As a result, you will have to manage your resources very smartly in order to overcome the challenging missions. Basically, Resident Evil 4 offers more of a “Linear PUBG” gaming experience.

07 – Ashen


Only some of the battle royale fans prefer playing against the loop of roguelikes. In a game like Ashen, however, you can find a pretty unique re-playable experience. Many individuals will suggest a game like Dark Souls straightaway as a PUBG switch game.

However, the stats of the game are unnecessarily complex. Also, the design of the environments is not that great or simple. Those who don’t like the genres of fantasy and RPGs will find it intense to play such a game.  

That being said, Ashen is considered to be one of the simplest Switch PUBG games. Basically, Ashen is an indie game that comes with a blend of adventure and combat characteristics. However, it also has a two-player team characteristic as well. If you intend to experience something better and more challenging, this could be your pick.

Frankly, only a couple of games on the Nintendo Switch console come with similar features to PUBG. Also, only a few of them let you enjoy the multiplayer characteristic. If you are looking for that kind of game, Ashen is a good option you should try.

08 – Overwatch

Nintendo Switch PUBG Alternatives - Overwatch

If you are a die-hard PUBG fan, you may hardly prefer to play a game that has cartoon characteristics. Overwatch is one of those games that come with a cartoonish appearance, but we want to mention it here.

That is because Overwatch offers the option of using the multiplayer feature. Compared to a game like Fortnite, Overwatch doesn’t revolve around comics or buildings. Instead, it works as a pretty serious shooter game, and there is massive competitiveness in the game.

Frankly, we feel this recommendation to be somewhat weird. But we also want to mention that there are not a lot of realistic shooter games for the Switch. Also, the list becomes even shorter if you want to choose more competitive ones. So, Overwatch can provide you the satisfaction of competitiveness and the joy of a multiplayer game.

09 – XCOM 2

Nintendo Switch PUBG Alternatives - XCOM 2

This could be a strange suggestion to many readers who know very well about PUBG. In other words, this game could be completely different from the PUBG game in various aspects. This is not a shooter game. Also, it is not an action game.

Technically, XCOM 2 is a strategy game played on a turn-based approach. The difficulty level of this game is higher, so you’re most likely to start at the same level repeatedly. You are supposed to find the right kind of resources to complete the game, and it isn’t easy. That’s the beauty of this game.

Even if it is a strategy game, there are plenty of roguelike characteristics as well in XCOM 2. You will find a similar type of loop with every playthrough when you play the game. So, you can hope for a better start every time.

However, when you complete the missions, you can get the feeling that is similar to completing a PUBG mission. That is exactly why we wanted to include XCOM 2 in this list of Nintendo Switch PUBG games.

10 – Sniper Elite 4

Nintendo Switch PUBG Alternatives - Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 is a game that is completely focused on how you complete the missions. Those missions are supposed to be carried out to liberate those allies.

Also, you should kill your foes. More importantly, it gives you (the player) stealth ability as well. That is in addition to the precise range of weapons and configurations.

It goes without saying that Nintendo Switch has only a handful of realistic shooter games. A game like Sniper Elite 4 can fit into that category with no trouble. It has nice visual aesthetics as well. Also, Sniper Elite 4 gives you the option of replaying.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 1: Can I play these PUBG alternatives on the original Nintendo Switch?

Yes, all the mentioned games are available for the original Nintendo Switch. However, please ensure that your console meets the system requirements for each game.

FAQ 2: Are these games free to play or do I need to purchase them?

The availability and pricing of these games may vary. Some games offer free-to-play options with in-game purchases, while others require an upfront purchase. Check the Nintendo eShop for more information on individual game pricing.

FAQ 3: Which game offers the most immersive gameplay experience?

The level of immersion varies from game to game, depending on personal preferences. Games like Warframe and Spellbreak offer immersive worlds with rich lore and gameplay mechanics, while others like Fortnite and Apex Legends provide fast-paced action and competitive gameplay.

FAQ 4: Can I play these games online with my friends?

Yes, most of these games offer online multiplayer modes where you can team up with your friends or play against other players worldwide. Some games may require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription for online multiplayer features.

While PUBG enjoys immense popularity, these alternatives have their dedicated fan bases. Games like Fortnite and Apex Legends have garnered massive player counts and continue to thrive in the Battle Royale genre. The popularity of each game may vary, but they offer unique experiences that are worth exploring.


As the gaming landscape evolves, so do the options available for Nintendo Switch owners looking for alternatives to PUBG. Whether you prefer building mechanics, cooperative gameplay, magical battles, or tactical shootouts, there are numerous games to suit your taste. Explore these PUBG alternatives on the Nintendo Switch and discover new thrilling experiences.


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